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  1. Convoy System by xRCx A friend of mine got inspired and decided to do a tutorial for the convoy system. Enjoy!
  2. Good Job xRCx! I am glad to see some one else is out there hunting women and forcing them to work naked. Your a man after my own heart. It makes me want to start playing again. Which I probably will now. Anyway here are links to my 2 tutorials. I will include a link to yours in both of mine now.
  3. Update: 9/1/2021 PervySage is currently working on finishing the face and hairstyle for Kasumi right now, but he has communicated to me that he will have to take a hiatus from the project for a while very soon. He also told me he wants to create multiple hairstyles for Kasumi. I never really asked him to but given the circumstances he might as well. After he is done with Kasumi, Sage wont be able to work on my mods until the 10th of December. I could approach Chem-Pro, another capable Modder to finish the work on Ayane and Momiji, but I haven't made up my mind yet. Originally I wanted all four characters done in the summer time roughly coinciding with the release of Ninja Gaiden Master Collection. It sounded like Sage would be able to do it when he described it initially. He told me it would only take 10-20 days roughly to get each character finished. That was clearly an ambitious boast. I don't mind that it didn't turn out that way. I am just happy the mods are being created at all because I don't have the skill to do it myself. And while Sage hasn't been anywhere near as quick as he initially described, I still cant argue with the results. He did what I asked him to do. And it looks incredible every time he gets one done. Chem-pro94 - Hobbyist, Interface Designer | DeviantArt Chem-pro is creating 3D model and Mods for games | Patreon The question now is; do I ask Chem-Pro to finish the work? Or do I just wait for Christmas and have PervySage do the rest of it? I suppose I could just ask to two of them how they feel about it? As far as how I feel, it doesn't matter to me. I feel indifferent enough to wait for December I guess. But December is a busy time of year after all so its possible the project might get dragged out even longer. On the other hand, I don't think I would be disappointing anyone if it did get dragged out. The Soul Calibur crowd is comparatively small compared to say the Tekken crowd. And the SC6 modding community is smaller still. I guess I should let this be decided by how the two guys react to my proposition. That seems unavoidable.
  4. Hey man are you going to do that tutorial for the convoy system? If not let me know, because I am eager to take a crack at it. I wanted to let you do it because you were interested and I was hoping you would do a good job. But if your in fact to busy to be bothered with it then I might as well finish it myself. Anyway let me know, sooner rather than later or I am going to assume you have dropped off the face of the planet and I may not ever hear from you again. 

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    2. SlaveHunter311


      Do you have a link to it?

    3. SlaveHunter311


      Found it. Good Job, But can you make the text font larger? Its hard for me to read. Also can you share where you got those awesome thongs? They look real nice! Anyway I sent the thread to the mod author. Hopefully he will post it like he did for my tutorials.



    4. xRCx


      Yeah, I didn't realize the font was too small because I use a big screen, but then I looked at it in a smaller one and ohh lord, lol. Anyway, I made it bigger already. About the thongs, l can't recall atm, I have 120 different outfits lol, but I'm gonna do another run like in a couple or weeks or so. I'm gonna take a look at it. Finally, about the thread, yeah, I can see the mod author posted the tutorial right at mod's description, hell yeah.


      Anyway, thanks for everything. Wish you the best and I'll send thongs' info next time I play. If you want to make more tutorials like these for any other mod, msg me, I'll be glad. Peace.

