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Dark Arena

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A little mod, which add an underground inn in Riften sewers. Like Hagraven Rituals, it was a commission mod.


- get rumors at the Bee and the Bards from Keerava.

- explore Riften sewers and find the Dark Arena.

- request the guard posted at the entry to let you inn... and enjoy what is forbidden in skyrim.


Pitfights, whores, gambling, dances... The Maison offer credit... sort of.


You can be spectator, or work here... or being enslaved... or take control of it.


In details :

- four games are available : a simple blackjack script, a cul de chouette, a single dice, and a small roulette.

- you can bet money on pitfights.

- when you are allowed to work in the dark arena, you can request to go in the pit yourself, whoring and dancing.

- each time you win a game or a pitfight, you receive a lottery ticket. You can earn here whatever between flute and daedric cuirass.

- you can be in dept toward the dark arena, but they will recover their money... by using you as a slave. You'll be able to payback by whoring, dancing, and pitfigting. You'll discover another aspect of the Dark arena...

if you refuse, your stuff will be confiscated, and you'll be sold to the closest slave marker (simple slavery)

- a serious blackjack table was added. It will trigger simple slavery, skooma whore... maybe SD+ in the future, in you loose.


Want to support me? Visit my Patreon ! https://www.patreon.com/Delzaron


Permissions :
You're allowed to use this mod code as you want. You're not allowed to upload this mod on another platform. Assets belongs to their original authors.

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    Sexlab, Zaz 8.0, Fuz Roh Do
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    Not Applicable


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8 minutes ago, xyzxyz said:

Sounds great. Does this replace the thievesguild Inn? It looks the same.

Not at all ! I hate to replace vanilla cells, it can make the game unstable. It have the same structure, but it's different.

2 minutes ago, xyzxyz said:

Does this Mod uses the radiant prostitution trigger and dialogue system?

For player, it contains is own prostitution dialogue.

For NPC, it use radiant prostitution actor event. (I should add this to the mod trhead as soft requirement). The mod also contains a copy of the actor event, so it should trigger NPC prostitution by itself.

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Looks good! Looking forward more updates! 

2 things:

1.Girl at the entrance took some items from player just like that didnt say anything - kinda weird

2.Player got weapon in pit fight then there was another fight without weapon but player could still use weapon from previous fight, i suggest to remove weapon every fight especially when player is enslaved. 


Overall looking forward more updates especially related to slavery - maybe some day/night system like 3 jobs - night in cell and again 3 jobs, also would love to see some more zaz devices stuff :)


Keep up the good work! 

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6 hours ago, aspirine2 said:

ctds on arena and dance quest ..other than that ..place is stable ....i think so ..

it's kinda stable ...the only problem is the requirements ...i think so ... the mini games at the arena ..does it require any other mods ??

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Not sure if it's just me, but when I try to bet on the arena fight things seem okay but the fighters never start. If my character has a fight it starts, if I win it's okay, if I lose it kills me. Even though I have enough health to just be knocked down it kills me and takes me back to the entry to the mod. 

Roulette works just fine, same for the dice game, but the lucky lady game doesn't do anything.

Being a whore seems to work well. Being a dancer sort of works but the quest never finishes, no matter how many dances I do. And often people start following me, after dancing for them and also for no reason. Then they will defend me if I try to fight in the arena, haha! 

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Awesome mod, been waiting for something like this for a while, thank you!


I do have a question though, whenever my character loses in the Arena, it always ends in the last save game being loaded. It never leads to her being used, it just loads the last save because she died. What am I doing wrong?

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Hey Delzaron, how about this add-on? A new game. You pay 100 septims for a drink and have 5 of them put in front of you. Choosing the right one, you win 200. 3 of them are just normal and nothing happens. But one is trouble! If you choose that one you pass out (fade to black) and awaken in the pit, naked, where you must win a battle to regain your freedom.

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7 minutes ago, aldmerisuper1 said:

Awesome mod, been waiting for something like this for a while, thank you!


I do have a question though, whenever my character loses in the Arena, it always ends in the last save game being loaded. It never leads to her being used, it just loads the last save because she died. What am I doing wrong?

Same for me. 

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Sweet Moves  starts right after I spoke with the girl at the entrance. She didn't unlock the door and I'm stuck. After that I got teleported to the other side of the door after speaking with her about the rules again.

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I tried a few quests as free and slave. As I said I had some problems. I had to loose a fight as slave and did that, but Borka reacted like I won and punished/raped the player.
How do I know how much money I'm in debt? I lost only 50 Septimes and did at least 5 paid quests so far.
And I never saw the prostitutes working.

Here is my log. I hope you can use it. It contains a lot of other mod rubbish.


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18 hours ago, Celedhring said:

Is there any beast vs PC fights involved? Especially if the PC loses, she gets raped? 

You will never find beasts in one of Delz mods. It's not his style.

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This looked promising, but as per usual your quests dont progress, first quest for dancing, i talk to the barkeep, get a dress, talk to a client, dance for him, and then nothing happens, unless i have to dance for an hour or so (wich i havent tried). Also everytime i talk to a client, he gives me a dancing dress, so getting quite a stack of them.. Am i missing something?


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