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  1. I don't believe there is a Dragonborn dependency. It is not in DF's master list. However, there is a hard dependency on Dawnguard, because there is some handling of VampireLord status. There might also be some references to Serana. I think I might have seen them somewhere in the code. You could, if you have the DLC, load DF up in TES5Edit, do a search for anything that has a Dawnguard FormID, and replace them all with some suitable substitute. e.g. Swap "any old follower mod" for Serana (Then simply ignore that follower and never recruit them). Swap "some random race from a player mod" for DragonLord, etc. (Then never use that race). Your DF will have those mods as requirements after you've done that. But unless CGi or somebody did it, there's no version without the Dawnguard dependency.
  2. I think you just need to type set _DWill to 0 in the console. I believe you can set debt this way too... set Debt to 3000 Why it isn't _DDebt or _Debt, we can only guess, as there are a large number of globals in DF, and all of them are prefixed with _D, except for Debt and DFlowDebtIncTimer. Ah, while I'm at it, you can set RoomCost as well; it's a vanilla variable. DF just sets it to 100. So if you want a room price of 500, no problem.
  3. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I know. In fact, IIRC, we had some interactions on the Devious Training forum, and you posted the dev beta for me? But it isn't what I described, though it is superficially similar: There are no cures for deviously trained feet. It can wear off, but only if you enable that. You can't beg an SD+ master to wear boots, even if you have DTII installed. SD+ master doesn't take boots away if you're trained and need to be punished, he always sees boots as punishment. DTII changes nothing about that. DTII's training implementation (even in the dev-beta), like Barefoot Realism, locks the player object far, far, far, too much, with stack-dumpy consequences. DTII requires you to walk in the boots to be trained; and in SD+ you spend your time on your back, not walking DTII adds all that falling over and stumbling stuff, but I wasn't suggesting that. I was suggesting a very simple "cannot walk without boots if trained, must SD+ crawl." (You can be forced to crawl anyway, so it's not harsh at all). DTII is designed around simulationist thinking, not a design for fun gameplay. DTII is much more about "invisible" stat modifiers than it is about things you can immediately see and experience. DTII does a whole load of other things, devious training in general, but none of it is SD+ tasks, and that was what I was talking about. What I suggested was actually not about boots at all, it was an example template for implementing device training as tasks in SD+ in a super-lightweight and simplistic way, in the context of SD+ ... only. If there was any meaningful way to use DTII as a substitute for SD+ tasks, I'd be very keen to use it. As it is, I've used it a few times, and found it, ultimately, to be a flawed gameplay design; unless you consider it as merely providing rationale to wear nothing but DCL DAMN box armors. Fun a couple of playthroughs, but then you tire of it. And... I'm certainly not recommending Barefoot Realism to anyone. Its script impact alone it intolerable; the stumbles are implemented in a way that breaks many DD animations, and the push-back stumbles make progress so difficult that it's beyond realistic penalty and into brutal. It is interesting not being able to walk places, but also highly problematic in Skyrim. I'm kind of a fan of brutally hard stuff, and it is, but it's also over complicated and implemented in a costly way. The problem is that it was written, then abandoned. It needed iterative improvement to refine it into the great mod it could potentially be. Devious Training II is a more complex topic, but I think I said enough about that on the DTII forum already, but as is, the heavy script load is not proportionate to the difference it makes to your game. I keep hoping that balance will change, but as yet, no new release. As for falling over. The rage I encountered on the DD dev forum for suggesting it was a better mechanic than being slowed to a shuffle was quite considerable. I think some people are somewhat invested in that slow down, and consider it the best thing in the best of all possible worlds. I'm not convinced, but there certainly are mods that will make you fall over, and they serve as a pretty good proof of concept for falling vs slowdown TBH. It is a matter of taste, I think. In contrast to DTII, a mod like SD+ does some major things to your game. For that, a high price is acceptable. But actually, it doesn't levy such a high price. Except the current combat bug
  4. If it's a follower recognition thing... Do a reset in EFF, so all followers are dropped. They should all start to walk off. If they don't, but linger close by, you're not using the right reset. Re-add a follower that you want to be devious, using the vanilla dialog. If they do not emit the devious hello after a short while, use the DF debug menu option to add a dialog to make a character be a devious follower. They should become devious right away. If they don't, your game is screwed Typically, you see this problem when DF stack dumps, but you can also get problems simply by dropping/hiring followers, because EFF expects you to drop followers through the EFF menu, and DF expects you to go through its patched-up follower dialog.
