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  1. I said in the LE thread and I'll say it here. "W-i-l-l-l-b-u-r-r-r!"
  2. Question: why is anyone talking about TES VI when we don't even have an ETA on Starfield? The game Bugthesda insists is in the works and will come out first?
  3. I've never played Code Vein but I have played both KotOR games. It's the dumbest thing I've seen in an MMORPG. I remember watching my cousin play WoW Legion and they had a similar setup in that xpac where you basically had to have a companion because the mobs were so OP. It's the same damned thing, only without the fleshed out personalities that BioWare included.
  4. I'd include the companion characters from SWTOR, but the game is so designed around you having a companion active--or being in a group at all times--that the best they do is keep your ass from dying.
  5. They aren't suing the actual developers, they're suing the company. More specifically, the executives in charge of CDPR who told them things were ready. IIRC, the actual devs are suing the execs as well.
  6. If people are going to lay blame for the state of CP 2077 at anyone's feet, focus on the executives who set an artificial deadline and lied through their teeth to both the customers and their own shareholders. Video games can't be pigeonholed into some standardized model or rushed out the door and then be expected to be flawless. Something corporate types consistently fail to recognize in every AAA games company.
  7. This state prioritizing "medical workers" for COVID vaccinations and not including lab workers who work with potentially infectious material. We won't get our chance until April at the earliest, possibly as late as July depending on supply. Lab techs were in demand here before the 'rona hit and the labor shortage has only gotten worse since. So it doesn't make much sense to leave a keystone of our medical care infrastructure vulnerable. But I'm not a politician; I use reason and logic to guide most of my decisions. So I have no clue what those idiots in the state capitol are thinking.
  8. I'll give that a try. But the real issue is it's saying it doesn't recognize NIO at all. It even T-Poses characters when I've already run FNIS.
  9. The main reason I avoid buying video games day-one these days. "Wake me when it's actually done. Then I'll play it."
  10. For my fellow weebs, shows like Bubblegum Crisis (Mega-Tokyo 2032, not that 2040 fluff remake) and its spin-offs (A.D. Police and Bubblegum Crash) are examples of classic cyberpunk anime. The manga and even P&P RPG are worth it if you can find them.
  11. Has anyone gotten SGO3 to work with SE? It's not recognizing NIO included with the latest SE version of Racemenu and I have no clue how to fix that. Nor do I want to install an older version if it means overwriting the newest one.
  12. Look at what I agreed with. I literally meant I will take what Gibson says is cyberpunk. I didn't say I won't take what others say it is if they remain faithful to the core ideas of the genre. Also look at what I didn't include from the post I quoted; those parts I disagree with.
  13. I'd be upset but the sheer incompetence of CDPR's execs has me laughing too hard. I'll still buy the game once (if) all the DLC and patches are out and there's some way I can be sure modding the thing won't leave me open to being hacked. But the sheer irony of a cyberpunk game having all this drama around a corp is just hilarious.
  14. Mostly the same here, though the LE PSQ x SLSO patch is still required (and usable) in SE.
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