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Being defeated in combat can result in your character and companions being violated rather than killed.  Violators may also rob you, leading to a quest to exact vengeance and retrieve your stolen possessions.  Likewise, you have a chance to violate and rob your defeated enemies.


This mod was originally based on Four-Play Violate by @vinfamy, initially converted to AAF by @Jahem_kinkaid and maintained and expanded by @EgoBallistic.



  • Combat Defeat: You and your companions can be forced to surrender and be violated by your enemies when you lose in combat
  • Companions: Your companions and allies can be violated.  Male, female, or both genders can be victims
  • Multiple, simultaneous animations: if there are more aggressors than victims, everyone gets assaulted at the same time - no waiting in line!
  • Gangbangs!  Threesomes, foursomes, and fivesomes are possible if you have the right animation packs and XML installed.
  • Assailants: Assailants can be male only, female only, or both.  You can limit assailants to a few races or allow any race to be an assailant
  • Robbery: Assailants can not only violate you, but leave you stranded in the wasteland without your gear and supplies
  • Enemy Surrender: Injured enemies may surrender and become your victim
  • Devious Devices integration: Your assailants can slap you into Devious Devices restraints
  • Real Handcuffs integration: Your assailants can slap you into Real Handcuffs
  • Plugs of the Commonwealth integration: Your assailants might stick various things up your butt for a laugh.
  • Perversion: Your character can start begging for more after a selectable number of assaults
  • Exhaustion: After you've had enough, you lose consciousness and your assailants abandon you
  • Teleport to safety: Instead of awakening on the spot, you can be teleported to your nearest settlement after your assailants are done with you
  • Bad Endings: Not satisfied with violating you, your captors can inflict additional torment on your character, including possibly fatal outcomes
  • Raider Pet mod integration: If you surrender in a Raider owned location, they may decide to keep you as their slave
  • RSE II CSA Abductions integration: Raiders, Gunners, and Super Mutants can abduct you and your companions
  • FCOM support.  If you use FCOM - Fallout Commander, you can install the separate patch which will allow your FCOM troops to surrender with you.
  • Sex Attributes support: if you use Sex Attributes, violations will automatically be recognized by that mod, and its stats will affect Perversion.
  • All options are configurable via the in-game MCM menu.


  • Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.

  • Advanced Animation Framework version Beta 73 or later
  • Mod Configuration Menu is required to configure the mod options
  • AAF Themes.  You will want to enable Sex - Kinky Animation Support as well as all of the Race/Creature animations you will need.
  • Animation Packs.  AAF Violate does not include animations of its own.  AAF Violate will work with any animation pack, but the exact packs you need will depend on the options you select for gender, threesomes, races, etc.  See the FAQ below for links to animation packs that work well with Violate.

Note: The AAF Violate requires the latest version of Fallout 4.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load AAF Violate.


Third-Party Mod Support

The following mods are not required, but Violate will detect if they are installed and can use them if the option is enabled in Violate's MCM

  • Devious Devices allows violators to bind you and your companions in restraints
  • Roggvir's DD Items Manager to control which Devious Devices items can be randomly applied.  Version 1.0.3 or later is required.
  • Real Handcuffs also enables violators to bind you in restraints.  Version 0.4 or later is required
  • Plugs of the Commonwealth allows your violators to stuff various things up your butt.  This works with the regular plugs (Slot 57 version is recommended) as well as @tehuti181's patch which converts the Plugs to Devious Devices format.
  • AAF Bad End Animation Pack lets your violators hang, electrocute, and otherwise execute you after they violate you
  • Bad End: Purgatory provides a death alternative for fatal Bad End outcomes
  • Raider Pet allows Raiders to keep you as their slave if you surrender to them in one of their strongholds.  Version v1_3 or later is required.
  • RSE II: Combat Surrender and Abductions enables Gunners, Raiders, and Super Mutants to abduct you after they violate you.  For best results, disable Auto-Surrender in CSA.  Abduction options in the CSA MCM, such as whether companions are sent home or abducted with you or by themselves, will work as normal.

  • Sex Attributes Framework will recognize sex initiated by Violate, and that mod's Spirit attribute and Sex Addiction effect can force this mod's Perversion to kick in.

  • If you have Combat Strip Lite installed, you can make your character automatically surrender when a certain number of items have been stripped.


Starting with version 1.31, AAF Violate is packaged in an all-in-one FOMOD installer.  All of the add-ons are now included in the download.  If you are upgrading from an earlier version, be sure to UNINSTALL the main mod as well as the FCOM and DLC add-ons before installing the new version.



Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements above.

  • Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder.

Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:

  • Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations. 
  • Open the MCM and view some mod settings.

Then, install AAF Violate using your favorite mod manager.


Once you've installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the AAF Violate MCM menu.

Set your animation preferences in Global Options.  Only enable gangbangs and females in gangbangs if you have installed animation packs that support those.

Set your preferences for aggressor races and genders in Aggressor Options pages.  Again, only enable aggressors for which you have animations installed.

