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  1. Any issue that is reproducible on all new games is an installation issue. It's always possible that latest NFF has broken things, but it was OK with versions before the Oct 1 version. Maybe try an older version. Also see what happens if don't install everything from NFF, as it's full of (way too many?) features, some of which are a bit marginal. Stick to the core components until you have something working. If you have new STA, it should overwrite DF's files. Is it possible you recently installed some other mod that is blocking idles? Have you tried the Debug option to force a follower to be a DF? DF is sensitive only to file overwrites with NFF. It doesn't matter so much about the ESP. If you have MO, check you don't have some basic mistake, like files in a wrong directory, or duplicate mods, or stuff in Overwrite, or an ESP that got unticked.
  2. Most likely you have overwritten DF scripts with NFF scripts. It needs to be the other way around.
  3. Installing SLS properly is at the point where it almost needs its own forum.
  4. I guess what Corsayr is getting at is the disconnect between the license and the curse. It seems strange to have the curse but no license. And getting out of the curse by destroying the license would also be a loophole. Could the tattoo be considered to "be" the license document for bikini license, and not issue any other item? I guess that's probably an awkward change to make, but it would make a bikini license into something you have to commit to. I could even see a rationale for saying you can't buy an armor license if you bought the bikini license. It must expire first, due to the curse.
  5. No, they aren't. You are stuck crawling around the world for your follower's amusement. The magic mittens should allow you to fight in any major battle, such as a dragon attack. The follower will not punish you for standing up to fight. The mittens and boots will be removed only in dungeons. Even then you will have to ask. The follower may put other restraints on you if they get in a bad mood in the dungeon. Those will (obviously) not be removed in dungeons, they can be removed if you reach a town.
  6. Monoman needs to understand that all male NPC's also need to be highly decorative 🤩 He needs to spend more time on VectorPlexus, downloading pretty-boy faces and outfits for SAM.
  7. I think Skyrim is looking fancier these days ... people been getting new hardware?
  8. Being dirty has plenty of punishments. Making it a crime would suit some people, but annoy others. For example, slaves are often prevented from washing ... with restraints for example. Should slaves be arrested? Impounded possibly? For their owner's decision? Why? Seems like even if it's illegal - which is hard to imagine in Skyrim where baths are going to be a lot of bother, or very cold - that the owner is the one who should be in trouble, not the slave. Personally, I like that slaves have to crawl around covered in filth, and bear the downsides of that.
  9. Yes. It does. It was also "fixed" a bit so the devices are more reliable (though not perfect), and updated, so you get more bounties when it happens, so it's more severe. IIRC, this happens in the case where you have been in deep debt too long. I believe you have to cross a time threshold. I don't think it happens for slaves, only for "endless mode". It's been so long that I'd have to check to be sure, but there's an option in the MCM, and I think that says what causes it.
  10. If your a slave, debt generally only increases due to punishments. That just means you never get free, because to be free, you need to pay off the debt. If you're a slave, the follower randomly sticks stuff on you, and tries to enforce and replace missing items. Is the problem that the follower does not replace slave mittens/collar/boots if you somehow remove them? They shouldn't be a concern in a dungeon, but once you leave, the follower should replace them. The follower may put other chains on your too, but it's sort of arbitrary. TBH, slavery has limits as a mechanic in DF, so if you push it too far, you can get away with a lot. The alternative is to act like SD+, where you end up trapped in a room, in 27 devices, starved, dehydrated, and constantly raped. DF wants to let you play the game, so it doesn't do really oppressive things. If you want really oppressive things, add in SD+ and then enslave yourself into it when you think you deserve it I have used it myself for that, and it ... sort of ... works without catastrophic conflicts. Mostly.
  11. Unless some broken mod is calling SLA* incorrectly, the script stress from it is low. Really not worth optimizing. But SLAX does optimize several more critical areas, and offloads some calculation to C++ as well. But people say whatever. I don't think SLA* needs to make a big fuss over Papyrus load. The concern was always with the scanner. I did plan to write a new scanner in pure C++. Still may do that. The issue was that it really requires a giant table of cell adjacency. DynDoLOD has something like that in it, but not easy to copy, so it would need to be made from scratch, probably. There may be a tricky way to get adjacent cells in C++, but I didn't even dig into it yet.
  12. I meant amplitude, but if it's not a problem time of day might make sense too? I didn't go away. I'm just hardly here
  13. If you set the enslavement threshold above that, then that would be working as intended. You need to provide a bit more information. Probably, your mod is broken though
  14. Never heard of it, but the changes to SLAX from SLA(R) are not just the ESM. More or less every line of code in SLAX was written fresh - while maintaining complete compatibility with SLAR's API - except in one place where I broke it a little bit, which will be fixed in next release - and it also has a significantly different MCM. It also has dynamic keyword modification capability that relies on a SKSE plugin. I'm guessing that "modular edition" was made after SLAX. The author didn't contact me to collaborate, so I have no control over what they do. Perhaps you could ask them why they made another version? I don't really see a problem with that anyway. If they want to do things their way, and have their own unique features, that's up to them. SLAX would probably been much more actively developed if I hadn't put a lot of time into DF, which was not something I planned. But it hasn't been. It's an early alpha I put out there to get some widespread test on the SKSE plugin, and I never expected it to get the take-up it did. A lot more people are using it than I expected when I uploaded it. Who knows what will happen in future? We don't know. So mods get made, and mods get played. If people want to cooperate to do more and better, I'm usually all in favor.
  15. When I get around to releasing the work I've done on SLAX, it will have all of Baka's latest updates, and all the stuff from Bikinifier. For the time being, just use the most recent ESM from Monoman or FactoryClose that goes with SLAX. Also, you need the Tenri patch for current SLAX to work properly, but that patch has some odd features in it too, so there is a proper solution forthcoming.
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