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  1. xyzxyz

    Dovahkiin's Infamy

    The sex between mikael and Ysolda is part of the "forbidden love" quest, right? I play a "kind" dragonborn this time and the sex in the bannered mare doesn't start this time. With a pervers dragonborn it started after i discovered olfina and Jon. And how does the kind, pervers and evil system work? What do I have to do to get the different dialogues?
  2. How can I disable the sleeping naked rule? I shut all functions down but that rule is still active.
  3. xyzxyz

    Lintra the Spearmaiden

    The spear is a battle axe or which movements does it use in combat? Usually all spears added by mods are battle axes with a skin.
  4. xyzxyz

    Night Mistress Mansion

    Captured dreams and this mod conflict because they build their structures at the same place on the map.
  5. How does the bound Queen quest works? I have a very small chance to find a note about her in a boss chest, right? This note only appears in dungeons or in other locations like bandit camps and caves too?
  6. We can have sex with Faleen only once? She would be an interesting lover or maybe you can use her in a later lovers quest.
  7. Why is the quest in Markarth marked as success, although you failed to help the lovers?
  8. Will you add queststages and hints like foxFingers so we can get all lovers although we did "the book of love" befor?
  9. Does this mod conflicts with "The book of sex" ? It changes the "book of love" quest too. EDIT: I found no problems, perfect
  10. That is what she does, right. But some of her dialogue lines says otherwise like "bend over" for example.
  11. So either her behavior code or her dialogues have to change to make sense. Why is my player always sad or angry if she has sex with Sasha or solicitation?
  12. Will try it next time. I stole the key to the collar this time. By the way, what happens if you sent her away while you are her slave?
  13. I have no dialogue for removing the collar outside the cities when the player is not wearing the yoke. Must be the bug.
  14. That was exactly my point. The mod author should change the dialogues because they are confusing and incorrect. The player awaits to get to play the male part but it's always Sasha who gets the strap-on.
  15. Why is a non-dominant Sasha always playing the male part of the sex animation although the dialogues says otherwise? I tried it with the first 2 dialogues for pussy and ass but my player ends up with the strap-on in her backside and not Sasha.