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  1. Use tesvedit and find out.First two numbers depend on what number TOH is loaded in your load order.
  2. DSHV,first off all,thank you for the update and keep up this amazing work. In regards to the next update I would mostly suggest something for minor content but regarding the endings your battle will probably come with the good ending.Submission one is easy:MC becomes a toy and dependent on her captors.As for the good ending have you considered having two "good" ones?One for going Conan the Barbarian on all theirs asses,and the second one where MC came to terms with her "nature"(being a slut...).In this second hypothetical ending she makes allies of all of her past (miss)adventures(Like Rocco,Michael and other well "tempered" npcs,with the addition of the gang(with whom you would have to rebuild the relationship to the point where MC can manipulate them into helping you take down Serpent and the rest of the crew).Now for the minor content. -I know I asked earlier(and am probably boring as all hell ) but I have an idea you might be interested in: Prisoner rehabilitation program:In all her visits to the prisons of the fine land of Skyrim,or MC has seen how the prisoners are being mistreated and she wants to give them a chance to be productive members of society.In basic therms,she pays their fines,gives them a home to live in,and does her part into making them into "better men"(a lot of sexual activity is involved naturaly...where MC could be sub or dom(ig going by preference mine is sub xD )).Home could be given by the means of Heartfire or possibly a brand new building serving as a home.This way you wont have to tire yourself out by implementing each prisoner separately.Hopefully this idea will have appeal to you. Now all being said and done a quick recomendation:Take some time to rest and do your own thing.Having consistent updates is all well and good,but if this consistency is any indication,you could well and truly burn out,and I think none of us would want that.Be well and take care! 😎 ps-Alternative to the scenario above:the prisons are overflowing do the civil war and MC is given an offer of being a warden for a prison she would lead.She would get all the necessary finances from Tulius/Elesif or Ulfric.(Playing to much of Karryns prison this days,need to fucking stop )
  3. Tried with the fixes I had on my PC and off course they do not work(Im asked to install dd 4.2 integration and the mod does not load).If it is not to much to ask,could you post your fix to try it out?And thanks for responding quickly.
  4. Hey people,just to preempt any bug posting here.Will the old fix for DD roll with DD 5.0 or should I wait until someone comes up with a fix for that?
  5. Indeed I have....and I believe all variations with them(both with Longus and Bigus ).Changed only ammount of days to get bimbo collar to 0.25.Indeed pillory is off since the warning says there is a chance of serious crashes/bugs. I will have a run with the updated version and if that does not pan out ill use the console command provided izzyknows.Thank you for a swift reaction both of you. 😎 WORKED LIKE A CHARM WITH THIS NEW UPDATE....thanks.
  6. Hey guys and gals,any idea on how to start the whole bimbo collar thing via console,since im just done getting repeat jobs from Cait(and running naked around general populace to get their requests done) I must have spent around 50 or so hours trying to get it to work and im all out of patience.Please help people. ps-To clarify:50 hours in RL.Waited for 25 days to pass(via settings in mcm),been submissive to EVERY initiated dialogue,and still it Cait gives me repetition after repetition regarding tasks.Im really uncertain if it is something on my end.
  7. So Galgat,any plans on completing this work of art?This is one of the few mods that actually manage to walk both paths:as a quest mod and an adult mod(almost on par with DI(actually scratch that,this mod has much more content then DI) and Thief),and it would be a damn shame if it remains unfinished.Then again,RL can be a bitch off course there are other factors in regards of mod makers will and energy,so it would be understandable if you feel fine with the way it is right now.
  8. A few suggestions for Heartfire: -Bards could learn of the heroines reputation and start their own little depraved games on her.(same goes for the drivers...a ride for a ride...that sort of thing(not inspired I know but it does work)....that could evolve into something like the carriage tours in Slaverun Reloaded if you are familiar with it) -Near Lakeview manor there is a bandit base called Pinewatch.Bandits could be persuaded to come relieve their tension on our heroine by the entrepreneuring Llewellyn the Nightingale...for an nominal fee of course.(gangbangs,degradation and that sort of thing...Ill leave it to your imagination). -Tax collectors come for their due. Kinda tired from work so that is what can currently come up with.
  9. Thank you for further implementing them into the mod.
  10. May i suggest these two locations that are quite close to Solitude.Picture one and two represent small bandit camp while third and fourth picture represent a camp that is near that falmer lair.
  11. Would you consider adding more content for those two in Solitude in the next update/s or is it something that is low priority for you for now?(asking since you really are spoiling us with new content every single update).Also a question:in Windhelm barracks we have two cells(one with a psycho,and the second one with an female elf and 3 prisoners).Is the second cell a part of content we could activate trough a quest or is it a placeholder for now?
  12. DSHV,thank you for bringing us fantastic content with every new update.Have you by chance implemented getting those two bandits out of prison in the whole Roco questline?If you have im sorry for wasting your time and being a lazy fuck(im pretty sure I talked to every single npc in the prison(soldiers especially to try to "pay their fine").In case this isnt the case would you consider implementing the said bail and expanding their content?
  13. After a boatload of experimentation I reverted back to FNIS,for now it is easier.Thanks.
  14. Hello guys and gals.I have slight animation bug regarding movement of both my PC and NPCS in general.I have already "managed" to fix it by myself two or so months ago,but for the life of me I cannot remember what I did to make it work.In any case i have done all the classics like: -Having all skse related files and fixes(ini and crashfix plugin edited as explained) -Having legendary patch running. -All esps/esms cleaned by tesvedit via autoclean(as shown by loot(which i used for sorting)....expansions and update are clean too) -Having bashed patch active. -Edited the Skyrim.ini in mod organizer 2 papyrus section as recommended on MNC page. -AnimationCrashfix is also in use. Now to clarify: I am using Nemesis since last time after I fixed this issue,I had 0 crashes and all animations (both human and animal related ones) worked as intended. Using XPMSE for skeleton,CBBE curvy HDT via bodyslide,and EASY HAWT SMP Physics. Video to clarify what the issue is attached below.I hope that i provided enough info for you people.If i was an jackass and missed providing some crucial info feel free to berate me. ps-I am unable to draw weapons and by extension use magic,also sitting poses do not work. TESV 2020-06-18 04-39-04-77.avi
  15. Oh that is fantastic.Ill experiment with this list of suggestions(although we will see how much time ill have to tinker with since RL is a son of a bitch.If any of you think you can do this quick and efficiently please feel free,cause I got a feeling my first few tries will produce less then desirable outcomes.
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