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  1. Part 2. This time with the latest 1.5.9 1028 version of CE. No real change from previous. In it's current state, it's impossible for the PC to have a successful pregnancy because "Error resetting CE pregnancy list" fires every single time a pregnancy occurs. The only successful pregnancy my PC was with her husband and that includes pregnancies as a result from other NPC's in my party from CE events such as male companions impregnating female NPC's or female companions getting impregnated by male NPC's as a result of duels, adventures etc. 5/11/2021 6:19:26 AM -- Method not found
  2. There were ALOT of "Error: resetting CE pregnancy list" messages tonight. Below is the entire log for the night. I was seeing so many of those error messages and with my PC's slavery at a very high level so I kept spamming "offer her womb" to the party leader who held her as a slave. Every single pregnancy triggered the "Error. resetting CE pregnancy list" I was using 1.5.9 1028 but that was the version before the 5/10/2021 update (seven hours ago) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Yeah seeing the same thing although I sometimes get the "Error resetting CE pregnancy list" immediately after my PC gets impregnated. Not sure what it does, exactly. Calradia females are getting hyper fertile!!!
  4. I cannot stress this enough. Do not update your game to the 4/29/21 hotfix! It's creating serious lag throughout the game. There are ALOT of complaints about this in the Steam Bannerlord discussion for the "hotfix" I'd hold off until Taleworlds fixes it first.
  5. Just as an heads up. Don't update to the 4/29/2021 "hotfix" for Bannerlord It's a disaster. You should see all the complaints about the hotfix under Discussion for the hotfix update on Steam.
  6. Just as an heads up. Don't update to the 4/29/2021 "hotfix" for Bannerlord It's a disaster especially for single player. Potential minor bug or mislabeling. They're listed like this in the Mod Order from the 1028 update in my Bannerlord launcher. The one marked 1027 may throw a loop for users of your mod. May want to update it to "1028" Captivity Events 1027 Default Captivity Events 1028 Love the new events! I haven't tried out the Strip Gear thing yet to see if it crashes the game or not.
  7. Good lord..the skin is AMAZING. What skin is that and what other appearance mods did you use? And is that a high poly face? If so what mods?
  8. I don't know...very unlikely. The mod hasn't been updated for nearly a year.
  9. I never can get enough of that. So that's how her skin stays so creamy and clear! *rimshot*
  10. Is it possible to put out a tougher version of Demoniac Creatures? Skeletons tend to be well...brittle even on Legendary difficulty. And is it possible to use the SSE version without ABC animated cocks? (not a big fan of it)
  11. Just to make sure.....the SE version doesn't require ABC cocks mod?
  12. Upon accepting slave marriage this exception occured, crashing the game. - Exception Exception information Type: System.NullReferenceException Message: Object reference not set to an instance of an object. Source: CaptivityEvents CallStack: at CaptivityEvents.Events.Dynamics.ChangeSpouse(Hero hero, Hero spouseHero) at CaptivityEvents.Events.SharedCallBackHelper.ConsequenceLeaveSpouse() at CaptivityEvents.Events.CaptiveMenuCallBackDelegate.CaptiveEventOptionConsequenceGameMenu(MenuCallbackArgs args) at TaleWorlds.CampaignSystem.GameMen
  13. This? I haven't played extensively for the pregnancy events to pop recently but here goes. 4/20/2021 10:33:47 PM -- Found new module path to be checked ..\..\Modules\zTBCaptivityEvents 4/20/2021 10:33:47 PM -- Found: ..\..\Modules\zTBCaptivityEvents\Events\a_TBCaptorConditions.xml 4/20/2021 10:33:47 PM -- Added: ..\..\Modules\zTBCaptivityEvents\Events\a_TBCaptorConditions.xml 4/20/2021 10:33:47 PM -- Found: ..\..\Modules\zTBCaptivityEvents\Events\a_TBConditions.xml 4/20/2021 10:33:47 PM -- Added: ..\..\Modules\zTBCaptivityEvents\Events\a_TBConditions.xml 4/20/2021 10:3
  14. I think it's been mentioned before as an ongoing (albeit somewhat minor issue) - I'm still seeing multiple births within the length of a pregnancy - typically 2-3 babies. 1-2 born rather early on with #3 the end of pregnancy term birth.
  15. Aw, your mod is great! It's always been part of my mod list ever since it first came out! Along with CE, it's given Bannerlord "something different" about getting captured and making it fun as hell.
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