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  1. ye but if you want the prices of keys for this mod or devious followers or laura's bondage shop to have any meaning, then dont get the book. Also i agree with the univeral key to be op
  2. indeed, and this change isnt speeding up the site :p
  3. Is it just me or did they change the download section so you have to select a subcategory to even see the mods? Wich makes it imposible to see whats new at a glance. And youll have to go through all the categories one by one.
  4. thx again for your contribution kimy Just wondering if their are people actually making mods that incorporate the devices.
  5. Thx for this mod, i like it. Some things i came across though: The inventor quest did not give me all the ingredients for the soulshaker potion, it only gave me 1 in the end, i had to additem the others to make the potion, or is this as intended and i had to get them another way. Doing the heavy boulder quest, in the second part where you have to move the boulders to their original spot i seemed to be some boulders short. i had to additem to finish the quest or is that as intended. Hope you can incorporate devious devices instead of using zbf on
  6. With the new version i tried using cariage at lakeview, the conversation repeats itself, then i get black screen and nothing happens. only the menu works.
  7. I like the mod but, after installing this i just ctd every 5 mins, just wondering if others have the same problem.
  8. Wanna thank you again for a great mod, cant play without it But after the introduction of bikini armors the Map and Compass never spawn in a general store anymore. i did the merge thing, started new game, it never shows up. Am i missing something?
  9. i like what you making here, but wouldnt it a good idea to get in touch with t.ara who is doing this :
  10. After dialog for me the sex animations dont play (if its supposed to). Not sure if i missed something. I am also using Devious vannilla with the solutions patch not sure if that is the culprit though.
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