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  1. ok my skyrim is freezing after i play a while its freezing then its stop working not even crash happen just freezing like in combat in towns and in big cities in exterior places like thalmor headquarters.
  2. so just like the title said My skyrim Freezing here is my loadorder and modlist thanks already for anyone helping to solve the issue. https://modwat.ch/u/alwaysandforever/plugins
  3. Ok i have an issue with jarls wife questline im fast travelling to solitude witnessing the scene with prostitute and pimp and thalmor guys stopping the hooded lady and persuading her then the next quest is given ambush pimp and prostitute so im doing that and killing them next quest said remove their clothes so im doing that and lydia is with me whole time so someone said here if i give those prostitute clothes to my follower it would work so i can enter thalmor headquarters just like the next quest objective is saids but the things is i talked to guard who have its keys for entering headquart
  4. Hi my goal is to cut out some scars from some dds file with photoshop and paste it on my skyrim body textures after that i need to blend the skin with cut out scars so im totally newbie about this any help is appreciated thanks guys for everyone helping me already.
  5. what do u mean by need the original files
  6. sorry for my bad english but i just want some body and face scars from some body texture dds file so i can use it for my own skyrim body textures
  7. Hi guys i dont know if its off the topic but i have a question; i need help with gimp to extract some textures from some body textures source for my witcher playthrough and gonna copy paste it over my in game body texture so if anyone willing to help i appreaciated a lot.
  8. Hi How did u make those body and face scars man seriously i need those too for my witcher playthrough can u tell me or is it private.
  9. Hi guys im new to this post sex screenshots thingie so sorry about it if u dont like it here some sex scenes from sigrid in the abcsence of her husband alvor she is cheating her with embry towns drunkard
  10. Yeah but mine is getting stuck like not running at all after 99% i check the nemesis in windows task manager there is no movement there no processing nothing. Like im telling you its getting stuck at 99%
  11. Hi im having a issue with xp32 skeleton extended when im about to launch nemesis engine after update engine its get stuck at 99 percent anyones nemesis getting stuck when using xp32 skeleton extended with launch nemesis engine after update engine in nemesis if anyone has these problems or have a solution at least can tell me about it please guys im loosing my mind here thanks.
  12. Yes i actually i start a new game after i disabled problematic mods so there shouldnt be any issue in that part.
  13. No its not happening with a new game its happening when im in game to fight some enemies.
  14. Hİ guys my game was crashing after the skyrim unbound reborn start up so i disable some mods each by one then finally i found the problematic mods then disable it but now my game crashes in the combat and in the loading screen after i died so im in need of you good guys help thanks guys. Edit:I almost forgot to upload my plugin list here it is down below https://modwat.ch/u/alwaysandforever/plugins
  15. Hey Man ı Tryed the way you described it and my nemesis getting stuck at 99% after i click launch nemesis button so can u tell me how to fix this thanks already.
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