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  1. Yeek. It's been so long and I still haven't fixed this... I just keep doing other things first. Thanks so much for reporting and posting the fix. When it comes to reporting sources/causes, obviously the problem is that there could be a lot. The number of causes of a modifier is arbitrary, and I'd need an entire other code path just to calculate them, that would be more complicated than the mod functionality itself. But I have often wanted that, particularly when debugging. Maybe if I'd designed in that capability from the start. As it is, the menu layout is a limiting factor on adding more modifier targets.
  2. There aren't that many dependencies for SLD anyway, and most are obvious.
  3. This is likely a state machine bug in the license system.
  4. It can, but would not unless you enable that. In theory, I am. I'm doing some other things right now, but I plan to return to Skyrim shortly.
  5. It's on the main DFC (LE) mod page in the main mod downloads.
  6. I don't really understand this question. You can look in the SLD installation to see the custom animations it adds, and they are not vanilla, but those are the ones you need to replace. There is a fallback option not to use special animations at all, but that's a different thing.
  7. That wouldn't be quite right, as you are choosing how much you give them. Except in one case... However, I appreciate there's a problem when the amount to pay off gets small. My thought is that the best way to handle this is a hybrid solution: no miscounts when you are paying less than 200 and debt is less than 200. if you choose to clear debt, then the follower might take the wrong amount, because you aren't specifying how much you give them.
  8. The core purpose has always been to provide a way to make followers move hazardous. As stated, the follower is deviously trying to enslave you, but they play by some rules, because rules are more fun. When you say "what is the benefit?" The benefit is that followers are made less convenient. Vanilla followers are extremely convenient, and if you add in a framework to manage lots of them, you can let your private army do most of the work. Just as SL Survival tries to make the world harsher, DFC tries to make followers harsher, and to sink cash; DFC is very much a cash sink. In a devious world, the ability of the follower to remove devices is extremely useful. It's worth taking that debt just to avoid the tedium of shuffling back to the nearest town to try and get unlocked, especially when you will probably be eaten by a skeever while shuffling along in your hobble-dress and armbinder. However, I take the point that the mod description doesn't discuss the "why" of the mod so much as the "what". In the spirit of continuous improvement, I'll try and clarify that better when I post a new version.
  9. DFC doesn't have any provision for group sex with the followers as is. The sex scene code can support it, and it's used for some of the game stuff and the slave sex, but it's not wired into the deal system. I think this makes great sense as an idea, and one obvious approach is to have a Tier-3 rule that is group sex, that can only be offered if you have a number of followers. The current mechanics around dismissing followers beyond the main DF are a little sketchy right now though. It would make sense to be able to swap them around, and that's not a huge thing to do from one perspective, but the follower frameworks make it harder to be convinced it's done right. If I get around to another major phase of testing and fixing follower-framework problems I might do it then. I really only had time to make sure that the primary follower was ok when I last looked at this.
  10. It should be possible to fix your sign, as for the majority of people the only reason not to use it is that it is annoying. If it's crashing your game, you likely have an install issue with your HDT PE, or DD.
  11. That's funny, and kind of working exactly as intended TBH. I thought debt spikes would be fine in most cases, but it could potentially lead to sudden enslavement or something else annoying. I'm not entirely sure how best to deal with it, but as suggested, some kind of special case forced deal would probably be best.
  12. The system depends on keywords, for the most part. Some keywords are from vanilla or Devious Devices, and the ones for slooty, heels, etc are from SLAX. You can edit this onto your items in Tes5Edit, or some mods already do that, or SLAX can set them dynamically.
  13. Unfortunately, they don't usually do that all by themselves. Sometimes a suspended stack will unstick, but in most cases it won't ... because it's ... suspended. The usual way to remove them is a save cleaner. Their main impact is on the save file size though. If that keeps growing, then the stacks are clearly a problem. When stacks are suspending a lot, your save file can quickly grow to an unloadable size.
  14. I'd guess that sometimes you run into a quest priority problem. This is a consistent issue with Skyrim mods, never mind dialog mods. Anything that relies on forcegreets is super-fragile because of it, and there's no easy answer for mod makers. As a user, you could try pushing up the priority of quests in PetProject, or pushing down the priority of quests in EFF. While that may not be the exact cause, it's fairly likely that it is.
  15. Wow. The number of stupid badges and tags and shit appearing on mod author posts is getting out of hand now. I hope LL decides to tone this down a little. What next? Fireworks on every post?
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