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  1. I will munge the packs together and upload to mega when I get time. Not tonight though. Alas, real work.
  2. It's the fifth file of the third upload. I found that just now, with three copy and pastes.
  3. If you select the post, copy and paste to a text editor, you can see the full names of the files.
  4. Yes. Exactly that. DFC patches NFF, EFF and AFT. It hooks their recruit and dismiss functions and gates dismissal (in most circumstances). It needs to overwrite any of these. With NFF overwriting DFC, the DFC patches will be overwritten with the standard version of the follower framework files. It will (probably) still register your follower, eventually, but like a vanilla follower (which ends up being a bit wrong) and dismissal will be undefined behavior that I know nothing about. Hirelings will be all kind of broken. If NFF is overw
  5. @finalfrog So many packs! 😍 Now I daren't update any dialog...
  6. That relates to the ESP, not to script overrides. You're using Vortex? (MO2 also supports rules). I don't know how to ensure file overwrites in Vortex, but it might follow ESP order by default.
  7. Alas, ideas are easy. Execution is hard, or at least time consuming. I was thinking I probably wouldn't make that mod now, but strangely enough, nobody has made a mod like that yet. I'm not sure why, it seems ... obvious.
  8. @jammingserver1, thanks for an interesting post. Yes, it's rather long. Are we secretly related perhaps? There are elements of your ideas that could be developed relatively easily, and other aspects that are probably more trouble than you expect. One thing to think about is that the license mechanics now do provide a place where the follower is adding value, and creating a legitimate "lock in" for the PC. Being able to push license expenses off into follower debt can be hugely advantageous for a low-level character, but you can't do that without the follower's help
  9. It's possible that the SSE version has some difference. Either that, or you simply don't have DFC overwriting NFF script files. Or another mod has patched those files. Can you check your DFC install and see if any of its files are being overwritten? Once again, the nightmare of all those follower frameworks... three was bad enough, but with SE that sort of makes it SIX variants I have to consider. It's getting unsustainable, though perhaps there is only this to fix...?
  10. Read up the page (where you originally posted) about three posts up I haven't fixed it yet, but it should be trivial.
  11. This is in the existing roadmap as a 2.16.X item, so it's been considered, just not given a high priority. If this was done to be integrated with follower-personalities, it would be better than just a generic feature. Boredom, as it stands is a very basic mechanic. I think people expect more of it, but it was something I originally added to my "custom" DF back in the 1.X era, that was just there to try and auto-balance debt-pressure. The long-standing pain with DF was that you could never get the daily payments quite right. Too low, and you never had any
  12. I should have made such a grid before writing the code when I think about it. The modular deal enable/disables should all be saved. It seems to work for me. It's interesting to see how the results are changing as more people vote. I wonder how it will look in a week?
  13. https://www.loverslab.com/topic/130527-devious-followers-continued/?do=findComment&comment=3375073 Read forward from here. Or back and forward. This is where I located an open-source tool that knows how to make LIP files of arbitrary length - which means a) possibly it can read a target length from a WAV already b) if it can't, you can create that capability Also, long, long ago, I created two different programs to produce phoneme animations from WAV audio. So, I could theoretically go beyond simply putting nonsense phonemes in there and produce somethi
  14. !!! It's soooo big. Thanks for making this. Did you follow the discussion on the DFC forum about creating LIP files? It seems like you have a method for making the dummy LIPs; is the same as mentioned there? I want to do something to make that better ... if I ever get time. Also curious what causes some LIP files not to generate through the CK - but you wouldn't have come across that as you used the 64-bit CK that can't seem to generate them anyway. It looks a bit like that feature was hacked in for modders rather than being Beth's own preferred work
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