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  1. At this rate, Soylent Green, Blade Runner, and 1984 are looking like prophecy rather than science fiction. I just wish Akira wasn't still looking like just science fiction. I'd love to be able to wreak havoc with just my mind.
  2. Intellectual Edge, 33 and 1/3 Hunters made an appearance recently. A group of about four men with price tags still tied to their rifles and stickers still on their ammo boxes. Making enough noise to alert every critter in the glen. They weren't actually hunting then, just setting up camp using tents that hadn't even been removed from their boxes yet. Needless to say, we animals were not very impressed. Things just got more laughable when one of them produced an espresso machine and plugged it into a generator loud enough to disturb Ted as he was fattening himself up for hibernation. Never let it be said we nerds aren't physical. Or that bears aren't dexterous. He walked in and used his claws to slice the fuel line clean through, even stopping to help himself to a cup of Joe with all the decorum of an English nobleman. Not that the hunters saw any of that; they fled when they saw a grizzly charging their camp. It's too bad, really. They could have learned a thing or two from the discussion he and I had about human nature and the increasing tribalism encouraged by social media platforms. Not that I drink coffee of any sort; I've been living off of "lemmingade" mix lately. After that scintillating conversation, we got to the business of carefully filing down the firing pins in their rifles. Not because we were concerned about getting shot ourselves but because we feared they shoot each other and bring more humans to the glen. And after 2020, we're fed up with humans. As for their food...well, there are things even we critters won't eat. Soy-based meat substitute, tofu, bean sprouts, gluten-free whole-grain bread, salad mix that could be contaminated with Dog only knows what, not a speck of real meat or dairy. Naturally that begs the question of what vegans are doing hunting? Maybe they do it for sport? Or they're determined only to eat animal products they hunt and kill themselves? Either way, they'd be going without. Once they returned we watched and stifled giggles as they freaked out over the generator dying, not once thinking to check why it was leaking gasoline. Bereft of their espresso, their ability to check Twitter via a portable satellite, and taking four hours to set up their tents, they settled in for the night. That's when all of us made our move, lifting their wallets and using their credit cards to order delivery of the things we need to survive the winter online. I still don't know why the squirrels wanted a gallon of cheese spread, though. Processed cheese doesn't sound like the sort of thing that goes well with nuts. But I ordered ten pounds of solid milk chocolate so I can't talk. Once we'd done what we needed to do, we put everything back and retired for the night. Good thing, too, because the next day didn't see those hunters wake up until well after dawn when it's a bad time to start hunting. Worse for them, they didn't seem understand what "stealth" in the wilderness means. Birds and the squirrels alike were chirping all day, alerting everyone where they were when they weren't stepping on twigs or brushing against low-hanging branches. They didn't even see any of us even when they walked right by me as I was relieving all that built-up lemmingade. Once they returned after a fruitless day of hunting, they tried to build a campfire by throwing together wood in a haphazard pile. If it wasn't clear by now these idiots had never been Boy Scouts, their decision to throw gas to try and get the fire to stay lit just clinched it. Their fire died after three minutes and they began bickering about whose fault it was. Cold, miserable and tired, they finally retired for the night while we got to work on making sure they didn't forget their outing by stealing the distributor caps from their vehicles' engines. None of them even realized it when they opened the hoods the next day after they couldn't get even one to start. We knew we were dealing with university graduates who had no real life skills at this point and sneaked the caps back into the cabs of their vehicles in time for tow truck drivers to arrive and spot them. A little salt on the wound. Cruel, I admit. But who was it that said, "Nature is cruel?" Actually, compared to humans, Mama Nature is merciful. At least she kills off the stupid and incompetent before they can breed. No wonder we animals always seem to have the intellectual edge.
  3. Masks aren't about protecting the wearer. They're about protecting others from the wearer. Otherwise you're both right. Masks are pretty useless with COVID. That's where distancing, avoiding touching the face, and washing or using alcohol-based sanitizer comes in. I'm not going to bother arguing whether the fluids they do catch help because I don't know for sure if that does anything or not. Don't bother quoting micron sizes, please. I've heard the same arguments so many times--with and without any evidence one way or the other--I just tune it out. Lame stream and sociopathic media hyping up COVID like the next Black Death is driving me insane. COVID has a 99.7% survival rate among kids, teens, and adults; 95% among seniors. That's before any comorbidity like obesity, diabetes, compromised immune systems, etc. In over 99% of the deaths of the infected, the actual cause of death was not COVID itself but those very things I listed. But does anyone hear about any of that? Hell no! And neither do we hear about the one thing that will truly help advanced cases: blood donations! Ventilators are an absolute last resort; blood that hasn't dumped its iron due to COVID helps more than forcing oxygen into someone.
  4. Compared to the ongoing violence of the Far Left/anarchist groups in the US of A and the insane screeching of lame stream and sociopathic media, that's going to be a cake walk.
  5. The same thing happened with deckers and riggers in the Shadowrun games on Steam. I'm not defending CDPR but I will point out that RPGs have systems that can be awfully difficult to replicate in video game format. That said, I agree we should be concerned they'll do the same thing to other parts of the game. And if they don't differentiate things enough, that's going to be a legitimate reason to be outraged IMO. I wish this game would just get released already and let the cards fall where they may! I'm sick of fanbois and haters alike arguing everywhere, I'm fed up with the speculation, and I'm especially ready to literally tear Jason Schreir's lips clean off of his face for trying to drum outrage yet again. I don't think it's going to be the next big thing in modding since Skyrim but neither do I expect it to be some massive flop. More likely it'll be a successful niche thing and people will move on to the next outrage du jour.
