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  1. Wow, your mcm looks completly different. Maybe because my game uses german as main language. RSE 2 Shens is removed. The arousal system offers player-support. I tried the arousal system but if you say it doesn't work my problems are no surprise ^^ So the relationship part doesn't work too? Sadly I have often problems with actor placement but not just with this mod.
  2. The only chance to cut cuffs open is the red settlement workbench? Mine is changed by sim settlements and I have no cut option. And what does the NPC interaction (the Hotkey) does? I tried it bound and unbound but nothing ever happend.
  3. That is what I did. It worked this time. I have no Point-of-view modifying mods. You will get the log when it crashes again.
  4. How can I add a 3rd person to a threesome when the player begs for sex?
  5. Changing/removing the chain to make the handcuffs less flexible.
  6. Do you work on that mod? The mcm menu could use some work. It's very hard to understand what each setting is since the description is basically noneexistent. And this version has the same positioning problems/ wrong actor assignment in animations. But it runs with RSEII installed. Are you certain your version is better than the other? I have the same bugs and some features are not working. For example the player+NPC start no animation when I beg for sex. NPC-NPC action works fine.
  7. My game crashes when I try to modify the high security handcuffs chain in the armorbench. It doesn't happen with the normal handcuffs.
  8. I noticed some problems with the role assigment in animations, especially group sex. I tried some orgies with a male player and 2 women but the male player took a female position while 1 woman took the male position.
  9. Can I disable that he player gets chosen for animations? Sometimes I look the other way and Boom I'm in an animation. Often even during running AAF animations started by other mods.
  10. Could there be a problem with brothels in sim settlements? I build some automatic Sim settlements and build brothels there with settlers as whores. The safe is filling with caps but I never see them speaking or doing their job. Is there someone whe can help me with this?
  11. You can recruit followers as prostitutes but I don't think they are following you anymore since prostitutes have to stay close to the brothel safe to do their job. So it only works with dismissed followers. You can fire them and use them as normal behaving followers again.
  12. Well, apparently no. I have the old Slut pack installed. I will try Corintio now. Thank you. Corintio works but I don't like them. Are any other tat packs supported by slaverun?
  13. Is the tattoo system working for you? My player always only gets 1 Hand tat but nothing in the face. She should get some tats in the face during enslavement. At least the dialogue says so. And if I try to get slave tats with a free char (sub dialogue with Pike) it doesn't work at all.
  14. I often travel with 2 followers: Piper and Heather (mod, she counts extra not as vanilla follower). Sometimes they both have sex with aproachers, sometimes only one of them. Is there a system to it?
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