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  1. View File version number: 3.0.0 workshop mod ID: 1206493209 Detailed informations and user guide The mod features intimate animations for players, thralls and restricting apparels like shackles, cuff and collars; a new item that makes you able to put other players unconscious; a leash that can be used to drag around collared players and other new toys for a savage and barbaric world To access the animations and features of this mod target a player or a thrall and interact with the E key to open the radial menu. For vocalizing your lustful intentions press H During animations key press A and D changes the speed, W and S sets the animation stage while X can change the camera focus and pressing TAB will stop the action Every new item are craftable at the torturer's worktable with a Taskmaster thrall (T2/T3/T4). The restricting apparels can be unequipped anytime without penalty, and taking off the collar breaks the leash setting the player free. I made a discord server where we can have productive conversations, feedbacks, suggestions, bug reports and announcements. Discord invite link 2.3.0 : MergedMechani/Legion's Mechani/Legion's Warpaint Fix Mod into Conan Sexiles Animations made by Corintio, Rest of the framework/scripts/models/textures made by Gomolyg? ((Shendelzare)) Thanks to OXYG1N for the original mod idea. The older animations are the work of Mike24 and starchildmoon. [h1]Compatibility with other mods[/h1] The mod overwrites the following original assets of the game: BaseSurvivalChar.uasset Uses item and recipe table ID in the range of: 195500-199551,195998,295500-295502 The leash function now check if the player has an equiped item at the slot (head/arms/upperbody/warpaint) with a "Collar" modification text from the ItemTable, this means that any mod adding new collars will work with the leash function if they have the tag Collar. steam workshop link Conan Sexiles user guide.pdf Submitter Shendelzarel Submitted 03/07/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires View File
  2. As the title says, I'm curious if there are any bestiality mods out there for Conan Exiles. I know it's a weird thing to be asking, But just checking.
  3. Just a list of mods and servers with adult content featured on LL. I will try to get it pinned and I will update it with new links to new threads and posts. If I somehow missed your mod or server, please PM me and I will update the list. MODS (WIP) Conan Sexiles v3.0.1 - Sex animation and roleplay mod. Works in both multiplayer and singleplayer. (WIP) New Female Body - New female body meshes with vagina, nipples and pubic hair. New Female Body (Shaved) - New female body meshes with vagina and nipples (shaved variant). Shiny and Oiled - Oiled body and face textures, compatible with New Body Sexy thralls - Thralls wear more revealing clothes. Thrall Sexy Dance - Dance animation replacer for dancer thralls. (WIP) Skimpy Armors - Skimpy armor and clothing replacer and modders resource. Helmets Redux - Invisible helmets. Thrall Spawn - Changes spawn rates for every type of thrall to 50% male, 50% female. Thrall Spawn Male - Changes spawn rate for every type of thrall to 100% male. Slaver Mod - Sex animation and roleplay mod focused on domination. SERVERS -Exiles R18 (US|RP/PvP) - Mods: Exiles server mod(steam, includes most of skimpy armors), Pythagoras(steam), Homebrew+(steam), Conan Sexiles. Website: https://r18.enjin.com -LL Adult Mods - Mod Test Server - Mods: New Female Body, Skimpy Armors (steam), Roleplay Animations (steam), Conan Sexiles -Death and Debauchery (US|RP/PvP) - Mods: Homebrew+(steam), Pippi(steam), Conan Sexiles, Shaved2(steam), Public Chairs(steam), Books - Maps - Items - Vegetation - Armors(steam), DyeBetterer(steam). Website: http://deathanddebaucheryrp.enjin.com -Tetraverse(US|ERP) - Mods: Pippi(steam), Advanced Settings(steam), Conan Sexiles, Beyond Limits(steam), Deadworld+(steam) -Exiles ERP Community(US|ERP) - Mods: Pippi(steam), Conan Sexiles. Website: http://www.exiles-erp.org -Immersive Adult ERP/PVE/PVP Server(UK|ERP/PvP/PvE) - Mods: Primitive Tribal(steam), Conan Sexiles -Depraved Wastelands(EU|ERP) - Mods: Pippi(steam), Conan Sexiles, Dark Desires. Website: depravedwastelands.enjin.com -The Lustful Lost(EU|PVE/PVP) - Mods: Pippi(steam), CC Extra, Vanity+GUI, Populus, Runningwithscissors, Glowing Eyes And More, Immersive Sexiles Extensions, Conan Sexiles Immersive Update, DyeMoreBetterer, Pythagoras, Deco FTW Creatures, Fashionist GUIDES, RESOURCES AND DISCUSSIONS How to attach new bodyparts(meshes) to a character. Adult animations discussion and how to make animation rig for Conan Exiles Equipable penis for females - Modder's resource. How to make equipable/crafteable penis for females. How to edit, import and export armors for Conan Exiles
  4. I wanted to know something about the male's regular loincloth and bejeweled one. You know if you look underneath there's another part of the underwear but it's covered by its cloth parts and I want to know if someone can remove them so you can see the exposed parts all the time. I posted some screenshots to show you what I want removed,on front and back.