Finally, go into the Player surrender options page.  There you will find the Hotkey for surrender option. Set your prefered hotkey to complete the installation.  The hotkey can be used to surrender immediately to enemies while in combat.  Holding it down for 5 or more seconds and releasing it will force the violation to end.




Q: I get violated, but my companions don't.

A: Either your MCM settings prevent your companions from being violated, such as "Follower gender" set to the wrong value, or your companions are an unsupported race.  See the FAQ below for supported races.


Q: I can surrender to enemies, they surround me, but no animations play,  and I see AAF OnSceneInit status [X] followed by Violation Aborted
A: This means that AAF tried to play an animation involving the player but returned an error.  Violate will end the violation scene in this case.


The error message won't stay on the screen for long.  However, you can bring up the AAF Admin console and see what the error was.  Hit the Home key to bring up the AAF menu, then the Del key until it says MODE: Admin.  Then hit Enter to bring up the window.  You'll see something like this (click to enlarge):




The Admin console shows all of the errors and warnings AAF has logged, with the most recent one at the top.  In the above screenshot, we see that the error was caused by attempting to play a FFF animation when no such animations are installed.


The most common error is Error 4, meaning  that AAF was unable to find any animations matching the combination of actors and tags.  To avoid this error,

  • Make sure your Aggressor options match the animation packs you have installed.
  • Do not enable Allow Female Aggressors in Gangbangs unless you actually have suitable animations.  There are no animation packs that natively support this, you need a patch.
  • Make sure you enabled all of the required options when installing AAF Themes: enable Sex - Kinky Animation Support as well as all of the Race/Creature animations you will need.

If you are getting Error 3, that means the only animations AAF could find that match the actors and tags take place on furniture, but there is no such furniture in the area.  You need to install additional animation packs with animations that take place "on the ground", i.e. not on furniture.  There is a list of recommended animation packs in the FAQ section of this mod's download page.


Q: I can surrender to enemies, they surround me, but then no animations play and everyone stands in place forever.

A: This means AAF did not respond to an animation request.  Violation scenes depend on AAF sending event messages back to Violate.  If AAF is not running or experiences a fatal error, it won't send any events and Violate will be stuck waiting forever.


There are two possibilities:

  • AAF is not working at all.  You should verify that AAF works in your game by using the Home key to select actors and play animations.  If that doesn't work, your AAF installation has a problem.  Playing animations in Violate will therefore not work.
  • AAF tried to play an animation that caused it to crash.  Some animation packs or XML patches with incorrectly formatted XML can cause this.  You should make sure that your animation packs are correctly installed and that any patches (The One Patch, Patch for Animations, AJ's Various XML, etc) and their required mods are installed in the right order.

You can force a stuck violation to end by holding down the surrender hotkey for 5 seconds and releasing it.  This will allow you to continue playing, but AAF will probably remain stuck.


Q: I installed the mod, I see it in MCM, but I don't see the startup messages and nothing happens when I hit the surrender hotkey

A: This means you don't have F4SE installed properly.  See the installation instructions.


Q: My MCM options keep resetting to default values

A: This is usually caused by Private Profile Redirector.  Disable that mod, it causes issues with MCM.


Q: I don't hear any dialogue!

A: Nearly all of the dialogue in this mod is silent.  But you will see it if you turn on subtitles.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Q: How do I control the number of violations that take place?

A: This is determined by two things: the number of aggressors, and the Exhaustion MCM setting.  Normally, violations will end either when every aggressor has had a turn, or  when the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, whichever occurs first.  A "turn"' for aggressors means being part of an animation, whether individually or as part of a threesome.  So with 4 aggressors and an Exhaustion setting of 4, the scene will end after the player has been double-teamed two times, since all 4 aggressors will have had a turn.


Enabling the Sex until exhaustion MCM setting changes this, so that the violations continue until the player has been violated a number of times equal to the Exhaustion setting, regardless of the number of aggressors.


Q: How do Companions factor into the number of violations?

A: When a companion is part of an animation, that counts as a turn for the aggressors.  So if the player has one companion with them, and there are 4 aggressors, the scene could end when the player and the companion have each been double-teamed, since all 4 aggressors will have been part of an animation.


If the Player can be violated setting is turned off, then Exhaustion applies to companions instead of the player.  So the number of animations should be about the same.


Q: How does Perversion work?

A: The Perversion MCM option sets the number of times a victim can be violated before they start enjoying it.  When they become Perverted, their facial expressions will change and their dialogue will have them begging for more rather than insulting the violators and begging them to stop.  If the "Use Tags" MCM option is  enabled, Violate will call for animations tagged as "Aggressive" before Perversion starts and allow consensual animations afterward.


If you have Sex Attributes installed, having a broken Spirit or being Desperate for Sex will cause you to become Perverted immediately regardless of the MCM setting.


Q: What races can be aggressors in violations?

A: Any race for which there are currently AAF animations can be aggressors in violations.  You can toggle the various races in the Aggressor Options menu in the MCM.


