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  1. You never mentioned it bothering you with Cass and she had more than her share of glazings 🤔😅. Still I try to have something for everyone, be it cumshots or grisly monster slaying and goblins with their thumb up their butt (Happy someone else appreciated him too, he's still one of my favorites!)
  2. SpyVsPie


    Yeah they're beefy boys. I only use the iron version so I didn't install the others and that cuts down a bit on the size
  3. Have to agree with what others have said about the lighting and suspenseful staging, great job! At parts it reminded me of your Secrets Under the Stairs entry from way back when. The fact that Jenna curses normally (sans Ys) is a funny way to mark her as being from a different reality 🤣
  4. Celebrity cameos.





    1. Crw


      Sorry, just could not stand! 



      Great job with variation, they really look unique!!

    2. Jayomms


      I like where this is going like in the animes when the hero's or online players are registering for mission and stuff. :smiley::heart:;):thumbsup: 


      Orc BolgGive me All the Goblin contracts! 


       It's Nice to give Cass a break. She needed a well deserved vacation. ;):thumbsup: Although if your going the online avatar route you could use Cass as yourself using her as your own online avatar. And that's how people know it's you like your the admin or something. :lol: ;)

    3. SpyVsPie


      @Crw Thanks! 


      @Jayomms Nah that would just be confusing I think. Cass will remain in her stories and DCI will remain its own thing. 

  5. Trying out a Warhammer style Dwarf



    1. Jayomms


      Damn Dat Beard is weird. :sweat_smile: ;):thumbsup: 

    2. Tirloque


      I agree with Jayomms ; the overall design of the dwarf berzeker is great, but unless he raided a Lilliputian colony or a gothic e-store, the decorative skulls look a bit too real compared to sculpted ones. 🤔

    3. SpyVsPie


      @Tirloque Good call. Redid the textures and added cubemaps. They match his outfit better and look like metal beads



  6. Do you have a body overlay that is no longer installed selected in your racemenu preset?
  7. That story is still one of my personal favorites 😄
  8. It's not really a matter of image size when it implodes. The day I uploaded DCI 2 for example my old stories weren't loading so I checked Drunna, WANOBI and a few others who all used imgbox as well and nothing was loading. When I say implode I mean server issues, etc. on their end so you can keep your sass, mister . I do convert to jpegs At least.
  9. My images are generally around 1mb and 1440p and the only time there's ever a problem is when imgbox is imploding 🤷‍♂️
  10. SpyVsPie


    I've been using a 4k ESRGAN upscaled version of the regular textures and it really looks good.
  11. Thanks! I'm rather fond of that shot too, especially the double tail on the voice bubble
  12. More new frens





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    2. Tirloque
    3. Jayomms


      :D Oh Nice! I've gathered my party, let's go! ;):thumbsup:




    4. EvalovesEP


      What unusual bunch of people :D

  13. I know I was just kidding around. And Stranger is part of LL lore, he has to pop up somewhere from time to time!
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