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  1. he, I know what you're saying. there ahas been some half-hearthed attempt to reintroduce the idea here as well. on one side, we have people that have never ever been dispatched while under arms tellling that those where their best years, and people too young for that that sometimes have never even shoot a gun that believe it would completelly reform the country on the other, a good 80% of people that has been there the last years of conscritption that the only things they remeber doing there was find way to get out, sometimes even claiming absurd holydays, and people that has been on mission in the last twenty-ish years that knows that it would be the same as the former remebers but, you know, no one wants to have their firm believes out in perspective...
  2. yeah. that's the thing. I'm not even in the same continent; only a few points of that applies. we don't even have some in-deep analisys about why we are melting our own country, whoever tries to do research find a wall of political believe based avversion from the average citizens
  3. blind following in a political party. and I do not mean, "following the believes and objectives no matter what", no no no, I talk about cult-of-the-leader to the point of flat out refusing the reality present in front of you, with analisis, evidence and first hand accounts, just because the head of the party said that it is not like that, or, when it is so big that no matter how much propaganda tries to cover it, the fault is always of the previous goverment officials, even if the previous has been out of office for years just open up you eyes, dammit. there are no "big brothers" of "greater powers" that is avversing your favorite politician, they just are not doing the right thing, or doing it in the right way!
  4. serPomiz

    Games or movies that you dream about.

    I find myself wanting for turn based RPG adaptation of unrelated franchise pretty often actually (must be the growing up with final fantasy and pokemon) take for example sonic chronicle. nothing overwelmingly incredible, but still a pretty solid game that did exactly that
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    About Fallout 4 Updates from Bethesda.

    ffs, every time I am about to re-download the game, bethesda updates and breack the damn thing...
  6. when people refuse to grasp the concept of a problem because they never had it, especialy if coadiuvated by bigotry. I can see your plan of sending people to military training to build up charather, but mot only it didn't work with the previous generation, the problem here is a massive and suprisingly heavy wave of arassement via internet and the main target of it is people way under the age for it you don't get how the spectrum of handicaps is subdivided, fine is underteandable, not even I do actually, but someone capable of basic self higene does not make it automatically a normodotated person that "needs to grow a backbone" "I don't want stuff contrary to of my religion in my country changing my life" I don't want cultistic laws as well, but you go gamble every week after the funtion using the number given to you by a gypsy and started the group that forced a school that does not even have enough money to fix the heater to build a 300 bucks nativity scene in the hall, you are not the most indicated person to talk "censoring fake news is aganst freedom of speech, they will censor us too" we had a politician family meber who has been dead for more than a decade being used to attack her, a guy who was linched because he was believed he was relative to a non-existent rapist, a small time criminal family that was killed in a mobster spectacular fashon for being an informer while he had been out of the country for years, more nonexistent crimes in small areas than the ones actually happened in the whole country last year, and random attacs to Masons because they are a free target, the situation is out of controll whatever your favourite politican says or not (and that is a whole other problem altogheder)
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    The Banning Game - II

    banned for using google to cheat
  8. serPomiz

    The Banning Game - II

    banned because space deliveries are too much for our budget
  9. serPomiz

    The Banning Game - II

    banned because the carpet STILL hasn't been cleaned up
  10. I'm looking for a weapon/set of weapons to go with the armor of Judge Gabranth from Final Fantasy XII I could try to build it from scrach, but due my lowest ability it whould both take month abd be a terrible result, so I'd rather avoid it, if I can
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    The Banning Game - II

    banned for not spontaneusly sharing drugs
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    The Banning Game - II

    banned because ignorance is not an excuse
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    The Banning Game - II

    banned for being a bot