  5. Not really, related, but made me think about this... A lot of people are running on the DD development version, which is a step beyond latest release. If you are a developer, it would be easy to use stuff from the development version if you aren't careful, causing problems for users still on the proper release. (Though I think there are just a couple of color variations added for a dress or something, can't remember now). It would be a plus if that DD version were released, really ... as the code changes aren't contentious, and the asset changes seem to be working. Then the reduced animation counts and smaller assets could be the "standard" for everyone without installing a development version. But the tip from this, if you're installing DD now, you might want that development version, as it removes duplicate animations and has compressed textures instead of full-size. Or if you really must have uncompressed textures, I guess you might want to keep the old DDS assets as an overwrite.
  6. Willpower doesn't really work that well. You either have it, or you don't. Once you get in bondage, your follower will ensure you get raped repeatedly, and it tends to snowball. You'll have zero willpower in no time - and you won't get any significant willpower back until you get rid of your bondage. If you want to accelerate the process, use the add debt button. First, don't even worry about debt, just buy a bunch of deals. It's deals that will get you in trouble. If you want mild trouble, buy four. If you want it more serious, buy six. With eight, you are edging on practical enslavement. You may in fact be far better off enslaved. Your credit from deals is capped at a low limit, so that's not a problem, just let it cap. Then add enough debt (with the button) to get over half your debt limit. You can do it in a minute. Really. Get six deals and over half debt, and you'll have lots of fun
  7. I don't believe that there is any bodyslide for collars and the collars with dangling chains, or the ankle chains, as they fit any body. Harnesses however, are a different story. If it's a full harness, it sounds like the OP might have removed a bodyslide output mod in MO or something?
  8. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    On the main quest... There is one thing that puzzled me, and seemed like an opportunity was missed... 1) SD+ has some fairly important faction mechanics, essential to enslavement. But you get to keep factions when you buyout of slavery, if you choose to. This seems to serve no obvious purpose, and can even cause problems in your game. 2) When you leave the dreamworld you are ported to "random" places that are mostly just places you might come across a Sexlab Story scenario. I kept thinking it would make sense if these locations were somehow vital to progressing the main quest, but apart from the bunkhouse, they aren't. Why not combine these two things, and have Sanguine set tasks for you as part of the main quest? Maybe two or three times, you are ported to a spot where you have to surrender into slavery and buy your way out to earn the faction, because it is the only way to obtain some maguffin item. This would significantly extend the main quest without requiring much work, and make the faction mechanics totally integral and useful to the quest. Also, to tide us over, and bridge the gap between making the choice and the ultimate completion of quest development, how about two simple repeatable quests? One for each alternative. This could be as simple as you need to earn five levels, or amass 20,000 gold. At least the latter would be a nice cash sink. Those are just throwaway examples, could be multi-step, or multi-objective, or require being enslaved, or anything really, as long as it is repeatable and fits the general character of the choice the player made. It's a bit of a tired refrain, but the basic enslavement tasks are a weak spot. Success is often beyond player control. If there's no food you can't bring it, no ingredients, nothing you can do will make them appear, and so on. This is one area where DF scores highly: it ensures you're in a place that makes some kind of sense for a task, and all the tasks are based around sex, with money as a constant undercurrent - but you can get money. That said, the looting in SD+ can be awesome ... when you have a master who can fight (alas the save bug prevents this right now). Get a strong master into a dungeon, and you're reduced to a loot lackey, fetching him his treasure. But you need a mobile master who can fight and who will do the dungeon (it's not easy). If they just die ... well that's an over-easy escape. DF solved that with immortality