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About This File

This is basically the download for this stuff here :



I finally got to create an AAF animation pack out of atleast some of these animations.


Current Content (1.1) is :


- 2 Human M/F anims

- 1 Dog/Human M/F anim

- 2 Deathclaw/Human M/F anims

- 2 FeralGhoul/Human M/F anims

- 1 FEVHound/Human M/F anim

- 1 Gorilla/Human M/F anim



So in case it's not obvious enough :  this contains bestiality



Known Issues


By the way i had to do he Deathclaw anims, the duration of these animations has to be smaller than 64 seconds.

Not much i can do about that (yet).




What's New in Version 1.1


- Added a FEVHound / Human M/F anim

- Added a Gorilla / Human M/F anim

- added the male "parts" needed for these

- added some sounds ( not all anims )

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