  5. I've made some changes. Improved meshes, added body hair, but still using the default textures. And there's still some skinning glitches of course. As always, there are sources attached: .MAX files and .FBX files. Also I've compiled the MOD pak file, but haven't tested it yet (let me know if it works). Also, to use sources in UE editor you need to change the infamous CharacterAssemblyLibrary's pointers. Well, that's it. P.S. Old topic (gone for good). P.S.S. Testing, modifying and sharing this mod or its sources is appreciated. This means you don't have to ask my opinion or permission, you are allowed to modify any of these files, share them, use them as you want. Edit: New version of this mod -- the 'Enhanced Females' and its source files are available! EnhancedFemales.pak Source.rar
  6. Late at night, a slave trader brought three new slaves to the palace. The three came from razed kingdoms. The youngest, Miane, was the quietest, in addition to having an exuberant body, for which she caught the attention of Pharaoh Nezi-ra. The next day, the Pharaoh would choose his concubine. The three slaves made their presentation, but in the end he chose Miane. Miane tried to resist, but her body was weak from the long journey and the pharaoh was very strong. Months passed and Miane got used to the luxuries of being Pharaoh's concubine. He had many girls to choose from, so she also had time to relax. One day, the Pharaoh entered the room without warning. Miane and her companions were surprised. Nezi-ra was more serious than usual and that scared Miane, who went seeking refuge next to the older slave. Then, the Pharaoh ordered Miane and her companion to have sex in front of him. That shocked Miane. Miane didn't know what to do. It felt so bad but at the same time so good... Miane began to delicately touch her friend, while her other companion and the Pharaoh watched them both. The scene was so arousing that Naze-ra couldn't resist and grabbed the older girl. And impaled her until she was out of breath. When he got tired of the older one, she took Miane to finish inside her and fill her up. Now Miane carries the seed of Naze-ra inside. Will she be able to escape and getting rid of the Pharaoh's abuse? EXTRA:
  7. Hi, It seems that none of the nude female body mods for Conan Exiles have Anus. Does anyone know where I can download one with an Anus? Thanks!
  8. The Depraved Wastelands These are hostile, unforgiving lands. A time where violence and depravity is rife. The Depraved Wastelands are already home to a few who can never leave the perpetual hell that is the Exiled Lands. These lands are barren and sterile. There is no chance of new life and no hope of escape. You will not see babies or children roaming this place. Far in the North the Raven banners of the Amazons stand tall; maidens of battle, beautiful and deadly. Tasked with a mission, these women warriors stand against the tyranny of man, opposing any who would think to enslave or abuse those women who cannot stand for themselves. With sharp eyes, they observe and watch for weakening of the Wards of the Ghost Wall; ready to pounce, should the wall become breachable. Somewhere else in the North, live another tribe of women, known at the Valkyries. Without the need for hierarchy they work together to form shelter and safety. They will happily accept men into their tribe. In the majority, they are warriors, but they do not seek out trouble quite the contrary. Valkyries will help those in need and take in the weak. Whilst in the South, Melvina, the peacekeeper resides with her personal bodyguard, Golyth, and her trusty crafter, Mehriano. Since her exile she stumbled across some ruins which she decided to renovate and turn into a Crafting Guild. Accepting help from passers by and exiles seeking refuge in return for their labour. Using her beauty and seductive manner to enlist the help of others unfortunate enough to also be stranded here. In the hope to bring some unity and peace across these Lands, The Crafting Guild offers salvation to those in need and equipment to those who wish to craft. On the Oasis, Northwest from the Craft Hall, you will discover the Healers Lagoon. This is a place of beauty and relaxation. A place where, if approached appropriately, you will be welcomed with open arms, and offered a soft place to lie down after the rigors