You must have animation packs installed that match your enabled aggressor races, or AAF will generate errors when you try to do animations with those races.


Q: What companion races can be victims in violations?

A: As of Violate version 1.40, companions who can be violated are Human, Ghouls, Synths, Servitron, Vulpine, Model 2 Type B, Droids of the Commonwealth, and Crimes Against Nature races.


Q: How do the Gangbang options work?

A: If the Allow Gangbangs option is enabled, animations with three or more actors can take place.  Animations with four and five actors will only take place if SavageCabbage's animation pack is installed, since that is currently the only animation pack with  those types of animations.  AAF Violate will automatically detect that mod if it is installed and enable four- and five-person animations.


By default, only male actors can join in gangbangs.  This is because there are very few animation packs that include MFFF or FFFF aggressive animations.  If you do have such animations installed, you can turn on the Female aggressors in gangbangs option.  You must also have Aggressor gender set to Female or Both, or this option will have no effect.


Finally, there is the Chance of joining gangbang option.  Each time Violate selects a set of actors to put in an animation, there is a chance it will look for another actor to add.  This option controls how likely that is.  The selection process is a loop: after Violate has chosen two actors, it has a chance of choosing a third.  Then if it chose a third, it has a chance of choosing a fourth, and so on.  Note that setting this to 100% does not actually guarantee that every animation will be a gangbang, but it makes it much more likely than default. 


Q: What does the God Mode toggle do in Player Surrender Options?

Turning this setting to ON causes the player to become unkillable as soon as surrender is initiated, either by the manual surrender hotkey, a crippled limb, or reaching the health threshold.  The purpose of this is to prevent accidentally being killed by an attack that was already under way, a nearby explosion, radiation damage from enemies, etc.  God mode will be turned off again once the surrender scene ends.


Q: Does this mod require Four-Play or the original Four-Play Violate?

A: No.  This mod only uses AAF, and does not require Four-Play or the AAF Four-Play Proxy.  It is completely independent of the original FP_Violate, and the two cannot be used together.


Q: Is this mod compatible with XYZ that does similar things?

  • AAF SEU works fine alongside this mod.  However, you should take care not to use the SEU hotkeys while in a surrender scene from Violate, or vice versa.
  • RSE mods can also work alongside this mod, but you must ensure that CSA and Violate do not start scenes at the same time or they will clash.  A good solution is to set one mod to do manual surrender, and the other to do automatic surrender.  As indicated above, Violate can send you and your companions into the abduction outcome from RSE II CSA.
  • Magno Cum Gaudio works if you disable its combat surrender and NPC approaches options.  As of version 0.70, AAF Violate is compatible with MCG's sex statistics features.
  • Deviously Cursed Wasteland is compatible but you must turn off its Combat Surrender feature.
  • Knockout Framework can also be used alongside this mod.  The only issue you can run into is that, depending on how AAF Violate is configured, an actor might surrender before they are knocked out.  This is not really a problem, and you can always use the MCM to reduce or eliminate the chance that the actors will surrender.  If you set the chance to zero for enemies, for example, then they will never surrender and you will always be able to knock them out right away.

Q: What is the Update! button in MCM used for?

This forces AAF Violate to reconfigure itself the same way it does when you update it to a new version.  You normally do not need to use this, because Violate detects when it has been updated and configures itself automatically.  However, you need to use this button whenever you update a mod that Violate interfaces with, such as AAF, Devious Devices, or Rogg DD Items Manager, to ensure that the Script Objects that Violate uses to talk to those mods are up to date.


Q: What animation packs do I need?

AAF Violate will work with any animation pack that can be played through AAF.  The following packs are recommended for aggressive type animations:

Q: How can my mod be notified when the player surrenders or when an enemy surrenders to the player?

AAF Violate sends out a OnSurrender custom event whenever an NPC or the player surrenders.  To register for the event, use something like this:

FPV_MCM_Script FPV_Script = Game.GetFormFromFile(0x0F99, "AAF_Violate.esp") as FPV_MCM_Script
RegisterForCustomEvent(FPV_Script, "OnSurrender")

The event sends two arrays of actors: Victims has the actors who surrendered, and Aggressors has the actors they surrendered to.  The arrays are packed as Vars in an array of Var.  So you will need to unpack them in your event handler:

Event FPV_MCM_Script.OnSurrender(FPV_MCM_Script akSender, Var[] akArgs)
    Actor[] Victims = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[0]) as Actor[]
    Actor[] Aggressors = Utility.VarToVarArray(akArgs[1]) as Actor[]
    Debug.Trace("Victims: " + Victims)
    Debug.Trace("Aggressors: " + Aggressors)

If an actor surrendered to the player, they will be the only Actor in the Victims array, and the Player will be the only Actor in the Actors array.  If the Player surrenders, the Player and all their companions will be in the Victims array, and all of the aggressors will be in the Aggressors array.  When the Player surrenders, they are always Victims[0] and when an NPC surrenders to the Player the Player is always Aggressors[0].



