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About this blog

A compilation of my stories that I made with some neighborhoods from my game enjoy it  

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Mommy Janae [ptr1]

With a long marriage on her back, going through the tortuous monotony, Janae no longer sees in her husband the man she fell in love with in her high school days. Life has changed a lot since they had children and work has taken over her time, locking Janae in a world with no way out. But everything will change with the arrival of Kevin Puri, a sweet and sensitive exchange boy who will become her greatest temptation while reliving her youthful dreams.    

faba looks for a baby

Taking advantage of his last day at work and the beginning of the morning, Faba will allow himself to be seduced by her  boss, Mr. Michelson. A sweet older man looking to fill her employee's young pussy in gratitude for her good service these past few months. Will this be the best opportunity for Faba to make her dream come true?  
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