  5. Update: 8/23/2021 Its time for some good news! PervySage has finished the outfit for Kasumi and is now working on her hairstyles. I told him I was only asking for the default ponytail with the yellow ribbon, but I think he has ambitions to do them all. We'll see what happens. I hope it doesn't slow things down to much. We are only half way done after all. Another cool thing Sage did by the way is he offered the outfit in 3 distinct colors. Blue, Black, and White. And also made the outfit colorable with the games Create a Soul System if you want a custom color. Although I understand it may not look as clean as the 3 default colors. I prefer the Blue outfit personally. The good thing is; if you have Vodkalibur then you can insert the outfit and all of it's parts onto a character without using up in game items. You add them CDLC by entering a code for each item and then inserting it via the Vodkalibur character editor. I may create a short tutorial for that if yall would like. Here's a video of Kasumi fighting Ayane. You must be 18 or older to access the video because Ayane's kimono explodes and she has to finish the fight in her fundoshi. Awesome! Anyway I doubt we will be having that problems here on loverslab. We are all adults here. I assume. Kasumi vs Ayane If you are in fact a minor, well shame on you for visiting this filthy website. But here is a clean video you can legally and lawfully watch that I created for you on my channel. Enjoy! Kasumi vs Rachel
  6. Update: 8/8/2021 It looks like Sage is making progress now. I hate to think it is because I started nagging him. But it probably is. Oh well. He showed me a screenshot of Kasumi's outfit rendered in game yesterday. It looks pretty swell. Its quite the sexy outfit. And it's made a graceful journey into soul calibur without being any worse for wear. Sage told me he is still ironing out some issues and he's working on making the outfit colorable. He is afraid some of the designs like the crane's on the loin cloth might not look as good after he's finished doing that, but he's going to see how it turns out anyway. Here's to hoping it stays looking spectacular. He sure does like this character with the bunny ears. Maybe he has a thing for that?
  7. Custom Areas I learned that it is possible to mod the map and create custom locations in the first iteration of Conan Exiles. That is, you can replace the Exiled Lands with your own custom map. If you have the time and patience to create it. Chances are yours wont looks as good as the landscape that Funcom developed but its fun to think of the possibilities. There are actually quite a few servers devoted to custom maps. Most of them are Warcraft related; Steam Workshop::Kalimdor (steamcommunity.com) Steam Workshop::Kalimdor V2 - v1.4.x (steamcommunity.com) Steam Workshop::Tales of Azeroth 0.0.78 Pre-Alpha-Version (steamcommunity.com) Steam Workshop::Sindorei_Exiles (steamcommunity.com) Isn't that something? It makes me wonder what kind of custom areas can be create with Beast rider assets, that I can easily rip from the game? In this case we would be recreating areas from Beast Rider and inserting them into our own custom server. Areas like; The Island of Axir The Diyar Highlands The Desert Wastelands The Titan Graveyard The City of the Dead The Fiend's Path The Death Adder's Castle
  8. Assets so far gabr_tyris_wastelandsscout_by_mariokart64n_and_o0c_by_bahlinka_dent93t (1).rar Ok so i believe someone has already used a 3d ripping tool to get a rendering of the outfit I was looking for. I found it on Deviant Art; Tyris - Bahlinka's Sta.sh Bahlinka gave me their blessing to use it. Lucky me. Still its about time i start experimenting with Ninja Ripper for myself so i can get the rest of these assets. Also I will probably need to find a discord devoted to doing these kind of mods for Conan Exiles. I probably wont learn the skills to do everything myself, but I bet I can learn to rip the models and get things started for someone who has the skills to do the real work. Also I did find 2 more outfits for Tyris on Deviant Art. I might as well list them here to keep in mind for later. Golden Axe Beast Rider Tyris Bikini by ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt Golden Axe Beast Rider Tyris Default by ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt
  9. update: 8/5/2021 Work continues on Kasumi. Sage is taking his time, but it cant be helped. I should remind myself that I am lucky to have him work on my mod at all. At least he showed me that he had it rigged up in blender. The outfit is looking pretty nice.