@vinfamy for Four-Play Violate

@Jahem_kinkaid for initially converting Violate to AAF

@fedim for Russian translation

@WandererZero for additional dialogue, writing, and playtesting




+ Added option to disable auto surrender until player accumulates a configurable number of Combat Strip Lite damage stacks
+ Added OnSurrender event, sent when player or enemies surrender
+ Added MCM option to abandon FPV_Retrieve quest
+ Modified ApplyRestraints routine so aggressors only end up with one key for each restraint type applied
+ Fixed potential issue where pacification could time out before sending player into Raider Pet
+ Fixed issue where using a consumable from the Pip-Boy during pacification would fail due to player still being SetGhost



+ Really fixed sleeping and sitting aggressors staying in furniture animation


+ Added support for Furry Fallout races
+ Fix sleeping aggressors staying in sleep furniture animation
+ Allow animation duration up to 600 seconds
+ Add Ghoulrilla to DLC Patch (DLC patch now requires Nuka World)
+ Stop unequipping slot 3 in robberies


+ Added formlist AFV_BannedGlobalVars. If any global variables on this list are set to a non-zero value, the player cannot surrender.
+ Added formlist AFV_BannedNPCKeywords.  If an enemy NPC has any keyword in this list, they cannot surrender to the player.
+ Added Gun for Hire compatibility.  Player cannot surrender if Squadmate Player Healing is enabled in GFH, and GFH NPCs cannot surrender to the player.



+ Added formlist AFV_BannedGlobalVars. If any global variables on this list are set to a non-zero value, the player cannot surrender.
+ Added formlist AFV_BannedNPCKeywords.  If an enemy NPC has any keyword in this list, they cannot surrender to the player.
+ Added Gun for Hire compatibility.  Player cannot surrender if Squadmate Player Healing is enabled in GFH, and GFH NPCs cannot surrender to the player.



+Added keyword check to prevent Commonwealth Captives bound actors from trying to surrender with player

+ Added support for Lupine race

+ Added sanity check for call to AAF_API.GetProtectedEquipmentKeywords() in StripActor()


+ Added built-in stripping routine with MCM option to control whether Violate or AAF strips actors
+ Added MCM option to enable/disable Sex Attributes from affecting Perversion in Violate
+ Fixed bug that caused Sex Attributes' "Desperate for Sex" to not actually have any effect on Perversion
+ Added workaround for game engine limitation that prevents transferring more than 65535 caps between inventories
+ Reworded a few MCM options and help text for clarity


+ Fixed bug that sometimes prevented furniture from being used despite MCM settings allowing it
+ Changed MCM chance options to use 5% increments instead of 10%


+ Added "Rough" tag to allowed tags in animations
+ Changed companion and enemy surrender package so actors no longer bounce in and out of surrender idle
+ Changed "teleport companions to player" to use better positioning in tight spaces
+ Changed startsex routine so animations always take place at victim location if no furniture is found
+ Changed surrender script so player gets restraints applied at start of violation event if "Player can be violated" is OFF


+ Added MCM option to toggle the gender override on surrendered male enemies that was added in 1.40
+ Added support for Pyramid Head race from Whispering Hills mod


+ Fixed bug in the MCM option to show UI during player animations


+ Added MCM option to show UI during player animations
+ Added MCM option to limit Devious Devices to player only, companions only, or both


+ Changed error handling so surrender function is disabled if LLFP DLL is not loaded
+ Updated AAF_Violate_Feral_animationData.xml animations to use Frames instead of Time
+ Fixed bug where enemies who are quest NPCs like Swan or the Deathclaw in Concord could not be surrendered to
+ Fixed bug where attempting to surrender with no enemies found would leave you in God Mode
+ Fixed typos in MCM help text


+ "a couple of sluts really wanted the option to be fucked by two different factions at risk of breaking everything"
+ Added MCM option to allow enemies not currently in combat to join violations
+ Added MCM option to allow mutually hostile enemies to join violations


+ Reworked enemy scan routine to use ref collection alias instead of scripted scanning
+ Reworked AI package management on all NPCs to use ref collection aliases
+ Removed most faction-related conditions on AI packages
+ Implemented spinlock on main animation handler for thread safety when scenes involve large numbers of actors
+ Changed robbery, restraints, and outcome scenes to use an actor scan to find a valid actor rather than always the first aggressor
+ Changed robbery quest to end properly no matter how items are taken back from robber, including through peaceful dialogue
+ Changed follower teleport option so actors outside Follower Distance will not get teleported to player
+ Added support for Droids of the Commonwealth followers
+ Added AAF_GenderOverride_Female keyword to surrendered enemies so they are always in the "female" role in animations
+ Fixed bug where the FPV_Fightback interrupt could get called if an enemy was hit by a settler or settlement turret
+ Fixed bug where rapist NPCs who are flagged to respawn would increase player self-esteem each time they were killed


