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  1. Will the colosseum be build if slavery is on autoprogression?
  2. xyzxyz

    Deviously Enchanted Chests

    I got a clit piercing, gag and dress. As male player ...
  3. xyzxyz

    Deviously Enchanted Chests

    Last time I tried it the male player got invisible DDs (I don't have ""DDs for him" )and yokes. Tested it again. The male player gets DDs as well.
  4. xyzxyz

    Deviously Enchanted Chests

    How about an option in the mcm that only females can get hit? So your female follower would get DDs but a male player wouldn't.
  5. xyzxyz


    Redguard jokes incoming ^^
  6. Found a problem in the "End slavery" Quest as slaver. The quest says I have to speak with Ivana. Problem is that she is only part of the slave story. The marker shows a location in the slave dungeon but no one is there.
  7. I hope there will be more slave training sessions as a PC slaver in the future. The slave list in the mcm suggests something like that.
  8. Why Does a male slaver get the pussy licking line if you ask your slave for sex and nothing about a blowjob?
  9. xyzxyz

    Night Mistress Mansion

    I think there was a pic here in this thread where he showed you where you have to stand. Look about 10 pages back or so.
  10. xyzxyz

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Another Bug on his list^^ Del knows about it. She should take a bath I guess. Maybe you need to see her from some distance or so. This bug is very old and I thought it was fixed. You have the dwemer cam in your inventory?
  11. xyzxyz

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Walk around the lake and you will find her.
  12. You win a group fight if you defeat only one?
  13. You don't kill your opponent in a death match? The dialogues sound like the enemy died but he is just bound.