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    A humble lemming working against the forces of ignorance and animal cruelty. Like forcing dogs to dress up in outfits.

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  1. Ernest Lemmingway

    Are you good or evil? (rpg question)

    That doesn't sound too "evil" for D&D. A selfish true neutral or chaotic neutral, maybe. If she were using larvae as spell components, slitting someone's throat simply because they bored her, or beating peasants who got her clothes dirty, that would be evil. ...I may have been corrupted the Book of Vile Darkness (the real world D&D source book) because lesser acts of evil don't really register to me when I could be damning the souls of thousands, cursing entire races to live out their lives in utter misery, or raising the dead to destroy the living. Now that I think about it, there are times I like being evil. Back during Wrath, Blood was a DPS spec and Frost was tank, and I role-played a belf Blood DK who reanimated his foes using the power of blood to humiliate them after he'd killed them. And in the Patreon RPG Roundscape Adorevia I just love corrupting Meredith and Ruksana; the former because she turns into a total slut, the latter because she becomes a submissive masochist. And being a selfish prick endears me to the Succubus who has some of the funkiest scenes in the game. If life was a (new) WOD game, my defining Vice would be Lust. Because it's sex that motivates me more than anything else. Forget wealth, drugs, or making someone I hate pay, I'd rather have my way with the beautiful women and turn them into my devoted slaves. Er, there is one instance where Wrath would be more appealing: torturing whatever tool approved of the rules changes suggested in The God-Machine Chronicles.
  2. Ernest Lemmingway

    What's Your Dream Mod? (Free for all)

    A version of SexLab that recognizes futanari/hermaphrodite as a legitimate SL gender. That's all I want at this point.
  3. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Sleepless in the Glen Damn that duck! Lipps has ordered an artificial pond to replace the one we had. Actually, it wasn't a pond at all but a hole with stagnant, befouled liquid that even the Earth wouldn't absorb. It had those unsold copies of the Diz-knee Star Wars movies dumped in it, so that should have been a clue. And if we didn't clear the scum off of it when it...what's the opposite of "congeal?" It reeked if we didn't do that. Lipps and whatever female he mated with that summer were the only ones who even used it. Anyway, he's ordered an artificial pond to replace the one we evaporated with that hunter's red-hot credit card. Which worked out well enough in that there's already a hole in the ground. But to go along with that he's building a cabin! What does a duck need with a whole cabin? Actually, scratch that. He called and told us yesterday that he's marrying his blonde Brazilian girlfriend and bringing her back here when he migrates north. So I guess he'll by flying via airliner like Millie the flying squirrel. Until then he's got a construction crew building what it can in the cold. So none of us can sleep while they make an ungodly racket at all hours. It wouldn't be that bad if I didn't already have insomnia. Most of the year I'm diurnal like other lemmings. But in winter something comes over me. I prefer to lurk around at night. When most creatures that lack fur or fat to insulate them from the cold are asleep in their dens. And I go off into the darkness, compelled by something even I don't understand. When I come to my senses after dawn I've stolen all the strawberry jam in a fifty mile radius, along with various luncheon meats, crackers, and cheese. Then I park my fuzzy butt in front of the TV and binge-watch shows until I'm so glutted I fall asleep covered in crumbs, meat and cheese scraps, and my paws are sticky with red goo. Only this year...I can't fall asleep! I was having issues before those construction workers arrived, but now I'm up all day. My eyes are completely bloodshot, I can barely think straight, and I...I give Melissa my honest opinion instead of telling her what she wants to hear! Actually, it's probably a good thing I can't sleep because she's kicked me out of the bed for it. She has her own place, technically, but she's all but moved into the burrow. I even gave her control of the bathroom. I don't care what species you are; when you're willing to answer the Big White Phone surrounded by pink, you're committed to a woman. Plus I don't wake up to find her soaking my nuts. I actually had some pistachios that tasted like pistachios. The complete lack of sleep has also left me angry! Irrationally so. What do I care that Gillette is being run by SJWs? I use a Remington electric shaver! And then usually only once a year when summer rolls around and I have to shave completely. For that matter, why do I care what Activision, Bugthesda, or EA is doing? I quit buying from those three years ago. I should be upset about things that matter! Like why my local mega-mart is charging three bucks for a bag of Smarties worth $1.80 at best! Or that those damn construction workers don't have express, written permission from the residents to build here. When that quack gets here in the spring, we're going to have a talk. I wonder if his widow will like a duck dinner? I didn't just write that. I'm too tired to try and explain the silliness of my reality. Those damn pink elephants won't shut up and I haven't had a drink in weeks. What my elected officials say has started making sense. And those damn singing crickets won't get out of my skull! Don't make me use the drill again!
  4. Ernest Lemmingway

