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  1. This is the best software "Fail Closed" situation I have heard of in the last decade or so. Or to put it more succinctly: Cheers.
  2. Nah, I totally understand mate. Not to mention, you've been putting in a metric assload of work on Prison Alternative. (which has replaced POP in my LO...) So, I mean...really, I haven't a complaint here. Just wanted to inquire as to whether it was still being looked at with an eye toward fixing. I hope at some point a decent fix can be had, as overlays are a big nice to have in Skyrim. Cheers.
  3. Yes. Setting overlays to 0 is not a fix, so much as it is a workaround. Hence Pama's reply. Cheers.
  4. Any chance you will read the mod page itself? The sidebar states very clearly it's compatible. Look. There's the download! Sorry, but this information is readily available, for anyone who actually reads the main mod page mate. Please make sure you read the WHOLE mod page before you install, and the support section...before asking for help here. Cheers.
  5. Hey Pama, Was wondering if you're still planning to fix the problem with overlays causing CTD's with the furniture? I seem to remember awhile back that you were going to eventually circle back to the issue, because it was semi complex, and you were hip deep in other stuff (like PA). Is this still on your radar, my good chum?
  6. No worries. But it is the correct term for them. Gibbeting was an actual form of capital punishment back in the good old days. France actually had a friggin building dedicated to it...with alcoves for hanging lots and lots of gibbets. Anyhow, thanks for coming to my Ted Talk. Cheers!
  7. BTW, the term you're looking for here is: gibbet. They're called gibbets. Cheers!
  8. All valid points, except... The mod is meant to be lightweight, and extendable. i.e: free of cruft, and free of every little idea everyone has that might improve the mod for them. What you're asking for is counterintuitive to the point of the base mod. This has actually been discussed in this thread ad nauseum. If you want more functionality, add it yourself as an extension mod for this mod. Pama has written it for extensibility, and it should absolutely remain clean and small. This mod is meant to be more of a hub, a central point for other mods to add functionality on the periphery; it's not meant to be an AIO that does everything while clogging up memory with elevendy billion scripts of spaghetti code. TL;DR: what you're asking for is a module for Prison Alternative that adds to it externally. What won't happen is adding more functionality to PA itself for every idea that comes floating through this thread. That is as it should be. If you want more, make a mod yourself, or you know....commission a mod maker on patreon to make one for you. But on spec, PA is doing exactly as much as it should. No more, no less. That's the point, as stated on the description.
  9. Protip for MO2: Hold shift and double click to open it in nexus automagically. No need to use the right click-> menu at all. CTRL-Double click opens it in Explorer. Thanks for coming to my TED talk. Cheers.
  10. @EgoBallistic Not sure if this has been suggested or not. But...this mod needs a combat or weapon out specific dialog improvement. So, if you have your weapon out (i.e, in combat): one dialog option is to cut them free, and tell them to run immediately. This ends, they run...and despawn. As it stands, it takes two steps to tell them to get clear. In the heat of the moment, I would love to cut them free and tell them to run. I am pretty sure you can check for weapon drawn to dynamically change the dialog perhaps. Weapon holstered, you get the usual dialog we have now. Weapon out: combat/fast release dialog. Just a suggestion.
  11. You'll note that "what Nexus says" typically does not hold a lot of weight or sway here. Nexus tends to fly by the seat of their pants when it comes to moderation a lot of the time. Their only consistent feature at times is their inconsistency. It's why some mod authors avoid it entirely. Nexus bullshit is enough to turn you grey.
  12. Truly the words of someone who's never had to put together, and tune and/or fix an HDT xml config.
  13. Well, I'm sure it will get fixed right away, I mean...with the incredible amount of detail you supplied about why it's broke...it should be easy to fix. /s
  14. Love this mod, but you might want to put an escape condition in for the player... Mayor Mc Donut followed nearly all the way to CIT. 🤣 Cheers.
  15. Looks at Lewdtalks.ini and sees a 3000 line db file. I'll try to get around to this as soon as I can. Cheers.
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