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  1. Some of us dream of having that happen! Oh no! Laura has enslaved me, my life is... perfect now. 😍
  2. The reward is less, but that's all. For my current character a punishment would be fitting (and welcome? lol) but there isn't one. The only way Laura would add a punishment would be if it was consensual. Like the person you deliver to is mad that you are late and says "You've ruined my plans by being so late. I should complain... but you're kind of pretty. Tell you what, you let me have a good time (sex) with you and I'll tell Laura you delivered on time." And you are given the option to accept, or refuse. The option always has to be there, just like with Swain. It is Laura's way.
  3. Yes, you certainly can, lol! And thanks, that was funny! I literally just got finished a skype call with some family and it was quite funny because people kept disappearing and coming back on, sometimes without video. It was a real technology challenge for some of them, lol! So this meme made me laugh.
  4. Maybe LBS could have an underground pool? Something built into a cave. And if the player reaches a certain level with Laura, they get an invite? Laura: "Hey, Kat and I were going to go for a swim. You've done so much for the shop, would you like to come along? Don't worry, you don't need a swimsuit"
  5. I like this suggestion of some light times added in. The first thing that sprang to my mind was visiting a lake with Laura and Kat, and swimming. As much as I do enjoy seeing Laura in her outfit, the idea of skinny dipping with her is pretty nice too! 😍
  6. I'm pretty sure a bunch of those ideas will not fit with Laura's vision for this mod, BUT you do have some very interesting ideas! Personally I enjoyed the cave and really wanted it to last longer, with more things to do, and many more "adventures" lol! So your ideas for that sound like a lot of fun. Many of the other ideas you had also sound like they'd be fun too!
  7. My thoughts exactly. Most Skyrim players (myself included) have fought many battles. It seems natural. What is UN-natural is facing a situation where we desperately want to kill a person but can't, not because of fear for ourselves, but because somehow in this Skyrim crazy war torn place we have developed a relationship with Laura and Kat, and we care for them. We don't want to risk harming them. We know our own player can survive, but we can't risk Laura and Kat's lives. That is the very dilemma which builds this mod to the great level it is. LBS forces us to do something most mods don't. Car
  8. The clues (and a spoiler with the answer) have been given a few times in here. The latest time is within the last 2 pages. The guards tell you where he was. Search there. 🙂 Or read the last couple pages here and you'll see the answer.
  9. Once again @Laura 'Lokomootje' I have to say how much I love this mod. I'm still very surprised it's your only one. It's exceptionally well done. Currently I'm enjoying the latest update. I think this weekend I may start a brand new character, quickly get up to level 10 or so, then play the whole thing all over! As well, I also really like this thread. Lots of positive people in here! And having Laura herself answer things so quickly, and respond to comments is SOOOOOOoooooooo much better than any other mod I've followed. Don't get me wrong , obviously there are great mods out there, but
  10. I'd be willing to bet your accent would be perfect for Laura! It would add a wonderful dimension. But voicing the whole thing would be very difficult like you said. Maybe from now on I'll read Laura's dialogue (in my head) with an accent. 🙂 Dutch?
  11. I think the most exciting part was when I was marched with the other slaves in a line to the lower level. That's when I had the feeling of "But Kat is still here! She hasn't sold me! You can't do this to me!" but knowing that I couldn't say anything. I had to play the part in order to complete my mission. That made for a lot of uncertainty (and excitement). I got right into my characters emotions and went with it. The helpless feeling that you might actually be a slave now. It was very intense. The actual playthrough I think the first time was probably an hour because I had no idea what t
  12. Yes! I loved the cave! I wanted it to last much longer. I even went back to a save just before I entered and really took my time in there. I was hoping for more action. 😛 Returning to the cave at some point would be very awesome! I can think of at least 3 ways that it could fit in with your storyline. I'm glad you have the idea in your mind!
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