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  1. The "sold" feature was historically one of those things Lozeak added entirely for himself, and which never worked in a robust way. You need to be stuck in DF enslavement for a while to even see it, assuming you turned it on. If you look at the roadmap, you'll see that SS support, and direct support for other mods, is high on the list already. Not as the "sold" feature for the DF enslavement, but as a general enslavement replacement. Other than fixing the scanner, which is used by other features besides slavery, I don't want to do anything to DF slavery unless
  2. No. At least, not as yet. The "real" penalty of having them is that they fill the valuable wearable slot with a piece of junk; the debuffs are just an extra. I considered making DD's to go in those slots, but after some thought I decided that was making the items more complicated and prone to conflicts than need be. The thing that makes you wear them, or a DD, is the debt, or the immersion of it, so having them lock is redundant. But, as people were always complaining about how it's so easy to make money with crafting skills, I added something to make t
  3. No... Maybe... It depends on your current level. Look at the Stats page to see what your daily debt per day is for your current level. Multiply that by the default slavery threshold scale. (As you say you are using defaults it will be 5). So, let's say your daily debt scale is the default, 5.0 and you are level 15, with a daily debt of 819. Your enslavement threshold is 5.0 x 819.0 = 4095.0 So, for 20,000 debt to be OK,, with default settings, you would need to be around level 50. Maybe you are? But as you didn't provide tha
  4. You can simply murder the road inspectors. It's all they're good for. They're clearly missing the Riften gate style dialog: "This is just a shakedown. Touch me and you lose your hand. If you're lucky." Also, the devices they fit are kind of broken, as well as them stealing items that then aren't on them to loot back, including QUEST items. It's just not a good mod, in that it does so little, and so little of it well.
  5. <sigh> ... I guess I should remove the text from that summary image before it confuses somebody else. I just wanted to give obvious credit to the provider of those images, but also I don't want to confuse or mislead players that there is some structured quest that doesn't exist - and shouldn't ever need to exist. If there was a quest, I'd definitely mention it in the change list, the play guide, and the summary of mod features...
  6. The boots didn't cause any problems with SLTR dances, kneeling, etc. but when the follower bound the PC, they stood up and went into bound stance. Obviously, the override was replaced. The problem that followed was that the boots never put it back. I need to remember how to fix this without breaking other animations.
  7. It is. Though I thought we'd already arrived at "players are unreasonable" ... They will understand, but will that mean they end up not using the feature? I have no idea TBH. As noted before, I didn't think it made a lot of sense to run both mods at the same time, as you'd have almost no hope of satisfying the DF for long, even with a collar deal as a freebie. (But I suppose if you don't have SLS, or turn off licenses, it might be possible). I'm happy to rule out stacked enslavements, though I think from a dialog sense it's possible to be satisfactorily immersive - see ex
  8. I guess I just need to test this and see what happens. The animation side of this is easy to test. I'll try it later. Depends what you mean by "work". There are no crawling combat animations. Once you draw your weapon, you stand up normally. Latest DF punishes you with health loss if you draw weapons outside of combat, but not if you are in combat. They won't interfere with combat in a crawling-sense. The downside of wearing them is that you need to crawl around and can't wear armored/enchanted footwear of your choosing. DF doesn't require them in dungeons,
  9. I currently find there is a long period before the mod will proceed. Most dances will loop if you let them, or you can interrupt the dance itself and stop that, and even restore your controls (via ZAP for example) but you still need to wait for the follower to be ready to move on - and it's a long wait. Shortening the duration would make this more fun.
  10. Thanks for looking at this... DF crawling does allow 'running', though it's not at run speed. Also, sprinting uses a slower animation and slows you down. That seems like a mistake perhaps? If the idles are the same as DD ones, they will be fine, as the DD arousal/exhaustion events work ok with the crawling, though obviously the PC stands up to play them. Pony girl event should replace the boots with the pony boots. They aren't block generic, so it could... As it would be SLTR enslavement running, there wouldn't be any DF enforcement of punishment
  11. I found a couple of cases that were used with stages 10 to 99, which would cover most likely scenarios. All the bugs are squashed? For followers, disable all of them and only enable the male ones as DFs. For sex generally, there's no current workaround. I'll bear this feature in mind when replacing the scanner.
  12. Repair follower really just fixes follower aliases and factions and things. Reset might have fixed it, but clearly didn't. That's rather strange. I've not seen such a behavior. Seeing something so random ... I don't think it's a good sign for your game. You're not running on ... SE ... by any chance? Try this in the console: You didn't say if your stats page also shows the deal allocated? If it does, you will need to take additional action.
  13. It's odds on that they didn't have working dragons until the game was almost done, so it didn't get much attention. And then, even when they had working dragons, the testers were so used to playing the game, and so bored of it, that they would set it so they could one shot the dragons because ... quests to test today ... lots of quests ... so that's how game QA works. And one guy has the job to test combat balance, but his report just sits in somebody's email box because he didn't raise it as bugs ... and that's that. NFF has a feature to stop team damage, which is also a stan
  14. 2.13.2 is up, and hopefully no obvious oversights. I spent a lot of time testing both regular followers and hirelings in EFF and NFF, and some time testing them in AFT. I think they all work reliably now, and vanilla should be fine too. Follower recognition (time to speak 'the words') is substantially reduced, and shouldn't ever be more than 20 seconds. It can sometimes be instant. One details I missed in the change-list notes is that if you're enslaved, and wearing the boots that force you to crawl, if you draw your weapon (which makes you stand) outside of c
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