  10. More Beast Rider Mods ideas Bizarrians (Rideable Monsters) In Conan Exiles you can rider various tamable animals like horses and Rhinos. Well in Beast Rider you can do that but you can also use the beasts natural abilities to fight with your enemies. Let me be more specific. The Abrax Abrax | Golden Axe Wiki | Fandom History The Abrax are a species of reptilian beasts that mostly resemble dinosaurs, and are powerful but docile. They are said to be descended from the Great Dragon, a Titan that is worshipped as a god by the Axirian Sisterhood. The sisterhood breeds the Abrax for defense and transport, and mostly uses them for swift trasportation, and quick attacks. Attacks Tail Whip: The Abrax swipes its tail in a circular motion, damaging nearby enemies. Fire Breath: The Abrax breathes fire from his mouth, burning his enemies but slowly damaging itself. Fireball: The Abrax spits a fireball in a vertical pattern that explodes upon impact, with the ground damaging enemies caught in the blast. This attack also decreases his health. Now wouldn't this be a treat to ride in Conan Exiles. If only one beast was ported over I think I would want it to be this one. Even if the fire breath isn't a viable mod, this creature is pretty cool. And its very distinctive of Beast Rider. My only concern is that none of these beasts can be ported because we will lose their locomotive behaviors or they just wont translate from one game to the other for some reason. But I think i will have an expert tell me what's possible before i stop coming up with ideas. The Krommath This battering ram of a beast, while slow, is great for plowing through foes at full strength or just trampling enemies under its enormous girth. It can also plow through large fortified gates very much like the ones you can build in Conan Exiles when running at full speed. It would be interesting to have one as a siege weapon you could use against someone's base in Exiles. Also this guy looks so metal in his beast armor. Too bad I couldn't get a picture of that. The Mirigore Hand-to-hand combat is where the Mirigore shines, going into a self-induced berserker rage that's perfect for knocking out a number of enemies at once. When they are used by enemies, it is best to avoid enraged Mirigores at all costs and attack only when they are calmer. He is very quick to destroy other beasts you can ride if an enemy is on one. When in berserker rage mode he just grabs them, dismounts the rider and tares open the other beast's stomach killing them instantly. Wow steer clear of this guy if you are not riding him. His only draw back is that he moves slower than the other mounts so he is escapable. The Lynth Lynth | Golden Axe Wiki | Fandom History The Lynth is one of Yuria's few domesticated predators, people have long been using it for fast transport as the beast is quite fast and agile. It can generate electricity throughout its body. By charging the thin outer layer of fur with internal electricity, a Lynth can refract light, granting it a natural invisibility used for hunting. Attacks Pounce: The Lynth pounces on his enemies, dealing damage to any enemy in front of him. Stealth: The Lynth becomes invisible, enemies cannot see him allowing him to quickly surprise them. Usage drains its life. Lightning Fan: The Lynth shoots out many lightning bolts, damaging any enemy hit by them. Usage drains its life. I would say for this one, he would be an excellent recon scout. He's fast and he can temporarily turn invisible. I think he is a bit overpowered for our purposes actually. Maybe he can have the stipulation of overheating in the desert since his habitat is actually the highlands and he is covered in thick fur. Plus using bioelectricity on your own body has got to heat it up quite a bit so its a logically consistent kind of limitation to have on a creature like this in both the fantasy setting and in the game setting where we need an advantage like this to be used sparingly. He would probably be quite dangerous in the highlands area of the map though. And perhaps we could add the ability, that if you engage his stealth mode in the coldest parts of the map it will warm up both the animal and the rider. The Megabrax Megabrax | Golden Axe Wiki | Fandom History Towards the end of her quest, Tyris Flare encounters a Megabrax (nicknamed "Meg") in the Fiend's Path. This missing link between Dragons and Abraxes was believed to be extinct, but Death Adder managed to somehow obtain one to act as his guardian. Tyris believes that Death Adder resurrected one to serve him. Regardless of its origin, the Megabrax is extremely ferocious, and will attack Tyris on sight. To ride it, Tyris must first stun the beast to get on it. After reaching a certain point with her, the Megabrax will drop Tyris and attack her, but she manages to get away from her, leaving "Meg" behind. Abilities Megabrax is the largest and most powerful