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  1. Ah, this needs an output to create fake encumberance. You can already remove carry limit, or mess with your movement speed, but I know that's not the same thing, though it sort of achieves the same results. That stuff about falling over and not getting up ... well you can do falling over already ... the not getting up part is still a way away, as I need to implement crawling, and not screw up the animation resets that everyone screws up when they do crawling, and it needs not to fight SD+. DF's crawling is still ... a bit broken and causes problems with sex scenes. Slaverun's has reset problems that have been sort of community patched. I don't want another lame crawling implementation that is all buggy, so I'm expecting it to take some time. Rapes, that took a lot longer than I wanted. A lot. I would have skipped it if I'd known.
  2. V12 supports arousal, 'denial', which is days since last *orgasm*, 'sex addiction' value, and 'days since last raped'. However, the last one is broken in V12, and always returns 'never been raped'. It doesn't track 'days since last sex', which is somewhat different to days since orgasm. V12 also support MME milk levels. V13 fixes the existing known bugs. I might add the requested values as well, or that might get held back until later. Will see how it goes. V13 adds support for apropos2, with slider sets for all the different W&T values that it normally shows you (overall, creature, daedric, vaginal, anal, oral). It improves configuration and options for staggers, trips and bleedouts, and some other things, and adds masturbation and rape as events you can trigger. You can also ask friends and lovers to start an orgy for you. It adds support for reading SLIF directly, and the intention is to support configurable weighting of body-morphs to create values for breast, belly, and butt inflation. I wrote some code to read the SLIF values, but it still needs the menu. I was going to do a ton of stuff for worn items/naked and other binary conditions, but no harm in putting that off until the next version. My plan now is that V14 will be all about that, along with any small things that come up from 13.
  3. If you want to fix your own script, the important bit is that the calculation of "time since last raped" is back to front, resulting in negative time, that is interpreted as 'never been raped'. There's a more subtle problem with the on game load code not running, which ironically masks another bug that would reset time since last raped incorrectly as well. As the on load code doesn't run, that bug doesn't occur. Fortunately, the lack of on load handling has a fairly minor impact. Probably only impacts soft-deps that magically vanished since last load. Should all be fixed in V13. Then there will be new bugs!
  4. What I need to do, is finish the morphs support and push out V13. There really isn't much to do so that I can do that. I was planning to do the worn items support too, but it's been too long. That will have to wait for V14. It is my intent that SLD will never require a clean save, as they are largely mythical. The upgrade is automatic if SLD is running already The only downside of installing SLD V12 is that it has DD as a hard requirement. That is gone in V13, but of course once DD is in, you can't remove it, or its very large number of replacement animations. I've done all my testing on games that had the old version installed first. I do need to go back and check that it works as a clean install though.
  5. Some mods I'm not using right now: Bathing in Skyrim - so many patching and compatability issues - may add it if I have time. Loot and Degradation - too script heavy for too little benefit. A simpler mod that did a bit of gear breakage occasionally would be just as useful (to me) and have 1% of the load. Community Uncapper - already using SkyTweak, so mostly pointless. I see no need to limit skill levels when raising them is so damned hard. With SkyTweak can simply make that high level training too expensive to bear (but it's not per-skill). Katixas Skill Lock Cap - this would be what I used if I wanted to cap, as it does just that. Hopefully does not conflict... Trade Routes - might be interesting - but my PC can't even travel yet so ... I am Your Shield - also interesting - didn't know about this before I started looking at all this stuff. I think L&D is probably the fanciest, most complicated mod on this list, and its benefit in a weak character game is pretty small. With so many other limits on your combat ability, and so many other better cash sinks, broken weapons seems pointless. Even if you have a mod to stop weapon looting, this is just fiddling around with the last percentile. Compared to the massive effect a mod like Wounds has, or the huge impact of cash draining compulsory DF, or removing normal XP gain mechanisms and starting with low skills ... it's just not that big a deal. I don't see bang for buck. Can anyone convince me I'm wrong? OTOH, Jobs in Skyrim is punching above its weight. It gives you more things to do that aren't fighting. It's "content" for prostitutes that want a day off, and it works, albeit I had to fix some bugs in its ESP right off the bat. It might not be the best content, but it's something. The incomes are so low compared to prostitution that it genuinely makes that profession look like the "Make big money fast" scheme the innkeepers call it in ME. Of course, it's the innkeepers that get the best of it; you're working to pay them, and they're taking a cut too.