+ Added support for Gorilla, Mister Handy, and Protectron aggressors
+ Added MCM option for Robot aggressors
+ Fixed bug where companions in excess of 5 who were in bleedout when surrender started were excluded from surrender alias


+ Changed AAF error handling so non-fatal animation errors that only affect a companion won't abort violation scene
+ Changed apply restraints function so "Strip before restraints" only takes effect if restraints are actually applied
+ Changed outcome handling so aborted violations will still have full duration pacification timer
+ Added Nightstrikers support patch to the FOMOD installer


+ Added MCM option for chance of Devious Devices
+ Added new AI package to aggressors so they will no longer follow the player during pacification timer
+ Added OnMenuOpenClose handler for Pip-Boy so opening Pip-Boy will end pacification
+ Added code to make aggressors in Power Armor exit the armor at the start of surrender and return at end



+ Fixed bug introduced in 1.31 where player AAF body double could get pulled into Spectator alias
+ Modified surrender routine to remove player enemy status from aggressor crime faction
+ Removed SceneSettings.excludeTags = None in enemy surrender animation calls to avoid overriding AAF's default values


+ Converted to FOMOD installer
+ Added MCM option to recover a percent of Self Esteem lost from rape when player kills a rapist
+ Added MCM option to limit number of Devious Devices when using Rogg DD Items Manager
+ Added MCM option for chance to apply Plugs of the Commonwealth
+ Added optional plugin and XML to support Feral Ghoul gangbangs - requires Vadermania 1.11
+ Increased max pacification time in MCM to 120 seconds
+ Modified OnCripple handler to filter out multiple simultaneous events sent by other mods
+ Modified AAF event handling to filter out AAF errors from animations started by other mods during violations
+ Modified FPV_Follower bystander handling with performance optimizations and ability to handle more actors


+ Added MCM options for individual races and groups of races
+ Added MCM option to specify gender of enemies who can surrender
+ Modified DD script so items added by Rogg DD Manager will have matching colors
+ Removed "Use tags", "Use facial expressions", and "Use AAF AI packages" MCM options. Tags, expressions, and packages are always used.
+ Added filtering to FPV_FightBack script to prevent triggering interrupt by passive damage from player
+ Fixed enemy not moving for several seconds before running away when selecting "You can go" in enemy surrender
+ Fixed getting stuck in Pip-Boy if it is open when violation starts
+ Fixed FPV_Approach victim alias filling on conditions when quest starts


+ Modified CSA Abduction script to add CSA prisoner mat to Real Handcuffs bound hands furniture list
+ Modified main surrender routine so health restoration always raises player health to fPlayerHealthHeartbeatSlow percent
+ Added info about holding hotkey for >5 seconds forces violation outcome to the MCM help text


+ Fixed CSA abduction script not stopping a CSA quest that was putting surrender packages on companions
+ Fixed main surrender routine limiting exhaustion rounds to 10 regardless of MCM setting
+ Changed main surrender routine to heal player 10% of base health to prevent low-health effects from playing during violation



+ Fixed CSA abduction handoff not starting companion alias quests - companion abductions now work 100% same as in RSEII:CSA
+ Changed CSA abduction handoff so human and ghoul aggressors who are not Raiders or Gunners will sell you to random captors
+ Added support for Plugs of the Commonwealth.  Plugs get added at the same time as restraints.  Interface includes support for PotC_DD mod.
+ Added better support for Essential player.  Violation will now pause and fade to black while player is bleeding out.
+ Fixed onCripple handler not checking whether player is in combat, causing looping issue with Advanced Needs deathclaw sex effect
+ Added on-screen warning if LLFP not loaded
+ Added on-screen AAF error logging to Bad End script



+ Added access code to Real Handcuffs shock collars that are applied to player
+ Added Shock Collar Note to NPC who places collar on player
+ Added Shock Collar Remote to NPC who places collar on player
+ Added on-screen logging of AAF errors for all AAF animation events

+ Modified outcome routine so Bad End will not run if violation scene aborted due to hotkey or AAF error



+ Added support for Model 2 Type B race companion replacer
+ Added tag filtering for DD gags
+ Added crime stats tracking. Sex assault by the player counts as Assault and killing a surrendered enemy who was not a robber counts as a Murder


+ Added basic support for Sex Attributes.  If player is Desperate for Sex or has Spirit of 0, Perversion is automatic
+ Added "settings.isNPCControlled = true" to AAF animation calls so position tree animations will play without user input
+ Added "Surrender only when outnumbered" option.  If enabled, player and followers will only surrender to an equal or greater number of enemies.
+ Updated Rogg DD Items Manager interface to use new API introduced in DD Manager 1.0.3


+ Fixed bug where player sometimes stays in an unarmed fighting stance until the first animation.