  6. Autumn Exhaustion It's been too long since I posted here. As things settle into the "new normal" (which, sadly, includes letting racist Far Left lunatics burn, loot, and murder while claiming it's for social justice) and humans lose their damned minds over who gets into the Oval Office, we critters of the glen have been forced to grin and bear it. Life was thankfully quiet, other than Lipps's wife complaining that she couldn't attend Mass for a couple of weeks. No one was coming here and messing things up because they were all locked up in their own homes. But that also meant no hunters to steal credit cards from for the fall "harvest" at various warehouse stores. Humans made this world; we're just adapting to it. Not that we'd be able to buy even a quarter of things we want just yet. Seems the local Costco isn't stocking up on "essentials" for squirrels, lemmings, moose, ducks, gerbils. and mice. Nor is Costco really the place to buy such; Sam's Club carries Whatchamacallits and other "high energy" foods me and my fellow critters require. Besides, we're just a couple dozen more foil wrappers away from fully lining an old, inside-out patio umbrella and turning it into a satellite dish. Even as I type that I can feel my neck turning very red, indeed. Hidden as it is by an increasingly blue collar. No, I didn't lose my job as a lab rat. I've just been forced to work long hours--sometimes as many as twelve a day all week--doing LAMP tests for COVID. All because the local school district demands that students undergo such tests instead of simpler antigen testing. Do they care that the parents have to pay out of the nose for each kid? Or that all the labs where such testing can be done are grossly understaffed because of a labor shortage? Swing a hammer, plunge a toilet, work with electrical wire, extract tissue from someone's nose, in the end we're a lot more alike than we thought. Including a need to hit the bars (now that they're open) and bitch about everything over a beer. Only it's hard for me to keep up because I'm just a lemming in a human rig using a type-and-talk console to communicate. It sounds like Dr. Hawking joined a bunch of construction workers. Then I get home--either on time or well into the evening, depending on the workload--where Millie has fixed dinner or left some for me in the oven. At this point we might as well be married because we're in a rut. The passion is dwindling and even our weekly trips to the dungeon aren't as...passionate as they used to be. But that could also be because we're both just exhausted. We both work in the human world and deal with human issues. Like the US election season, a certifiably insane mainstream media, a Hollywood that's increasingly irrelevant to anyone, and woke politics invading sports. Not that either of us cares about any of that but the people we work with sure do. And they can't shut up about it. Can you do anything about any of it yet? No? Then shut up about it! But the one I feel most for? Moose. Some SJWs tried to claim he was being exploited by his employers. I know Moose doesn't come across as the most...cerebral member of the glen. But there are times I see a mad genius hiding behind those eyes. Each of the social justice wankers who tried to harass his employers? Well, they're going to be guests of their respective states for a long, long time. I still don't know how he managed to convince them to do...whatever they did. Or how he got the authorities to catch them in the act. But I will reiterate: do not mess with Moose! Just leave him to his Frito's chips, his bean dips, and his pro wrestling and all will be fine. Now only if we could harness that skill and get the likes of Don Lemon or Andrew Cuomo out of the picture...
  7. EA, Activision, Take-Two Interactive most likely here, how many times have publishers come in and fucked everything up?
  8. Are you using the FNIS For Users executable from FNIS XXL?
  9. Make that 99.9999%. That's still 780 people total but closer to the number I still have any shred of respect for. And yes, it is still optimistic.
  10. I know. But you're in the minority. The sheer number of mods on sites like Nexus, the number of visitors it gets daily, and even the number of visitors to LL itself and the number of downloads, all of that says people play Skyrim and whatnot because they can mod it. Would people put in hundreds, much less thousands, of hours into these games if they couldn't mod them? Would there still be concurrent players on Steam numbering in the five-digit range without mods? Maybe after two years. But five or even ten years? I'd say no. And that's my point. Bugthesda Game Studios has built their reputation around their games supporting mods. Every single-player offline game BGS itself has produced since Morrowind has supported mods. They've had to; the games are so buggy they need unofficial patches and fixes to be playable with or without mods. If their games can't be modded, they lose the one thing they still have going for them. Other companies are perfectly capable and willing to create open-world RPGs. Some like CDPR already have. Without mods, BGS games literally can't compete. They'd be forgotten as soon as something better comes out.
  11. And how many people will wait another five to ten years for the next game without mods to tide them over? The money they make on the game at first will run out before then. Worse for Bugthesda, the loss of mod support means no way for people to fix the bugs they can't, or won't, fix themselves. Finally, Bugthesda Game Studios's games have gained a reputation as "the games we can mod." Take that away and interest will disappear like morning fog.
  12. That's a fear I've had for a while. It would be economic suicide since modding is the one thing that makes Bugthesda games tolerable these days, much less popular. Forcing mods to go through the CC or just BethNet because of legal restrictions would kill the long-term viability of their games. But I've learned never to underestimate the power of greed and stupidity.
  13. Time will tell whether folks retain official mod support or not. Given how little we've been told about Starfield in general, I doubt anyone outside BGS knows anything solid.
  14. The creators of Wabbajack are gatekeepers, plain and simple. If you create a list containing mods they don't like, they can and will delete your list and try to get you banned from sites like Nexus. I've never used their program but I know someone who did and they eviscerated his work. Plus I loathe the way their program gives them the ability to spy on what mods a user installs under it. They remind me of Camilla Zhang, the SJW gatekeeper that Kickstarter hired--and then fired.
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