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  1. This is what happens when companies get woke. They're too afraid to try anything new, or they're so deep in debt they can't develop anything new, so they rehash older stuff and often screw it up. Look at every damned remake/reboot Hollyweird and triple-A games studios keep pushing out. Some like the ME Remake are good, but those are the exception rather than the rule.
  2. Zombie Army Trilogy and Zombie Army 4: Dead War + Seasons 1 and 2 DLC. I'm so sick of seeing and hearing real life zombies at work, online, on TV, and out in the world without being able to just shoot them in the head and end our mutual suffering. This is the next best thing.
  3. To me, it doesn't seem like it's worth it ATM. There's too much ambiguity around what mods will and will not work with AE, we don't know how many more hotfixes Bugthesda will release and thus break Script Extender again, and none of the free CC content can't be had in superior versions from the Nexus or other mod sites. I'm not writing it off completely but neither am I going to buy it unless we see some marked improvements. I just don't see that happening when the only real change is a switch to Visual Studio 2019 over 2015.
  4. SGO IV Beta. It seems to be abandoned but it works. Although it does lack certain features from SGO III (the ability to toggle birthing empty and filled soul gems, for example).
  5. Ah, you're right. I was looking at the total space on my SSD rather than the space needed.
  6. Got back into Final Fantasy XV for a while, but Chapter 15 (the unofficial "epilogue") resets almost everything not related to the MQ. Including Hunter missions, exploration, side quests, all but the Royal Arms you'd found prior. And I still have to figure out which optional dungeon I need to run again to get the key to open those doors in the dungeons that lead to the Terror Under Lucis quests to get the best gear for a New Game+. It's killing my interest. So now I'm replaying Fallout Tactics while debating installing A Plague Tale: Innocence because the latter is over 1 TB big! My second SSD is only 2 TB and it's just under a quarter full with other games and Skyrim mods. And that's when I have time and energy for games. Akubar has made some nice games. Though I don't think I've played that version. Going to check it out.
  7. Doesn't mean anything. It's SOP for companies and individuals who know they screwed up to go to ground and let the heat die down, hoping the public forgets. Just like Hardsuit Studios with Bloodlines 2 and their SJW writer.
  8. At this point I'm expecting a Warcraft 3 Reforged level of disaster. Unless EA gets the writer to rein it in. Which, given the bitch's history, is simply not going to happen. But of course people who aren't paying attention will still buy it, as will "nu fans" who think Jizz-knee's sequel trilogy is good. Never mind the fact it's so universally reviled even Jizz-knee Land quietly removed all references to it in their SW area of the park.
  9. This is not a game I'm looking forward to simply because I'm not a fan of D&D 5e. The directions EA and WotC have gone just further cement my decision not to bother.
  10. The truly sick part is that investors/execs at major companies are so insulated by their little bubbles that they can't see how "Get Woke, Go Broke" is not only real, it's becoming the norm. Look at major league sports in the US for a prime example of that. They likely won't even accept it's real until the financial realities bite them in the ass like they did for the NBA and NFL. This is also the same company who's VP said, "Don't like it? Don't buy it." So I'm going to take that advice again and watch the epic disaster that unfolds with about $60 extra dollars in my wallet. Plus it's supposedly a PS5 exclusive; anything to do with Soyny these days is poison in my book. I simply refuse to deal with a company so invested in "California Business" (hopelessly woke, in other words).
  11. It's EA using BioWare's corpse like a meat puppet. Of course they're going to hire people willing to work for peanuts, even if they're absolutely hated by everyone who knows what they really stand for. Why not? The game dev market is completely oversaturated with trained people. Too many of whom bought into the idea that "all games are political." Seriously, search for Thirsty Lesbian Sword by Evil Hat Productions; if tabletop games are that woke...once again, I pray for another Video Games Industry Crash so the big name companies are weakened or destroyed and indies have the room to step in and start over from scratch. It's all too likely the only way we're ever going to excise the cancer.
  12. Try Tormented Souls for your challenging survival-horror needs. Imagine if original Resident Evil and Silent Hill had a love child together.