+ Added Real Handcuffs "NoPackage" keyword to followers so they remain in surrendered pose when handcuffs are equipped
+ Added support for Shock Collars from Real Handcuffs mod, with MCM option for chance of collar
+ Changed "Enable Approach Scenes" option to Never/Player Only/Player and Companions to allow disabling approach scenes for companions
+ Changed robbery quest to take more equipment types from the player
+ Added logic to enable followers in bleedout to get up in Survival, and to get up faster in all difficulty settings
+ Fixed race condition that could prevent restraints being applied to a companion if they were the last victim to complete an animation


+ Changed FPV_RobberScript to start check timer in OnAliasInit instead of OnInit
+ Changed FPV_RobberScript to end quest when dead robber activated by player instead of when robber dies
+ Changed FPV_Aggressor scene dialogues so player robbing surrendered robber ends FPV_Retrieve quest
+ Changed FPV_MCM_Quest so holding hotkey for >5 seconds forces violation outcome


+ Changed FPV_RobberScript to use a repeating timer to check for for disabled or deleted robber
+ Changed conditions on FPV_Follower0 so humans in PlayerAllyFaction can be companions in enemy surrender scenes


+ Added toggle setting to allow/deny unique enemies to surrender
+ Changed spectator packages so they no longer ignore combat


+ Reordered actor scan so actors capable of talking are always added as violators before creatures.


+ Added support for RSE II CSA Abduction outcome


+ Added support for Mirelurk Kings, Mirelurk Hunters, Molerats, and Behemoths (for AAF Creature Pack v3.0)
+ Changed MCM sliders for surrender health thresholds to 5HP increments instead of 10


+ Human actors in the PlayerAlly faction will now be treated as Followers for purposes of violations (for compatibility with Outcasts and Remnants and related mods)


+ Added MCM option to allow Bad Ending to kill the player Always/Never/High-Level Enemies only
+ Rewrote Bad End routine to allow each faction/race to inflict more outcomes
+ Added support for Bad End: Purgatory add-on mod
+ Added MCM option for chance of handcuffs
+ Changed Perversion to require animations with "Aggressive,Neutral" tags if tags enabled
+ Changed tag filtering so "Spanking" and "Jackoff" tags are always excluded if tags enabled
+ Fixed bug with "Flee with Player" faction not always cleared from companions


+ Added new option "Strip victims before restraining" to apply AAF undress routine before applying DD or Real Handcuffs
+ Changed Real Handcuffs interface to use Real Handcuffs API version 4 (requires Real Handcuffs 0.3 RC3 or later)
+ Fixed bug in Raider Pet interface that passed empty ref to StakeClaim() causing stolen equipment to disappear
+ Added support for Crimes Against Nature (CaN) races


+ Updated code to compile with optimizations
+ Changed God Mode to use SetGhost instead
+ Changed restraints handling so all Default races will now apply restraints
+ Changed Real Handcuffs interface to use Real Handcuffs Third-Party API functions
+ Changed Raider Pet outcome so it will not occur if Violate scene interrupted by combat
+ Fix Raider Pet intro dialogue scene possibly getting interrupted by other dialogue


+ Changed Raider Pet quest to play dialogue scene before Raider Pet calls to introduce delay for DD
+ Changed player retreat voiced line to one with more appropriate tone
+ Added check for robber is dead in robbery quest script to avoid log spam
+ Fixed turning off packages not actually setting usePackages to false


+ Added support for Raider Pet outcomes
+ Added support for animations with four and five actors, with MCM options for gender and chance of actors joining
+ Added silent audio files for all dialogue
+ Updated Servitron and Vulpine race support so those races can be aggressors as well as companions
+ Updated outcome with better blackout effect, new sound effects, and removed some timer delays for better performance
+ Updated restraints handling so that Real Handcuffs gets applied before DD if both are active, for better conflict handling
+ Updated robbery to teleport robber if too far away, fully strip player, remove mines, and handle multiple stacks of same base object in inventory
+ Isolated Rogg DD Manager with a proxy quest to avoid problems when RDDM is not installed and other mods that depend on it are loaded
+ Fixed surrendered enemies getting stuck in surrender animation when freed by player


+ Added check to prevent Violate from attempting to use actors who have not yet loaded
+ Added check so Bad End quest will not apply wrist ropes if player is wearing Real Handcuffs


+ Added support for FEV Hound animations (Vadermania)
+ Added support for Real Handcuffs restraints
+ Implemented new routine to find aggressors
+ Increased actor limits to 30 aggressors
+ Changed Wait duration in several AI packages to zero since they should run until quest stops
+ Fixed Bad Ending quest left hanging if fatal ending does not actually kill player
+ Fixed potential race condition that could allow auto surrender to happen at same time as manual surrender



+ Removed AAF check timer



+ Added Bad End animation pack support
+ Added use of AAF walk/stay packages and skipwalk feature, on by default
+ Added use of AAF OnSceneEnd event if AAF version > Beta 68
+ Added support for Servitron and Vulpine in companion races
+ Added standardized Meta for compatibility with Magno Cum Gaudio
+ Added removal of DD keys from player if DD applied
+ Rearranged MCM for better organization
+ Added MCM translation files for all game supported languages

