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    Planet Alpha-Racoons
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    Controlling an army of super space racoons.
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    We write racoons with a single "c" on purpose, to distinguish us from earthlings. 🦝👽
    And also because "Racoonity" should be pronounced "Rac - unity", but "Racoonity" is nicer to write. 😄
    With two "C"s it would sound like "Rack - unity". 🤣
    We're on LL, but I don't think it would be appropriate anyway. 😂

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  1. I couldn't replicate your issue, sorry. 🙁 Who knows? 🙃 Yes, we had similar ideas which are in our to-do list already. 🙂
  2. (Quick answer: there are going to be both, but no PC begging or complaining at all, unless the player wishes to, at the end of certain paths.) Ok, I'll take this as a chance to describe our plans a bit. 🙃 There is going to be a main plot, following the employee path, during which the player will be able to access a task system, based on the type of job position they'll obtain (maid, guard, nurse and others). These tasks will be probably more dom/sex oriented, but there are going to be dom/sub bdsm scenes too. The PC will obtain a daily
  3. I'm not the one doing the scripting, but, from what I understood, the maiden isn't working like a Contraptions furniture. It has its own behavior system. I just tested it and I can confirm it doesn't get removed. We'll fix it in next version.
  4. That's strange. They are supposed to be removed already. Can anyone else confirm this bug?
  5. Yes, I was referring to both the Dollsuit by @Farmthat and the Isolation Suit by @Rubbermatt 🙃
  6. The plugs have a leash effect already, which consists in increasing vibration if the PC isn't close enough to the sphere. 🙃
  7. Was it a hair replacer mod? If that's the case, then it will obviously conflict. We are planning to give the guards custom head parts anyway, so this issue and any similar should go away.
  8. No, sorry, it will stay. 🙂 Besides, we have other plans for the ooze.
  9. Nope, no cheating, sorry. 😛 We made it like this for two reasons: So we could have a chance to fail too when playing; 😈 We enjoy the thrill of not knowing what is going to happen. 😈😈 Knowing that there is an easy button to decide the outcome would ruin all the fun. 🙁
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