beast in the game, but is only available in one point of the game. It can easily take care of most enemies on its path, with only the Demon Wings standing a chance against its strength. The Megabrax attacks are: Bite and Tail Attacks - Standard attacks. (X button) Roar - Stuns enemies. (Square button) Eat - The Megabrax eats enemies impaled on her tail. (X + Square) Besides being available only once, another downside is that Tyris can only command the beast for a limited time due its savagery. Instead of a health gauge, the Megabrax has a Bloodlust gauge, which will slowly decrease. If it gets empty, the Megabrax will drop Tyris and attack her again, requiring Tyris to stun "Meg" once more to mount her. The gauge is refilled when she gets on the Megabrax. To keep the Bloodlust gauge filled, Tyris must feed stunned beasts and impaled enemies to the Megabrax. Beasts are the best for it, filling a good amount of the gauge, while Demons are disgusting. Also, although Tyris will be in a high position while riding the beast, enemies can still drop her from it, and once down she will be attacked by the Megabrax and the enemies present, requiring another stun. The Megabrax cannot be killed as it is required to complete the area it appears. Ok so this animal is just so overpowered i think it should be like a world boss that you can fight until you wear it down enough that it allows you to ride it just like in beast rider. He doesn't die. He just becomes rideable if you defeat him. That way clans can assault the beast, and if they actually manage to wear it down enough-no guarantee-then they can use him to assault the other clan's base. At least for a while anyway. Perhaps there is a timer, or just a chance he becomes feral again and attack everyone, creating complete chaos!
  11. Golden Axe mods The genre of Sword and Sorcery is something you see less and less of these days. It makes me want to time travel back to the 80's, almost. Maybe it's because were become too liberal to have fun in America now, or too prudish. Or maybe its because Hollywood refuses to produce another Conan move that isn't trash to renew the franchise. Hard to say. Sword and Sorcery might be dying out, but you can still harken back to the good old days by playing classics like Golden Axe 1-3. Or the troubled Beast Rider edition of the game. That game was riddled with problems during development and during it's inexplicably incompetent reception by IGN. Its not perfect. Its certainly not what Secret Level planned for it to be, but it was a decent game you actually could enjoy playing if you didn't impressionably decide to hate it before tying it out. I will admit some of the beast controls need a tune up though. However you feel about the game, it didn't fail to deliver an excellently brutal reimagination of Yuria-the world of Golden Axe. The visuals and the music create quite the fantastic setting. The combat system, probably needed some more tweaking but it did force you to make quick decisions to counter your opponents and either win or get clobbered. I know most people would rather just button mash their way through like god of war but I am a HEMA fencer and I like the game of chess you play with your opponent. Golden Axe Beast Rider made an imperfect but still stimulating attempt swordplay. And I happened to enjoy it even the first time I played it. It kind of reminded me of Soul Calibur with its deflections. Enough reminiscing though, let me get to the point. I fondly remember Golden Axe Beast Rider. Its a brutal sword and sorcery story just like the world of Conan takes place in. And I think we should tare a bunch of assets from this game and insert it into Conan Exiles. Exiles is meant to be modded liberally and many assets of Beast Rider would fit into Exiles like a glove. Come on it will be fun. Golden Axe: Beast Rider | Golden Axe Wiki | Fandom Golden Axe: Beast Rider Download | GameFabrique Custom Golden Axe Campaign starring Tyris Flare This is definitely the most demanding idea so far. But i had an idea that you could just start at an Axirian teleporting terminal with news that when the Death Adder attacked the island of Axir he may have killed many priestesses but he also captured some and brought them here to the exiled lands. The Axirian Sisterhood will be it's own religion unique to the others offered in conan exiles Rescuing each priestess will be a separate quest that sill reward you with different building aspects and access to new spells for Tyris. Lastly one of the priestesses you rescue informs you that the Death Adder has reformed in these lands and there is a castle where he and his minions plot to enslave and conquer these lands. She also informs you that there is a dungeon with a relic that can slay the death adder forever if you are brave and lucky enough to reach it, but you will need the help of other adventurers like Tarik and Gillius Thunderhead. to