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  1. does anyone know how the game tells a bed from a mattress in survival ? please🙏
  2. an esp file that's flagged as a master which those i have load before all the regular esp files but after all the esm files i turned it off temporarily so i could activate thermals
  3. @Trykz just letting you know that the thermal terminal is being overwritten by the unofficial fo4 patch
  4. @Trykz here are the highlights of my trip into grim the enemies are pretty unique standing out from vanilla enemies and tough especially at night when they really try to kick your ass!😈 my new pyro-droid had a lot of fire damage to dish out which one shots most things vanilla and modded as nothing really has that much fire or frost resistance, although physical defense is really high on some creatures I mean past a hundred thousand points worth😖 but easily bypassed with fire or ice themed characters. the insanity mechanic is real nice touch as it
  5. @Trykz hey i wanted to ask 1. are you gonna add anymore colors for the droid body lines (ex. pink purple green etc) 2. is it possible to make the lines glow or is that not worth doing? 3. have you looked at using the new 1.75 fusion girl or should i hold off on upgrading for a while also started my play through over to test my droid against the new grim overhaul just for fun so pics as soon as I become a droid and kill some monsters🎃
  6. tried some different settings in paint.net to make the muscles more pronounced let me know what you think💪
  7. well here they are i combined the muscle map cbbe conversion with the droid normals hope they look alright
  8. decided to try something with the normals out of curiosity posting screenshots in a bit💪
  9. depends what your looking for if you want something you can quickly set up and are only looking for simple consensual humanoid on humanoid sex related interactions then go for osex or flower girls their both mostly self contained and have quality animations however if you're into something a bit more taboo and willing to put in the effort of hunting down add-ons and animation packs then i would say sexlab sse which gives more variety in ways to sex as well as animations but takes more effort on your part to setup and manage everything hope this sheds some
  10. as someone who boned a skeleton i must say that's a pelvis worth rattling!😍 p.s. skeletons i've boned/and would be interested in boning include : skeleton princess from princess & conquest my undead army both skyrim and princess & conquest skeletor from he-man skeleton king from srmthfg (super robot monkey team hyper force go) grim from grim adventures of billy and mandy jack from nightmare before christmas urgathoa from pathfinder mort from planescape torment rito repulso from power rangers (ritas brother)
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