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  1. Just as a request...maybe import the "Mysterious Mannequin" to other player homes? Or provide a tick box to enable it at some or all of the player homes. Creepy stalker alert! And absolutely love the modification to the Chief of Thirsk Hall...I let the Riekling Chief live and my PC serves him and his tribe as the tribal slut. On that note, maybe you could look into expanding into Falmer/Chaurus/Dwemer automatons/spiders with some sort of quests that tie into those groups. I know they're hostile...but there might be some way around that that'll keep them hostile and yet somehow
  2. "Pits of Defilement" Yep, that's definitely Tomb of Horrors with a sexual twist. Right...right? Instead of dying, you get defiled.
  3. The commentary on the player behind the "naive wizardess" was priceless!~ And Rogue nonchalantly gouging every poor oversexed goblin in Technicolor<tm> while giving MST2K style sardonic suggestions and commentary on the sexual antics of the waifu wizardess. And if you've ever wondered what the "S" series of AD&D modules would have looked like if they were written with sexual defilement and debasement of the player characters instead of killing player characters like in "Tomb of Horrors" look no further than the "Dungeon of Defilement" XD And Rona Jaffe
  4. I remember that time when my younger brother made a "FEM" for a game of Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. Fighter Elf Magic-user for short. He insisted on using that acronym that way. I was just facepalming and smh'ing over the acronym....cause he's a guy. Did my best to kill his character as the DM for his elvish effeminancy. 🤣 I tried to inform him that "elven fighter/magic-user" was the norm.
  5. But....but....but...Jurassic World proves you can run in heels! 🤣
  6. Sooo...where's Flintlocke of WOW infamy?
  7. Got the visitor and his friend. They were kinda bugged in that they initially didn't move, my PC could walk through them and couldn't talk to them. The disable then enable console commands fixed them
  8. Sudden Brothel - Made a small brothel from the Vlindrel Hall, voluntarily or not. Talk to innkeeper in Silver-Blood Inn to start I own Vlindrel Hall and spoke to Kleppr. Not sure what's supposed to happen next. He mentioned something about the Sisterhood of Dibella so I went to the temple there and couldn't find anything tied to "Sudden Brothel" A walkthrough would be nice.
  9. Might want to detail how to update the settings.xml file. As for the CESettings.xml file..it's found in Modules/zCaptivityEvents/ModuleLoader/CaptivityRequired/Events Is that correct, Transfer?
  10. Looking good with Cyberpunk 2077's clothes is extremely difficult without sacrificing protection. Cyberpunk 2077's clothing was designed by a blind tailor/haberdasher/Mugatu on an LSD/acid trip. 😆
  11. Forthcoming feature? It would be cool if the player character got auto equipped with the shackles and collar when captured or enslaved and have to visit a blacksmith to have them removed. And wearing those could trigger greater chances of captivity or enslavement. Even among her own fellow lords, townspeople and villagers.
  12. Dirk's new motto: "Religion found me. Ia! Ia! Ia!"
  13. That did the trick, thank you so much!
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