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  1. Great! Are you planning to keep vanilla random restrains rule ? Personally i would like to see improved version of it like 2 restrains or maybe even 3 if someone wants or make it adjustable in mcm. Also would be cool to "pause XDFF" feature since there is a lot of problems/incompatibilities if you use other dd mods not sure if its possible tho.
  2. Not sure if its possible to do with XDFF but i would like to see some kind of scene when entering traders like belethor's general goods,drunken huntsman, Riverwood trader...etc for example master will "buy" some new restrains and equip it on player for some time thats basically it simple and cool
  3. Great! although i have a question about first rule, player has to be completely naked or only armor slot need to be unequipped ? Personally i would like to see second option(armor slot) since some people use "wearable" hair, high heels, jewellery etc
  4. http://9dm.zhongyidiantong.com/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=131658&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D105%26orderby%3Dlastpost https://pan.baidu.com/s/1ZhnQ3tj1J3aBBFd8Oakfrw gbqi Thanks!
  5. I have question about XDFF mechanics for example player was too far and follower equiped armbinder on player, do i have to unlock it by myself or there is some kind of scene after some time that unlocks armbinder? Thanks!
  6. Do i have to finish leon quest to make it work properly?
  7. Custom followers feature for XDFF is not working yet right? asking since kimy said that we can use custom followers with XDFF but seems that no one managed to get it work.
  8. Tried 7.1 and its still 6.4 in MCM also notification "Deviously Cursed Loot Version version 6.4 loaded" appeared About XDFF first of all its would be much easier for everyone if we can just turn it on through dialogue with follower - i still dont understand how can i enable it for every follower XDFF seems laggy for me basically i got notification about new nude rule and after that i equipped armor and nothing happened for like 5 min i teleported,waited few times and finally i got notification that i failed nude rule. I was hyped for XDFF and im not saying that im disappointed more like i expected something different like maria eden slavery with a lot of interactions. Overall i could just copy Lupine00 post from above, he described it quite well.
  9. @Kimy Not sure if someone reported it already but there is a bug with Solicitation basically heavy bondage items like yokes/armbinders are not used in scenes anymore.
  10. I cant get XDFF to work, i finished leon quest and slavery and then what should it do? kinda confused we definitely need some explanation how to get it work
  11. Jappa123

    Extended Skeleton DEV Thread

    Damn postponing my new playthrough to play with new skeleton and physics i have one question will it be easy for users to add new skeleton and physics to armors and clothes? or we will have to wait for modders to add it to their armor/cloth mods?
  12. Jappa123


    Hmm i have ctd problem after cage scene on ship with dealer basically game blackout then there is weird camera angle on the ship, camera slowly move to the left and then blackout and crash. Any idea how to fix it?
  13. Looks cool! would love to see version with shorter chain for wrist cuffs it looks a bit weird in my opinion Also since there is both wrist and ankle chains maybe connect them with another chain behind back that would be great!
  14. Jappa123

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    Same, stuck on the first day.
  15. Jappa123

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    Cages are working but only big ones with gate looking doors like ones in Fort Greymoor i mean they are working but because of them there is another bug - days are not updating, there is no notification window about new day after 24h so basically player stuck on first day forever. I also had that save issue after sd enslavment had to disable sd because of that.