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  1. Ernest Lemmingway

    Show Your Skyrim Counterpart III

    Not bad. But it's rather dark and hard to see. Better lighting would be my suggestion.
  2. Ernest Lemmingway

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    I did get a chance to experience it. And I wasn't that impressed. I've been into VR for twenty-three years now (yes, VR existed back then) and there are actually much better examples out there. At least in VR arcades. Maybe I'm just picky and/or jaded because I've experienced VR quite extensively before but SK VR is not that special IMO. In fact the same can be said for all home VR at this point. It has potential but the home technology and software is still rather immature at this point. Let's just agree to disagree and not get off topic anymore.
  3. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    I think it's because Howard and Hines are species-ist against lemmings. Or they just didn't care enough to add us to the game. Either way, I'm kind of glad they didn't. Look at the low-res treatments other critters got! If they had rendered us in such lousy ways...well, if you've ever seen Critters 2, imagine that giant ball of krites. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=agt3Dc1xPYM And I can't figure out why that clip isn't embedding.
  4. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    They seem to have avoided that trouble by choosing to stay near a forest ranger's cabin that's taken over by a grizzly bear when the ranger leaves for the colder months. It's nowhere near the ice. If their show is any indication, they subsist almost entirely on chocolate spread and various junk foods. Like corn puffs that cause them to swell into bouncing balls when they eat one and take a sip of soda. In effect, they've traded one source of trouble for another. That grizzly can be grumpy when he's trying to take a nap and they're bouncing all around that cabin.
  5. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    We're arctic critters. Most of us live way, way up north. Close to the Arctic Circle if not in it. I'm a rare exception; unlike most lemmings, I know how to work an air conditioner. I wish I could find the pic of my cousins trying to figure out how to work an AC unit on their show because it shows how tricky that is for them. They can't even understand that a symbol of a fan means "blower."
  6. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    A "mutation" in the same sense that naturally red hair in humans is a "mutation." We just sort of...happen. Although my cousins up in Canada are all blue lemmings as well. And their low intellects would indicate inbreeding...
  7. Ernest Lemmingway

    Share the weird quirks of your modded Skyrim.

    Thonar Silver-blood's dialogue kept looping back to "My wife, they killed her." The only dialogue option I got after was "..."
  8. Ernest Lemmingway

    Guess This Location.

    Ah. I avoid that mod. It's too script heavy for me and I'm not interested in that kind of "immersion." Pregnancy, yes, especially SGO3. The...ah, background mechanics of such, no.
  9. Ernest Lemmingway

    Skyrim SE Mods that Work for Skyrim VR?

    There are reasons well beyond just mods and the sickness called the Creation Club that infects SK VR. First off, I can't afford a VR headset. Second, I get motion sick when I wear said headsets. Finally, I've played Skyrim so many times over the past near-seven years that there's nothing more to do with it. A "VR" version of the exact same game is of no interest.
  10. Ernest Lemmingway

    Vault Girl Nude & Sexy

    I need to play FO3/FONV again. I forgot how much I like Vault Girl/Meat
  11. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Autumn Prep I don't know what it's like for humans, but for lemmings the end of summer is a busy time. First there's food that needs to be stored, which I'm kind of putting off doing just yet despite a perfect chance. Despite having two eight-point stogie suckers spend a couple of days around here, I just couldn't shoot them. It's not hunter season yet. Then there's getting my burrow--er, prefab concrete block buried in the ground--ready for colder weather. Which generally means making sure the areas that guests will enter are well-insulated while the rest is nice and chilly. I'm an arctic critter, okay? Plus it helps make sure that my reserved food doesn't go bad. That's assuming that long pig can get any worse on a 'Murican diet of processed foods, refined sugars, and saturated fats. At this rate the herd will thin itself out. Hopefully that won't impact my access to Hostess brand cupcakes. Finally, there's entertainment. I don't know how humans can sit and watch TV for hours at a time--unless it's a really good show like Red Dwarf--but lemmings can't stay still that long without going a little stir-crazy. We need something more in our entertainment, something that engages us. So I've...::shudder:: signed back up for Evil Art's SWTOR. While I'm watching my contracted employer's systems on a dedicated system, I'll be playing a Jedi or maybe a scoundrel. It's not the most physically active thing but it keeps my little mind active. Emphasis on "little." That last one is half the reason I haven't been around if my friends and followers were wondering. Then there's the work I'm doing for my friends. Cecil and Dave wasted the warmer months playing Dovahkiin and attempting to figure out why they can't get dates when they wear their replica iron gear everywhere. They need their eaves troughs--that's rain gutters to my fellow 'Muricans--cleaned out. Except Cecil took an arrow to the knee--literally. He and Dave were testing their new shields by shooting at each other with bows. Dave, who can somehow manipulate a bow with wings, somehow gets completely tangled up every time he uses the hose. I swear, Mama Nature is telling me that those two need to be weeded out before they breed. Moose, who has now figured out how to pull the lid off of bean dip tins with his hooves, is back in action. Although he can no longer balance ten different types of dip and a bag of Frito's without his antlers. We're making sure he gets enough of other foods to avoid his intestines having another collapse. I'm sorry to say his pro wrestling addiction is still in full force. Also let it be known that arctic critters are not immune to feminine manipulation. Both Millie, my ex-squirrel friend, and Melissa, a member of the most intelligent species in the galaxy, have tricked me into helping them. I spent three days helping Millie locate nuts to take with her when she heads down to Brazil with Lipps (more on him later). And Melissa? She's happy that Millie is going away for the cold months and took me out...lingerie shopping! Yes, they make frilly things for little white mice! And she stopped at a restaurant supply store for some various fruit mixes you can't get at any local mega-mart. I think she's going to start soaking nuts again. As for Lipps...he's been awfully quiet this year. Normally I'd chalk it up to that annual sense of responsibility he gets to help raise more ducklings. But he's been talking of selling his villa in Brazil and settling down in the glade permanently. I fear he's begun to mature on us. That quack of a "ducktor" needs to stop popping his own pills. He won't be any fun if he's calm, responsible, and using foresight!
  12. Ernest Lemmingway

    Guess This Location.

    That underwear icon...is that from LSAR?
  13. The Hanged Man...er, woman, in this case. I wonder what the other Major Arcana would look like? The Fool or the High Priestess, for example?
  14. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    It's one thing for people not associated with the company to ask for money. They aren't getting paid for their work. But for the company that did make it to charge more money for mods? And mods that are horribly simplistic, limited, and overpriced? It's completely ludicrous. Then again, Bugthesda did go after a guy who tried to sell his sealed copy of FO4 on Amazon because he labeled it as "new" last month. They don't seem to realize--or care--what sort of bad press they get. I'm really hoping folks vote with their wallets and boycott them for a while. But then I look at the orange freak in the White House and realize that 'Muricans are too lazy to vote in any way, shape, or form.
  15. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    That is most certainly the case. Bugthesda has been moving towards control of what their customers get and can use since FO4. And the vagaries of modding any online game preclude most of what is hosted here on LL. Assuming that private servers even happen.