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    A humble lemming working against the forces of ignorance and animal cruelty. Like forcing dogs to dress up in outfits.

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  1. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    I'm alive...I think. Still dealing with a massive chocolate hangover from Halloween ten days later. The worst part is that chocolate is a diuretic; I may have a bladder the size of a soy nut but my septic tank is full and needs an emergency pump-out. And I've nearly killed that old oak tree by over-watering it.
  2. Yes. Yes, it is a fetish thing. Now I wish I had a pic of a female Bosmer pleasuring herself with her bow.
  3. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    So has anyone here actually played the beta? Or are we all just going on what reviewers have posted? I'd say more but I'm tired of being called out for Beth Bashing. Even if it really does feel deserved this time.
  4. Ernest Lemmingway

    Apropos 2

    More F/Creature descriptions are what I'm looking for. And what I plan to write if I can find an animation viewer outside of Skyrim itself.
  5. Ernest Lemmingway

    What do you think of the continuation of the "Alien" saga?

    I'm a fan of most of the Alien movies. The original, certainly. The second, third, and fourth (the third especially), not so much. As for the extended media (comics, novels, books) I never could get into them. I'll decline to comment on 99% of the video games. Aside from Alien: Isolation, I didn't enjoy most of them. The idea of the xenomorphs being created by an android actually fits quite well with what Ridley Scott intended in the first movie: that AI is the real evil. But he explains that a lot better in the extras on the Alien: Covenant DVD. Since there was never any official word on the creatures' origins, what appears in video games, comics, and novels is purely speculation and can't be taken as "canon." I personally never cared for the outlandish ideas of where they came from. The idea that they're genetically engineered actually makes grim sense. Their life cycles are just too complex for macroscopic life forms to be viable in any natural environment. Parasites, however, do have similarly complex life cycles and techniques for adapting the next generation based on the host. But parasites are tiny by necessity; they would quickly burn through their resources were they not. So such massive parasites arising naturally? It doesn't make biological sense. As for the crashed ship on LV-426, the Space Jockey never gets more than a quick scene. The intense cold and other elements in the atmosphere could easily make the remains look fossilized when they're really just skeletal. The fact that it's still encased in its space suit would further confuse matters. Undoubtedly we'll figure out how the ship got there when the next movie is released (Scott is actually looking for scripts, if he hasn't already settled on one and is now directing). Since the movie Prometheus is actually an installment in the Alien saga, folks will need to be familiar with it to understand Covenant and where the Space Jockey comes from. As well as what the hell is going on in Covenant and with the Space Jockey.
  6. Ernest Lemmingway

    FloppySOS and Clams of Skyrim compatibility

    I can't say if the file in one of the posts works or not since I quit using FloppySOS a long time ago. Too many issues with it.
  7. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I was afraid of this. Bethesda seems to have well and truly told its old fan base to go to hell with FO76. If they can't tap into an all new well of players, then they stand to lose a lot more than just money.
  8. Ernest Lemmingway

    Fallout 76 announcement? (Bethesda Live Stream)

    I'd ask how far off the actual launch of FO76 is, but I don't care. I'm more interested in the reviews from actual players and seeing if this works or not.
  9. Ernest Lemmingway

    Apropos 2

  10. Ernest Lemmingway

    Apropos 2

    Finally, a new version of Apropos, tabodi! If the utility for writing databases for the original mod works with this, I might just need to try my hand at creating some messages. Especially for animations that don't have any affiliated messages.
  11. Ernest Lemmingway

    Ask A Lemming

    If a man is all alone somewhere with no women around for miles and he has an opinion, is he still wrong?
  12. Ernest Lemmingway

    Which Quest line do you HATE the most?

    The Civil War quests, though by a slim margin. 99% of the quests just felt uninspired. Especially when so many of them are dungeon crawls. The Dragonborn quest line was okay compared to the rest but even it feels lackluster. But that Civil War crap...oh, there was cut content that would have made it more interesting! Worst of all, it plays out the same way no matter what side you choose. Fight endlessly spawning troops, hit a dungeon, and then fight to the opposite side's throne. Were it not for mods, I would have retired Skyrim years ago.
  13. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Dolphins are the second most intelligent species. Lemmings rank about third while humans...er, I'm pretty sure they're in the top five-hundred. I think. Yeah. The humans think they're the ones running the experiments. They still think Pinky and the Brain was just a cartoon instead of a warning.
  14. Ernest Lemmingway

    Musings of a Lemming

    Blue Lemming, Green Lemming Despite being an arctic mammal, and despite having the thick(ening) coat of fur, I managed to catch a cold because I spent so much time in the cold. Yeah, I know, the cold itself isn't what does it; it's the strain on the body to keep warm that weakens the immune system. That'll teach me to go hunting without some covering when my coat is still filling back in after the summer shaving. And to make things worse, I caught the stomach flu as well! This little blue lemming has been looking rather green around the gills for several days. It's hard to say what's worse. The sore throat, clogged sinuses, and cough so severe I can't sleep at all. Or having to stay on the commode with a bucket (well, thimble) because you can't control both ends at once. As if to rub salt in the wound, I ran out of hot flu drink mix as well as the alcoholic "sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head, sore throat, fever" syrup. Somehow Melissa "knew" that I was in bad shape because she showed up with everything I needed. That's not a good thing when you consider that she felt it necessary to "nurse" me back to health. I'm beginning to doubt that white mice are the most intelligent species in the galaxy after experiencing her ideas of taking care of an ill person. First of all, can anyone explain to me the idea behind slapping a patch of mustard plaster on someone's chest when they're sick? Especially when that person is fuzzy? I have a bald patch just above my little tummy now! And why did she feel it necessary to pump me full of Miralax when I'm already loose? And that soup! Chicken soup should not have feathers in it! Or enough cayenne pepper to have me (literally) breathing fire. Folks think that episode of my cousins' show where they belch flames after eating hot chilies was comic effect; no, that really happens when lemmings eat spicy foods. Trust me, I used to be a Chili Head and there were days when I could act as a pilot light. And I know that loose bowels can dehydrate you, but there is also such a thing as water poisoning. Shoving a rubber hose in my mouth and filling me up with enough dihydrogen monoxide to turn me into a ball was crazy. Fortunately the pressure sent me flying like an untied balloon to a tree branch high enough that Melissa couldn't get to me right away. The chipmunks weren't happy to see me, though. One of them whacked me on the head, with an acorn, hard enough to knock me out. I'm actually glad that happened since that was the first time in three days I'd been able to get any sleep. When I came to I was in my own bed while Melissa waited nearby with some real chicken soup. On the six-inch flat screen TV were reruns of the Loony Tunes. Were it not for the bump on my head the shape of an acorn, or spending five minutes emptying my bladder when I went to the bathroom, I'd think the whole thing was some sort of weird dream. Instead I've begun to wonder if it was really just someone's idea of a sick joke. Someone with a twisted sense of humor who isn't afraid to twist the knife, so to speak. I think I'm in love!
  15. It's the giant chicken bug. ...Have those slaves been fooling around with poultry?