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  1. Ha ha. You do realize that... I have an ongoing post chain on this, months old now, on the CD page, where I determined that the supposed magical fix for this does not fix it 100%, and I have a sneaking suspicion that you've posted in relation to it. The rate edit merely reduces the incidence of the problem. I can grep those rate limits from a 32-bit shell running on the MO file system and show they're all 255, and yet... I still see stretching, and I still get NPCs that vanish. Even on a brand-new game. Just less of them. But I was still being ganked by invisible NPCs in a game as new as level 8. So, if you have an actual fix for it. I really want to know! Anybody reading, please don't propose that dodgy DLL that even the author disowned. It does nothing to stop it, just makes your game crash as soon as you get a stretched NPC. There is only one true fix that I know for this, and it involves removing HDT physics plugin and running a BBP body. The downside of this is that physics on DD items also gets thrown out with that bathwater, and you have broken - default position - leg chains and such. Also, there seems to be an issue with SLIF and BBP bodies (but not outfits). I had that setup in my last game, but the issues with SLIF and DD made me go back to HDT, and see if having the rate values fixed before the game ever started might fix it. It didn't. I tried things like re-downloading the HDT plugin, and other acts of desperation. It still happens. It never happened when I had a sluggish old AMD 295X2, which couldn't hold 60FPS to save its life, and it happens unstoppably with my nVidia 1080GTX Ti stupid-factory-overclock-bullshit that holds 60FPS effortlessly. If I was going to guess, frame-rate deviations actually help mitigate this bug rather than make it worse.
  2. Milk Mod Economy

    I deleted that post because I looked at the HP scripts and decided that you were surely right, and HP couldn't be to blame for that quick alternation of node values, so there was nothing to say. I think the problem is probably coming from some interaction with a SKSE plugin based mod, like HDT Highheels, which I have in because some stupid shoe mod depends on it. I've read that HDT HH and NiOverride are fine together, and they have been ... sometimes ... maybe not now though. Or perhaps one of them has got corrupted. I'm inclined to agree that it's not HP and ES running their node update like crazy. As HP has no debuffs, if it can't be allowed to scale nodes, it really doesn't do anything. I was ... stunned ... at how minimal it is. MME almost generates enough debuffs for HP as a result of the breast size changes, but they're not quite fierce enough. I think THE WORLD NEEDS some kind of mashup of HP and ES to do evil human fetus "parasite" with ES style debuffs. If you were making a human pregnancy mod, would you have it block EC/ES parasites? Or let both run together? Or maybe the parasites eat your fetus? Now that IS monstrous. You could get a special trauma debuff for that. There were only four or five spiders, but they seemed immobile. The only log output I had, I posted already. Maybe some aliases weren't filled? I seem to have a lot of that. It seems an issue for many mods, for many people (DCL bound girls for example). I guess it may be possible to detect, and attempt to re-fill, in some cases. I found that if I slept, the spiders became mobile. However, spiders also appear at the location you disembark from a carriage - ES seems to think you're sleeping in that location. You could argue its fine because you were sleeping on the carriage and the spiders got off the carriage with you, but I think it would be better if the spiders only appear when you sleep indoors, because you can't find them outdoors and they're just a weird noise with no visible cause. Lydia wasn't aggro on the spiders, but Barbas is. That dog kills spiders like a mofo. Do they grow up eventually if you don't kill them?
  3. Occasionally, she may be outside. Do not confuse her with the chubby slave who may also be in the shop (who is not called Sasha). Very rarely, Sasha may go walkabout. This seems to be a random Skyrim thing that sometimes NPCs just go wandering off instead of back to their designated location. When the cell resets, or some scheduled event fires on the NPC, they usually get fixed again. Sometimes, Sasha may be exactly where she's supposed to be, but you have the HDT stretching bug, and she has become invisible. In this case you may be able to select her by name in the console and disable/enable her to render her visible again.
  4. I thought this functionality came from Parasites, and not from EC+. I could see aliases for it in Parasites, and after removing Parasites, I never saw it happen to the player.