of the grueling, hot desert dunes to the south. Ariiella is the domina there, leader of her clan, filled with guards to keep her and her lands safe, enabling her, and others, to heal and protect. She welcomes all that carry no open hostility nor drawn weapons, and heals all, regardless of faith, nation of origin, or creed. Following her exile, Mohaka grew up the daughter of a slaver, never liking that business she moved out on her own and went south in search of her calling. An openness and passion from within, makes her a very curious young woman and she decided she wanted to share this. Providing pleasure and comfort to others that are also trapped in these harsh lands. She went forth and created "Mons Venus" the jewel of the southern river where guests can come and forget their troubles, if but for a little while. The skilled men and women at Mons Venus can take care of any of your most intimate needs, so why not pay them a visit? Scattered randomly around the map, many cannibal savages and tribes adore their god Yog. It’s rumored they gather around a Temple, where they perform their barbaric rituals and sacrifice ceremonies. They are known as the Cult of Yog… sometimes they can be friendly but beware of their true intentions. Long ago in times forgotten there was the burning one, The lord of Light and Flame who would cast his glow upon us each and every day, Blessing the land with light to grow crops and the strength to banish the darkness."The fallen one takes the name Zer and builds a mighty spire knowing all too well the harsh lands of Ymir are not for the weak. Conviction would take over him as he sets out to restore his once mighty empire setting out what few priests he has to the southern desert lands to convert more into "The Fallen Flame Cult" Having been in these lands for sometime, it has been noted that no one can ever die. After much investigation, discussions and searching over many years, it has been discovered that the bracelets which adorn us binds us to these lands. Unable to free ourselves from this place, simply falling unconscious, only to wake a while later to find you remain alive and breathing in this godforsaken place. A lot of mystery surrounds the whole of the desert and it is unknown what truly lies beyond; corruption, sorcery and terror. But following some kind of unexplainable, magical sandstorm, the whole world was destroyed, with only the bound exiles waking up to find everything desolate. However, with a chill coming from the North, a coldness not felt before, something different. These lands are hellish, these lands are depraved, will you survive? Enter at your own risk! ((New EU Based RP Server, for rules and information please see depravedwastelands.enjin.com. No application necessary. Use direct connect: - password on discord Join our discord for more information: https://discord.gg/H9Q32SM Any questions, please contact me))
  9. Seeking appropriately kinky ADULT ONLY & Websavvy talented STAFF MOD scripter, Moderators & GMs for CONAN EXILES in prerelease with full release imminent!! This is a full on 70 player server with indefinitely recurring annual PAID IN FULL leasing.. ie MINIMUM paid til /4/10/2019!! No short term here.. we're in it to win it for OUR fantasy world! The vision is a HYBORIA - GOREAN HYBRID in which STAFF like non-otherwise factioned players worship CROM & manage a CULT which plays referee to the warring religions / factions. NEED LOTS OF HELP & A GOOD STAFF!!!! Server Name; Gor - Hyboria ~ The Saga of KajiraDjinn ~ IMMERSION ~ RP/ERP HEAVY age 18+ ADULT ONLY Full Year Server Lease Paid+ ~ NO GLOBAL SHOUTS! ~ Safe, Sane & OOC Consent ONLY! Kink, Immersion RP! Not Responsible For Player Actions/Content! NO RL Trolls, Pedophiles, Griefers, Asshats or Phaquetards! Seeking WebMeister, Moderators & KINK Mods! This Dream Paid in FULL 'til 4/2019! Much Much More to Come! With proper age, motivation, credentials, references and proof of serious scripting and/or WEBMEISTERING & ART TALENT im actually not above purchasing as a gift a copy of the game via STEAM AND/OR , rarely if REALLLLLY GOOD, paying outright for exclusive ownership & rights to KINKY emotes & animations & Mods created for CONAN EXILES!! Master_Noble_Savannah@yahoo.com As there is no forum section i can find advertising for talent & scripters i hope this is okay to post here!
