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  1. 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 🤣 Yes, I'm sure that will definitely happen. Around the same time DD makes an effort not to break Zap by playing arousal idles. I can, and did, and also noted my appreciation of that feature. You are allowed to remove a block generic if you put it back later. Quest ... well that's now stupid.
  2. I'll take your word that this is a common issue, but from what I've seen, furnitures use various slots, depending on the furniture, some use none, others might use collar, and another might use wrists. This means that the optimal result is to handle each furniture type individually. DD at least gives you some idea of what slots it is consuming (unless we're talking about a hood, in which case all bets are off). Given that you're adding the Zap items into the world as ObjectReferences, each one can have its own data to indicate its slot requirements, which would allow for optimal resolution of the problem. e.g. Instead of banning all furniture because you have wrist cuffs on, only ban relevant furniture; and the same with collars, belts, etc. The vast number of furnitures are obviously not using the belt slot, and not so many using the collar either. I guess this wasn't considered originally because the aim was not to support DD, but only to make a mod for Zap furnitures, which I can sympathize with. A mechanic was added to try and work around this (the bondage groping), so there's that. I think the weirder problems, where NPCs bondage grope outside in the wilderness, or will repeatedly grope, or teleport from out of sight onto the player and start groping, with highly inappropriate dialog, are probably more deserving of investigation than the underlying conflict between DD and Zap items; but clearly, cleaner solutions do exist to make these interoperate. This hilights a small problem, that if you are locked in DDs you can't clear your thief status, so the groping just goes on and on, and on, everywhere you go, with no real justification other than the NPCs can get away with it because you're in bondage. I can walk through the gate in Solitude, and "Things have gone missing..." or past some shack by the roadside, and the occupant will run out and shake me down, or arrive in Markarth, or Riften, and meet the same reception immediately. Or be walking through an apparently empty field, and an NPC from a ruined tower some considerable distance away will teleport to me and check me out for stolen items, then steal my stuff (the irony!) It leads to disabling the feature, which negates the effort put into creating it. At least, once I was able to determine the source of the events, I was able to disable them. That is appreciated. Some of these issues could be fixed with a location test that only enables the feature in civilized areas, maybe even let the player decide how generous they want to be with that test? Dwellings only? Dwellings and walled cities? Or add in towns with inns? At least using different dialog lines would make it feel less strange. If I ever use Zap furnitures again, I'll certainly bear the slotting issue in mind ... because the simplistic solution to this is to remove the DD items and then put them back afterwards ... and I think some mods do that (Simple Slavery for example). It's obviously cleaner if you only remove the DD's that conflict though, and that means being able to determine the slot use of the Zap objects.
  3. Fast travelling? What's that? I've had it off for so long that even if it was turned on I probably wouldn't use it. So I don't test fast-travel scenarios... I don't think it's really a fast-travel issue. It sounds like it can occur just as easily without that. It doesn't matter how you cross the cell boundary, the problem is that conflicting conditions are enforced in one cell to the next cell entered, requiring you to respond instantly. It's a flaw in the design of the mechanics. The follower needs to remember that they decided to put you in chains, and act accordingly, regardless of location. On return to an inn or similar, they should swap your items back to mittens/collar/boots and reset their internal state. This can be fixed, it just needs me to do it and it won't matter whether you fast travel or not. That wouldn't have been my choice, but it seems like a lot of mods do it (SLAV for example) and SLS did it by default though I'm not sure it was intended. Probably not a bug. It stops the sign being used for the whore deal. So if you got it in another situation, it would not be a bug. That option simply excludes one version of the whore deal, but does not disable signs in general, nor does it claim to. The difference is that if you get a plug with a chain in some other situation, you can swap it for one you prefer, but for the deal, it requires the plug with chain and sign, unless you disable that possibility via the MCM. If you want to disable the chains generally, disable them in the LDC json. That should work for everything but the whore-deal sign, and the prisoner chains / chains of debt (basically the same thing). HDT chain glitching seems like it could not possibly change the player's collision and cause you to glitch through floors. I've never seen anything like that. It is more likely to be caused by something else, such as a ragdoll, animation overrides, or some crazy mod like Devious Framework jerking the player about and ragdolling at the same time. HDT chain glitching can certainly cause rendering problems though, and even CTD your game, but I don't believe HDT can impact the player's normal collision,; that comes from a straightforward collision box, and some foot IK if enabled. HDT on outfits is a purely visual effect, and larger scale physics that move the player collision box has to be applied explicitly, or as a result of combat or effects. Personally, I have more problems with DD items that cause the player belly to constantly jitter than with chains; typically associated with belts of many kinds. I don't see it on the harness but do see it on corset + belt combos. (If anyone can suggest some XML files, or other approach, that would stop this, I'd be happy). In contrast, my chains function smoothly and reliably nearly all of the time. I suggest you raise DD HDT issues on the DD forum, because it's ultimately DD that is distributing dozens of assets that have systemic problems. Decisions to embed HDT items into DF in various ways were made by the original author, and Lozeak mostly "fixed" that by the addition of the LDC config. Some other items, such as chains of debt, are deeply embedded into the fabric of the mod, hardwired into dozens of fragment properties, and even mentioned in dialogs. Personally, I've had those items make my game look bad, but never cause game-breaking problems, so I have not prioritized the task of removing them. There are probably bigger problems to fix, such as the item conflicts you identified.