  6. In the SexLab Aroused arousal model, the penalty for masturbation is increased sex addiction and faster time-rate afterwards. Though that's the down side of all sex in SLA. It's a fairly dumb model TBH. I see what you are trying to do though. I know I could detect solo animations, but that would be quite a lot of fiddling about. If SexLab itself counts masturbations - and it probably does - that will be the easier way. I can use that pretty easily.
  7. Funnily enough, that last line is a paraphrase of the first line of my first post, where I put the question about what we need to develop. I would say, mod authors can't be dragged anywhere, anymore than you can herd cats, from a distance, over the internet. Authors are going to make the mods they want, when they want, if they want. But, I can make things, and while I have a plan of things to do for SLD, I'm also looking at what I might be able to shoehorn into it, or where I might go afterwards. Mainly though, I'm trying to figure out how much I can do without a single new mod or mod-change of any kind. It's becoming more apparent (in my mind) that the prostitution mod is the hub all the spokes have to hang off. Those other mods are just there to make sure you need the prostitution mod. In a game like the one I've got now, getting enslaved to a DF master is about the best thing that can happen to you, assuming the master can win fights with your help, that is. If you want to invest in skills, its probably best to think about pick pocket, or restoration. At that point, you're adventuring at the master's expense, not your own. An SD+ master might be even better. Alteration spells to buff others seem like a desirable feature too. There is still only a very small amount of "content" for prostitution or enslavement, so in the end, you need to get back to the core of vanilla Skyrim, or add a ton of stuff. I would suggest the best path forward is where you can do both, but that's a bit of an ideal situation.
  8. Yes. It has some very all or nothing mechanics. It wrecks "sleep anywhere" to the point where it's silly, with no MCM toggle. If this feature could be configured sensibly, would be great. It wrecks using guild beds, with no way to disable it in the MCM. See above. The forced RND integration makes you use a very old and somewhat lacklustre needs mod. The forced follower mechanic is particularly weak, in that it's just that, there's no way to overcome it immersively. It's just a switch you throw that says "must have X followers" to leave the town. Nothing stops you paying them off the moment you leave and sacking them all though. It fails. You are (to some extent) better off roleplaying it how you think it should be. It's a pity that he made it and then didn't want to develop it further. It's of some value. The begging parts are quite good, and the anti-stash is not bad either, but still needs some work to handle Realistic Room Rental chests etc better. Sex warming you has saved me from hypothermia-death-by-rape on several occasions. It's a very mixed bag. If it were just developed more, it could be great. There are a lot of little details in SL Survival, but the lack of configuration options and polish hold it back from being more generally useful to more people.
  9. Is it? I mean, is that how you want it to be? People do seem to want that from slavery mods. I like it in small doses, but it's not the basis for a whole game. The weak character game isn't necessarily that. For me, recently, it's been about a high-stakes struggle to drag yourself out of a pit with slippery sides, reaching for success, wealth and heroism, but probably sliding back down and ending up rotting in a skooma den underneath Solitude. It's hard, but it's got to be winnable, or else there's no challenge. On the way, there is defeat, humiliation, and being at the mercy of the whims of others. There's also success and victory. Having escaped that pit makes the freedom that follows sweeter. The deeper, darker lows make the highs seems like real high points, not something that was handed to you. There's a sense of achievement; of overcoming odds. But I get that's not what everyone is looking for. I'm just not sure what they do want. A slavery mod might work well with an "on rails" narrative, that tells a good story, but you'd only be able to play it a couple of times before it was worn out. I had something in mind like that with my follower mod, and I'm still interested in that. I'm not sure if it really mixes with "weak girl" characters or not. A tough dragonborn can also be enslaved, it's just different.
