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  1. @DSHV Are you planning further implementation of the quests I wrote in 2.1.1 or in version 2.1.2? (same question for the cursed ring quest...and rest of the thoughts/mini dialogues) Checked this version in a "speedrun" mode . Most of Logbar/guards/Ydgrass stuff is in, but Belphs quest to go to Frem is basically the same as in earlier updates(except ofc the added letter dialogue about proof).
  2. If she does catch you, dont try to "explain"...either she will get you or not. Congrats on the new job, hopefully Ill be in such situation soon.
  3. @DSHV The interview is done: If you are able and willing I will write the following quests(if there is something you cant implement on this list let me know): 1)A day with the DB 4 bandits and their day with the heroine in their "lair" (another of Gryms movies...unknown to all but him and the guild crew....a test of how broken in pc really is...made in forgotten regret studio) 2)Belphegor Origin story and further bimboification training. 3)The ways of lust Helping Tolfdir transporting Jenna to Skyrim.A series of quest endi
  4. Shy and naughty Noble slut Jailbreak @DSHV done and done...Ill try to finish it in 2 to 3 days max.
  5. Fantastic ideas as always. We will have both organized mob and Skyrims perverted version of Hollywood(or just Holywood in general ) if DSHV doesnt get tired of us.
  6. @DSHV here ya go....do I need to hurry up with finishing the interview quest,or can I prolong the planning for a while longer? PS-Already have material for 2 or 3 more quests after the interview and I dont know if you have time to implement it all into the planned update.
  7. Spirit of a Warrior PR program @DSHV
  8. Just dont talk to Pirve before you are certain you want to start the main storyline. )child near the bridge(near the meadery in Whiterun ).
  9. Probably not implemented yet(couldnt do it either). If you have patience wait for the next update, because the whole area is getting quite a significant overhaul.
  10. Thanks for the help. Wrote it in a pinch, without checking it. The plan was to fix the errors once the whole post is done(as I (mostly) did with the others so....)
  11. It would be awesome if he could implement irreversible state after a certain time(10 to 20 days or so)....basically becoming a full on bimbo. @twistedtrebla if you have any plans going towards this let me know if I can help in any way(dialogues, testing etc)
  12. Fantastic. Ill wait for you to send me the corrected version for check up. In the meanwhile Ill start writing the major quests/bimbo route content.
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