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  1. Ernest Lemmingway

    SKSE Plugins + MO2 = CTDs

    Are you playing Oldrim or Newrim? MO2 does not work well with Oldrim and this sounds exactly like issues others have had when using the two together.
  2. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I wish I could say I believed they would never restrict PC players to the CC only in their future games. FO76 is the first one that will at launch. Whether or not they actually allow for free modding of it on PC when the private servers come online is unknown. Both Howard and Hines are known liars so it wouldn't be out of character for them to say we will but then never actually do it. I've pretty much given up on Bugthesda and have no plans to play FO76. Mostly because I hate online games, multiplayer games, and survival games. It's what comes after that worries me because of what they've been doing since Skyrim: overly simplifying the mechanics, watering down the main plots and quests, and interfering with modding with the CC and Creation Kits that are left unfinished. Will they continue those trends?
  3. If I knew of a bunny-repellent that worked, I wouldn't be visited every year by the Esther Bunny!
  4. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    That much I understand. And I know BGS doesn't want to be associated with adult mods because it threatens their "family friendly" image. But to specifically call out adult mods as a justification for making mods exclusive to the CC is rather suspect in my eyes. Why do they feel the need to draw attention to such things if they're so against it? All that does is tell the world it's a major issue. To whom and for what reasons is what they don't say. Which could be spun into any number of directions. It also brings up uncomfortable questions since this isn't the first time folks like Howard have expressed such attitudes. What will they do in the future if they're so anti-adult mod? Will they force all of their future games to be online in some capacity to try and stop it? Will they try and make it illegal under their future TOUS to use adult mods? Intellectually I know such efforts would fail in the end and likely require illegal measures. But I still worry. I'm just being a bit paranoid.
  5. Hey, I resemble that remark! ::faints at the sight of her quarry::
  6. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    Yes, they do. I'd laugh but the moralists have made it de facto illegal with the threat of lawsuits and/or by running production companies. One of the justifications given for making FO76 mods available only from the CC was to stop adult mods. I'd call shenanigans but too many sheeple are going along with it. I'm guessing "not for a long time." Sheeple have the most amazing capacity for bullshit before they finally do anything about it.
  7. Ernest Lemmingway

    Favorite Quotes

    "If stupidity got us into this mess, why can't it get us out?"
  8. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I wouldn't put it past them.
  9. Ernest Lemmingway

    Bethesda just announced TES6, Talk about it!

    I'll wait six months to a year after launch before playing. That's if Bugthesda lets us use free mods and releases a finished CK, though. Then after downloading whatever unofficial patches are needed to fix what the company "fixed," roll a Bosmer and go search out whatever special powers and/or treasures they put in. If any. Otherwise I'll check out the guilds.
  10. Ernest Lemmingway

    Guess This Location.

    The "moat" outside Dragonsreach is my guess.
  11. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Friends Don't Eat Friends, Apparently If you like chicken, don't be friends with one. The guilt trips you get for ordering Kenfucky Tried... I've been going through serious chicken withdrawal as a result. No chicken taquitos, no chicken dumplings, and certainly no chicken vindaloo! I can't help it. I'm addicted. Many is the night I've lain awake, sweating, practically tasting some of the Colonel's original recipe or a fowl curry. Then I have to face the next day with no sleep and a horrible hankering for poultry. If I don't sleep enough, I start to sleepwalk. If Melissa is around, it's not a huge problem since it gives her an excuse to tie me up for a change. But when I'm alone I may awaken to find myself doing almost anything. Lately things have taken a turn for the strange...er, stranger. It started the night of my last post. I had this horribly vivid dream that I was building a massive wooden fire pit. And when I woke up I had splinters in my paws and my butt. The next night I dreamed I was riding Moose down the herbs and spices aisle of a supermarket, even stopping by the produce department for some garlic and lemon. That time I was awoken by the honking of a car, only to find I really was riding Moose! His antlers held grocery bags filled with...herbs, spices, garlic, and lemon. As well as a bag from a liquor store carrying a case of imported German beer. Moose, the lovable lug, told me I had asked him to help me shop in exchange for some of his favorite Deutsche lager. That's when I knew I was sleepwalking again. To make matters worse, I don't really remember what I did that day. I was sort of in and out of consciousness. Cecil, Dave, Melissa, and Ted all agreed to watch over me last night. Melissa even tied me down to the bed. I dreamed I was a magician escaping from a locked room, then that I was a chef chasing down a chicken who refused to get in my pot. At one point I even shot the chicken-arrow from Hot Shots Part Deux at my quarry. Next thing I knew I was tackled to the ground by a gerbil and a mouse while a chicken pecked me on the head. I had been chasing after Dave after slipping the ropes, forcing Cecil and Melissa to stop me. My chicken chum was expressing his irritation at my behavior as well. I'd shot him in the thigh with one of those toothpicks with the red plastic strips on one end from a bow made with a twig and a rubber band. Well, some good came of this. The hospital staff says I'm just frustrated and exhausted. And there's nothing wrong with liking chicken. I'll be out by Monday. And tonight's dinner is roast chicken!
  12. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

  13. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    Three more reasons I hate rabbits. The Bunnicula novels, which I read as a kid and need to catch up on, center around the efforts of Chester the cat and Harold the dog who's "a little bit wolfhound," dealing with a vampire bunny! The old Cartoon Network show, Evil Con Carne, has the main character headquartered on an island shaped like a bunny! The popular new ice cream brand I get brain freeze whenever I eat it is called Blue Bunny! Yeah, I'm a leporiphobic lemming. I'm also afraid of walnuts and guys named Fred. Why that is I don't know. The voices in my head refuse to give me an answer.
  14. Ernest Lemmingway

    Guess This Location.

    Thanks for the , you two.