  10. The Fantastic thread of Vanity and Insanity Sharing the screenshots from our stories,lols,lewds or whatever from Conan Exiles. I felt a little lack of conany vanity on LL and figured it'd be fitting to share some beautiful shots from our community on Sexiles Unchained ^^ Feel free to share yours and bask in barbaric beauty, share any and all screens! I took the liberty to steal some of my favourites from our discord to kick it off ;D
  11. Edit: I also asked this on the steam workshop discussion page. How possible would it be to mod in a full body for male and female characters and NPC’s (I assume each gender model/mesh would be called for characters or NPC’s)? As a total novice, I understand at least that all existing animations would need to be ported into a new skeleton for each full body mesh, including IK rigging if that's applicable here, and that armor would need to be copied, modified or recreated to fit these new models. Weapons tools etc might need to be re-positioned to new hands, and stuff. Could sliders still be introduced? Could we simply weld together the existing body models into one for each gender, and then cut the body parts off of existing armors to make separate armor model pieces such as light armor top, stygian dancer skirt, heavy armor gauntlets and such? Is this even feasible? Or waaaaay too much effort to do and not even worth the time needed? Sorry for the shit formatting... I'm on my phone at work :/
  12. Seeking appropriately kinky ADULT ONLY & Websavvy talented STAFF MOD scripter, Moderators & GMs for CONAN EXILES in prerelease with full release imminent!! This is a full on 70 player server with indefinitely recurring annual PAID IN FULL leasing.. ie MINIMUM paid til /4/10/2019!! No short term here.. we're in it to win it for OUR fantasy world! The vision is a HYBORIA - GOREAN HYBRID in which STAFF like non-otherwise factioned players worship CROM & manage a CULT which plays referee to the warring religions / factions. NEED LOTS OF HELP & A GOOD STAFF!!!! Server Name; Gor - Hyboria ~ The Saga of KajiraDjinn ~ IMMERSION ~ RP/ERP HEAVY age 18+ ADULT ONLY Full Year Server Lease Paid+ ~ NO GLOBAL SHOUTS! ~ Safe, Sane & OOC Consent ONLY! Kink, Immersion RP! Not Responsible For Player Actions/Content! NO RL Trolls, Pedophiles, Griefers, Asshats or Phaquetards! Seeking WebMeister, Moderators & KINK Mods! This Dream Paid in FULL 'til 4/2019! Much Much More to Come! With proper age, motivation, credentials, references and proof of serious scripting and/or WEBMEISTERING & ART TALENT im actually not above purchasing as a gift a copy of the game via STEAM AND/OR , rarely if REALLLLLY GOOD, paying outright for exclusive ownership & rights to KINKY emotes & animations & Mods created for CONAN EXILES!! Master_Noble_Savannah@yahoo.com As there is no forum section i can find advertising for talent & scripters i hope this is okay to post here!
  13. Mod by Riz for Conan Exiles. Detailed vagina and nipples + some clothes mod RizMods.pak Steam page Tested on toodays steam version of game. Shoult work on later versions couse mod changes only meshes and textures and to not touch any blueprints. Install : move RizMods.pak to "Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods\" , add new line with pack name to modlist.txt
  14. Hello! I am a long time Lurker (Used to Mod Skyrim, a lot) and I am here to present my EU RP [+18] Server. I really wanted to play in all the advertised servers around, but my ping was terrible, and I thought a European Option could be nice. So I got one! I have ran a Vanilla server since Early Access Start, but I handed it over to another admin to focus on this project. If you are from USA, and want to try it out, feel free if you're comfortable with your ping. My Idea is to build a server around immersion, not only do I want a sexy Conan Exiles, I'd also like regular RP! So I focused on Pippi Management Mod to add for offline Farming Bundles. I believe these Kits can help people focus on every kind of Role Playing. It also should fix the lack of progression felt after playing two weeks in any server... and you grow offline! (so it's Full time Job compatible). We also have a Class mod, which enhances Char personal RP. ...Enough with the caotic intro, below you'll find all the information you need. Or you can check everything at our Website. Mods: You can Subscribe to all Steam Workshop Mods here. Server Settings: Server Name: [RP]IMMERSIVE SEXILES 2.0[+18][PVP] IP: Slots: 70 // Clan Size: 20 PVP: Activated // Avatar: Off Equipment: Dropped on Death, Anybody can loot corpse Nudity: Full XP Multiplier: 4.0 Harvest Amount Multiplier: 3.0 // Spoil Rate: 0.5 (Slower) Ressource Respawn Multiplier: 0.2 Crafting Speed: 0.5 (Faster) Server Rules: You must be an Adult to play in this server (18+) Cheating is Forbidden. Role play is Mandatory in Local Chat. Role play should direct your actions, especially in PVP. Lore friendly names are Mandatory, This includes Clan names. Do not Build near Important Resources or NPCs. Do not Claim territory through Foundations, Campfires.... Please Destroy Unused Structures. Medium sized, Beautiful Buildings are Encouraged. Out of Character harassment is strictly forbidden. Please send a note whenever you raid or steal from somebody. Checking text channels in Discord is Mandatory Summary: Be an adult, Come to RP, and don't be Rude You can find more information about our Kits, Choice Mechanics, and How to connect on our Website: http://sexiles.weebly.com/ And you can join the community @discord https://discord.gg/GMtUQyQ
  15. The main issue with mods in Conan Exiles is that they overwrite entire asset instead of expanding it, be it blueprint, datatable, animation montage or whatever. It means that mods that modify the same asset are incompatible. Funcom devs said that they "will look into this" but I wouldn't hold my breath. They may make stuff like items datatables expandable bu I doubt they will make blueprints or animations montages expandable. It's not that hard to make your single custom animation play, but as the only way to make them playable is through animation blueprints (AB_human_female, AB_human_male) and BasePlayerChar blueprint, that means that animation mods would be incompatible with eachother. Being said that I propose for people interested in making adult animations mods organize and try to make a single adult animation mod with open source that would cover both sex animations, adult emotes, etc, and use animations from various animators.
