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  1. One thing I noticed is that all the Realistic Ragdolls plug-in files activated; only one needs to be active, depending on whether you want bodies flying about (High) or dropping like real life (Realistic or Reduced). Having them all active causes conflicts. I also don't see an HDT-PE skeleton like XP Maximum Skeleton Extended (XPMSE). Not having such with mods that rely on a physics extended skeleton, like Devious Devices, can cause problems like massive FPS drops. If you do decide to use XPMSE, you can remove Realistic Ragdolls if you use the XPMSE.esp file. Otherwise use RR and don't activate the XPMSE plug-in. The alternate weapon/quiver placements on characters are cool but it doesn't do anything else and it uses a cloak spell to apply changes, which can be an issue if you're game is already too script-heavy. Not having HDT-PE installed when other mods use it can cause issues, but if it's already included with another mod then you're okay. I can't help figure out the script instances. I just noticed some issues with the mod load.
  2. Magic? The only cyberpunk (genre) RPG I know of with that is Shadowrun. In fact I'm a bit of a Shadowrun fanatic with the exception of the Fourth and Fifth Editions (I hate the changes made in both). Discussion of SR is for another thread, though. I've been saying the same thing in the original CP 2077 thread that @Kargrin said. CDPR hasn't offered modding tools on par with Bethesda yet. I hope they do but I'm not expecting much more than TW3 got.
  3. A custom desktop will always be better than a laptop for gaming. Laptops tend to get hot near the power source, even if you use a mount with fans underneath, they're more expensive than an equivalent desktop, and it's nearly impossible to upgrade their hardware. A great gaming desktop can be expensive up front (mine was $5k) but it will last for years without the need for upgrades and when they do need one it will be easy enough to swap out the old parts for new.
  4. I'm getting impatient for the pendulum to swing against SJWs. Not just because I want to see them squirm. The longer they keep getting their way, the worse the backlash will be.
  5. Sony using GamerGate and MeToo to justify their decision to go SJW regarding the objectification of women but still allowing horrible, graphic violence and objectification of men in their consoles' video games. I thought the whole idea was to get rid of the double-standard? Not justify a different incarnation of it? Let's be complete about this: no more gore and no more scantily clad women or men. And if the SJWs want "realistic" women in video games, let's include "realistic" men as well: flabby, out of shape, and sporting a beer belly with male pattern baldness. You know, take away everybody's enjoyment of fiction. (Honestly, I'm for scaling back the violence and gore but loosening the rules on "jiggling" or bare nipples.) GameInformer giving Anthem a 7/10 when the players themselves are giving a 1 or 2 according to a poll on the game's own Reddit and the article itself says the game is horribly dull and buggy AF. Thank Dog my subscription is running out; that's the last gaming urnalism rag I still get. My boss giving me guff on a drug test showing benzos and amphetamines when I gave him three physical copies of the letter from my therapist along with an emailed copy. And then him getting bent out of shape when he gets caught lying about not receiving such to his boss when one of those physical copies is sitting right on his desk and HR showing they got an e-copy from him. Have some accountability, man!
  6. Shadowmere is Bat's brother?! Okay, there's a story there I'd like to hear. I don't know why but I feel a kinship with the rieklings. Small, blue...wait a minute...
  7. This doesn't piss me off but elicits a disgusted sigh and rolled eyes: SJWs whining about the latest EA Star Wars video game having a "white male" protagonist. SJWs are too poor to afford video games unless they're F2P on their smartphones, anyway.
  8. I screwed up my lore slightly. It's Mephala who's specifically described as being hermaphroditic--in the FudgeMuppet video on him/her--while Boethiah isn't called out as such even though s/he has appeared as both male and female. A correction was made in the original post regarding the importance of being hermaphroditic in regards to Mephala. I always got the feeling it wasn't kept hidden because it was pornographic or praising a Daedric Prince but because it proved Gandosa Arobar was sleeping around. That becoming known would have been bad for her father, a Redoran Councilor.
  9. No wonder I missed that announcement. I literally don't trust anything I read or watch on April Fool's Day. But if they're actually taking their time and getting it right, that's a good sign in my book. I've been a fan of the Wonder Boy series since the 80's and this game feels so nostalgic it hurts.
  10. Whoa! Flashback to Morrowind with those Daedric ruin textures.
  11. Damn straight. The Witcher series doesn't deny the ugly, filthy, and otherwise nasty elements of medieval society and humanoid nature. Nothing is black-and-white but those clothes you have to wear when you see the Emperor. And war? People die, violently and in pain. There is no glory in it. "War never changes." (Pre-Bugthesda-Fallout quote)
  12. Poor Bat, still "saddled" with a rider with the intellect of a potato. "Canter" horse get a break? Rieklings? This far from Solstheim? Wouldn't the falmer fight with them for resources?
  13. Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom has been out for consoles and Switch for seven months now and the company promised us a PC port "in early 2019." Well it's April '19 now and still no port to Steam! Unless Epic bribed them for timed exclusivity but that seems unlikely. I've seen enough vids of it to know I do want to play it.
  14. It's been mentioned in-game that Boethiah Mephala is hermaphroditic, which is actually important to her sphere since she appears as whatever gender most appeals to her chosen target. Or both at once if that works best. Mortal interpretation is what matters. Especially in regards to the Dunmer religion. I quoted the in-game book Vivec and Mephala when I said how Mephala combines both courtship and orgy in regards to sex. That aspect of their character is not explored in-game and understandably so, but the simple fact that it gets mentioned at all in-game means there's more to it. I've seen those videos. I was actually listening to them as I wrote. They actually covered Mephala herself in an older video rather than simply in regards to Veloth. And it isn't like FudgeMuppet could openly say much more than they did given YouTube is a Google company and Google's on another morality kick. There's also the fact that the Dunmer Tribunal is heavily based on the Hindu Trimurti, of which many, many aspects were intersex beings. There are also philosophies regarding male and female existing in one being in Hinduism and it would be fitting that the Dunmer share similar views even if it's never explicitly discussed in-game. Otherwise neither Vivec nor Boethiah would be called out as being hermaphrodites since it wouldn't serve any purpose. This is why I supposed that hermaphrodites would be considered "blessed" by the Dunmer. TES lore is so confusing and contradictory at times (Auriel/Akatosh, Dragon Breaks, etc.) that it makes my head hurt thinking about it. Which is why I'm hoping others will contribute their interpretations to help make some sense of it all. Especially in regards to the one topic Bethesda has been so afraid of even touching since Daggerfall. Or maybe it's Todd Howard who's afraid of it since the games stopped featuring things like nudity after he came on board. Female characters in Daggerfall actually had nipples on the inventory paper doll, and the image of Sanguine was that of him holding up a golden-skinned nude woman who looks an awful lot like the statues of Dibella.
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