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  1. Hello I just wanted to ask you about approximate release date for update? I am just curious should i just start new game and play or wait since update is coming really soon Thanks!
  2. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Any new stuff coming with new version? Or just dd4 compatibility update? btw im checking site every few minutes and hope for update :D no motivation to play since clean save is required, approximate update release date? i check development thread and looks like there is no new bugs.
  3. Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Any chance for Newlyna Armor http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1640.html it was converted by Fakenet somewhere in this thread but download is not working anymore :(
  4. i have no idea how to fix it , i will try to do same thing but in vanilla cell and use furtnitures only from this mod(before i use some other zaz furnitures by CellBuilder)
  5. Hmm i have weird problem or maybe it should be like this and its normal anyway cell become super laggy after i tied too many slaves inside its fine until like 5-7 slaves, its not fps problem more like game is freezing when I look around :( any idea how to fix it ? Obviously im not saying that this mod is a problem i think i had exactly same problem when i use take a display model instead of this mod
  6. Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Im surprised its not converted already https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/71215/ i mean there is a CBBE bodyslide conversion by dianne on loverslab but its very bad :D any chance for cbbe bodyslide ? Thanks!
  7. Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    Damn lighing with rudy ENB in GomaPeroLand is great holy fk if you guys know any other player home with interior lighing like this just give me link :D Thanks!
  8. Ok i updated zap and everything is fine, btw is there any tied up slaves limit in home ? One more thing can you guys recommend me some cool player home for pah? what i looking for and its very important for me its good lighting(torches,bonfire,light from windows...etc) and of course some free space for furnitures :D right now i use Dragon Cliff Manor from nexus
  9. Deviously Cursed Loot

    Damn... should i just wait for new version dcl and dd4 or install dd4 beta now :(
  10. What you mean by "restart the entire thing"? and when i reset dependencies should it take a while? because for me its like 1 sec basically when i close first window i got next that reseting is done Hmm looks like "remove torture devices" spell is not working for me :( Would by nice if you tell me step by step how you fixed it Thanks!
  11. Can confirm exactly same problam as Psalam npc's wont enter furniture i was updating from 1.09 and also tried with clean save just in case but didnt worked, so what now did someone contact tara about this problem ?
  12. Hello something weird happened to my game, i feel like i tried everything to fix it: reinstall body(CBBE), reinstall textures(fair),different race/preset,start new game, nothing seems to work, im not sure but i think its happened when i was changing presets in racemenu, i guess its body problem not textures because when i change weight to 0, hands are still on 100 and they are basically too big Like i said nothing seems to work, same problem with npc i didnt install any texture/body mods recently only presets Any ideas how to fix it ? Thanks!(copied from nexus no idea how to remove format on new site)
  13. Outfit Studio/Bodyslide 2 CBBE Conversions

    S&D Crow armor is so cool maybe you could convert this one: http://mitakusaner.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-1112.html i tried do it myself but i failed :(
  14. Wolfclub [20171120 Alpha]

    shame i also moved to zaz v8 already :( i hope new version will come with zaz v8