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  1. zhuguannan123

    Lich Evilynn

    Yep, the Devious Follower I tried but it also had not much of features in it, it's kind of like a better version of Submissive Lola, but I couldn't really feel the character but it recently had another update, might go check it out. I must say I was really excited when I first saw that mod but it was a disappointment, personally. As for the Cursed Loot... I was told it has the similar function but I never figured out how this mod works, anyway, thanks for the advice, also, it'd be very helpful if you could give me some tips on how to start the XDFF part of DDCL?
  2. i wonder if there is a way convert all my cbbe hdt costumes into cosio bodyslide type costumes....
  3. zhuguannan123

    Lich Evilynn

    gotta admit this mod has what i've been looking for in skyrim but never really had one --- a follower that can play d/s games with you, i know there have been submissive lola and Maria Eden but they are either too buggy to play along with your adventure in skyrim or just lack of varieties. my favourite mod of this kind is MSEX on Fallout New Vegas. I sometimes wonder why none of the creators of the lewd mods realizes the immersion a d/s follower can offer, yes, it is a complaint. anyway, thanks for this awesome mod, even though i haven't downloaded it yet, hope it'd be getting better and better
  4. zhuguannan123

    SD+ (Sanguine Debauchery enhanced) (2018-12-20)

    I played this mod about 1 and half years before... the recollections of this mod is few now, can anyone give me the gist of all the new contents, such as, new quest, features and models, thank you very much
  5. zhuguannan123

    Player Slave Encounters (Updated Oct 18)

    damn my favourite mod's got another update after years of waiting? there is a god can't find the change log though....so what's new?
  6. zhuguannan123

    Maria Eden

    Another bug I encounter that made this mod unplayable on my Skyrim... my pimp sometimes just stops following me, I suppose it's because I used 'release player' function which was also because another bug which I believe it was because of a John was triggered but he couldn't locate me and my pimp's dialogues about this mod would be all missing if I didn't use the 'release player' function. Also, when I was trying to trigger the 'punishment event' through the 'can you find me a job', my pimp only teleported around me every 2-3 seconds. Does it have anything to do with me using zaz 8.0? I really like this mod, actually, this mod is the only reason I come back to Skyrim, thank you very much if anyone can help ^_^ Sorry for the bad English, I would explain if some words of mine confuse you
  7. zhuguannan123

    Maria Eden

    Hi guys, I wonder what does the message 'where to go? Stopping job' error mean when I choose to have a freak show job?
  8. zhuguannan123

    Maria Eden

    Did anyone try this mod with zaz8.0?
  9. zhuguannan123

    SexLab Dragons

    hmm, didn't know MxR would be triggering, anyway, i yet don't have a save that any of these dragons have been defeated, is there a solution if it?
  10. zhuguannan123

    SexLab Dragons

    anyone else came here because MxR's video on Youtube? XD
  11. zhuguannan123

    Slaverun Reloaded (03-June-2018)

    Hi guys, long time no playing this mod, got few questions before I pick it up again. Last time I stoped playing this mod was at the gladiator training quest, I didn't receive further quests after I finished the waterwheel training, the current state of my playing of this mod is: all city have been enslaved, both families have been enslaved, the Colosseum has been built (but I still can build lots of stuff at the benches in the colosseum), the animal and other gladiators have been collected(it seemed to be unfinished yet, mod automatically skipped the procedures and jumped to the end of the quests.) Now, what's obviously left for me to do about this mod is to free skyrim from slavery and other nonsignificant side quests. Just wondering, did I missed anything about this mod? Have the animal and gladiators collecting quests been finished? Am I at the end of the current version's contents? Thank you very much if anyone can help! PS, the main save I'm playing on has a bug in which after I built a accessory unit such as a waterwheel or a mill, they won't appear in the training area, which cause me not able to proceed the quest of training, but it worked fine on my another save in which i used cheat function to skipped lots of quests, is there a way to fix the bug in my main save? thank you
  12. i'm not sure if this mod worked...i mean, there supposes to be stretching of the vagina by the penis, right? It was kinda hard to observe but I'm 70% sure the stretching wasn't happening and I'm 100% sure that the penis was just thrusting air.
  13. zhuguannan123

    Maria Eden

    because we love you Zaira.
  14. zhuguannan123

    Maria Eden

    same question