  16. View File Exiles rejoice there is hope in the Exile Lands at long last! Well not exactly, but here I offer you version 1.0 of my SlaverMod.! SlaverMod consists of three furniture items with changing animations. The Kajira Pillow, The Master's Throne, and the ever popular Master's Rug. The rug and pillow can be crafted in inventory and the throne in the artisans workstation. The throne and pillow are single person items for one person to sit and chill. Bracket keys change animations next and previous. The Master's Rug is a hide rug made from the finest Hyena hide turned to leather ( or any other hide). This rug is for two people and has sweet cuddles to woo your favorite girl whilst sitting on a cliff over looking your city that you have built with your own hands and your own slave labor. Also, included in the rug are hard hitting adult animations that do honor to any master of the exile lands. But that's not all folks. In addition to the fine furniture I give you 8 male and 8 female emotes that can be activated anywhere without the need for furniture. There are times when you can not lay down items on other people's land and these were done to help during those times. You have to spend feat points on the Master's Rug , the Master's Throne and the Kajira Pillow in order to craft them. Now for some instructions. This mod is for multiplayer only - sorry offline single player won't work with it. Manual Install 1) Download the SlaverMod.Pak file and put it in the Steam\steamapps\common\Conan Exiles\ConanSandbox\Mods folder. You will need a text file called modlist in that folder also 2) Inside that text file write this line: C:/Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Conan Exiles/ConanSandbox/Mods/SlaverMod.pak This is all assuming you have your copy of the game and steam in the default location. Now how do we operate this thing? <<<<< Shift \ Brings up a small graphic for 10 seconds and shows you these directions depending on what item you are on or in Freemode. >>>>>> Thone and Kajira: The throne and kajira pillow just use bracket keys to cycle anims. Walk off it to end the anims. Master's Rug: The Rug uses brackets also but.....also uses left arrow and right arrow to increase and decrease play speed. Also it uses numpad 4 6 8 2 to adjust your position when on the rug. 5 and 0 are up and down. THESE ARE CLIENTSIDE ADJUSTMENTS ONLY YOU SEE THEM NOT OTHERS. Numpad 7 and 9 adjust the guys dick up and down. You must be male to use ( so far). Alternate keys for laptop users that adjust position are shift 1-6. Shift 7 and 8 adjust dick. Freemode: Freemode ( or slaver emotes) are the animations you can do anywhere. These are activated by + for male anims and - for female anims. THEN Shift 1-8 to pick an animation. PRESS - or + again to end Freemode. This isnt numpad -+ its the one next to backspace on a normal keyboard. Just press - or + again and you're done with Freemode. Remember Shift \ when you are doing Freemode or on the furniture and you get a graphic showing the directions for that item. How cool is that? Known Issues: Alt z will hide your UI ingame allowing you to take cool screenshots. That's just great but if you use Alt z to hide the UI please stand up off the furniture or press - + to stop Freemode BEFORE pressing Alt z again to restore your UI. Alt z once get up Alt z again <- that simple:) If you don't you will have to relog. Okay one more sort of bug is that if someone is on the furniture when you login they are invisible until they get up. The solution? Ask them to get up. And last but not least is the "my dick wont