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  1. I think Knife would make a great Candidate after the DB kills him in the Backstabber Quest. Serpent, being the powerful depraved sorcerer that he is uses Necromancy on Knife, bringing him back from the dead so he can take his revenge on the DB.
  2. Ah didn't know that, How about Angry Husband though? After the quest with the poor wife, It won't make sense if he still has that name during the Night Mammoth Quest. Are there any NPCs that you think will make good Night Mammoth Members? Buster,Angry Husband,Fattig are the only ones I can think of. 4 new Mammoths will be recruited in this quest So I just need 1 more NPC at add for now. Other recruiting quests will be written later.
  3. Immersion, The decision is up to you of course.
  4. @DSHV Can I use other TOH NPCs like Nasty begger in future Night Mammoth Quests? Im working on the 2nd quest which will involve recruiting 3-4 NPCs into the Bandit gang. (I plan on making Multiple quests about this) I can't continue until you grant me your blessing. As of now,Grommok the Buster and Nasty Begger are the ones I have written down currently. Im thinking of adding Angry Husband from a earlier Quest. Is it also okay if you can change their names during the Quest? Like say that Nasty Begger becomes Stephen (Placeholder name) wh
  5. Is your game located in a separate folder or is it located in the Program files? I've noticed as well as others, that if the game is located in the OS Program files, then it'll be broken. if this doesn't help then I can't help you, My Apologies.
  6. reinstall the mod,check if theres another mod over riding the H key. thats all I can say. I saw another mod similar to SL Tools awhile back on Nexus but it was only for Flower girls.
  7. Im not sure what to say but to use another mod? Or go into Sexlab Mcm and reset animation registry. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/19048 This is one of the mods I use and and I have no problems using it
  8. It depends on the sex animation tag. If the tag is anal then the menu will only show anal animations, if its vaginal & anal then the menu will show both.
  9. More Non quest related Night Mammoth Dialogues for TOH 2.1.1 or 2.2? @DSHV ======================================= Important Notes B=Baron DB=Dragonborn NM=Night Mammoth
  10. 1st Night Mammoth Quest (The Backstabber) Is the quest name and can be added into the game independently. I will write other quests later. @DSHV I want to add that I only write for female characters, You can do the male character dialogues if you want. Also can everything be implemented or do I need to make changes? (This quest will need a new item called "Knifes/Knives flesh" Model will be human flesh.) Btw what is legspreader ID, I disabled her awhile back. ======================================== (Important notes) (Opening dialogue
  11. Non quest related Dialogues for Night Mammoths for TOH 2.2? @DSHV Mind if I write dialogues for Baron and other Night Mammoth characters to expand on their character? and are these dialogues good to go? or should I make any changes?
  12. @DSHVI hope you don't Mind putting the Cuckoo on hold for awhile unless you'd like to complete it yourself. I lack the creative power to finish the last part of it. I can work on the other quests I have planned
  13. It came out way sooner than I expected, I'll finish the last of the Cuckoo for 2.2 and perhaps some night Mammoth quests
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