  5. Really useful keys is pure deterministic in this order: wrists/armbinder/yoke, mittens, blindfold, gag, ankles, (leg cuffs that are blocking boot removal), boots, striptease items, leg cuffs, arm cuffs, collar, chastity. If your hands are bound, no other key is really useful. If you are blindfolded or gagged, those would be the next priority, then ankles/boots, then arms/legs, finally collars and chastity. The actual type of key depends on whether the critical-path-device is high-security or not. If you have a high security item, and no other restraints, then the really useful keys are the ones that fit it. It makes more sense to at least know what the most useful key is with some clarity, and have a configurable chance to deliver either that, or a totally random key. The "favour" logic is so unreliable that I feel I get useful keys quicker with it off in most cases. If you can't use a key right away, you have a good chance of losing it before you will get to do so.
  6. Milk Mod Economy

    On the topic of overfull breasts causing clothes to not fit... I have some behaviour where MME (or maybe ES, I'm too lazy to keep track) seems to fight with HP over who should set breasts and belly, presumably the sort of thing that SLIF would be used to fix... This results in belly and boobs "pulsing" in and out as the two mods apply their settings. I often seem to be pregnant, and carrying a spider parasite, so it's hard to say what exactly conflicts with what. I guess it's by design that you can be pregnant with humans and spiders at the same time? Or is this caused by the broken HP debuff alias with mismatched type, that means I never get the main HP debuff? TBH, I can ignore this, as it's only really obvious when the belly is big, but it seems the boobs-don't-fit code checks something transitory, maybe the node value itself? This causes clothes to jump off, and then back on again. It's like I'm playing SLAV or something. It's not a big deal as usually, before long, you either get milked, or get so much milk the clothes pop off and stay off. I thought these mods were supposed to co-exist better with the node scaling? I have my NiOverride set to use max node value and average morph value. If you're going to say my game is busted, some hint as to what load-order to put HP, EC, ES and MME to get the best results would be neat. I've asked before, but I got a "dunno". I'm guessing people use all these, so there is an order that works?
  7. Even SD relied on other mods to deliver "struggle against rape" and unarmed combat functionality. Perhaps something so significant needs its own mod and its own MCM to do it justice. I'm not optimistic we'll ever see that, or any kind of fight-back functionality at all, but perhaps ... if we're lucky... it will be on the agenda as an extension of reworked unarmed combat in DD.
  8. And CD? Of course, it uses DD, but it has some very particular expectations of what you'll be wearing, that it can fit certain devices, and that you won't be wearing others. Pretty hard to mine in an armbinder, for example.
  9. Though this would barely even be a problem would it? How many mods does it target that don't require DD anyway? ME maybe? As that it incompatible with everything else and has its own auctions, it doesn't make sense, so... No mods at all?
  10. This is one option that tends to cause confusion with people new to the mod, because it requires a certain amount of guesswork from a player to figure out that this is what drives "Smoking Hot". It's almost like it should be called Smoking Hot and not Device Comments... though a more specific tooltip would probably do the job. Something I think mod authors rarely think of, is that mod users often install multiple mods together at once, and are often unsure what mod is generating behavior, let alone what menu item. Some authors make this worse by adding vaguely named menu items with no tooltips. DCL is quite clear in most respects, but sometimes the way items are grouped together into the different pages can be confusing, or lead to a bit of clicking back and forth to find things. I mean, where would you look for Self Bondage options? Devices? Events? Miscellaneous? It could fit in any of these. There's no easy to to break down the huge range of DCL options, and though some things could be reorganized more intuitively, and to require less options in some places, but that would take a lot of time that wouldn't go into anything new. For example, why keep the "global" event choice? Why not simply get rid of it, and the checkbox to disable it, and have the three refined chances all default to the original global chance? It's simpler. But is anyone clamouring for this? No. I would like options relating to plants though: to disable keys in them, and to narrow plant events to EC+ attacks only. I would like more range on the chance sliders. Why do some not go down to 0? And I'd like to play some games with a negative event chance contribution from arousal (done by slider arousal contribution to chance to a -ve value). So, you get a safety reward from being belted and plugged. Might not make sense to you, but it's just an option that might feel fair sometimes. These are trivial things I hacked in myself, back in 6.2, but I discarded my changes when I moved to 6.3