flop" bug. Conan has nudity with flexi floopy penises. After sitting on the furniture your dick still looks cool but loses the physics. Im working on it. I like floopy dicks too. Anyways that's it for now this is my first mod for Conan Exiles. I would like to thank and acknowledge the people who helped/listened to me rant and pull my hair out and handed me tissues when I was in tears over this. Hondo Ghost ,8BitDrarwf ,RicohetRuby ,Suldra ,Skeeve ,Tyra and the rest. You guys way so Rawk. Also thank you Oxy1gen for Sexiles it was the inspiration. None of the blueprint code uses any native conan files. Everything is through the modcontroller so should be a bit future proof but I will keep updating as needed. I put this mod in last in load order after pippi and dyemorebetter and ExilesExtreme people_statues and Sexiles Immersive and it ran great. This is only the beginning I plan many more furniture items for this mod and also have my second mod already in the works. It will include attachment items such as new hair, ballgags ,blindfoilds cuffs and collars. Please let me know how I can make this better. I will continue to update the animations. I made all but a few native ones that came with Conan Exiles. Thank you Exiles : ) starchildmoon Submitter starchildmoon Submitted 01/19/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires  
  17. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/440269832718647296/467780198511804416/Capture.PNG **HYBORIA BLOOD & SAND** Roleplay is our main objective. We are an RP/ERP/PVP type server and in that order. Our core Mod is CLASS MOD. It is well done and made. It is critical to how this server will run. From Player interaction to the player economy. NOMADS are the life blood of our server and will kick start the player economy. We stock PIPPI with a kit system to help faclitate speeding up the grind of your base to get you into fulltime RP as fast as possible. We are a small community as of now with enough room for 50 players on a **[HIGH SPEED GTX GAMING SERVER** ] We will upgrade slots as needed. We invite you to come give us a try and hope you find us well enough to call home. Hope to see you in Game exiles. [ Server Settings ] > X 4 XP > x 4 HARVEST > 0.3 CRAFT SPEED > 0.3 THRALL CRAFT TIME > PURGE IS ACTIVE WHEN 10 OR MORE ARE ONLINE. 30 MINUTE WARNING , LVL 4 PURGE , BUILDING ALLOWED > NO GODS > DROP ON DEATH > LOOT CORPSE > ALL PVP AND KOS MUST BE DONE BY RP ACCORDING TO DISCORD RULES. RULES ADOPTED FROM THE MIGHTY HORO BECAUSE THEY WORK > PIPPI KITS TO ASSIST IN BUILDING FASTER. RP IS OUR GOAL NOT GRINDING OR FARMING [ Mod Collection ] https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?edit=true&id=1437603449 https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/440269832718647296/467780198511804416/Capture.PNG
  18. For all of you who are wanting to pick up Conan Exiles but are pissed about the high price. Plus 2 other games in Immediate Unlock, others unlock in August About Humble Monthly: Humble Monthly costs 12$ / month Contains pretty nice games Can be canceled anytime if you just want one specific month While it is just the base game, it is cheaper than the lowest recored price. Plus you get some other games as well, usually the total is around 7-8 games.
  19. So recently, due to summer sale on Steam, I've finally decided to buy Conan Exiles. I've downloaded few mods but I'm still unable to find any mod that would extend the breast slider just to... you know, make the bewbs bigger than it's currently possible. Are there any mods like this, and if not, is it hard to make such mod?
