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    If its knowledge I'm game. Even at my age I'm still reading and learning.
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    I write books/poetry and love video games. I also have an avid interest in theoretical physics and quantum mechanics.

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  1. Uhm....is it unhealthy that both FO4 and Skyrim are sitting at about 2500 hours or so?😳 Personally I would suggest FF14 but I'm biased, its currently my favorite MMORPG. When I'm not there I mess around on New Vegas more. Despite it being an older Bethesda game its still a better than RPG than FO4 and Skyrim combined imho.
  2. *wall of text critically hits you for 28905978727, you die* Oi I'm not even going to bother trying to read all that but 27X is right. Nvidia has been getting held back by the 3k series since 2018 and are desperate to give the AMD 6k a run for its money. Yes the 3090 is doing well but its still an evil bottle neck.
  3. Lol only problem with that is the ONLY way to play ANYTHING between 2001 and 2021 you need a high end GPU. Good luck getting something like Fallout 4 or FF14 on a potato computer made during the 80's.🤣🤣 Unless you're sporting a custom built or an Alienware and even then that's still high maintenance. I usually recommend people shutdown their PC every three or so months and clean it out because you could be living in a vacuum sealed house and dust will still fuck your system up. Also consoles are not immune from that either. Leave your PS4/Xbox uncleaned for a year you'll be shocked at the rats nest that ends up mutating inside it. 🤣
  4. Yeesh and we all know why. It's not just the newest games its the fact you can use multiple GPU's to mine crypto that lets you bank $40-$80 on a daily basis. Depending on what your setup is, it can either be Ethereum, Dogecoin or just plain Bitcoin. I think you're right; gone are the days of $250 - $500 GPU's because people are mad hungry for crypto. I recommend everyone try to at least get a GPU in the 6k Radeon bracket or 3k Nvidia bracket before they become to expensive to even try and buy.
  5. Sorry its been awhile but sadly yes. You're better off trying to hard buy a 3080 TI if you can afford it. That's just an option for people with a limited budget. I tend to lean more toward AMD boards over Intel so AMD GPU's are my bread & butter. I used to go exclusive to Nvidia only but that was before Radeon finally fixed their God awful driver support.
  6. Same here. I'm so used to using NMM I'm afraid switching to either Vortex or MO2 will damage something. Call me old fashioned but I'll just stick to NMM. If it ends up losing ALL support than I'll consider MO2 or Vortex but not a minute earlier.
  7. I actually got Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, Outer Worlds, Spec Ops: The Line and Bioshock Infinite. The problem is FF14 eats a lot of my time, not the games fault its actually really good. I'll get around to playing those other games eventually, right now I'm still working on getting ALL relics for ALL Jobs.🤣
  8. Oh yeah, even on her death bed I told her, "Lin, don't make it easy. Never let the AoD win. You fight until you can't anymore that way when death does take you, you'll both go before St. Peter with him saying, 'DEATH?!! What the hell happened to you?' he can point at us and say, 'her/him.....she/he beat the shit out of me.'"🤣
  9. Thank you everyone. I'll be okay. I miss her no doubt but cancer isn't just a disease. It eats you....it eats you alive. Its better she's not dealing with that shit anymore.
  10. Thank you 😪. I take solace in the knowledge she's not suffering anymore at least. Still, there's not a day I don't miss her. She was the ONLY one that was there when I came out of open heart surgery. She helped me get my apartment and a new car. She was the only one in the family that cared enough to be there for me when the rest didn't give two shits save maybe my aunt and brothers.
  11. Sadly cancer cares little what your age is. My sister for example passed away recently from a rare blood cancer. 😭😭 RIP Norm MacDonald. Trust me, in this sad age of the de-evolving apelike creatures in the regressive far left, REAL comedy is all but dead.😪
  12. I don't know its been a few years and I spent close to an hour trying to get rid of all the popups. Like I said its been awhile and I'm not sure if it was just me but I found Vortex a bit on the disconcerting side. I might try it again someday but to be honest I just prefer NMM.
  13. I seem to be a dying breed and has some relevance. I'm still using NMM even though MANY have told me its inferior. For some reason though I still prefer it. I've used Vortex before and spending 30+ minutes trying to get rid of ads is pretty much a huge, "NOOO!!" from me. NMM may be barebones but at least I don't have to deal with, "NVidia 3070," ads every time I load up the app.😑 Now its been close to a few years so MAYBE Nexus got enough complaints that they got rid of all the ads but I'm of the opinion, "Once bitten, twice shy." In my book, its ONE strike and you're out.😡
  14. AGREED! If you're abusive to your partner YOU ARE A WASTE OF LIFE!! That goes for both sides of the aisle. Reason why I was pretty indifferent to what happened to Amber Heard. Male or Female, EVERYBODY has the potential to be the slime of humanity.😑
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