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  1. That reminds me of a story my old pastor at church told me once. During WW2 of course many of the concentration camps were horrible however one in particular kind of stood out. Prisoners were forced to move huge mounds of dirt every day from one side of the compound to the other. No real reason just moving mounds of dirt. They weren't mistreated much, were fed rations and plenty of water. Despite that over the course of the war prisoners started dying, not from exhaustion or the Waffen SS during their usual, "purges," but simply prisoners were dying from lack of accomplishment. Every day
  2. Lol of course. I'm just saying that out of satire. If anything more than likely I'll just call the cops, have you arrested and then call my lawyer to sue you into oblivion. 🤣 I believe in the song by Aerosmith, "Don't get mad, get even!" Besides I think suing someone who assaults me is EXTREMELY more permanent. 🤣
  3. Heh, I'll put it this way; if you punch me in the face for no good reason other than that, I will ensure your death will not be a gentle one. By the time I'm done....you'll be begging me to kill you. Aside from that, what's currently on my mind is where the hell can I get a GeForce 3k series or Radeon 6k series for a REASONABLE PRICE!! All these fucking scalpers need to go die in a fire.😑
  4. Thank you arliel for your thoughts. I'm doing okay, its not the first death in the family that I've had to deal with. You start to develop a thick skin when it comes to a death in the family over time, especially when its happened a lot. Still, thank you for your thoughts and prayers.
  5. Used to be the ringtone I saved for my sister. Sadly she passed away last month so I made it my primary, to remind me of her courage, strength, compassion and loyalty. Makes me sad sometimes but it reminds me to NEVER give up.
  6. I'm seriously thinking of moving to Texas to get away from all that shit. Somebody needs to remove Governor Michelle, "Loonie," Grisham already, I'm fucking sick of living in a draconian Blue state. 😑
  7. A city slicker type named Stewart wanted to try his hand at farming. In order to get a better idea he visited a local rancher and asks him, "scuse me Farmer Harold but I want to start my own ranch, could you help me please?" Farmer Harold looks him up and down and nods saying, "well first you're going to need some chickens. I'll sell you this spare rooster for your hens you'll have for $10." "Oh thank you," Stewart says, "I'll take real good care of your spare rooster." "One thing though; on the ranch we call a rooster a, 'cock,' so please refer to it as such. Another thing you'r
  8. That reminds me of a friend who used to live in my area. He originally came from Maine and wasn't used to all the baddass lightning storms we get here in New Mexico. He calls me during one of these, freaking out saying, "DUDE?!!! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!! WHAT DO I DO?!!" Very nonchalantly I simply say, "dude get off the phone before we get struck by lightning." He screams bloody murder and hangs up.🤣 In the immortal words of Curly from in the movie City Slickers, "damn city folk." 🤣
  9. VERY. I'm reminded of a quote from Final Fantasy: Advent Children, "in times of strife, children are usually the first to suffer." Its a sad statistic especially in terms ecological and political strife of principalities to ingrained in their own idealism to actually pay attention to the fact that they remain woefully ignorant of those who are affected the most. Take this so-called, "woke," culture who have assumed they consider themselves the moral arbiters of society, wanting to go so far as to make fossil fuel use criminally illegal in large swaths of the world. What they fail to unders
  10. I wouldn't say, "outdated," but more like not as relevant as it was in during the upcoming Industrial Age between 1930s through 2010 or so. This corresponds with a lot of men going MGTOW, finding out that marriage is usually a rigged game in many regards. Some are of equal terms while others is designed SPECIFICALLY to be as anti-male as much as possible. most separations favor the female about 80% of the time; she gets full child support, full financial support and tends to dump the financial woes on the male if the marriage is annulled/separated. She also tends to retain FULL custody of
  11. A guy finds a bottle on the beach. Opening it he discovers it has a Genie that says, "I will grant you three wishes but you're own worst enemy gets double what you get." Guys first wish he says, "I wish I had 200 million dollars!" Genie says, "granted! But you're own worst enemy gets 400 million." Second wish guy says, "I wish I had a brand new car!" Genie says, "Granted! But you're own worst enemy gets 2 new cars." Third one the guy thinks about it and says, "I wish I was beaten half to death!"
  12. Yeah um there are easier ways to make a bong 🤣🤣
  13. Thanks Cranky. Sadly both my parents passed away in 2016 but we have a HUGE family (no shit either; last family reunion at the family ranch nearly 1200 people showed up and that wasn't even half of it 🤯). We look out for each other and we're a close family so if it starts getting difficult got relatives every 20 feet I can talk to. Still I'm going to miss her; after my mother died she was the only one that tried to help me recover after my open heart surgery. Letting go will be hard but not impossible.
  14. Currently? Well two things actually. One is when does my new headset going to get here and...I really miss my sister. She died day before yesterday of complications with her chemotherapy and stem cell treatment. If it wasn't for her I would probably still be using that lemon called a car and I would still be living in that car because she helped me get my apartment.😭 I can't even bring myself to delete her old cell phone number and her text record.
  15. I think these virtue signaling butt plugs have a better chance of proving every black hole in the universe has a copy of Half-Life 3 let alone trying to ban porn world wide. Japan, Brazil, Russia, UK and most of the EU will collectively tell them to fuck off because most of their capital comes from the porn industry. Just look at the hentai market in Japan as an example; banning that would completely eviscerate not only the hentai market but most if not all of manga or anime. And don't even get me started on the States, Silicon Valley alone would fold like crash and burn literally overnight
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