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  1. This looks super cool and will deffinatly try out on my next run as it will be without slaverun, which practically makes every womman into this.
  2. cant wait to try this out once I switched to DD5.1
  3. Could you repost the old version of this mod? i liked the quest it had.
  4. For some reason at some point the mod just stops working by having the bandits attack you even though you agree with their demands and devices not being equiped
  5. I do not know if this is a bug or not, but I canot change the chances of events when talking to merchants to remove or have restrains added to me, the options are just gone. This kind of sucs for me as I always remove the bondage adventure option as I also dont like the dresses that much which is just my thing. So I am wondering if those could be put back or give us an option to remove dresses from the bondage adventure.
  6. for some reason events just dont star for me in this version the the mod.
  7. is there a patch to get DD 5 to work with this?
  8. Do I replace every DD before with this? like intergration, assets and extension?
  9. my game crashes at launch when I have these installed for some reason BabyDolls by Frankfranky - used on outfit Newmillers Long heels & stockings - used on outfit
  10. I just cant seem to be able to activate this as 001 is corrupted
  11. Little confused as to what the last patch added, on the other hand still super exited for the next big story update XD
  12. ill try to find the logs next time it happens.
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