  13. Lemming Abuse? This is more of a question than anything else. Say it's been a chaotic four months and the government keeps flipflopping on what you're (not) supposed to say and do practically every week. Then you're forced to work twelve to fourteen hour days and even weekends for almost three weeks because an idiotic middle manager forces your work place and nine others to honor rush orders for corona tests, despite being told by every manager and supervisor below him that the overtime and cost overruns from ordering materials will cost more than the fees for said rush orders. Then said middle manager cuts everyone's hours when he gets his pay docked 25% to make up the losses he incurred as a result (we're waged, not salaried) to try and make up the shortfall on his year-end bonus based on the budget left over. And he ignores more warnings that the work will pile up because of said cut hours and cost more than ever due to late fees, penalties, and more overtime and even weekend pay when we're inevitably forced to play "catch up." He's going to get an even bigger dock in pay and likely demoted, if he's not outright fired without severance, for such gross mismanagement. That much is assured because everyone has the documentation to prove it. Is this a case of animal (and especially lemming) abuse because of his actions? Especially since so few humans are doing the work? At my lab we've got a lemming, two mice, a dwarf breed cat, one rat, three shrews, a bulldog, and a sheeple.
  14. I can see some people falling for this contest. Especially given the mentioned shortages and high prices for GPUs. So many people have to have TLAG (The Latest And Greatest). Which explains why Apple is doing so well despite their anti-consumer practices, their proprietary everything, and now the blatant privacy violations "for the good of the children."
  15. Use the [SGO Main Menu] power and click on the Gem count in the wheel that appears. It will ask if you want to birth a Single Gem, All Gems, or cancel.
  16. System Shock Remake. Assuming it's real. As much as I want this game, I don't have high hopes. It was seemingly cancelled before and IDK if Steam hasn't removed the listing or it's actually going to happen. Release date is "Summer 2021" so we'll see.
  17. System Shock 1 and 2. They're both games from my younger days that I really like and still look good despite their age (especially the latter with retextures).
  18. The one Alien game that was faithful to the feel and look of the original movie. I can't say I was that annoyed by the alien. I just had to remember to look up and see if there were any of those square holes in the ceiling the creature just loves to hide in. But the save system? Yeah, that was just dumb when you can die a hundred ways between save points.
  19. I'm just waiting to see this whole thing either fall apart completely or become something akin to the Creation Club: a failed venture that quietly fades away because it fails to live up to expectations. There's only mod pack I've ever used and I've replaced over half of the mods it contained as they were updated or removed them entirely because I didn't want them to begin with. Even then it required actual knowledge of how to mod to get everything to work. Those who think mod packs will replace actual skill at modding are going to be sorely mistaken. Especially if they try and combine them with mods not included in said mod packs.
  20. Ys IX: Monstrum Nox. Not surprising, given I started playing Vanished Omens back in '87 and I've been hooked ever since. This is the first title where the characters actually swear and deals with more "adult" issues like moral ambiguity, freedom of choice, and the consequences of good intentions. I'll be disappointed if no urinalist tries to make a fuss about about Raging Bull being a busty, attractive woman in a scanty outfit (and that's without her DLC "Holstein Farm" costume). Or how the White Cat stops giving out free coins after she learns her attempts to better the lives of those in the Shantytown are only encouraging people not to work at all.
  21. Anybody paying attention knows Nexus is an absolute cesspool and has been for over a decade. The only reason I even still go there is because of the mods. And I imagine it's the same for millions of others. It's just like dealing with any company or government: keep your head down, don't trust or use anything they push, and find ways around what they're doing.
  22. Well, it finally happened. YouTube shadow-banned me from posting comments. I've been hearing about the same thing happening to others since January as a way of discouraging folks from engaging when they say things that Susan Woke-jicki and Big Tech don't like. Like independent and critical thinking, the actual facts regarding stories, and pretty much anything that offends snowflakes. I'm actually a bit proud that Big Tech feels like I'm an annoyance. Not enough to do anything more about but certainly enough for their beloved "machine learning" to try and ignore.
  23. Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. I'm old enough to have played the first game but never got into the second and third. And it always reminds me of when Game Informer was still good instead of being a haven of urinalists who couldn't get into political reporting and take out their resentment on gamers. That was the first time I'd ever seen a game get a perfect 10/10 and the tagline read, "Thank you, sir! May I have another?" because the game truly is that brutal but rewarding.
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