for followers, but it's a blunt instrument. Adding more sex tasks, and setting them if the player fails fetch tasks could improve things substantially. There are already some sex tasks, but often you never see them. Maybe just steal the customer mechanics from Red Wave, and have people show up to use you for sex, no matter where you are? Probably not possible as RW is a location with markers and such, but still theoretically possible to make generic bandit, tavern, or miner customers just appear. Adding more DD training items ... perhaps with long term effects ... would also be another way to get away from the constant demand for gold. I've had bandit masters who demand almost nothing else, and if it wasn't gold, it was food. For example, (and this is just a throwaway example, don't read too much into it) after wearing the training boots for a few days, your master removes them and you find you can't stand without them. You have to beg for the boots back. Master takes boots away to punish you if you're bad! Boot dependence could then be cured by Sanguine, if he feels like it, or an alchemist, for a high price, or perhaps some parasite infections could mysteriously cure it? (Or consuming about 20 chaurus eggs, which you'd have to harvest somehow, haha). An anecdote of no great import: That's me done. I'll sort out that tentacle monster asset and then onto something else, until there are some new changes to try.
  9. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I guess I've been through the SD+ beta fairly comprehensively then. I wasn't able to test travelling masters in any meaningful way, due to the combat bug. Hormones has also had a workout. Parasites, not so much. To recap the major points: The combat save inflation bug is a serious blocker that walls off a large part of the slavery content. The sleep bug is also fairly serious, and can easily leave you with no way out of slavery besides the MCM. (If you sleep through a daily rollover, you can never buyout, also displays days wrong that rollover, though corrects when you next see it). There are some Hormones issues with long term spoiling effects: can't ever get rid of makeup/nails, and breast shrinkage that's hard to compensate for. Annoyances, but then hormones is somewhat oriented towards superficial effects, so superficial issues are thus of more consequence. Bimbo curse cure did not return stats to correct levels on three different attempts. In some cases points were lost, in others, possibly gained. Also, the speech perks remained, so you could sell anything to any vendor, including stolen items and DD gear. Not sure if leaving the perks was by design or not. Lesser but still relevant: Cages still not working in any useful way. Sex animations with followers don't play about half the time. Sex animations between followers and creature masters don't play very often at all. Sex animations triggers at unexpected times and (probably) lock controls. Buyout cash remaining mis-reported (either in daily reports, or in quest journal, not sure which is the source of truth). Alicias can enslave you. Slave-master creatures, such as trolls, wolves, really shouldn't be friendly with humans, as this leaves no workable way to escape them, and is just plain weird. Roses a bit unreliable. Duplicate of PC has graphical problems. NPCs don't give gold, food or water when you beg. Slavery rank keeps increasing even if you aren't enslaved (may require bimbo curse, not sure). Automatic equip of unwanted items constantly occurring when enslaved after hands bound (even if unbound) in some (frequent) cases. Really minor: Characters saying things that seem silly. Crassius says he can't touch anybody, then has sex with you, Sanguine refuses to have sex with you in case he catches a disease. Hormones front-page / forum documentation on weight changes doesn't match actual configuration or the wiki/git page. Your follower shows up in Sanguine's secret room in the dream world. Bandit masters can often act like abstinent monks. All masters produce bogus messages on enslavement about being too far away to recollar you. Numerous other scrolling messages like the empty failed task messages, weapon unequipped messages, etc. Bimbo skill loss happens all at once, up front, not when you get message boxes about fading skills. You need to "see into the future" to know how to investigate Honningbrew Meadery. Wild edits in ESP, also conflicting edits with Immersive NPCs - AI Overhaul that are likely avoidable. When I was forced to kill the Alicia that enslaved me, I got 1000 bounty ... in Whiterun!? That was ... unexpected. Changing zone when master sleeping not considered an escape attempt.