    Count to 1,000,000

    No, it has 8139 pages. Still easier to understand than Win 10.
  5. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    That's because the SJW PC Babies have a lot more power here in the bad ol' US of A. Or they thought they had a lot more power. Lately it seems like everything they do just blows up in their faces. Now I'm actually half-excited for DA 4. What's going to happen when that gets released?
  6. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    I haven't seen that bit yet. TL;DW Gillette thought it was okay to make a blatantly sexist, anti-male ad directed towards their male customers using "examples" of "toxic behavior" with no context whatsoever. If they were going for a message meant to breed tolerance, they couldn't have done it in a more intolerant way.
  7. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Not that kind of weird. That was actually amusing. S1: E1, for example, was mostly clips that were just plain odd and not funny at all. Even for British humor they felt more like avant-garde art than actual comedy.
  8. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    Who cares about boycotting them? It's just funny as hell watching them try to delete negative comments and dislikes on YouTube instead of just taking the video down altogether and admitting it was a mistake. EDIT: It also raises questions of just what they think they have to gain by defending this gaff. Or who is so intent on defending it and why.
  9. Sounds like Defeat doesn't use your Sexlab gender and instead refers your Skyrim gender. Other mods with a masturbation option, like PSQ or SexLab Eager NPCs, will choose animations based on your Sexlab gender. Or you can use SexLab Tools.
  10. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    That's the very video I had in mind. 505k dislikes and counting! It's so nice to see them squirm after they started selling replacement razors at such ludicrous prices.
  11. Ernest Lemmingway

    What really pisses you off? please no posts about nexus lol

    It is a waste. So I'll focus on things that make me laugh. Like watching as companies of all stripes make stupid decisions they actually thought were good ideas blow up in their faces. I believe the term is "getting woke." I need to be reminded that I'm not the dumbest person lemming on this planet sometimes. Or I could try and continue watching Monty Python's Flying Circus. But some of the episodes from the first season are just W-E-I-R-D! Even for Monty Python.
  12. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Tax Time Troubles, Part Deux Okay, I think I've pulled myself together. Thankfully the next few months after April are not scheduled for any particular activity. Besides the usual hunting of poachers. I may be doing that a lot this year to supplement my grocery bill. Thankfully a lot of Millennials are switching to "all natural, all organic" diets so their flesh isn't nearly as toxic. Baby Boomers and Gen X-ers are so full of preservatives from the things they eat that they could put Ancient Egyptian embalmers to shame! It also makes disposing of the bodies harder. Oh, I forgot about going back to school. The financial aid councilors won't talk to me until I get some vaccinations for human diseases, like MMR. What?! Lemmings don't get measles, mumps, and rubella! We get attacked by weasels, we get lumps after the weasel attacks, and we buy Nutella, though. Oh well, I'm just one fuzzy critter trying to make it in a human's world. I have to follow the rules the same as anyone else. So until I get five different shots I can't be sure if what I qualify for in terms of grants, scholarships, and an endowment from the Advancement of Non-Human Creatures Association will cover my costs. Don't underestimate the non-human lobbies! Just like in my former job, humans just look like they're doing something while we animals are the one doing the real work even in the White House. Unfortunately those humans in Congress meddle enough that they sometimes do get their insane ideas passed into law. Not even the dolphins who secretly control the Supreme Court can counter everything. "Former job." The idiots in charge laid off all the older employees for younger people who know the newer systems and will work for less...but they didn't bother upgrading the old systems and software and these new kids don't know the legacy stuff. Is that utter lack of forethought and foresight a human trait? Actually I shouldn't complain. They hired the lemming back at five times my old pay as a contract employee. That's why my taxes were so high this year. I didn't even get any discounts now that I'm paying for my own health insurance...I'm going to have to put in overtime there to afford that! And I'm not invited to the office parties! Actually, after last year's incident with the five-bean casserole and the carbon monoxide detector that melted once those beans went to work on my system, I was uninvited already. At least this year we won't need to skim the scum off the pond in spring. I can sell off all those generators and sun lamps to make up for the hit to my wallet. It does raise a question of where Lipps will stay when he gets back and answers nature's mating call. When we told him about it last year he just said he'd be returning regardless. Eep! I may have just answered the question we're all asking about why those surveyors were out here a month ago. That mad mallard wouldn't...he couldn't...
  13. How many male solo animations do you have installed? Sexlab by itself doesn't have that many but several SLAL packs have some. Don't ask me to list them; I can't keep what pack has what straight.
  14. Ernest Lemmingway

    Count to 1,000,000

    Thanks for that reminder of animal cruelty. Now I have 8113 reasons to loathe Diz-knee. And don't take their properly spelled name in vain! Do you want to get sued?!
  15. Ernest Lemmingway

    Count to 1,000,000

    I keep trying to write something for the Erotic Writing section but this is the 8111th time I've deleted my intro and started over. I hate writer's block!