  10. Did all that. Got bored. Moving on from it. In one game, the enemies were so fricken crazy I kept getting stuck in dungeons with no way back, and only insta-death forward. Because they were killing me so completely in one hit, I wasn't even getting post defeats, I was just dead. Even if I'd turned on the DA feature where you never die, I'd still have been left with a broken dangling quest. That was obviously not fun. If you're going to go into dungeons, you at least need a chance, or you stop going, and they're just dead content. That was when I had the "Immersive Unlevelled Zones" or whatever it's called, where draugr dungeons are locked at lvl 50+ etc. and pretty much everything has a pre-determined level, rather than sliding against the player. Even starting bandits were about 10 levels above a starting player, IIRC. If anyone cares, I'll find the link for this mod? DF is the ultimate cash ramora. If you can't leave down without a DF, you have to fund that greedy follower. Difficult enemies: IC crank up to max, game difficulty at master, or turn it down for an actual chance. Slavery and prostitution: SD+, DF, RP/ME or DCL solicitation if you are really minimalist. Tons of people play this mix (give or take DF - there are other cash sinks). It's not that niche an approach. It doesn't make the PC "weak" either, it makes the enemies strong, and there's a subtle difference. The various wenches mods are also a way to turn most dungeons into a horror show for the player. I stopped using wenches, because the difficulty spikes are too arbitrary. Some of the "chain" effects can explode, turning a tomb into a bigger population centre than Whiterun.
  11. It keeps coming back to the issue that if you take away regular Skyrim gameplay, you need something else. I'm using RP for that. You could use ME. Those are pretty much the choices. Maybe you could mix TDF in there, but it seems like easy mode compared to the others, and lacks depth. Some features can spice up the very limited gameplay of RP, like the blackouts I'm thinking of - to stop you just screwing endlessly, even when you should drop - or better begging, for when things go completely off the rails. But mainly what is needed is an RP plus. Not the extra quests for RP that have been added, though those are nothing to sniff at, but various pervasive changes to the mod to make it more fluid, offer more choices at more times, and to bring more obvious risk+reward mechanics to it.
  12. Due to some experiments with CBBE, I now have two "helpless girl" games in play, one UUNP and one CBBE. The CBBE game also has some additional mods of note: Arachnophobia, and SXP Redone, that the first (UUNP) game doesn't have. It's my first time with SXP Redone, and I have no idea if it's going to break everything. It should be understood that there are a lot of other mods I haven't mentioned, such as No Starting Spells, or Parthunax Dilemma. A lot of stuff is just inherited from my regular games, like SL Stories, SL Stories Devious, SD+, SD Cages, Hormones, Parasites, DCL, DF, Simple Slavery, Immersive Creatures, Interesting NPCs, Inconsequential NPCs, EggFactory, RDO, Increased Bounty and Guild Rewards, SexLab Shrines, Dripping When Aroused, EFF, and a load of texture and model upgrades, along with a bunch of other stuff to make everything look nice, and to deliver immersive looking interiors, dark nights and even darker dungeons, and make Caffeine ENB pop. I also have a metric ton of follower mods, though I had to remove a few for the CBBE game, as they were set up to use the player skin - or probably were - easier just to drop them than dig into it. I didn't bother with a mod to fix starting skills, as I found it easier to just player.setav them exactly to my taste after game start. I'm not using "Disparity", as it's gone a bit funny on me in the past, and the effects are hard to perceive in play most of the time. I have my dev version of SLD, but it's not configured to do much in either of these games. Rapes hurt stamina and magicka recovery, and high arousal benefits total stamina. Large boobs benefit total magicka. It's not particularly punitive, though the rape consequences are ... non-trivial ... but they wear off completely after a week. In the first game, I reset all skills to zero, except speech and pickpocket. In the CBBE game, I didn't do this, and counter-intuitively, it's actually better. I used the DA captured for ransom start in the CBBE game, and surprisingly was able to beat the stupid key mashing game, and even more surprisingly escaped the bandits without being arrowed to death. However, this left her naked, up near Windhelm, with Frostfall enabled. Luck was in my favour again, and some Stormclock soldiers got in a fight with Reiklings, and I was able to scavenge light armor and a sword. However, ust because my character was able to fight, doesn't mean she could win. She was still only level 1, with