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  1. Her career took a trajectory that wasn't... dignified... I guess. Hollywood is fickle and hypocritical.
  2. Phat Ass White Girl Tara Lynn, here, is "phat" and not "fat." Important disambiguation.
  3. An actual computer game? Calixto. Text based adventure game for the Radio Shack TRS-80, came on a cassette tape. This would have been 1982-ish. Yeah, I'm old.
  4. Twitty Conway is your dad?!? OK, perhaps not the man himself, but I get it. I wish my own dad had been like that. I'm his caregiver now, but the number of miscues/missteps he made as a father to me, his only son... Now that he's in the vulnerable position... I have to really measure the words I say. Well, no one gets to choose their parents. Doesn't mean you can't be critical of them.
  5. *ahem* *dials 1-800 number* "I-I've got a teenage daughter... right... I want to encourage her to get more physically fit... right." I kinda feel sorry for Alyssa Milano, actually.
  6. I watched part of the livestream... She refers to Riley Dennis (I'm pretty sure.) They are the BreadTuber who started championing this horseshit a couple years ago. Just like another post I want to reply to by @KoolHndLuke regarding "racism" in porn... so I may as well do a 2 in 1. Lizard brains are lizard brains. We all have one. It makes you like dicks, or it doesn't. It makes you attracted to people outside of your own racial group, or it doesn't. You cannot politically reform the Lizard Brain. Won't stop leftist ideologues from tr
  7. Um, I made the mistake of buying a Bethesda game on Day 0 with Skyrim, 8 years ago. It did not support lefty gamers. You could not freely bind functions to the numpad. Immediately I was sent scrambling for 3rd party solutions such as AutoHotKey. Bethesda's excuses ranged far and wide. My favorite one was that they couldn't afford to hire a graphic designer after-the-fact to craft Flash icons that said, "Num-5" or what-not, to accommodate such requests. >Multi Million Dollar Blockbuster game >Can't afford a $50 per hour contractor for 10 hours of work to make
  8. FUCK YEAH TORGUE This has absolutely nothing to do with 80s Avant-garde music but I'm leaving it here because TORGUE. Also because I forget how to edit shit here. Um... "A Tribute to Love and Rockets" Love and Rockets is (was) a band. Did you ever clue off of that? Google that shit. Bargain Basement MBM
  9. What, there's 3 of them now? 😮 Damn, I have tunnel vision. And too many other games to explore. My sister always gets on my case because she loves Dishonored, but I haven't even played the first one yet. But I'm deeply committed to Borderlands atm, so when we meet up for Thanksgiving, she's going to roll her eyes at me. Once again! 😀
  10. Blizzard attempted to kill the single player mechanic with Diablo III. Well you know what? I beat that game, in Inferno, SP, no trading. No AH. It was brutal, but I did it. If BL3 is any harbinger of the future, solo play is here to stay. Solo build guides are all over YouTube already.
  11. I'm playing Borderlands 2. I really, actually want to play a Siren up to LV 80 OP 10 to see what all the fuss about BL2 endgame play is all about. It's a much better shooty game than FO4, IMO. I could write myriad paragraphs about it. But I won't. I'd much rather just get back to playing. Lova Slab will always be in my thoughts, though ❤️
  12. I've done that! For a different sort of company. We had rows of stacks, 3 or 4 high. I learned how to operate a reach fork. Yeah yeah, corporate video. But I can do this shit.
  13. This is like the Virgin Prunes on bath salts European neo-nativism isn't necessarily wrong; it's just strange to behold. It would help, if these people appeared to bathe once in a while. Those feet. WTF is up with those filth encrusted feet
  14. Figure out how to derive nutrition from electrical tape? Get Lost.
  15. 2 minutes and 40 seconds of regurgitatated, corporate hype. Nice game, maybe! I quit trusting EA long enough ago for people to reach drinking age.
  16. To be sure! Here's a couple more.
  17. Just got done binging, "Ozark."
  18. What I hate even MORE, is the type of motherfucker who borrows ten bucks from you, and then hangs out with your "buds", when he thinks you're not around.
  19. People who do nothing but sit there and watch their hordes of money, make more money
  20. Did you almost just... Fuck it never mind.
  21. A Whole week or so, since anyone of interest, But, Howdy! And Welcome!
  22. I had a bad night, last night. I channeled some real life strife. That sucked, and I apologize. I've got some damage control to do. Especially, after recently participating in another thread, somewhere on here, in which I advocated taking a step back, and appreciating context. Pretty ironic. Sometimes, I suck. Let's try to move on.
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