+ Added AAF timeout message and end violation scene if no response from AAF
+ Fix potentially teleporting companions into inaccessible locations
+ Fix possible stuck animation archetypes after violation ends


+ Added expanded dialogue for Synths
+ Changed healing effect on surrender to only restore crippled limbs and not restore health


+ Added check in OnHit so that enemies will ignore attacks with no aggressor, such as explosions


+ Expanded dialogue that is aware of factions, gender, time of day, number of aggressors, etc
+ Added option to teleport companions if more than 500 units away when surrender happens
+ Changed player surrender idle to more reliable method
+ Increased max followers to 5 for violation purposes
+ Added more variety of idles for spectators
+ Changed to dialogue lines instead of debug notifications for surrender announcements
+ Followers will now flee with the player when violation scene ends
+ Removed Protected status from surrendered enemies, causes too many problems when allies try to kill them
+ Fixed surrendered companions sometimes speaking random idle dialogue
+ Fixed camera and pose when player surrenders in third person
+ Fixed spectator checks not taking faction relationships into account
+ Fixed the global disable toggle not turning off enemy surrender


+ Fixed bug where with "Sex until exhaustion" ON and DD set to "end of scene", the last victim would not have DD applied.


+ Added OnHit filter to prevent radiation and other passive abilities from triggering OnHit events during surrender
+ Added flags to Follower quest aliases to allow followers in bleeding out state to fill aliases
+ Removed companion re-scan as it is no longer needed
+ Added condition to prevent player and doppelganger from filling spectator aliases
+ Modified FPV_FightBack script so any hit on pacified enemy during "retreat" period immediately un-pacifies all enemies
+ Adjusted outcome and OnTimer code to allow interrupt() to work immediately
+ Removed unneeded AAF event registrations - only register on surrender start & unregister on outcome


+ Added safety checks to FPV_Robber stage 0 script fragment for approach scene going too long & missing or dead robber
+ Added check to robber alias script on OnUnload so disabled or deleted robber ends quest (for SKK_CombatStalkers)
+ Expanded race selection to 3 levels - default / expanded / everything
+ Rewrote aggressor race checks for better performance
+ Added support for AAF Creature Pack 01
+ Added MCM slider for pacification time 5-30 sec
+ Updated FPV_FightBack so aggressors and onlookers will stop being pacified if attacked
+ Added MCM slider for DD items applied at start of scene / end of scene / neither
+ Modified God Mode feature so it will not turn God Mode off if it was enabled outside this mod
+ Streamlined startup and update sequence


+ Added furniture support
+ Rewrote enemy surrender animation scenes to use tags and optionally use furniture


+ if the player is in or near a settlement, teleport to safety will teleport player to the next closest settlement
+ settlers from player-owned settlements will assume surrender pose when the player surrenders instead of becoming spectators
+ enemies who have surrendered to the player will immediately be freed when player surrenders
+ violation scenes will be interrupted if any participant is attacked while in a sex animation
+ forcing the player into surrender idle will no longer affect companions who are currently in a sex animation
+ restructured thread synchronization to better handle external interruptions such as combat or events from other mods



+ Added a Data\MCM\Settings\AAF_Violate.ini file to the archive.  This should fix the problem some users had where MCM settings would revert to default when the game is loaded.


+ all surrendering characters will now exit power armor at beginning of violate event and re-enter afterward
+ Devious Devices events will give DD keys to first enemy (same as robber) if DD integration enabled
+ modified OnCripple Player event so it will not cause surrender if player is in Power Armor
+ modified teleport to send player to the nearest player-owned Workshop (or Sanctuary if none found)
+ removed "I need to retreat" message on teleport outcome
+ modified Follower quest alias script to disarm followers and turn off combat instead of doing it in main script
+ modified companion re-scan so it now occurs whether or not companions can be victims


+ tweaked alias conditions to avoid combat participants not in player cell being left out of scenes
+ added re-scanning for companions after scene starts, to catch companions who were bleeding out when surrender happened
+ modified interface to Rogg DD Items Manager to ensure AAFV won't break if RDDIM is not loaded or is removed later
+ included the revised English dialogue lines that were accidentally left out of 0.44
+ reworded MCM labels and help text


+ added support for facial expression animations.  Can be toggled in MCM
+ increased max animation duration in MCM to 120 seconds
+ changed default and expanded race selection so invalid actors like turrets are never aggressors
+ only humans and non-feral ghouls can surrender to the player
+ DD items will now only be applied by humans, synths, and non-feral ghouls
+ added extra check to ensure manual surrender is disabled when player has already surrendered
+ revised a number of English dialogue text lines to fix grammar errors and make them sound more natural
+ fixed combat targets who were not valid aggressors not being removed from charm faction when pacification ends
+ fixed potential endless loop if there are fewer aggressors than victims and "Sex until exhaustion" is turned on
+ fixed dialogue animation bug where the player could suddenly die after releasing a surrendered enemy
+ fixed spectator NPCs not saying their lines
+ Moved "force update" button to Global Options screen as it caused formatting errors on the splash screen