lvl 15 skills. An attack by an IC wolf pack that mixed wolves and frost wolves, plus cubs saw me defeated by the final Frost Wolf. DA played a rescue scenario, and she was ported to the inn in Winterhold - though I was next to the Windhelm wall at the time - oh well! With "Wounds" my character was left in a badly injured state, with cuts everywhere, and a broken leg. She could barely move. The innkeeper left her with no choice but to whore for food, drink and the money for a bed - and to do all the chores around the inn - while her Rockjoint infection worsened and the open wounds showed no sign of healing. The little shop in Winterhold doesn't sell any "Wounds" supplies, either by design, or load-order So, despite being skilled, or perhaps because of it, the pressure was harder from the get go, with more drama, and more interesting choices. There's still a lot of radiant prostitution, but the goal of recovering and escaping the inn is far more alluring than the goal of simply raising enough skills to have a different profession, that drives the first game. What's clear though, is that there are many mods to support this kind of play, and apart from a few minor tweaks I could wish for in SL Adventures and PoP, it really comes down to how much fun you can make a game that relies on Radiant Prostitution so much (you could use ME for the same thing). ME offers a little more variety and buttons to push, but doesn't have the quests of RP. There are a couple of areas where I want more, beyond those already mentioned. 1) a blackout feature for SLD, so really high levels of apropos W&T can cause financial problems - hours blacked out are lost money making hours. 2) better begging, so you can beg for a place to stay, and possibly even get thrown out because of it, and have to take more extreme actions to be allowed back in. 3) a pay up, work, or leave rule for inns, so you can't just linger there indefinitely without paying for a room, or food and drinks, or working for the innkeeper. 4) more recognition of your actions and history from NPCs - this would benefit any kind of Skyrim game TBH. I'm currently enforcing (3) by pure roleplay, but a game mechanic would be better. While many mods add begging, and SL Survival mixes it up with sex for favours, there is no way to beg for a place to sleep. This latter is a nagging omission from every begging feature around. Given how hard it isn't to add dialogue and gate it off flags for past events, that clear with timers, it's odd Skyrim did so little of this in the first place, and stranger still there are so few mods that add much of it. SLSF being a notable exception, but it was/is overburdened with tedious rumor passing mechanics and underprovided with actual dialogues.
  13. Then this: I've set up a new game to explore the extremes of play as a "weak" character. SL Adventures contributes a lot to make this build work... Poverty is on, turned up to the max, and everything is a crime. Simply owning a weapon is a crime. Bounties are set up to be painful, but not an instant trip to PoP. Cum penalties are all on, but arousal penalties are not. If I wanted arousal penalties, I'd use SLD for them anyway (In practice a prostitute character rarely has any arousal level to speak of anyway, unless she ends up stuck in a plugged belt). I tuned rapes so they would only occur if restrained, collared, exhausted, injured, or drunk. On top of that I set a bunch of OR conditions, for basically everything else, except Thane, which I set to NOT. So even a restrained or collared character would also need to be naked, visibly horny, or out at night, to get raped. This wasn't exactly what I wanted, but it's as close as I could get. Because of the prostitution, simply being naked would be too common a trigger, and would tend to result in unwanted rapes from customers. RP already handles customer rapes internally, so I didn't want that conflict. There were a couple of areas where I felt that SL Adventures wasn't delivering quite what I wanted... Crimes: Rapes: I still have the feel that the way SLAdv checks for crime triggers is a bit ... unimmersive ... One thing is clear, when you make a game that is almost totally constrained to urban environments, the details of crime rules and rape scenarios become much more important to your game - along with your choice of solicitation mod, they pretty much define your experience. You start to care about little things that wouldn't be a major part of a conventional playthrough. You aren't spending time walking through the wilderness, or looting dungeons, you're in an inn, or on the street, trying to turn a trick, or maybe pickpocket a sucker. With no home, getting raped and robbed, and maybe thrown in jail, is a disaster that will take days to recover from. It's a very different game; not Skyrim really. Makes a change though. Going back to regular play after this will feel like becoming a tiny god!