  4. 3. Except in the no gold scenario, where you can't get evicted because you can't buy a house. 2. And you can't use any built up gold because you don't build it up, it's just taken. 1. But it's not completely uselessly harsh because you can have some money inside the town; you can even pay your follower there. The other cases have what some people would call "up" sides, but isn't it ok to let the player choose what they want? If they only want confiscate on entry, or only confiscate on leave, that's their business.
  5. Merging with Tes5Edit probably easier and quicker. Merge Mods is a real pain to set up and get working, and not worth it for a tiny merge of three mods.
  6. I sort of forgot that I hadn't uploaded 2.12.2 properly to the front page. So I fixed that. There's also a small fix for the spanking cooldown, which was broken when the slider was added in 2.12.1, and is fixed again now, so if you have the "old" 2.12.2 (beta), you should update to get corrected spanking cooldowns. Current work in progress has moved on, and I can't push those changes to a new version yet. New modular deals coming as noted in the Roadmap, and some minor bug fixes, including wording and functionality details for pony game.
  7. First this: Then this: Between ideas to take your money when you enter the hold, or when you leave it, there doesn't seem to be any times that people want to keep their money. My follower seems to do a good enough job of stealing all my money, but aggressive confiscation of female's money (surely this would not happen for male PCs?) seems like a feature that people would like either on entry, or exit. Maybe it can make sense to have your money taken on entry and exit? Option 1 - Confiscate on leave - when you leave the city via toll, toll collector (optionally) takes all your gold "for safe keeping". It may be accessible (minus toll) on return. Option 2 - Confiscate on enter - when you enter a city with gold, the gold you are allowed to hold is (optionally) capped, and any confiscated amount is returned to you (minus toll) on exit. Any excess gold is taken. If you want to buy a house, you can do it by a special dialog that takes gold directly from the confiscated pool (or some equivalent mechanic). Option 3 - Confiscate gold just generally - on entering or leaving city, you are subject to sexist confiscation of any gold above the cap. Women are not allowed to own property, just to hold it for a man. Women should not be carrying gold around, or spending it. You can always give all your vast riches to your male "follower". Whether or not he ever lets you have it back is another matter. There is no facility to buy houses, and you can't buy them (because no penis. no house) and why would you need to? Your husband can do that. Female followers also get their money taken too, but not male ones. SLS already has a mechanic for getting money back off followers, so that's covered. Female followers who get all their money taken get tears overlay. I guess you could make it a single drop-down for the various possibilities, so space to add more options any time? Ah, remember my suggestions to confiscate all your excess loot, or (alternatively) to be unable to sell it, even if you have licenses? Either buy a trading license, or pay the bribe to each vendor, or try to "persuade" the quartermaster, in which case he probably sends you to prison and takes all your stuff.
  8. I thought it said "Arachnophile" for a moment there... Now that would be ... something.
  9. Not in practice. Most Zap furniture has huge gaps around the neck, so there's plenty of room for a DD collar. Slaverun doesn't care about this at all and it's never a problem. Certainly, I'd accept the minor possibility (and it doesn't happen in practice) of a less optimal visual, over loss of the entire furniture mechanic.
  10. But that wouldn't add any new devices that aren't already supported by the mod. The contraptions are mainly based off vanilla decorations, and Zap has far more stuff. And as you are put in (and taken out of) the devices by this mod, any functionality relating to contraptions would be wasted.
  11. I guess this isn't supported any longer, but I'll raise this anyway... I'm getting the strip-search event because the PC is wearing a chastity-belt and collar. I don't believe either of those devices should block furniture use. Possibly, the belt would block some "crotch-intrusive" Zap devices, but not any I've aware of that belong to by BFW. So, that strip-search event should not need to fire. Secondly, it's firing outdoors, in wilderness areas, if there happens to be an NPC around. Thirdly, it's firing for NPCs with no LOS, who are quite some distance away. Fourthly, in some cases it does not clear from the triggered NPC. They retain a "..." dialog that remains for multiple searches. After some number of searches it eventually clears, but often more than one. (This is different to the minor issue where the ... takes a little while to clear after the sex, though the condition should probably be cleared at the start of the sex, not after it's finished).
  12. I thought SLS was RND1 only where RND is concerned, and not RND2 compatible.
  13. Thanks. I didn't think it was SLS, but I wasn't 100% sure. And I have enough mods that trying to find it by elimination could take a while. RifflingCrime was another candidate. Interesting. I've had BFW in for a long time, but haven't seen it fire in this way until now. I guess it just started working as it always should have done. Skyrim! Another oddity, is that BFW features usually center around furniture, but these events do not involve furniture. The problem I have with this feature is that it fires in odd places, and will teleport NPCs a very long way to interfere with the player. Often NPCs that never had LOS to the player or were even remotely nearby. e.g. The smith in Shor's Stone will run half a mile down the road to molest me, before I've even reached the town. It's not ... um ... immersive? This is what I found on the mod page:
  14. That probably wants looking at. Follower adds chains when you are in dungeons and they want to go home. They should not complain about the collar if the chains are worn. They could remove the chains and fit the collar when you get to civilization, but I'm not sure to what extent the follower should just be changing your devices around. Probably, they should, as they are able to remove clothes, or add bindings due to deals. In enslavement, it's not a surprise if they can do more. I'm not sure I'm even in love with them putting the chains on in dungeons in the first place. It can feel quite random.
  15. I haven't tested Stenvar specifically. As each hireling has some unique dialog, it's possible he has a specific bug. This kind of report is useful, as people have mentioned hireling issues, but not specific hirelings. Then, I'd test Jenassa or something, they would be fine.
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