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  1. Fun little story and the english text looks perfect, I would think it was original if you hadn't said otherwise.
  2. I hate to be the one to have to tell you this but there never was a dirty rulebook 😩. It was all a clever ruse.
  3. The rulebook had a whole section on that. With pictures! You know come to think of i that may not have been the right book... The centaur definitely provides a huge load. Of experience. A huge load of experience Thanks for reading! Thank you!
  4. Sometimes a quick story is good for getting back into the swing of things after a break.
  5. Happy Birthday to Mikey 😀. Can't believe it's been two years!
  6. Rather short entry this time around but still funny and entertaining. Ver's opinion of herself as the protagonist is well done and the boring Eliza to sleep part was great!
  7. SpyVsPie


  8. SpyVsPie


    Nah that's an unrelated display issue that pops up from time to time that just keeps the main activity pages from updating, you can still see all of your activity on The sub category pages and I got a notification for Collygon's blog so I doubt it's a forum issue. Try the steps I outlined HERE. That fixes it 9/10 times for everyone but Tirloque . Anyway nice work as always! If I had any criticism it would be that the poses fro the men seemed a bit awkward or effeminate in a few places and they repeated a few poses several times but it can be hard to find male poses so what can you do. Oh and...
  9. Thanks! Yup Stranger and Ivy, @Devianna's Taisia and Dirk were this episode's guest stars. 😃 Thanks! That's definitely a good way to put it, the work is indeed ever growing (along with the time it takes to make each entry 😩). You still don't want to include my monster poses on your list of custom stuff but I'll let it slide (werewolves and skaven using a riekling skeleton do not have a default poker playing animation surprisingly enough so I was forced to make one myself 😅) I redid the way I make the bubbles completely for this one which allowed me to add the borders and get the bubbles tighter around the text. The guy with Stranger and Ivy is nobody important and not a reference to another LL character or anything like that. Mainly I just wanted a little space between the girls and Stranger so he wasn't TOO obvious until his time at the booth so that guy ended up there as a buffer. Thank you! Rogue had two goblin fingers and a goblin tongue in her only two sessions ago and is still the only one to have had an orgasm all adventure so she's doing okay. I believe the term is cumshot. Also you gonna like comments and not like the story 😩. That's ice cold. Thanks! He was kind of just a random project I was working on with no specific goal in mind (as was the satyr) then talking with Devianna ended up leading to a Cass scenario with him and then that kind of ended up getting fused with the idea I had for DCI. Poor Cass is getting all of her good story ideas poached 😅. I feel like the breastplate makes it look like I'm trying to hide where the horse and human parts meet but that actually looks pretty good IMO. I tried to think of a way to get him shirtless but I was already way over my target length (which was sub 100 screenshots, this is 147) and it wouldn't have added much to the story. Sadly (mostly for @Devianna) the dream of a shirtless centaur will have to wait for another day.
  10. She's not even at max. We're using 3d6, 3-18 D&D rules here. Not to mention she isn't even using a racial bonus to push that primary stat to 20 😩. Ellie is an awful min maxer. Yeah I think it's probably not even a noticeable difference for most people. I never actually use the stretch mode so it looks the same to me I just always try to make things as nice and fancy as I can so I usually go with the biggest and baddest. I've decided to try this after talking with @Tirloque a bit though so I really am curious if anyone finds the experience to be noticeably worse/ different. But of course! (and the cover image might have given it away a bit too 😅) Oh no the base of the city is from a mod, I just made the decorations (signs, booths, things like that) and the residents. I'm not much of a fan of the CK render window experience so I'll leave the city building to @devious-Drunna Thanks! Oh wow that's a deep cut! They definitely have similar uh... skin care routines... Thanks! These entries are a pain to make so definitely needed to decompress a bit after the first arc. Shorter load times and bigger loads. Thanks! And more than one if you look closely (along with Skyrim Ivy too). There are a few secret guest stars this time.
  11. Wow it's always humbling to hear stuff like that! Likewise you (and CrW and Tirloque and Wanobi) have inspired me to try to improve my comic format and editing. Really great job with the blood effects in this one (andI hope Selenia doesn't find replacements for her missing armor pieces. She looks a bit less Sylvanasy this way )
  12. I love the ghost werewolf hands! Such a cool effect! And wow you've been working on this series since before I ever installed a single mod, let alone started making stories! What an achievement to actually finish a tale this long! Great job!
  13. Looks really nice, reminds me of Shao Khan's mask from Mortal Kombat.
  14. Gwynolda has such a great profile! I really liked how you transitioned from the (round with lots of floors) Nightcaller temple to the (round with lots of floors) Solitude jail. Very subtle but an extremely clever use of in game locations, really gave it the feel of a dreamscape changing around her but keeping the same rough design as she stepped through the doorway.
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