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  1. Yes I did. I need to make my own tentacle though with more bones and higher poly mesh. Yeah I will make a SLAL version when I have settled on version 1.0
  2. RohZima

    RZAPO update to .16

    New animations update2HQ.mp4
  3. new animations coming soon update2HQ.mp4
  4. Well there is a quest that is along those lines sort of. It's a bit hard to do... There is several tentacle type armors and stuff. There is my Apocryphal Animations mod. The stuff going on in that pic would be a bit hard to do though. The way it might work is you have the tentacle as a "furniture" with say, instead of saying "sit" it says "investigate". You click on it then the tentacle animation plays.
  5. RohZima

    RZAA vid july 2020

  6. Some new animations being developed. Next comes collisions and more animations. update will be here soon. AA2Vid.mp4
  7. I've never heard of havok2fbx I'll check it out. I think it very hard. You can use the skeleton that is part of the mesh, ie the body, cbbe or whatever. You would have to parent the bones and stuff yourself which is probably too much work. You could use one of the rigs that is already made from the modding community, but you might have to delete all the extra bones (controllers, targets) that the modder added. Or maybe you can parent that skeleton from the character rig onto the body mesh that you have in there. Remember the skeleton has to be exactly the same for blender actions to work. Which means you could make your own, being careful to have the head and tails in the right place. If I had to do it for some reason, I would just use the bone data that is attached to the body mesh you imported (vertex groups). And parent the bones together, joining the head, feet and hands to the main skeleton. As for importing the actual animation, I have no idea how that is done but I'm sure it has been done because people have released adjusted versions of various animations, like the sneaking animation. Tldr: It's too hard, don't bother.
  8. Hey, well it must be coming from a plugin. If F4SE had that feature like SKSE where you click on an object and it tells you from which plugin it comes this would be simple. But it looks like you will have to just figure out the boring way, mods one at a time and test. Or maybe in tesedit you could check which plugins effect that area?
  9. That was pure artistic genius; almost brought a tear to my eye. 😭
  10. ECE I always make mine a little cross eyed. Maybe a bit too much.
  11. Yeah I like it. I'm going to add a lot of anims to that one before I move on.
  12. There is some new animations. Some need a little tweaking. I'm planning to make my own tentacles soon for more versatility. 😉 update1.mp4
  13. RohZima

    RZAPO update to .15

    Some new anims update1.mp4
  14. Sorry no it's not the "offset" animation that you can run with. I think you can just ignore that error.
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