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  1. Yes I meant the steam from the dwemer centurions. It looks really great and plays with your enb very nicely, really blends into the image rather than looking like it's floating on top the way particle effects sometimes like to
  2. I hate when that happens! I usually keep my timescale set to 1 to minimize it but yeah on longer scenes it can still be a pain.
  3. I'm thinking of posting a few older stories that never made the cut on this blog, what do you guys think? Stuff like extra chapters of Morgan's story and things that were made but became outdated graphically compared to already published stories so I never posted them. Now that I have the second blog to clearly denote old stuff I feel like it would be less weird/confusing to post them.
  4. That last fight was great, especially love the shot where they are staging for battle under the triangle pennants.
  5. So that's where Sylvanus went after she Mary Sue'd Bolvar in the face 😯🀣 Really not a fan of the tranny stuff personally so I'll fully admit I didn't read those scenes but everything else looked great. Were those steam effects in game or photoshop? They look perfect.
  6. I think Everly is even prettier than her sister. I'd be careful going too heavy on the gonzo monster rape fest with a protagonist who shrugs it all off like nothing ever happened (potion or no potion) if I was you though. Stuff like that is so common around here that it's like the background noise of LL and if you focus on that too much at the expense of plot and story you do run the risk of blending into the sea of mediocracy that has nothing else to bring to the table. Rage! Rage against the dying of the plot! (holding out hope for a goblin slayer vs. Jesus scene. Then maybe they realize they have more in common than they thought and team up to tea bag sidekick Mohammad)
  7. Ah yes who could forget John Wick out avenging pupperinos with his iconic huge blonde mullet 🀣 Is that really who he's playing? I used to play a fair bit of CP2020 back in the day and I never would have guessed that in a million years πŸ€”. Also the rulebook that I had (and that that drawing is from) came out five years before Johnny Mnemonic so there's that. Thanks, Drunna! For some reason I always sort of had the impression that you didn't like my stories too much so this is nice to hear. As far as DCEU jokes I'm still pretty happy with this one and I'm not sure I could top it πŸ˜…:
  8. New blog so you need a new ticket to the show (and to follow this one, not that notifications work half the time anyway) Aww, that's so nice! Thanks for reading! Should just be a matter of loading the 3bb body as a reference and copying the bone weights over to the piercings. I don't use body physics or 3bb bodies so you're on your own for that adventure. Now fallout I love. It has personality and character and that 50s retro Americana aesthetic is magnificent. Everything cyberpunk related always seems to carry a super dated, late 90s, hot topic, edgelord matrix trilogy vibe that I just can't stand (they even hired neo for that new game πŸ˜…) but fallout doesn't roll that way at all.
  9. Want to stand in the corner like this with me while everybody talks about how excited they are for cyberpunk 2077 πŸ˜ƒ (Also RIP Star Wars πŸ˜ͺ)
  10. That should keep you busy for a minute or two πŸ˜…
  11. Thanks, I still miss that old harley inspired outfit, maybe I will remake it some day. πŸ˜…He is bigger in general now (including his armor). For the first three episodes he was just using the regular 1 weight body but I decided to make hm a bit more of a beefcake after that. The cum effects are not from textures, I have never been happy with textures (too flat). The facial is an asset I imported from DAZ and the body shots are a mixture of more DAZ stuff and modified/texture tweaked kziitd meshes. Nah the cyberpunk was just a joke πŸ˜ƒ. I can't really stand that super duper cereal black leather and despair kind of stuff so I was mostly just making fun of it πŸ€” The militia building is the provincial courier service building. I can't think of many things more tedious than making locations in the CK so you probably won't see me doing it. Morg is Morgan, she and Cass share a bodyslide preset with Cass using the max and her using the min, it's a nice efficient way to do things (since the max weight body is not affected by min weight values and vice versa). Yeah, I'm the one who made them for her, remember? πŸ˜…πŸ€£
  12. That was one of the ways she got her start! More info here: Thanks! I'm pretty fond of her myself. "Cass100Morg0NudeFullTweakNEW" is the name of the preset πŸ€”πŸ˜…. Thanks!
  13. Wow, great entry! Thanks for sharing, I think all of our lives have been enriched by seeing it πŸ™
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