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  1. I adhere to the Cosmicist idea that we're flukes of evolution. Mistakes never intended to exist. Not (just) because it fits a nihilistic view of the universe but because I find it rather liberating. If we have no "higher purpose," we're free to forge our own purposes for existing without some greater power mandating otherwise. So that means I'm free to make my purpose to play the Devil's Advocate on everything, to never take anything I see at face value, and to spread my own brand of insane humor best fit for those locked up in loony bins and working in DC. Things best embodied by
  2. I have no clue what you're trying to say. It's like two or three different thoughts are being mashed together into one. And since it's clear this is not going to get any clearer for either of us, I'm walking away. I've said what I wanted about the whole idea of "toxic masculinity" being nothing more than a projection by those who want to blame anyone and anything else for their own failings. It's not toxic "masculinity" or "femininity" that's the issue; it's just plain toxic personalities.
  3. This isn't about politics per se. It's about ideology. The line between the two has always been extremely thin and in a few specific cases (like AOC and "the Squad" or all of Twitter), it's nonexistent. They equate the former with the latter. I also know all about what lame stream media, including Wikipedia, thinks about "toxic masculinity." True toxic personalities are clinically signs of psychopathy. How they manifest does differ between the sexes but the numbers are consistent between both (damned Psychology Today doesn't have the article archived). What pop culture calls "toxic
  4. This whole "toxic masculinity" argument in pop culture, IMO, comes off as more Far Left dogma. They keep screaming about making changes but they want revolution when what we need is evolution. Real change requires sympathy, understanding, and patience. The very things they lack in spades.
  5. To be fair, it was Nvidia's fault TW3 never got proper modding tools. Doing so would mean releasing proprietary code owned by Nvidia and they wouldn't allow that. The first game had an adventure creation toolset called Djinni but it never took off. No clue about the second game; that's the one I never could get in to.
  6. That sounds like Kelly Plagge's review from Gamespot, a urinalist from a urinalistic rag who admitted to barely playing the game. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F5-_tem_7Jw
  7. The hacks at every urinalist rag are already whining about the game not being woke enough, CDPR not pandering to their sociopolitical messages, and failing miserably. "No gender pronouns!" "Not diverse enough!" "Not the representation I wanted!" "THIS GAME ISN'T WHAT I WANTED!!!" When the likes of Kotaku and Polygon bitch about a game, you know it's good. Especially when it kicks their identity politics in the teeth.
  8. No, we don't know. For that matter, I'm not seeing a lot of agreement on what "moddable" actually means. TW3 is "moddable" in the sense that you could replace textures and skins or alter how certain things performed. But not "moddable" like Skyrim is. Not just here in this thread but in terms of what individuals off-site and especially what game studios mean when they use the term.
  9. No, I meant a game like Morrowind. Where combat isn't the be-all, end-all of quest solutions and there's real effort put into the lore, the NPCs, and the world itself.
  10. Assuming this is true about it being more like Morrowind with guns, my interest just jumped several levels. I've been chasing that dragon for eighteen years.
  11. Point taken. We all need to agree to just leave the subject alone.
  12. Lame stream media and hypocritical politicians all screaming we need to lock everything down again "for six weeks" (like two weeks, which turned into nine months?) while they don't follow their own rules. The upside is a lot of people--including law enforcement and state attorney generals--are defying these insane restrictions and are no longer afraid. I'm still unhappy with people who don't observe the precautions (less the masks, more everything else) but the CDC, Fauci, and others are ignoring the realities of mental health and economics. So people get sick with a disease with a disease wit
  13. They're just ordinary alchemy ingredients now. Darkconsole has a cooking recipe for semen (chocolate nut butter cup) but no potions.
  14. No, it's not a known bug. At least, I've never had that happen to me.
  15. 1) No, there is currently no option to birth empty soul gems in SGO IV Beta. 2) I can't remember the LE settings, but if they can go to 0, try that and it should disable inflation.
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