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  1. Thanks! Always appreciate your comments! Dirk came out so fun to work with. Taking away all the effort to make a character look pretty and just making them extra cartoony results in some very nice expressiveness. Maybe the chief will get his moment in the sun some day 🤔
  2. I'm not saying I haven't actually played Skyrim in so long that I forgot he had a model but I'm also not not saying that 😬 😅
  3. Finally caught up! Reading a bunch of chapters back to back in a short time span really gave me an appreciation of the way your opening screenshot always grabs the reader's attention right away. That combined with the "previously" segment really gives the intros a very epic/ cinematic feel. This chapter in particular had a lot of really sweeping shots that kept up that momentum (the entire ELizabeth and Isabel sequence with the black background and the final shot of Taeyva and Davey's conversation in particular). Hircine looks like he's got a really cool
  4. Well as I said before this was conceived (and created!) as one story but just got too long to post as a single entry so the pacing was not really made for this to be its own entry and I do think that shows (and showed in the first part too which was rather light on "action" of either variety). There's really not a good answer as long stories tend to get ignored but breaking it up does result in some jankiness for the flow. And thank you for the screen compliments! I think this is my best looking story to date. Thanks! And I always appreciate a good do
  5. I'm not sure those designations all match up but I appreciate your enthusiasm. 🤣
  6. Apparently this was showing as deleted for Collygon at least? Tried republishing it.
  7. Sorry the last part was so lacking in lewd content. Won't happen again, I promise.
  8. Yup I've used that pose for that since Devianna and I did our Kiki/Cass crossover Thanks! There's still a part 3 so more lewd Cass scenes are probably a safe bet 🤔
  9. New blog entry!



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    2. Collygon


      Yes, I can! New site problems I guess 🤔

    3. SpyVsPie


      @Collygon Yeah I guess so. I think your notifications on your new one got messed up too. If you made it ahead of time and just had it saved but not published then republishing usually fixes that also(click edit, then uncheck the publish box, then from the main post page just select publish without going into the edit page, not sure why but it seems to need to be that specific sequence of steps to resend notifications).


      I'm almost caught back up, should finish up through your new entry later today!

    4. Collygon


      @SpyVsPieThanks for the advice! I did do exactly that for my entry. I appreciate you taking the time to read my story as well. 

  10. Thanks! I tweaked the fit o her breastplate a few months ago to make it less bulky and a bit more skintight but the overall coverage should be the same. I'm always making little adjustments to stuff like that here and there, good eye 😉 Thanks and thanks for noticing the windows 😅. Windows in Skyrim are generally just for show so making them actually function for looking from indoors to outdoors and making the low building for the horseback shots was a decent amount of behind the scenes work. Glad I could be of service!
  11. Finally catching back up 😃. Beautiful combination of Llighting and DoF as usual, particularly during the Cassandra sacrifice and Hag scene. I liked the juxtaposition of Malkor and Taeyva's rituals. A very epic start! I'll have to get cracking on the rest! BTW one little mini trick I like to use when shooting characters on a bed (particularly when looking down on them like in your opening scene) is to actually have them floating the equivalent of 6 or 8 inches over the bed. The angle makes it impossible to tell they aren't laying on the bed properly and it ke
  12. Oh yeah I think I saw a video those first guys made about the meeting of a couple of bros named Kyle, pretty funny. Poor Malicia, silenced by big tech
  13. Realistic Ragdolls and Force is pretty outdated now and XPMSE now includes the same changes it makes so it's basically just redundant. I use CBBESE (not the same as LE CBBE at all but it has been backported by some people) and all of my characters have their own custom presets.
  14. Nice to see the Sisters' tales aren't done forever 😃.
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