  11. On a new topic. Some random ideas for combat defeat outcomes... Sold to Orcs You're ported to a random orc stronghold. You start naked, wearing random devices, but none are special or high-security. The orcs have all your stuff in a locked chest. You do not have the key. Key is on the chief. You can get the key by any practical means - theft, murder, console cheating, or any one of several "completion" criteria: The chief will let you have the key if you can beat him in a brawl. Might be hard, naked and in devices, or maybe not. The chief will let you have the key if you bring him 500 septims (at level 1, scales up). The chief will let you have the key after sex with you <random number> times (7 - 13 for example) - after which he decides you're no good for breeding good orc babies and gets rid of you. The chief will you have they key if you bring him a set of items, such as 5 bear pelts, or 10 sabre-cat pelts, or 10 frostbite venom, etc etc. as this convinces him you aren't just a useless animal, but a proper person, like an orc. You're totally allowed to just run away, but then you lose all your stuff. (The orcs take some measures to stop your escape, whatever is convenient to implement, but nothing too difficult to overcome). You never get your cash back, if you had any. If you get caught stealing from the orcs you get devices as punishments (from a list with stuff like armbinder, yoke, slave boots, ankle chains, ring gag). If you get caught stealing twice, you get a high security yoke, and your probable only escape is meeting the sex count. You cannot use solicitation on anyone until you either get the key, or get to an inn. Stops you easily farming the orcs for cash and paying them off with it. This might simply be the result of a collar that strangely, only the chief's key, or an innkeeper can remove ... all innkeepers have a key for this collar ... because nonsense! It's fine if you use solicitation in the inn to raise cash for the chief and then take it back to him, you just can't use it on orcs from the stronghold. It's a safe container, and your stuff can sit there, potentially indefinitely. The container eats all copies of the key when you open it. The orc chief respawns with a key when the cell resets. Just getting the key doesn't make the orcs remove any devices, that's your problem. Optionally, instead of the collar, make it so solicitation simply isn't possible in orc strongholds. Which seems lore friendly. The whore collar You're ported to a random inn, from the short list of inns that actually have patrons. There is nothing stopping you leaving the inn, or the town, except skill debuffs - see below. The collar eats all your money to start with. The collar needs to eat <amount> extra septims before it will unlock. The collar only counts money you make from solicitation towards its unlock target, but all other money you earn (from selling to vendors for example) accumulates normally. The collar feeds you food and drink whenever you earn money through solicitation. The collar punishes you for wearing clothes, except for devices that lock, and certain non-magical, zero armor, dollmaker dresses. The collar is highly arousing to the wearer and people nearby. The collar inflicts a hefty penalty on various skills; the only skills not severely impaired are speech, alchemy, sneak, pickpocket and enchanting. (Optionally collar will count money you steal with pickpocket towards its escape total too, because it's in genre). The skill penalty is harsh enough to make most combat very dangerous and difficult, no matter your specialisation or gear. If guards arrest you for public indecency, they know how to remove the collar while you are in prison, and put it back on you when you're due to be released. If this happens, the target is reset, so you have to start over again.
  12. I'd be more impressed if they made a joke about this in dialogue, rather than it simply looking random.
  13. This is very true. I also think mods other than DCL need to make more effort. I don't agree that SS is blameless. It makes a decision to abandon responsibility, which is an easy path to take... For SS, but not for everyone else. SS could have had a path to deal with inappropriate sale items. It just doesn't. Also, blocking items could be written to be interruptible, if authors wanted. I know it takes time, but once it's done the infrastructure is there. And there are plenty of times that an item is made quest or blocking when it was not strictly necessary. I'm not looking particularly at DCL; it's a common pattern.