  14. And... I'd love to be able to make characters in chastity belts totally excluded from rape attempts. In some games, but not others. Yes, belts block rape in some cases, but I think oral and anal (and boobsex?) attacks can still occur? Or should ... perhaps? DCL lets you toggle this: its "belts block rape" toggle causes belts to override "full chastity required to prevent rape". Also, a question... In SL Adventures, do hobble dresses provide rape protection? DD has some internal idea of what protects against what, when it applies its animation filter, and so there are various items that prevent vaginal/anal access that aren't belts, hobble-dresses being one, some harnesses another. IIRC, it also considers locked plugs. There's also the slightly fiddly issue with gags that may or may not block oral access depending on their state. I notice that Kimy pretty much always puts a redundant belt on for quests that also include a hobble-dress, which adds some confusion about what she believes they do, even though it would seem the code in DD does treat them as blocking all vaginal and anal access. You could make a model that hobbles but allows access, but I don't believe there is one like that currently. I asked about this on the DD forum, but as usual there ... sound of tumbleweeds blowing past. I was writing a method to correctly calculate access to each 'hole', and wanted to get the right results so I wouldn't hit the filter in the first place. That said, I ignored the boobsex issue completely, as I don't support it at all, or feet for that matter. I'm not aware of any boobsex rape animations anyway.
  15. Then, in the SL Adventures forum: I posted this long rambling idea for enhancing "menial jobs" on the PoP forum. Anyway, most of it is about how to use existing mods to enhance the value of menial jobs. This raised a few ideas for changes in existing mods that could promote this. SL Adventures was central to much of it. I hope people will talk about how this idea can be improved. Maybe we can get a lot more of it with existing mode and no changes than I first guessed. Or maybe not? SL Adventures could have a "always send to PoP" setting for crimes, so you don't have to set absurd bounties - though maybe absurd bounties are mostly OK. Just seems silly that everything is equivalent to murder. SL Adventures could allow wearing armor as a crime (for females only, of course). SL Adventures could have a "beggars exempt" flag for characters in beggar outfits. SL Adventures could add "sleeping" and "lollygagging" as specific crimes (lollygagging => waiting, in this case, sleeping is self evident). SL Adventures could optionally specifically handle woodcutter axe as allowed, if you set any weapon in inventory is a crime. Possibly some other really weak weapons that have other utility could be exempted too, or different bounties per weapon class - a dagger might actually attract a higher bounty than a battle axe, because the dagger is concealable. There are a few places a PC can sleep "rough" in some towns - Riverwood for example, and it would actually be a neat little mod to add a few more. Such locations would carry attendant risk. I would imagine that the percentage chance of arrest should be handled specially, probably based on how many hours you sleep or wait, rather than the guard observation cloak. e.g. a single check based on configured chance per-hour. So if you have 10% per hour, a ten hour sleep means you are always detected. Though I guess you could cap the chance at 90% so there's always a little luck in it. I'm not actually asking for these features in SL Adventures, they were just some things that I mooted in that post. Though I have asked for armor as a crime previously, and yeah, I guess I am still asking for that, but it's sort of unrelated to this. I just like armor as a crime, alright! It seems so obvious (to me) that SLA should have it.