  20. Hello everyone, after our small official server clan disbanded due to server wipe with the upcoming release day May 8 patch, me and a friend decided to finally start a new Conan exiles server: Realm of the Red Queen. We always quite enjoyed the experience of multiplayer and pvp of conan exiles oficial server gameplay, we also enjoy a few mods, especially the kinky ones but the public servers we found were always too altered or too laggy, now we have a chance (kinda forced really) to start anew with our own server and we are looking to fill it up with a long term community that shares our preferences, for now it has 40 slots but if people like it there and the community grows, we will expand it. I personaly intend to still play on official server so the server will be run mostly by Keina, AKA Barata Tonta, AKA Red Queen, so dont hesitate to call her out if you need help starting up your home (server wipes sux) or something. Anyhoo server description: - Realm of the Red Queen <PvP + Sexiles mod> IP: - server provided by G-portal (official server provider for Funcom), situated in Europe: United Kingdom - PvP ruleset with base official server settings (apart from 2X experience gain to speed people's progress a bit) - Roleplay encouraged but not mandatory (She likes it, but Im Im more of a multiplayer pvp action guy) - Mods: Sexiles extensions and Sexiles (updated) both steam version and in that order Admin services: - Boons for starting players and growing clans I personally dont plan to be using admin stuff, I want to play "normally", but talk to Keina, she built a trading hub and also intends to respond to summons and visit your base to help out. - Trading hub: In front of her Pyramid theres a pleasure and commercial area that is neutral, feel free to come in use the barder chairs to change hair/beard style and color, buy from vendors and trade with other players and clans for resources and items, there are also entertainers for you to... erhm... lets just say what happens in the trading hub, stays in the trading hub. (stay away from the pyramid tho, its for admin clan only any trespassers will be considered hostile) -PvP mediator (diplomacy): Like I said we want people to pvp with the official server experience in mind, but we also know the exiled lands are harsh, if a player or clan home/land is being conquered/raided without him being able to defend it, they should try to negotiate with the agressors, possibly even join them (admit deafeat, theres no shame) but if that is not and option, summon an admin and he will try to negotiate with them or give you resources to move out to a new area and start over with our help. About admins and the admin clan: The clan is called "The Chosen" (for roleplay reasons shinanigans, ask her I just /shrug), we want to recruit 3 - 5 people to live in our little pyramid tho since its supported by admin resources people who join are suposed to be "policing" and caretaking over stuff soooo.... they are obliged to be neutral to all other clans and players, they are suposed to stick mainly to PvE/dungeons and PvP only in specific circunstances, like if some other clan tries to raid the admin Pyramid (yes you can pvp against the admin tho its prly not a good idea for obvious reasons) or if you have a personal outpost and you have to defend yourself. So keep in mind before being recruited that if you are like me and mainly want to engage freely in pvp, you may not want to be in the admin clan (this is why I wont be in it either :p) That is it guys, if you are like us and want the official server pvp experience with a little roleplay and kinky sexiles mod twist, come join us!
  21. View File V 1.0.4 is now uploaded - Fixed barrel textures all having the red symbol on them for punishment barrel. Fixed Tpose bug. If you do get it then wear an article of clothing. Added new animation for barrel. Added new voice files for female on barrel. Okay I would like to apologize for updating this so much but a bug was found that affected game play and I did not want y'all to go through the weekend with it. So here is SlaverMod 1.0.3 I am so sorry I think I deleted stuff on the forums here...never let me write on forums. Anyways here is the latest Mod that fixes stuff. Here are the changes for SlaverMod 1.0.3 By the way i am sorry for another update but the weapon issue seemed like a major one to me so I fixed it and then figured I'd fix the other things people have mentioned. Anyways here we go. Oh and I'll try to find someone that knows what they are doing with forums to post things for me. Duh. Fixed a major bug where weapons would not strike where you were aiming after using furniture or freemode. Removed Shift L as a taken control that did nothing but spit out what anim mode you were currently running. (This was left over from testing ...oops) This is why I am not a doctor. "Hey nurse where is my scalpel?" "I dunno last time I saw it we were closing up the patient". Fixed penis non flopis ( penis not using physics ) after using either freemode or furniture. Let the penis flop in the breeze as the creators intended! By the way boobs now bounce afterwards also but who cares about boobs? Tightened up the boob physics on all items and also added it to freemode. I spent the day basically programming a virtual bra. Don't laugh they were too saggy and if they still are lemme know I have a wrench I'll tighten them up more. Thanks to 8BitKeion for bringing the weapon bug to my attention and to Suldra for testing her little fingers off. Thanks Tyra for listening to me rant. Tyra - Today at 5:31 PM You've done well, Young Skywalker. The Modding Force is strong with you. starchildmoon Submitter starchildmoon Submitted 01/26/2018 Category Adult Mods Requires
