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This is a port of Chosen Clue's great mod Four-Play Sex 'Em Up to the Advanced Animation Framework.


Sex 'Em Up is a casual sex mod that allows for some basic, immersive ways to initiate sex in Fallout 4 via using hotkeys and dialogue to ask for sex, prostitute yourself, masturbate, and more!  It allows you and your companions, and even your dog, to hook up with humans, non-feral ghouls, Gen 3 synths, and super mutants.





Simple pleasures of the world can be free. You can pleasure yourself by holding the SEU Active hotkey for one second.


Flirting and Sex

Flirt with others to sate your carnal desires. Use the Active hotkey, and the person closest to you, within a short distance, will initiate dialogue giving you a host of options to choose from.  You can kiss, cuddle, hug, or have sex, or convince someone to have sex with your companion.  The chance you have of convincing someone is based on your charisma and their charisma, but this can be changed.


You can get those you flirted with to follow you by selecting "Let's find somewhere private" after successfully flirting with them.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your partner using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the dialogue.


You can start a threesome by successfully flirting with someone, then choosing "Hey, want to find someone to join us?"  Then, go to the second NPC you want to be involved in the act, and press the Active hotkey near them to have them join you.



You can ask someone to strip for you. But it may take some convincing! Use the Active hotkey to try to ask them to strip their clothes off.


Sexual Assault

Satiate those desires another way - by means of force. Crouch and use the Active hotkey to attempt to assault the person closest to you, within a short distance. The chance you have of forcing them is based off of your Strength and theirs, but this can be changed.  Be careful - if they fight you off, they will become hostile.


If you'd rather watch the action than participate, you can have your companion assault the victim instead.  In that case, your companion's Strength determines success.


Combat Surrender

Surrender to your enemies.  In combat, use the Passive hotkey to initiate surrender.  You can then negotiate with your enemies - will you bribe them with money, talk your way out, or trade your body for your freedom?



Sell your body for pleasure and profit.  When you are around NPCs, use the Passive hotkey to initiate a prostitution dialogue.  You can then sell your "goods", or those of your companions, for extra caps.  If you've got the charisma for it, drive up the price - but don't get too greedy or your customers may decide you're not worth it.


To go somewhere more private, select "Follow me" in the dialogue.  When you have found the right spot, talk to your customer using the normal dialogue controls (the "e" key) to continue the transaction.


Furniture Selection

You can select furniture for animations with the crosshairs and the Active hotkey.  Walk up to a piece furniture, then press the Active hotkey while the activation prompt (Sit, Sleep, etc.) is on screen.  SEU will show a message indicating the furniture has been selected.  Flirt and Prostitution sex will then use the selected furniture, if possible.  You can do this before initiating dialogue with an NPC, or while they are following you to somewhere more private. 


The mod will remember your selected furniture until you move far away from it, you select another furniture, or you press the Active hotkey with nothing in your crosshairs (you'll see the message "You find nothing interesting").



You can use Mod Configuration Manager to change the many options SEU comes with.




Install the prerequisite mods, listed under Requirements below. 

  • Pay special attention to the F4SE installation -- you must install the Data folder from the F4SE archive into your Fallout 4 folder.

Once you have installed the prerequisites, make sure they work:

  • Use the [Home] key to play some AAF animations. 
  • Open the MCM and view some mod settings.

Then, install AAF Sex 'Em Up (this mod) with your favorite mod manager.


Once you have installed the mod, start up Fallout 4 and go into the Sex 'Em Up MCM and go to the "Hotkeys" page.


There you will find the Sex Em' Up hotkey option. Set your preferred Active and Passive hotkeys here.  You can also select whether each hotkey will select the last actor under the crosshairs, or use an area scan.  By default, the Active hotkey uses the crosshairs, while the Passive hotkey uses an area scan.



Fallout 4 Script Extender (F4SE) by the F4SE team.  Please make sure this is installed correctly.

Advanced Animation Framework (AAF) by Dagobaking.  SEU requires AAF Beta 73 or later.

Mod Configuration Menu by Registrator2000

AAF Themes by Halstrom

Animation Packs: SEU does not include any animations itself.  You must download and install animation packs to use with it.  Atomic Lust, BP70, Crazy's, Farelle, Leito, SavageCabbage, VaderMania, Mutated Lust, all work nicely with this mod.


Note that Rufgt's Atomic Lust animation pack is required tor the Hugging, Flirting, and Cuddling options to work.  The optional file AAF_SEU_XML_Addon.7z modifies the Hug/Kiss/Cuddle animations from Atomic Lust and RufGT's Old Animations so they are gender-neutral and do not force the actors to remove their clothes.  Atomic Lust version 2.5.1b or later is required.


AAF SEU requires Fallout 4 version 1.10.162 or newer.  Older versions of Fallout 4 will not be able to load the esp.  If you are running an older version of Fallout 4 you can use Fallout 4 Plugin Version Check Patcher to enable it to load SEU.


Mod Status and Known Issues


This is a fully functional port of Four-Play SEU version 2.5.1 to AAF.  All of the features of the original mod should work as they did before.  In addition, AAF SEU has several enhancements, including actor selection using the crosshairs, additional options when flirting, protection to prevent hotkey activation while animations from other mods are playing, and full integration with the game's affinity system.


AAF SEU does not require Four-Play at all, nor does it need the Four-Play proxy from AAF.  It relies entirely on native AAF calls for playing animations.





