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  1. There may be issues with turning captives from a different kingdom into clan members especially if they have holdings in the other kingdom. I got Calatild who was my captive into my clan as the result of her being "too old" decision (no real way to avoid taking her into the clan except by changing her age to a more fertile age) And again, with Derthert of Vlandia who took my PC into slave marriage which put Derthert into my clan. I think both led to my PC getting kicked out of Sturgia and receiving a -20 opinion penalty from every Sturgian noble. I consoled their opinions up and attempted to rejoin Sturgia as a vassal. That worked but I was kicked out again with another -20 opinion penalty tacked on again with all Sturgian nobles. So right now, I'm making it a point not to take into my clan any noble or noble family member of a different kingdom although the "too old, look after her children" sending a female past her fertility into your clan decision is unavoidable because it's the only decision available - can't back out of that one when it fires. My speculation is that since both Calatild and Derthert are both landed Vlandian nobles may have had something to do with the bug. I have not tried it with unlanded nobles from other kingdoms yet, but that might not trigger the bug unless they're heir to a castle or town and the original owner dies which might trigger it. It also brings up a possible idea: Since you can't capture/enslave (and vice versa) members of your own kingdom, it'd be interesting to see some sort of mechanism for members of the same realm enslaving your PC. Especially if your PC is regarded as an "enemy" if at -10 or worse opinion. I'm trying to find out what happens if a lord in the same realm as you utterly HATES you and see if there's any ingame effects aside from being barred from entering his holdings. I typically don't go that far down in opinion..lol
  2. Bug report 1.5.4, version 1022 Taking a NPC from a different kingdom into your clan either as a married slave to the NPC or taking the NPC into your clan as a result of being too old to bear children and joining your clan (there is NO way to avoid it aside from console commanding the age of the NPC to fertile range) THis results in your PC getting -20 opinion from ALL members of your kingdom and you get kicked out of the kingdom - permanently. Rejoining it will still result in you getting kicked out of the kingdom in a short while. Confirmed by taking Calatild into clan (she was too old) and taking Belgir as his married slave which put him into my clan. Both triggered me getting kicked out of the kingdom of Sturgia as well as -20 opinion with every member of Sturgia.
  3. Actually 1.5.4 helped out battles alot. Troop actually stay in formation instead of being all over the battlefield for a change. And more and more stable now.
  4. Don't worry. Nudity will arrive sooner or later. It is the way of humankind. Can't really block out nudity and sex evah.
  5. As far as I can tell, auto ransom is off. Is there anything in the screenshot that I should change? There are no other mods that affect ransoming though.
  6. you can console command your hero's age. campaign.set_main_hero_age or something like that. Alternatively just type in "campaign.age" and the console command should come up in a list. I typically set my hero's age to 20 to avoid glitches. The default age is 30, judging from looking at my character's information after pressing N to look her up. I normally remove the underwear from adult women in the skins.xml file for Detailed Character Creation...you can tell if she's underaged just by moving the slider...if she gets underwear on, she's underage as well as being slimmer.
  7. Bug report: if you prostitute yourself in a brothel long enough, it seems to trigger a ransom event kicking you out of the brothel and freezing the prostitute flag on your character which in turns halts random event popups. And the prostitute flag is difficult to clear so random events can resume popping up. 1.5.3, 1021 version.
  8. There's no 1022 version for 1.5.3, right? It still shows 1021.
  9. Another potential issue: When you have a female captive from another realm who's past childbearing age, you may get an event that offers only one option - having her join your clan to "watch over the children" There is no other option that allows you to release her back to her original clan. This could potentially mess things up for NPC female rulers who are past the age of childbearing if you take them captive.
  10. 1.5.3 version and 1022 version of this mod: My character was taken captive and enslaved by Derthert (yep, the Vlandian ruler) and ended up in a slave marriage to Derthert which placed him into my character's clan. How does that affect his ruling Vlandia and the fiefs he holds? I've never been able to figure out how that works if he's in my clan.
  11. You may want to leave v1 available for downloads as ABC has some requirements which are difficult to find (especially HDT-PE)
  12. The new pictures are great..I just installed the latest version so I haven't had a chance to play it throughly though.
  13. Got it working and running fine with 1.5.3. Love the new pictures!
  14. Just to make sure. MCMv4 is required for as well? It also has a few requirements: Harmony ButterLib UIExtender MCMv4 I assume that's the correct order to load them?
  15. The latest update eliminated the strange "shade striping" on the skin...MUCH better now!
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