  10. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I completed the rose section. Cave has some collision problems, also a large hole with an invisible wall. You can get stuck in the pond with the water lillies and have to tcl to escape. There's another spot where there are some visibility issues that make you, or the world disappear. The rose didn't function in an ideal manner. Seems you have to stand by the rose in question (which I am led to believe is random) for quite some time before it triggers. I believe others have had problems activating roses in the past, so perhaps a more straightforward mechanism would be more reliable? Why even make the rose random? The level would feel more dramatic if it was a strategically placed rose, and the level specifically led to the rose in question. It would simplify support questions too. I'm not sure if the guardians are supposed to be hostile, but as they would over time turn hostile and attack, I had to kill them all. Fortunately, I had gear so I could do that. It felt a bit arbitrary that they behaved that way, instead of some particular action triggering each one. Again, I feel designed-in pacing, and a climactic confrontation would be better than "sort-of-random". But that could just be me. The copy of me had rendering issues. Her skin would keep turning black. She also had boobs that looked more like the right size, there seems to be something lingering from the bimbo curse messing with mine still. See images below... I completed the choice part after that. I made a choice, but after that there was nothing more from Sanguine. Is there any quest beyond this point?
  11. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    No. No it isn't simple. Why on earth would I need to bring this up if it was, in fact simple? When it doesn't work, and you have no idea what it was supposed to do to start with, and no idea what is properly integrating and what isn't. It's not simple. Maybe if you get lucky, and it works with the mod you installed the way it's supposed to, experimentation can teach you what to expect, and then you have some chance of dealing with a problem. But if you have zero reference point to work from, it's just a bunch of vaguely named sliders and selects that appear to do nothing, or make your body start to pop from one value to another, which is clearly broken. There is copious documentation... On how to integrate a mod with SLIF. Yet not a word on how to use it, or how to tell whether a mod is integrating properly, or what you should see when mods register properly and how to tell if they haven't. You can reassure yourself that I'm an idiot who simply can't penetrate the user-friendly genius of SLIF, or who simply too dumb to install it properly. Even if that were true, shouldn't there be some kind of help for poor dummies like me? You could fix this with a single page user guide. Instead there are half a dozen links to programmer documentation that the vast majority who download SLIF - end-users - don't need. There are three lines of instructions for users, which tell you to install it, and install the support patches for mods you use. Oddly, I could figure that bit out. It's once it's installed, and I'm in the MCM, and it seems a lot like it's fighting the very same mod it's supposed to be patched for. And then there's native vs non-native support and what it's supposed to look like to the user in the MCM. And the scary messages like "do you want to totally de-register mod XXX from SLIF and <insert threatening consequences here>" and so on. But we've had this conversation before. This is deja vu for me.
  12. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    It would also be neat if Hormones and Parasites communicated to each what inflation levels they were aiming for in StorageUtil items, so they can automatically 'add' their combined inflations in a smart way. e.g. If you've got boobs of 1.8 from parasites, and boobs of 1.6 from hormones, that's 0.8 + 0.6 delta boob growth, so they could club together and set a boob size of 2.4 Probably if Hormones detects parasites installed, it should take over all the node modifications for it, and just read the deltas from storage util items set by parasites (because the MCM for nodes is way nicer in Hormones). ... in the absence of SLIF that is. Personally, I don't use SLIF. I set my NiOverride options to "Maximum" for scales and morphs. It's not perfect, but nothing terribly bad happens. With SLIF, it's a case where a couple of thousand explanatory words, a table of supported mods, and what patches or FOMOD options are required for them, stands between me and wobbly-bits nirvana I'm afraid.
  13. Hmm. Looks like those mods - which only went up a few weeks ago - have all been pulled down. Interesting. There's some rambling story doing the rounds about how the original author did them on Beth.Net then got mad with Beth.Net messing with him, and pulled his mods, then gave somebody else permission to manage and repost them... But it seems this second person wasn't the person posting the PC versions. Looks like those weren't approved at all. Oh dear... You can find the legitimate reposts on Bethesda.Net for Xbox (only). I'm guessing some ninja did a bootleg PC conversion and put them up on Nexus, where they have now been deleted.
