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  1. What's on your mind?

    Struggling with my seasonal allergies. A lemming with hay fever is not a pretty sight.
  2. FloppySOS

    I know Jopie's been here at least once in January this year so they're still around. But this mod hasn't been updated since Nov. 27, 2016. Nearly seventeen months at this time. Is it still alive? Can someone else continue work on it if it isn't?
  3. (Poll) Futa/Shemale version of Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    Take your time. Better to receive something properly tested and fleshed out later than to receive something buggy and unfinished now.
  4. Skyrim VR Modding ?!

    Since I'm already boycotting Bethesda, their subsidiaries, and Zenimax, I'm not bothering with SK VR. Also because I'm not yet convinced VR has matured enough (my first time with VR was in 1995; I know how far it's come) for viable use at home. What sort of logistics problems have manufacturers and producers not encountered yet that need to be addressed first? What other issues are lurking unseen? That, and I've already got Oldrim and the free copy of Newrim for people who already owned LE before. What would I want with yet another port?
  5. Is Anyone Using the Creation Club?

    It's pretty obvious that, at least among members of this site, the CC is a flop. I just wish this poll was more indicative of Bethesda players as a whole and their usage. And I just got to say this: Modding has always been about two things: sharing and respect. Modders share their work and (most) users of mods respect their efforts. There are always a few bad apples on both sides but the community was able to largely weed them out. When Bethesda launched BethNet, and then the CC, it was a slap in the face of both values. Requiring people to pay real money to buy virtual currency to get their work is not sharing, and their attitude on social media and in practice both show clear disrespect for PC modders. They may claim they're trying to aid the modding community but anyone who looks at the details will realize it's all about making them money by catering to console gamers alone. Pete Hines himself summed up their attitude by referring to "users of script extenders" as "a significant minority." If that's how they view the people who have kept their games not just relevant but popular for the past fifteen years, are we going to do something about it? Or will we just roll over and take it by continuing to buy their products and submit mods to both BethNet and the CC?
  6. Post your sex screenshots pt. 2

    Dog almighty! Are you using an animation pack for that first set with the dildo stick? If so, which one?
  7. Billyy's SLAL Animations (2018-02-24)

    What about F/F/C animations? Or is that also too niche?
  8. Guess This Screenshot

    D&D arcade game? That's what those characters remind me of.
  9. (Poll) Futa/Shemale version of Radiant Prostitution/Gigolo

    I'd say it's worth it. But how would the mod be able to detect a futa/shemale? Sexlab only supports two gender tags: male and female. I'm not even sure if that's a hard limit based on how Skyrim handles things or just a major headache to write into the existing SL.
  10. Musings of a Lemming

    Aggravated Buggery As part of what it takes to get into the college courses I'm taking, I had to take a test to determine my skill levels in things like math and reading comprehension. While at the campus I heard some college kids discussing the negative influence that humans have had on animals. I guess seeing a lemming in a human-shaped rig struck them as "unusual." Clearly they haven't taken a proverbial step back to look at what they themselves are doing and dressing up in. But they had a point. Certain things about human society have been harming the animals. Like suing everyone about anything. I'm sure everyone knows, or has met, one person with an ego the size of Jupiter that hates being called out on their bull. Years ago I finally had had enough of a cockroach who just went on and on about his species would be the only ones to survive a nuclear apocalypse. When I pointed out that flour beetles would survive as well--better, even--than cucarachas, he just lost it. For weeks afterwards he bugged me in every way he could imagine. Which wasn't many, honestly. For a pest he wasn't very good at his job. Finally he figured out he could attempt to sue me if I threatened his life in any way. So he flies in front of my car as I'm driving back from an office visit and then has me served for attempted insecticide and aggravated buggery. It was something straight out of The Simpsons! I still don't know how he even got a lawyer; maybe the attorney recognized a kindred soul in a disgusting, disease-spreading little parasite. My own legal rep tried to have the case thrown out as frivolous, but the judge decided to let it stand. That says a lot about what you can get away with in the 'Murican legal system. For over a week our lawyers worked back and forth. Meanwhile I'm just trying to get on with my life while this roach acted like the victim to anyone who would listen. Good old Moose finally solved things by "accidentally" stepping on my tormentor. It wouldn't be hard to believe he really did it by accident, but there was a sinister twinkle in his eyes when he lifted his hoof afterwards. That should have been the end of things. But the other lawyer tried to pursue criminal charges against me and Moose. That's when folks finally looked at what in the world was going on. This guy was presenting a case for an insect. A creature that an entire industry aimed at killing has arisen from. Now he wanted to have an animal arrested for doing what millions of people do every day? I'm not entirely sure what happened next. Only that the roach's lawyer was disbarred and taken away by men in white coats for "observation" while a new judge dismissed the whole thing. The original judge stepped down in shame after the media got wind of this. As for me and Moose, we never forgot the lesson learned: who needs lawyers when you can squish your opponent like a bug?
  11. World of Warcraft modding? Forgot the site

    Do you mean Patchzer?
  12. Guess This Location.

    That's the one. I am not fond of that place, especially since we're forced to escort a practically useless little girl and a wizard that will betray us if he isn't killed first. So of course they make a location for a Word Wall and force us to go through it if we want the word.
  13. What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    For those who live out in the boonies where high-speed landlines don't run, that's what they're forced to use. I should say, "those who can afford to live out in the boonies."
  14. Guess This Location.

    Looks like Ironbind Barrow.
  15. Guess This Screenshot

    It does look like Shining Soul (part of the reason I quit playing the Shining series after SF 3).