+ fixed surrendered aggressors potentially becoming victims when player surrenders
+ fixed wrong handling of AnimationStop events in threesomes when AAF sends actor array out of order
+ fixed companions not properly sheathing weapons when surrendering
+ added taking player out of sneak on surrender
+ implemented proper DD Items Manager support (thanks to Roggvir)
+ translation fixes (thanks to Fedim)


+ added toggleable support for animation tags.  If enabled, only animations tagged "aggressive" will play until perversion is active
+ aggressors in Threesomes must be male and either human, non-feral ghouls, synths, or super mutant
+ added fixed to prevent hanging after scenes complete
+ only human, non-feral ghoul, synths, and super mutant aggressors will steal equipment from player
+ various fixes to MCM translations


+ additional threesome scenes fix
+ additional factions reasigning to minimize combat alarms when scene active
+ stop combat alarms for all actor at surendering scene start
+ various fixes to scene ending without teleporting to safe location
+ add integration with Devious Devices switcher to MCM menu


AAF beta 9+ is REQIRED. Clean save is REQUIRED (every time when AAF updated you need to make clean save or bugs WILL appear)
Personaly i'm using AAF beta 10 and there is some new glitches, fixed in latter versions (but those versions is not public yet)

+ AAF.esm is required master for now
+ additional conflicts fixes
+ use AAF_ActorBusy and AFV_ActorBusy keywords for better manipulating actors in scenes
+ all scene actor now moved to CharmFaction at scenes start to prevent various combat alarms
+ fix for threesome stucking (thanks to EgoBallistic)


+ corrections to the logic of the scenes ending, which should correct the situation with frozen scenes
+ debug messages from mod can be turned OFF or ON from MCM menut (recomended to turn it OFF)


+ add delay between last sex round and outcome
+ fix for companion distance settings changing via MCM
+ add "Sex until exhaustion" option. if it turn on sex scenes always continues until exhaustion, even with one rapist. This affect companion too


A manual update procedure is REQUIRED, available in the MCM menu, to update the script version and enable automatic updates.
+ add version comparsion mechanism that will relaunch quests with new variables and make version updates smoother.
+ some surrender hotkey issues fixed
+ add distance check for companions surrendering (can be tune via MCM menu)
+ fix for surrender dialog (i broke it in one of previous version)


+ major compatibility fix for old saves: new variables correctly initialised upon load
+ if teleport option is ON companions correctly ported to player location
+ unequip weapons for all actors in scenes


+ add france translation (thanks to hkheung)


CLEAN SAVE or new game is recomended after updating.
+ renamed esp file for conflicts reason
+ added player immunity option to prevent player character to be raped (for male character walkthrough) if you have both player and companion options disabled no scenes will be avaiable
+ added spam protection system for surrender hotkey using
+ fixed issue whith wrong scenes ending at situations where player had companion but there was no right rapist for this companion


+ fixes for NPC surendering functions


+ MCM translation fix. may bad was too sleepy when packed files


+ Surrender button is now working. Also added hotkey option for surrendering
+ add russian translate for .esp (lie at separate folder) and MCM menu


+ major compatibility fix (not perfect, but working by my tests) - Violate now ignore AAF events if have no own scenes launched. it prevent other mods been terminated by violate


+ Vinfamy Control Panel no more requred for ajust settings.
+ add MCM menu for settings
+ it's possible to change between "teleport after baing raped" and "non teleport" logic via MCM menu. Teleports are ON by default
+ it's possible to change between "enable threesome" and "disable threesome" logic via MCM menu. Threesome are OFF by default


0.3 first public release
+ AAF conversion
+ if companion rape enabled only companion humans and ghouls can be rapists targets
+ player controls disabling when rape scenes playing and player stay at surrender idle
+ rapist will have sex one by one untill all of them wil bee sutisficted (Violate 2.51 have random order so one rapist can have all rounds)
+ only humans and ghouls (not feral) can be spectators and comment sex actions
+ add "broken animation" handler - if any required animation is not exist AAF window with error showns but all actors will not stuck anymore and corectly end stage
+ player no more teleported after rape scenes done: you have 5 seconds to escape from rapists until they become angry



Edited by EgoBallistic

What's New in Version 1.55


  • Added Combat Strip Lite compatibility - there is now an MCM option to disable auto surrender until player accumulates a configurable number of CSL Damage Stacks.
  • Added an OnSurrender event for use by third-party mods.  The event is sent when player surrenders to enemies, and when enemies surrender to the player.  Sample code for its usage is in the FAQ section on the download page.
  • Added an MCM option to abandon the Violate: Retrieval quest.
  • When Aggressors place you in restraints, all of the your and your companions' restraint keys will be removed.  The aggressor who restrains you will now only be given one key of each type, regardless of how many keys you and your companions have.
  • Fixed a potential issue where pacification could time out before starting captivity with Raider Pet.
  • Fixed an issue where using a consumable from the Pip-Boy during pacification would fail due to player still being invulnerable.

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