  14. I don't know if you simply disable all DCL events if there's an SD+ collar, and re-enable if released, but that's probably about the safest thing? Personally, if in an SD+ enslavement I manually turn of DCL events, and disable any other features I think might be a hazard based on the situation. The SD+ problems mostly involve pre-existing state at the time of enslavement: items that you might be wearing that would tend to make SD+ slavery awkward, broken, lethal, or simply conflicting. As you're likely aware, SD+ adds gags, yokes, and armbinders as punishments, so if those slots get blocked by a quest item, it can cause problems just like the collar. I don't know what SD+ does right now when you have a DCL quest collar on and SD+ wants to enslave you, but what it did for me last time I made the mistake of letting that happen (under 6.1, around the end of last year) SD+ enslaved anyway, and behaved as if the DCL quest collar was its own, but when it got removed, it was if I was wearing a phantom SD+ collar that had no way to remove it because it didn't exactly exist. I already mentioned struggles with surviving getting enslaved in SD+, if you're using DCL combat defeat. It doesn't really work well, or often, at all. I think I already covered why. It's not a bug, it's just DCL doing its own thing so you can't manually surrender in SD+. SS often seems to hang trying to port you, either into the auction or out of it. I would imagine that's entirely an SS problem. SS also seems to have problems modifying factions sometimes, and may port you into the warlock scenario with the warlocks fully hostile, in which case you get murdered immediately, similarly with bandits, vampires, and so on. SS can spin this off as "script lag" and "installation problem" but I don't buy it. It's always particular scripts that lag whenever there is script lag. I rarely run many mods, and my computer is pushing the limits of the possible in terms of non-overclocked performance. As for SS and followers, the follower gets ported to the auction with you, but isn't sold. If the follower is a DCL dominant follower, you'll still be wearing their irremovable gear. You need to FREE ME before you start the SS auction, or it ends badly. Not only are you left suck in items, the follower is confused. It's easy to forget to do FREE ME if you don't expect the follower to be there, or aren't thinking about items you might have on. If you start an SS auction with DCL items on, there will be problems that mostly revolve around you being stuck in restraints that probably shouldn't have been sold with you, which may well make your slavery impossible to escape, quickly fatal, or simply unsatisfactory. Most of these issues are pretty obvious as soon as you're in a situation where it can happen, but the correct way to resolve them is unclear. While removing the items allows the game to move forward, it often seems like a cheap escape. Most problems are in no way DCL specific, but any quest item that locks in place and can't be removed is a potential conflict waiting to happen. Mechanic designs that don't rely on that are always more interoperable than ones that do. DCL dominant follower items are a case in point here. The only benefit to making them impossible to remove is that you don't have to check to see if they've been removed. Making them escapable and checking would cause fewer conflicts and be more fun too. Then you could remove them and get in trouble for it. Where it does get DCL specific is combat defeat. It's not possible for the player to fudge in their own outcome because there's no way to ask DCL-cd to simply pacify enemies and give you a window to manually surrender via SD+ or POP; nor does it support either of those outcomes directly. The unnecessary porting of SS causes problems of its own, and prevents "slavery in place" for SD+ defeats. But that's not something broken in DCL, it's just something it doesn't set out to support. If there were direct SD+ support then that issue would vanish. As for POP, and its occasional failure for guards to stop attacking when you're trying to surrender, is probably a POP+scriptlag problem, but it interacts with DCL-cd, and you get killed, health-refilled, killed, health-refilled on repeat, until the guards eventually pacify, or you manage to surrender or make an escape. Maybe DCL is trying to support POP, but it seems not to work reliably. DCL needs to make a "call" with combat defeat. If you're wearing items, and it wants to send you to SS, it should strip the items. If the items are quest-flagged, or blocking, and can't be stripped, it should not send you to SS, but should pick another outcome. If it ever supports SD+ directly, the same applies. You should probably just get a wilderness dump instead. Off topic, if you're wearing a corset+belt, and items are stripped, at the end, check for corset still present and try to strip it again. So many times I've ended up stuck in a quest corset that didn't strip properly, either from dominant follower, or LBA. Also happens with regular corsets, but with lighter consequences. In that case you aren't forced to FREE ME.