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  1. Maria Eden

    Damn i wish this mod could be installed mid game and works fine with vanilla gameplay, obviously it can be installed but its very buggy and in my opinion "if you are gagged nobody can understand you" feature is simply useless, didnt find any "content" related to it, and it make whole game almost unplayable. Anyway great mod!
  2. Well i was playing around other mods today and i found out that my game/save is broken or something 1.Other mods that equip armbinder have exactly same problem visible armbinder not equipped in inventory and no animations - equiping through cursed loot event works fine but for example equipping through Devious Framework (DFW) leash game... 2.Well for no reason riften citizens start fighting rifteN guards(LUL) 3.I was doing some vanilla dungeon quest and i entered new area/cell and its was empty and after like 10 sec npc's(bandits) spawned. Recently i updated ZaZ to 8.0 plus and installed Maria eden i had to start new game for Maria eden and looks like every save is broken, damn i will keep testing tomorrow Its not like game is unplayable its completely playable but some mods features are not working and some weird things are happening which normally do not happen @so i tried again with completely new game/save before i just back to 1 lvl save since i was lazy to setup mcm for every mod,so in new game equipping armbinder works fine.
  3. Devious Framework (DFW)

    Not really locking/equipping armbinders works fine for me with DDi 4.0 basically no difference
  4. Ok so i did clean save and updated to newer version and shout encounter didnt change which means only belt equipped no gag, but hit encounter is basically opposite before invisable armbinder but equipped in inventory, now visible armbinder but not equipped in inventory in both ways bound animatino is not working i use ddi 4.0 i uploaded papyrus log from 5 min gameplay with both encounter included, my skyrim is heavy modded 250 mods but stable and no problems at all Papyrus.0.log
  5. Im scared when tara get into htd chains stuff any plans for other items not only wrists?
  6. Ok there is bug with armbinder equipping when i hit follower and she says that she was doing fine.... same happens when follower found item i both ways armbinders are invisible but in inventory its equipped, Its kinda random when i shout on followers they only equip belt, no gag unfortunately I will test it a bit more and we will see, im not sure maybe problem is on my side, i feel like i had same problem with cursed loot few times @ i just test cursed loot event ~20 events no problems so i will keep testing DEC One more question sometimes follower just give me sometimes without equipping and sometimes they equipping it right?
  7. Great! so basically i have to set frustration high to have high chance for "event" ? same goes for sub/dom settings is it safe to set it at max like follower being dom 50 follower being sub -30 etc? @oh i just notice that values changing depends of choices
  8. Works fine for now, btw any plans for content related to "Remember if you shot them" like punishment by equiping some items or something?
  9. I just wanted to say that I really like dd4 escape difficulty BUT there is one thing that is too difficult to escape imo - straitjackets basically its impossible to finish dungeon with straitjacket which is very annoying, i can obviously set straitjacket chance to very low but its not solution. In my opinion straitjackets should work exactly same as armbinders maybe a little bit more difficult to escape.
  10. i feel like straitjackets are too difficult to escape basically unplayable in dungeons maybe sharp items could help with that ?
  11. Maria Eden

    Cool! One more thing i found this in description: If you are bound you might ask blacksmiths to help you. Well i never had chance to do it since npc always unlock them would be actually cool if they wont unlock them sometimes
  12. Great mod! but i have one question can i somehow set mcm menu to equip found items only on player not on follower ? i tried to set dom and sub but i feel like i it doesnt work
  13. Maria Eden

    I know description says: Don't play ME if you want to follow any vanilla quest But still i wanted to ask you is vanilla skyrim completely unplayable with ME ? i mean for now its fine but all i do i just "whoring" around city/inns etc but question is there any way out, escape after being enslaved or whore of riften brothel? Thanks!
  14. Maria Eden

    Ok i fixed it somehow but there is one more thing can i somehow reset clothes or at least high heels? i didnt know that its will make my boots much slower
  15. Secret Ships

    i mean when i re-enter cell follower wont use furniture anymore