  14. Lupine00

    SkyrimLL mods open beta thread

    I think you misunderstand - I'm well aware of the distinction between UNP and CBBE UV mappings - I make my own skin textures. But in this case, as it may have had its own texture. It would not matter whether your main body is mapped UNP or CBBE. Many 'naked' body replacers do this. It has its up and its down sides. Up side is your armor is body agnostic. However, I've inspected tentacle monster, and it uses the standard body texture, so unfortunately, it does matter. I was trying to be optimistic. Progress below... So, short version... You can use the already existing Dianne Bodyslide conversions, which can be found on LL here: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2335-diannes-bodyslide-conversions-cbbeuunp/ or more specifically: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2320-tentacle-parasite-cbbe-uunp-bodyslide-hdt/ The "living armor" is a different story, but I just finished up with this ... haven't started digging into that properly yet ... but I think that I'll probably find Bodyslides exist already, and it just needs HDT HH removing and replacing. On another topic ... you need to put this in ... Parasites? SD+? Doesn't matter... Reminds me of the spriggan armor, but on nightmare fuel steroids. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/54930 Use permissions are not restrictive. There's a UNP bodyslide made by Slash197, that I assume at least functions mostly, and my first look suggests that there are already CBBE and UNP meshes. OK, the textures look muddy, blurred and low-res, but that can be fixed.
  15. EFF works with "vanilla" followers. Ones that use their own framework may or may not work with EFF, depending if they were written to do so. EFF is actually useful for fixing DF problems, because it can dismiss "stuck" followers (via the Reset operation), who otherwise won't quit following you. It works reliably with DF, albeit not without a small amount of voodoo messing about to get followers properly recruited into both DF and EFF. I suspect that Vilja, Inigo, Sofia, and Ben Doon are not going to work with DF. Ever. EFF won't help you there. Apparently, Recorder does work. Which is surprising. I haven't tried her myself, as I don't think she "fits" as a Devious follower. But the vast majority of followers on Nexus are vanilla; nothing more than a body and head mesh with a skill setup. Sometimes they have unusual combat configuration, but that's easy to change in the CK too. I have Caesia in my game, but not Lilu or Viconia. I suspected that Viconia might have issues... And from what you're saying, I guessed right! I never tried a devious Caesia though. Probably not going to work. Yuriana has some quest content, and works perfectly with DF. Fits the theme very well too. One thing I have had issues with ... steer clear/be careful with HeyBaby followers. While DF is absolutely fine with them, some of them have some semi/custom effects and animations that cause them to be very fragile in a large mod stack. They had broken combat AI for me, and they failed to function as helpers in combat. I simply parted ways and left the LO as is so I could continue my game. They're probably fine if you load them pretty much last, but you can't load everything last So... 1) EFF 2) See above - I've had six followers at once, working fine with DF, in so far as it can support multiple followers. 3) Recruit DF first through DF, and then recruit them into EFF. Recruit the other followers into EFF directly. If DF doesn't count them, just adjust the costs for the group how you like manually, DF can only track one follower anyway. 4) Well... Large numbers of followers rarely work well. That's why Beth never supported them. They block each other, lag behind, get in your way in interiors, all babble the same emotes, and generally reveal the limitations of the engine. Despite that, it works. You can play. They don't stack as well in combat as you'd think. Probably. Depends on the follower, as some are stupidly OP even alone (Yuriana for example). One Yuriana is worth about four sensibly balanced followers. Expect to spend a lot of time herding them. They seem slower to pick targets and re-evaluate packages as you add more. Odd, as enemies seem to have no such problems. I think there is a good DF vibe from having a gang of followers, especially if you are enslaved or have many deals. All those NPCs make it feel like you're just tagging along, acting as their retainer, picking up their loot and selling it for them. It's like they barely notice you're even there except when they're messing with you. It would be nice if they could all be devious though - up to some sensible limit - but DF isn't really written in a way where that even makes sense.