do it. Or at least that's the half baked plot I thought up at work today. Axirian Sisterhood I think it would be interesting for the player as you progress in rescuing priestesses to acquire a unique Axirian build theme and Religion. The build theme will include unique armors and weapons for Tyris to use plus a dragon shrine with the white dragon as the ultimate summon like in the other religions of conan exiles. Wasteland Scout outfit +Warpaint In this mod I want to create Tyris Flare as she is depicted in Golden Axe Beast Rider. The Wasteland Scout outfit in particular should be craftable and suitable for the arid desert locations that take up most of the map. The Axirian sisterhood should have it's own armor recipe's where you can construct this outfit. And the armors should come in tiers so if you like the outfit enough you can wear it until the end of the game unless you are in a cold environment. I think her other outfits could be ported over as well but if only one gets done I want it to be this one. Its the most iconic and appealing one she wears and is the most recognizable. Also warpaint is craftable in conan exiles so i see no reason not to make the warpaint Tyris wears available as well, and they should cause some positive buff affects. The Axirian Blade In golden Axe Beast Rider there were a number of swords Tyris could use. If we only port over one then I hope its the first one at least. It looks pretty cool. Like the outfit it should be a part of axirian sisterhood's blacksmithing skills, and can be built in tiers so if you like the look of the blade you can use one that is strong enough to the most difficult area's of the game. Tyris's Model By this I mean to graft Tyris's hair and face from beast rider and graft it onto the player model in conan exiles. Tyris's Fire Magic This is a bit more ambitious. There might be a magic system in conan exiles already. I am not sure yet because I don't play a corrupter character. Anyway if its possible to emulate some of the spells from various golden axe games via modding, then we should add a custom system for Tyris as a character. Fireballs, Fire Nova, and Dragon summoning come to mind. It would also be cool to be able to refill Tyris's mana by using mana potions that are craftable in the game. I think there might be something like this already, but I am not sure yet. But yeah that would be real metal because you always did that in all the classic golden axe games.
  12. Mod Ideas for Conan Exiles Official Conan Exiles Wiki (fandom.com) Conan Exiles on Steam (steampowered.com) In this new thread I will be exploring new ideas for mods to create for the game "Conan Exiles." Feel free to post your own ideas as well. Hello. Welcome to my new thread. I just started play Conan Exiles for the pc and I have got to say I am pretty impressed. Now I think gamers have mixed reactions to this incarnation of the series because it is not a conventional game. There are not a lot of story moments, nor is there a clear direction in which to go to in the game. Perhaps that's not the case in "Isle of Sipta" but i wouldn't know yet. But at any rate I can tell you that for what the game actually is, its brilliant. Its a survival game marketed to role players. you start out crucified in the broken desert where Conan the Barbarian stumbles upon you and decides to save you from the cross. A sandstorm blows in as he leaves and you must escape the desert on your own. From there you make your way to the river and must scrap together a shelter, find food, find resources and eventually build a respectable home somewhere in the wasteland of the exiles lands. You must do all of this while defending yourself from hostile natives and other more desperate exiles. There are a few dungeons in the vanilla game but they are pretty minimal in my opinion. I really wish there were more. With the lack of linear progression or intuitive direction it is a perplexing game for players use to platformers and action games. What Conan Exiles does though is immerse you in a detailed open world fantasy setting and style of Robert E Howard's Conan novels. The stories are quite good by the way. However you might feel about the author, you must admit, he sure can write. Anyway, in this game if you acquire enough resources you will have a robust building system at your disposal. With it you can build much more then the meager shelter your probably made at the onset of the game. No. If you have the stone and timber you can build towns, farms, fortresses, even full blown realistic castles. And you don't have to dither around in them alone of course! The thrall system allows you to enslave hostile npc's to perform different jobs like being guards, farmers, crafters, or your naked dancers! With these tools you can build up an entire community, and thus find it much more simple to explore the rest of the exiled lands and dungeons. You