+ Corrected the Threesome routine so the player will not be in the "receiver" role if "Send actors to AAF in reverse order" is set to ON in the MCM

+ Corrected the AnimationData in the AAF SEU XML Addon to use frames instead of time, and used hxkPack to obtain the correct frame counts for each animation.



+ Added ability to select furniture in crosshairs with the active hotkey

+ Added flirting with Robots and Synths

+ Simplified the follow-player AI package and made the NPCs follow much more closely than before



+ Added MCM option to allow users to set isNPCControlled on or off.  It is on by default, which means Position Tree animations proceed automatically.  Setting it to off allows the user to control the animation progress using the AAF interface.



+ Added filter to actor scans so that NPCs with the _NPC_NoLines voice type will be ignored.  This will prevent SEU from reacting to mannequins and similar items which are technically NPCs but not intended to be interacted with.



+ Actors are now added to a Refcollectionalias with a Wait package so they will stay put until animations start.  A failsafe timer will remove them if animation does not start.

+ Removed setting SceneSettings.excludeTags to None to avoid overriding AAF's default values



+ Sex Assaults will now count toward the player's "Assaults" crime stat.  This is for compatibility with CAP's Karma tracking system.

+ Fixed bug where companions' vanilla dialogue became silent while player was engaged in a flirtation, even if not flirting with companion.



+ Added silent lip-synched dialogue files for all spoken dialogue in the mod.

+ Added check that disables the SEU hotkeys if the player's movement and/or activation controls are disabled.



+ Fixed bug in the surrender function introduced in the previous update.



+ Added new tags to hug/kiss/cuddle animations to ensure only correct animations are played

+ Modified furniture search logic for cuddle animation so bed will always be preferred.  If no bed is found, hugging animation will play instead.

+ Added "Send Actors to AAF in Reverse Order" option to allow reversing roles in non-gendered or same-gender animations.  Only applies to consensual 2-actor animations.



+ Added check in Surrender function so surrender scene is aborted if AAF animation doesn't start.



+ Added compatibility with Magno Cum Gaudio sex statistics

+ Replaced "Use AAF Packages" MCM option with "AAF Skip Walk" option



+ Added check for power armor in the Stripping dialogue.  Actors in power armor will say they "Can't do that right now".

+ Enabled AAF walk/stay-in-place packages during animations.

+ Added additional checks to prevent hotkeys being used while in animations or scenes



+ Fixed scene not completing when whoring out companion to a Super Mutant.

+ Added facial expressions to some Flirt dialogue lines that did not have them



+ Fixed Surrender animations not working with new StartSex code.  Recompiled all scripts to ensure everything is in synch.

+ Fixed "Cuddle" tag incorrectly spelled "Cuddling"



+ Added an additional dialogue step when the player is flirting with humanoid NPCs

  • You can now choose to kiss, hug, cuddle, or have sex with your chosen partner
  • Note that the hug, kiss, and cuddle options require appropriate animations tagged with "Hugging", "Kissing", and "Cuddling".  Normal sex animations do not use tags.

+ Modified the Affinity system so that:

  • Affinity is now applied after the animation ends
  • The system now uses the game's built-in affinity scripts for companions that use the vanilla companion system.  This means that raising a companion's affinity via flirting will now trigger the affinity stage dialogues ("Cait admires you", etc).  It also means that affinity will not be raised beyond its current limit, e.g. flirting with Cait cannot raise her affinity past 999 unless her Benign Intervention quest has been completed.
  • Followers who do not use the vanilla companion scripts will still have their affinity raised, but it is a simple increase with no quest stage checks.

+ Removed backward compatibility hacks for AAF versions earlier than Beta 35.  Too many new features in SEU require features in AAF that didn't exist before Beta 35.

+ Minor bug fix in surrender quest to avoid a Papyrus error message when quest is restarted due to upgrading the mod.



+ Added option to select actor under crosshairs for Active and Passive hotkey.

  • Crosshairs option will select the most recent actor that was under the crosshairs if they are still within dialogue range
  • Area scan is the original SEU behavior, which simply selects the closest eligible actor within dialogue range in any direction

+ Fixes from Chosen Clue:

  • Prostitution was using the wrong "follow" package
  • Dialogue for "is this the spot" was on every actor the Player talked to, instead of only on the actor following the player
  • Increased quest priority for Surrender and Prostitution quests



+ Fixed bug where the Flirt dialogue quest could get into a state where it would never start the dialogue if previous Flirt attempt ended abnormally

+ Added distance check to Flirt dialogue so quest ends cleanly if player moves too far away from the actor during the initial dialogues

+ Removed warning about out-of-date AAF versions



+ Added support for animations on furniture.  You can disable or tweak furniture behavior in the MCM under the "Misc" section.  The options are:

  • Enable Furniture Animations:  Turns furniture support completely on or off.
  • Furniture Search Radius:  Determines how close you have to be to furniture for it to be used in an animation.  The default value is about two meters, so if you stand next to a bed or couch it will usually be chosen.  Large values can cause you to teleport to furniture in another room or on another floor.
  • Furniture Preference: the percentage chance that furniture will be used if it is found in the search radius.

+ Fixed a minor issue where actors would sometimes wander around briefly between the end of dialogue and the start of sex animations



+ Initial Release



Edited by EgoBallistic

What's New in Version 1.11


  • The player will no longer be in the "receiver" role in threesomes if "Send actors to AAF in reverse order" is enabled in MCM
  • Corrected the AnimationData XML in the AAF SEU XML Addon so it uses correct frames values

It is safe to update this mod in a running save.

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