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  1. Really at my wits end here. Just trying to get it to where I can initiate Sexlab via Dialogue. I'm following this tutorial here and everything goes well right down to step number 6. It doesn't compile at all. In fact it gives me a laundry list of compiler errors and failures. I would preface this by saying I have already extracted the source scripts of Sexlab, SKSE, and SkyUI into data/scripts/source and it still doesn't work. Please, can someone talk me through this? Here's the list so get your reading glasses on:
  2. HI FRIENDS I got issues with my game. My framerate decreases over time. I'm pretty sure it's due to a fuckload of scripting bullshit. I was wondering if you guys could take a look at my debug log and give me some comments on whats going on if something has an error I could fix. \o/ Arigatou! Heres my load order Papyrus.0.log Papyrus.1.log Papyrus.2.log Papyrus.3.log
  3. Changing light source parameters (color, radius, fade, pulsation) via scripts. It is possible? The point is that I'm trying to make an "upgrade" for the QuickLite mod, with the ability to select different light styles. But, unfortunately, I do not see the right way to make this. Creating hundreds of different versions of light sources - this is not the right way.
  4. After a six month or longer hiatus, I am trying to get a reinstallation of Skyrim and my choice of mods back to at least a semi-playable status. However, I am stuck at the moment with CTD everytime I try to search a body, which is required for pretty much any sort of Skyrim gameplay. At the moment I could only speculate that it may likely be a missing or corrupted asset, and possibly either having to do with Devious Devices add-ons, or Cursed Loot involving traps on searching bodies being active. I am not suggesting anything wrong or buggy about any of those mods specifically, and have often used them with no issues in the past, but rather an add-on or replaced asset causing a crash when those mod's functions may be triggered. I could disable one or both to narrow it down, or to try to determine if my suspicions are correct, but what would be much more useful, is if there are any tools that I may have forgotten or not be aware of, that could generate logs that may identify the cause of CTD so that I can fix it, rather than simply disabling desired features. Unfortunately, I do have some issues that make it difficult for me to retain more complex or technical knowledge, so I'm pretty much relearning everything regarding Playing and editing Skyrim mods. This includes forgetting the names of any tools I may have previously used for things like script logging, etc. Any help, information, advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. More specific info for anybody curious: Mods listed as Activated in NMM: Load Order (Checked with both NMM automatic sorting, and then rechecked using LOOT, but looking for any suggestions that may work better) :
  5. So SKSE got it's Alpha build for SSE released so I figured I'd try converting some SKSE dependent Oldrim mods I have installed to SSE as a way to learn how Papyrus ticks and possibly use what I learn for making my own SKSE dependent mods in the future. To begin with I'm trying to edit the version check in the script zzCharacterMakingExtenderScript in the ECE mod so it sees the current version of SSE as a supported version and have the mod work. Editing the source file was easy enough, I think. I then went to compile it but I just get a stream of errors, thankfully I know where to find them in the script but I don't know why it's causing the error. I've included a .txt file of the errors being displayed to me when I attempt to compile the script. The whole point of this is just curiosity. I just want to see if I can get ECE running on SSE with SKSE and what I can try to make it work. The whole thing is a huge learning experience for me. I just view this as if I were taking apart any electronic device you could think of. So yeah, that's the gist of it, any advice would be great. Am I jumping into the deep end? Maybe, but I find it easier using that approach. Compile Errors.txt
  6. Hi i`ve been playing and modding both Skyrim and Fallout games for a while now. These recent years i`ve been doing alot of 3D modeling, Sound design and Programming. Now i have decided to start making some mods and need help with some noob stuff. First of all i have been using 3Ds Max for all my animation and models. I have very basic knowledge of the geck and nifscope, but don`t know how to make custom collision for my models. If anyone can drop by any useful videos or anything that could help me i would appreciate it. I have already been reaserching and trying to do most stuff by my self, but some things are bit hard to learn by playing around with the programs. My 3ds max is 2017 version
  7. Hello, Im trying to get a character into a faction via scripts, the way i tried i by creating a quest, then when you talk to said character the quest completes, in the objective of the quest the factions are changed. but im having a problem when compiling it says that the Ref alias is undefined. Maybe some of th ebrilliant minds around here will be able to explain to me what am i doing wrong. and these are the errors i am getting it may be a really stupid thing, but i really cant see wht it is.
  8. Why use | HasNode () | undetectable role Body... and other nodes, but with "WeaponDagger" can pass, will be able to use node has what?
