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About This File

This mod automatically applies face morphs when Devious Devices gags are equipped.  Gagged actors now look like their mouths are being forced open by the gag they are wearing.


Mod Features

The mod applies the morph effect to the following items from Devious Devices:

  • Ball Gag (Harness)
  • Ball Gag (Strap)
  • Panel Gag (Harness)
  • Panel Gag (Strap)
  • Penis Gag
  • Tape Gag

The morphs are automatically applied when a gag is equipped and removed when the gag is unequipped.



  • Some clipping may occur with certain faces, especially if they have extreme jaw sizes or mouth proportions.
  • The pear gag mesh included with Devious Devices is too high and clips with the upper lip.  To get it lined up, edit the mesh in Outfit Studio and lower the Z value of the mesh by 0.7.  It will then look like the one in my screenshots above.  I will try to get permission to redistribute my edited version.
  • The morphs are not permanent; they reset when the game is loaded or if an actor speaks dialogue that has lip-sync animations.  To remedy this, the mod reapplies the morphs on a timed interval.  So it is possible that you will briefly see the actor's mouth return to its normal state, but it should always pop back open within 5 seconds.


  • Devious Devices
  • The LLFP F4SE Plugin, version 35 or newer.  Note that AAF version Beta 103 or newer already includes this version of the LLFP library, so you only need to download LLFP separately if you are using a version of AAF older than Beta 103.


Install the mod's requirements, then install this mod using your favorite mod manager.  Ensure that this mod loads after Devious Devices.



This uses the F4SE functions added in LLFP version 35 which allow Papyrus scripts to access the functionality of the "MFG Morphs" console command.  The mod's plugin attaches a script to each of the "rendered" gag objects which applies and maintains the effects.  All of the objects use the same script; the morph IDs and intensities that each object applies are set in the script properties.


The plugin is an ESL-flagged ESP so it will not count toward your 255-plugin limit.


For Mod Authors

Anyone may freely use the script from this mod to add this functionality to their own outfits.  You will need to attach the MFGOutfit script to the ARMO objects in your mod.  The script properties are an Int32 array of Morph IDs, an Int32 array of Morph Intensities, and a Float refresh interval.  I recommend leaving the interval at 5.0 seconds, though I have not seen peformance impacts from shorter values.  Valid morph IDs are 1 through 48, and valid intensities are 0 to 100.  A chart of morph IDs can be found on this page at Nexus Mods.

What's New in Version 0.2


Tweaked the Penis Gag morphs to open the mouth more.

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