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  1. You could exclude the horse as a DF follower via the MCM, or adding them to the faction manually via console if the MCM can't pick up the phantom horse.
  2. It's a good idea, and would work particularly well with the belted scenarios. I think the question for me is should it mainly be dialog just for immersive feels, or should there be some kind of financial aspect to it?
  3. Amount can be configured to zero in Slaverun. If you're a Slaverun slave they will probably have fucked you about one million times in the last half hour anyway, so it loses any meaning. Group events also happen often enough. SLS just doesn't need to invest any effort on making sex happen in Slaverun context, sex is happening. Ceaselessly.
  4. The PC could be treated as a slave if they meet some sensible criteria... Pick something... Naked + zero cash + unarmed + no licenses + no property owned + not a thane Presumably Slaverun has some way of identifying them explicitly though? If not, presence of those progressive slave tats would be a strong indicator. Or ... another way ... If the PC simply tells the guard, they are a slave. At which point they are flagged a slave and stay a slave unless they can meet the opposite criteria: not naked + have money + armed + have licenses Of course, if you're a slave, we'd expect enforcers, toll guards, etc, to enforce nakedness and confiscate not only all licensable items, but all money. They'd probably pop a nice collar on you if you've lost yours too. Maybe some mittens if it's cold? It's just an idea... You did ask.
  5. Never seen it myself. Are you using a follower framework or any other follower mods that might make this horse your follower?
  6. Real Monoman style ... you begin in the wilderness somewhere up near Winterhold. Naked. With no arms or legs. Evil limb-thieves stole your limbs and left you for dead. They also stole your kidneys, but you don't find that out until you warm up.
  7. Love those furry nipple covers ... just what @FlintlockSagerider's character should have had to keep her nipple rings toasty up in the mountains.
  8. If it makes sense for the MCM. You could set everything turned off by default in the MCM, and when the player enables a quest, on MCM close it is started. Trying to start a quest from the MCM will block, so you need to save them up and handle them on MCM close. This might solve some alias filling problems, but it's not just ToH that causes it, it's a combination of all the mods a player has installed, so fixing just one mod of all those (ToH) will only make a small difference. What players can do to avoid this is to simply not install all their mods at once. So, when starting a new game, the player has a lot of their LL-style mods disabled (disable the ESPs in the right pane in MO). They then start the new game, let all their mods start, and play a bit to check everything is OK. Then they install mods like ToH, DCL, etc, one by one. Play a bit. Check things look good. Save. Quit. With this approach, if you install a mod and things go bad, you can easily go back a couple of saves and re-install until it comes good, without save cleaning.
  9. Looks really nice... I can't help imagining what happens to those metal rings in the icy cold though 🥶😂
  10. If added, an exception for "in furniture" situations would be nice. I kind of like the way that NPCs can go spank-crazy on you while you are using the alchemy table/forge/etc. Surprising you can still do your work without messing it up though. FMEA can "help" there.
  11. It seems ... plausible ... that alias filling bugs are related to the Story Manager not running a full update sweep in LE. This is an engine bug in Skyrim that limits the time allowed for a pass through the Story Manager, so that if there are too many events, it will simply not process the extra ones. While it may not be obvious why alias filling in general is bound to the story manager, it is just a ... theory. In any case, aliases appear to fail to fill when the a quest is started when the game is under load. This is quite common when a game has a lot of mods all starting up on creation of a new game. If it happens, many quests may be broken, and you won't know until the game is further advanced. So annoying! The root cause is mods that auto-start. Mods should not auto-start. If a mod auto-starts it adds to that "first game load" stress, and may well suffer from unfilled aliases itself too. If a mod begins with no auto-start quests, and must be manually started via the MCM, it doesn't add to that "first game load" stress, and is more likely to get its aliases filled properly. Being able to reset the mod to refill the aliases is also a good feature to have. The worst behavior of all, is mods that force SexLab to auto-start. SexLab was well designed, and does not auto-start for a good reason. Mods that purposely break this good feature of SexLab are a pure nuisance.
  12. Ah. I thought perhaps you were planning on introducing weight-loss mechanics, as a result of subsisting on cum, or not getting enough of it, or something along those lines, and then this would be a baseline counterbalance to it. I find that (if enabled) Devious Body Alteration always creeps my weight up to 100. Which is less than ideal really.
  13. I plan to expose Willpower and Resistance to SLD; but follower humiliating the PC seems to be completely unrelated to SLD functionality, and anything like that wouldn't have any need for SLD. Possibly, exposing "total deals" to SLD would also have some value.
  14. The min-max time is the min and max time between potions. If you set it to min 14, max 14, it will always be 14 days between the PC's needs to consume the potions. If you set it to min 7, max 14, the need to drink will trigger between one week and two weeks. Once you have the need to drink potions, it is permanent. There is no "cure." Unticking the quest won't do anything once you've drunk the first potion. If you have periodic potion needs, there are various ways to limit or remove the annoyance, but they are all cheats of one kind or another.
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