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  1. compulsive backup keeping a good habit to have when investing time, energy and elbow grease into any project
  2. dickchick is kinda outdated will this work for the more recent futanari fev?
  3. hello and welcome to what is your nontroversy i.e a non controversy as in something only the thin skinned soft boned easily offended would think is a controversy mine is voice acting because as life time fan of cartoons/anime/experimental animated works i feel it is a very ridiculous thing voice acting has always been about voice range just like with roleplay your character doesn't have to look like you at all anyway for the sake of argument here is a SHORT list of white\non black characters voiced by black voice actors\actresses check their voice history for more 1. the kingpin (90's spider-man) by roscoe lee browne 2.penny gadget (80's inspector gadget) by cree summer (1st season only) 3.samurai jack by phil lamarr it's been going both ways for years🙃
  4. ah..manual headaches exactly why i use mo2 so i don't have to go scorched earth on my game install 400+ mods on a 3 terrabyte external hd all in their own individual folders not touching each other the only thing in my data folder is f4se, a few looks menu presets and enb related dlls i do all the managing / juggling myself just by reading the mod pages and learning what requires what and avoiding anything too out of date. i love virtual folder systems🥰 edit: thats 220/217 esps + 120/130 esls + about 100 or so mods that don't use plugins at all i.e replacers / just scripts so yeah 400 + load order runs quite smooth tbh
  5. almost nothing: if you do the bos quest line you have to go there to get nukes( or something ) for liberty prime but as you rightfully pointed out the place is indeed huge and the quest only touches a small part of it i think( possibly optionally too as i haven't done a bos playthrough in a while ) edit: also it's not even a proper fetch quest more of a go stand at x wait for npc y to spawn in then return to z and it just takes place in one room out of what has to be one of the biggest military bases in-game
  6. i second it as it's a location that would have made for an excellent final boss showdown and doesn't get enough love (also sentinel site is my favorite location in-game a big ominous pyramid in a nuclear wasteland🥰)
  7. hey all i am making sissy vampire game as of right now it's very bare bones teaser demo -.1 (that's negative point one for those who don't speak numbers) anyway i'll post a link on the site and if you wanna you can support on subscribestar https://subscribestar.adult/Kingoftentacle
  8. btw here's a roleplay pic of my cryoborg\cryodroid miss frost🥶
  9. ah okay i did not know that! thank you very much good thing i had the 1k textures on standby.
  10. any plans to support 2k face textures? i ask because once my char crawled out of the vat all her makeup and her brows were gone as well as her face skin changed from ice blue🥶 to Caucasian (ice blue skin🥶 is part of a role play thingy case you're wondering)
  11. Hey trykz congratz!! on droids being featured in an mxr video!👍
  12. *squints* can't tell if member of easily offended group 1 or easily offended group 2?😓 *raises hands to show unarmed and backs slowly from potential threat*
  13. does any one have a copy of this mod warhammer sorceress robes se (cbbe - physics - bodyslide) by PhenomFazMFQ ? 🙏 the only version i could find didn't have physics👎
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