can also play online against other clans to compete for resources and wage tribal wars. This game is a great resource for role players but even more so, its an awesome opportunity for modders. And speaking of which, the game is extremely easy to mod and there is already a large community of mods at your disposal on the steam workshop. You wouldn't believe the stuff that's on there. Its just incredible! Custom weapons, custom building themes, custom armor, new hairstyles and body models, building accessories for your interiors, bdsm slave equipment, and the thing with the most potential of them all, "Pippi's user and server management system." With this you have even more control then you do with the admin panel that the developers used to test the game out. You can also create a system of currency and create quest like in other role playing games such as World of Warcraft! Steam Community :: Conan Exiles
  13. Hey that's great. I was actually working on the convoy system already before I messed up the my computer. It is fixed now though. Anyway If you really want to do the convoy system though I think you should. I am glad I got someone inspired enough to continue my work. Just make sure you have everything installed correctly. Your interface should look just like mine. I hope that you follow my example carefully. Its best to make a tutorial idiot proof. Also do some testing to make sure you know absolutely everything about the convoy system. I will tell you when I was working on it I found it was a little buggy. Make sure your thorough simple and provide every little step of what to do. Not to mention plenty of pictures that show what it looks like at each step and what the interface looks like when "just business" is correctly installed. I hope you have a character and slaves that are photogenic and appealing. And lastly have fun with it and don't be afraid to express your sense of humor. Please don't be disgusting though. Drippy jokes are yuck. I've got to say I am proud someone has taken up the torch from me. Hopefully we can work on the rest of these "just business" features together! Oh and one last thing. Good luck! If you want you can use this as your cover. Or create your own, your choice.
  14. 7/24/2021 Update Looks like I may have the file. I just need the right programs to view it in now. But thankfully I just got my computer back from GeekSquad and I have the space for that kind of thing now. 930 GB Yay! gabr_tyris_wastelandsscout_by_mariokart64n_and_o0c_by_bahlinka_dent93t.rar
  15. 7/22/22021 New mod ideas; Tyris Flare for Soul Calibur 6 and Conan Exiles Golden Axe: Beast Rider | Golden Axe Wiki | Fandom Official Conan Exiles Wiki (fandom.com) I really loved the way this game was reimagined. Tyris looks very bad ass in that outfit hacking her way through desert wastelands filled with dragon bones, riding monsters, casting fire spells at giant barbarians. Awesome! I don't know how to use ninja ripper yet, although i have the game, so maybe some day perhaps. Anyway I scoured Deviant Art for models and I found a few for her costume and body. Wasteland Scout Costume The wasteland scout armor is my favorite and the most iconic of the game so i really wanted this one for sure. I believe I may have found it here; Tyris - Bahlinka's Sta.sh It does not seem to let me download the file so I may have to ask Bahlinka if he still has the model. I think this outfit would look great in SC6 but I think it would look even better in Conan Exiles. Both Golden Axe and Conan Exiles are sword and sorcery games that take place in desert wastelands. And I think Tyris would fit into Conan's world like a glove. I also would like to port possibly two of her weapons. Axirian Blade Sword I had no luck finding the models though, but here is my idea. I use rip the models for the Axirian Blade and the Golden Axe iteself so they both can be used in Geralts fighting style in Soul Calibur 6. Some of Geralts abilities remind me of using Tyris actually. What with the casting fire and such. But of course Mitsurugi, Haomarui, Hwang, and Xianghua are all good alternatives.. Looks like I have no assests to work with so far! although i did find 2 costumes models that are still very appealing. Golden Axe Beast Rider Tyris Bikini by ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt Golden Axe Beast Rider Tyris Default by ArmachamCorp on DeviantArt One last thing, Kind of off topic, but i created a couple Golden Axe Battleground music replacers and I would like to store them here because I may get a new hardrive soon and I could lose those mods if i don't put them somewhere I can reach them afterwards. Also as you can see the two mods are ready for SC6 and can be used for your pleasure, but i would love to port them over into Conan Exiles as well. BGM_GABeastRider_DesertStage.pak BGM_GAWilderness_WindStage.pak
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