  22. Hello, exiled stranger! If you are reading this and are looking for a pleasant community of role players to RP with, we hope you will find your way to our Discord channel at https://discord.gg/nEK2bJ6 to get a sense of what we are like as a community. We have a variety of tastes ...mostly delicious! And if you find us an interesting bunch, feel free to visit our server at IP Our server name is Adult Erotic Roleplay Server XXX 18+, and we would be delighted to meet you! Our server settings are: VAC Protect Enabled Items in inventory are kept on death Only owner can loot corpse Harvest Amount Multiplier: 2.5 Combat Mode: Player vs. Player Experience Multiplier: 1.0 Thrall Conversion Multiplier: 0.1 Item Conversion Multiplier: 0.1 Idle Thirst Multiplier: 0.1 Active Thirst Multiplier: 0.1 Idle Hunger Multiplier: 0.1 Active Hunger Multiplier: 0.1 Restrict PVP Building Damage: Off Character does not stay in the game when logging out Durability Multiplier: 0.1 Item Spoil Rate Scale: 0.1 Resource Respawn Speed Multiplier: 2.5 Unconcious Time: 1200.0 sec Max Clan Size: 25 We use the following mods in this load order: Pippi - User & Server Management...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880454836 DyeMoreBetterer...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=925197087&searchtext= ExilesExtreme...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=933782986 Stone Statues...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=975647996 SlaverMod...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1303001091&searchtext= The following mods are disabled for now: PrimalArmors...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=956573266 Immersive Sexiles Extensions...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1164148209 Pickup+...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=864199675 Conan Sexiles Immersive Update...https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1206493209 What We Are: We are a community playing on a North American server based on the USA east coast (EST). We enjoy the same things that have probably brought you this far in your search for a server and we would be warm and welcoming to you as a new player in our community. We have very active admins who are diligent to provide the entire community a fair and safe place to enjoy their fancies while at the same time promoting a pleasant role play environment. First and foremost, we will always encourage everyone to have fun while respecting each other's differences. We are a mature community and enjoy each other's company. We support each other in a game we all have fun playing and to that end create stories that our characters live through. We have a website at http://www.exiles-erp.org/ that we wish was used more often but understand with such an active Discord that much of the website's usefulness is often overlooked. We have players logging in from Europe and as far away as Australia which blesses us with almost always having someone online to role play with. However, in all honesty; we do have a lower population during morning and early afternoon EST hours. That being said, we do also have much busier evenings with several active role play hot spots that I'm sure would meet your role play expectations and perhaps even your other fancies if your role play leads you in that direction. What We Are Not: We are neither a political nor religious propaganda community. We are a tolerant bunch but only to a point and any agendas toward political or religious ideology should be left far away from our community. We do not support drama in any way whatsoever and those two subjects are very well known to only ever lead in that direction. We are not a "true" PvP server. Although we support it, we do so from the perspective of role playing possible PvP encounters and conflicts with Out Of Character communication first before the actual PvP event. We do, however; use "red hats" clothing to identify PvPers who actively wish their PvP to be a random surprise. What You Can Expect: You will find it very rare that an admin is not available. We have two primary admins and as many as seven others who have designated and very specific goals. Such as our Blight Admin who is responsible for cleaning up old, out of use buildings so there are always clear places to build for everyone. We have role play admins who create server story lines that anyone who enjoys role playing can become a part of. With the support available, we are certain you will never have an issue that can not be resolved quickly. We have many interesting clans. As you can find on any server, I'm sure. Each one serves its own purpose but what I think sets our community apart from many other ones (not all of course!) is how functional you might find some of our villages. They aren't just a bunch of buildings to look at. Someone actually works (read that as "role plays") in them. I could go on. And I would love to. But at some point it would get tiresome to continue to read. I can't encourage you enough to come give us a try. We have so many brilliant role players with interesting backgrounds and internal stories that I can't imagine you would ever be disappointed! Did I mention we're an Erotic Role Play (ERP) server too?
  23. With the recent addition of Derketo and all the references in her texts about beastiality, I figured it was only a matter of time until some one more talented then myself created a beastiality mod of some kind. I thought it would be cool if it could be done as part of some kind of ritual for derketo. Male and female on male and female animals, I am not one who just wants to see chicks with animals, I would want this to be a full on rp centered mod to go along with the lust fantasy of derketo lore.
  24. I've been picking away a little bit at the modding scene of the game for a while now, and I've been trying to figure out how to make a Potion of Endowment that works on women (i.e. one that makes a woman's breasts larger). I've examined the male version, and can pretty much tweak any aspect of that potion to my heart's content, but there's one thing I can't figure out how to change, and that's the "growth" target. I can change the target from one body type to another, but the option to change it to the Breast Size doesn't show up (actually there's no other useful options listed period), and I don't know how to add the option in. Any idea what I might be missing? It seems like it should be so simple, and that I'm so close to getting it to work... if I can figure this out, I can at that point create a whole new item with the functionality and leave the existing potion unaffected (that's the easy part).
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