  9. I would like to create list of mods that utilize scripts and list their impact on Skyrim's script engine (Papyrus): Script-heavy mods aren't necessarily bad or poorly polished. Skyrim's script engine wasn't made for tons of scripts to run and so it is rather limited. A number of tweaks and expansions to the script engine try to overcome the limitations, add new features or make it more stable, but despite that Papyrus only can handle a limited amount of scripts in a given time. When this limit is exceeded Skyrim starts to become unresponsive, crashes or saves become unloadable. (A simple way to measure your papyrus performance is to use the script latency test of Convenient horses). And even if your game is performing without problems at one moment you can run into serious problems when doing quest with much script action. So it is wise to limit the amount of mods which utilize scripts and therefore the overall scriptload. My ideas for the style of the list: The mods shall be ordered into 3 categories, namely low, medium and high impact (no color means missing information) Only the latest version of a specific mod should be listed. If you find mistakes or a mod changes related to scriptload please report it. Several mods offer options to reduce the scriptload, but for this list i would like to show the "default" impact with untweaked settings. (maybe italic font, if the mod can be tweaked in that regard. If you want to know how the impact of a mod is ask for it to be added. The list isn't limited to Loverslab or Sexlab mods! the list is not about judging mods, it shall only list their specific scriptimpact mods are in alphabetical order if you do not agree about a specific mod tell us! But now i need your help! Let the hunt begin!
  10. Hi, I try to create a small quest based on "Hidden Peaks of Solstheim". The goal of the quest is conquering the four hidden peaks one by one in four stages. The problems are: The quest doesn't start. If I use setstage quest 10 command and reach one of the peak by using fast travel, it doesn't complete the stage, and pass to the next stage. Here it is my settings for the quest: Hidden Peaks of Solstheim.7z If You can help me anyway, I'll appreciate...
  11. Here's a bunch of scripts for Fallout 2, if anyone's interested... A simple script that allows you to gain a perk with every new level: Source Code: procedure start; procedure start begin set_perk_freq(1); end Compiled Script: PerkEveryLevel.7z Requirements: Fallout 2 installation with SFall enabled Installation: Extract the .INT file inside the data\scripts\ folder. A script that fixes a bug in Nirran's "Lootable Armor" script. The original script doesn't allow looting female combat armor due to a wrong item type check. The script also lowers skill requirements for looting armor like below... Compiled Script: LootableArmorPatch.7z Requirements: Fallout 2 Restoration Project 2.3.x, Nirran's Lootable Armor Installation: Extract the .INT file inside the data\scripts\ folder.
  12. So I am using this mod right here 28 days and a bit. (http://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/33037/?) And I really do like it a lot however I noticed that the zombies in this particular mod don't use the same lovers lab animations when ever they manage to defeat mine or other characters in the game. The most I get is a frozen frame of my character that twitches around and moans (can be rather funny). My question being is there actually a way to combine both the zombie sex animations with the zombies used in this mod? Before we get into all the details, I've already tried to download both mods manually and pick and place their files where I figured they would go....didn't accomplish much or maybe I put the wrong files in the wrong place. I don't know. I'm not a master modder, but I'm good enough that I rarely ever have to ask for help but in this case Its beyond my own understanding. Lovers with Creatures Lovers with PK LoversMotionNT LoversRapersS Are the main sex mods i'm using. Once again, in case i'm not being 100% clear. All of these mods work 100% fine on their own. My objective is trying to combine the lovers animations to the zombies added by this mod. Thats it.
  13. I needed a function that would search an array for a specific value and return its index. Came up with this, INT Function iDDeFindStringIdx(STRING[] sArray, STRING sFind = "") INT iCount = sArray.Length INT i = 0 While (i < iCount) If (sArray[i] == sFind) RETURN i Else i += 1 EndIf EndWhile RETURN -1 EndFunction Would call it like so, iDDeFindStringIdx(sArray, sValue) But then I find that there is a Papyrus global function that does the same thing. sArray.Find(sValue) So, which one would be faster and less expensive?
  14. Butt Scaling/Resizing Spells?

    So far I've found the Breast Size Scaling for NPCs mod (http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62472/?) to be quite to my liking, but it doesn't include a an option for butt scaling and/or other body parts. I tried searching around on LL when I came across this mod: http://www.loverslab.com/files/file/1584-all-nude-play/ Unfortunately the ring system is it provides is pretty ineffective and the mod is confusing and poorly arranged overall. Is there any way I could modify the scripts in the scaling mod to add butt scaling spells for NPCs? I'm not too familiar with editing scripts but I could give it a shot and edit the esp in TES5edit. I'm using XPMSE on a TBBP body so there should be some nodes to work with for this.