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About this blog

Greetings everyone! This page contains my various Bethesda blogs. At the time of this update, it contains my troubleshooting playthrough series, my Skyrim modding diary, my mod cleanup case study series, and my Shout Like a Virgin beta test blog. You can access all the entries from the sidebar on the right side of your screen.



I've recently exceeded the 1000 mod threshold, and it's time to start periodically doing brief playthroughs to ferret out hidden conflicts and other bugs. In this series, we'll do shorter, more focused adventures where we try to tell an interesting story and also talk about what problems we ran into them and how we addressed them.


  • Charley's Story: Charlotte Ellison survived a nuclear war by spending more than two hundred years in stasis. Now she has to survive in a very new world, facing very new threats. A Fallout 4 playthrough.
  • The Spider's Web: Kirstia's search for answers has taken her to the island of Solstheim. Now she must uncover the secret of The Teacher - also known as Mephala - and continue the journey to master her powerful magical heritage. But can she survive as her enemies, new and old, close in? 
  • The Curious Case of Forrien Hlaalu: A year after she returned to Northpoint, Kirstia is back in Skyrim and looking for answers. The strange events that occured during her search for Sybil Fjotra continue to trouble her, as does the ongoing influence of the strange gods of the Forsworn. After a chance encounter over drinks, a wizard from the College of Winterhold sets her on the trail of a scholar who may have the answers she needs...
  • The Search for the Sybil: Exiled from Skyrim to the remote land of Northpoint, Kirstia Bjissen has fallen on hard times. Just as she hits rock bottom, a voice speaks to her and charges her with a sacred quest that will take her back to her native land - and likely into danger. Can Kirstia find the new Sybil of Dibella before her past catches up with her?
  • Shout Like a Virgin: Miraculously saved from death, Monilee of High Rock finds herself in Skyrim, a land riven by civil war and harboring dark secrets. While she tries to build a new life in this foreign land, she's haunted by half-remembered dreams, and in chasing them she discovers her role in the turning of the ages. However, Monilee has not gone unnoticed by powers outside the mortal realm. Used as a pawn in the struggle between Nocturnal and Dibella, it will take all her wits, endurance, bravery, and stubbornness to reclaim sovereignty over her body and her soul.


Modding Diary

This series tracks my modding projects in-between playthroughs and case studies. The main focus will be on the technical processes of cleaning, editing, and integrating mods into a large load order configuration, including managing emergent multi-mod interactions. 


Modding Case Studies

This blog reviews the tools and techniques that authors and end users can apply to make their mods as stable and compatible as possible, as well as how end users can integrate complicated mods into a large load order setup. In addition to coverage of well known techniques such as automatic mod cleaning, this blog delves into more complicated issues such as navmesh repair. 


Entries in this blog

You're probably noticed my absence...

Hi folks, if you're a regular reader of my blog, you've probably noticed that I haven't been active for the last couple weeks. Part of that is just the normal holiday season workload, but I've also had some challenging family developments recently that have diverted a lot of my hobby time onto filial responsibilities. I'm not going to say that I won't be posting anything - writing is a good outlet for stress relief after all - but I wouldn't expect any regular tempo of content until after the ne


gregaaz in Miscellaneous

Interlude - A Patch On The Nexus

Hi folks, today was originally going to have a short blog post for the 1900 Mods Shakedown project (I had pretty limited time because of work commitments) but I got side tracked answering a question on one of my old blog posts which ended up sending me down a rabbit hole of the good kind. The end result was me publishing a "new" mod on the Nexus. I use quotes on 'new' because this is a cleaned up version of some of the work I did for the mod diary back in June.   Still, if you like tre


gregaaz in Miscellaneous

Bethesda Modding Diary Special Edition - Real Estate Recon

Hi folks, it's been a while! Star Citizen 3.17.2 is really solid and it's been eating up a lot of my free time. On top of that, my wife and I have recently started watching the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise in chronological order. It turns out that almost all the Gundam blu rays were on sale on Amazon, so we were able to fill in the gaps of what isn't streaming right now. Finally, I discovered and briefly binged Frostpunk, which I highly recommend. Long story short, I've had a lot of competition

Programming Note - Upcoming Star Citizen Patch

Hi folks, I just wanted to check in with you and let you know that I probably won't be posting blogs for the next few days. As I write this, we're waiting for a major patch to drop for Star Citizen that will introduce many new features. This drop will also be coming with a progress wipe, so in addition to trying out the new content I'll also need to be doing some re-work to renew my bounty hunter licenses and so forth. As a result, that game will be my main focus at least through this weekend.

Gregaaz Modding Index

Hi folks, it's been a while since I started the mod diary series and recently I went to look up a mod... and realized that I had no idea where it was located. So I think today's project is going to be to make an index of all the mods we've covered so far. This blog post will stay at the top of the table of contents on the main blog page and will be kept updated as more mods get reviewed and integrated. I'll also include a brief summary of the contents of each link. All mods will be here in alpha

PSA - Racemenu Memory Leak Fixed on SSE

Hi folks, I realized that I had forgotten to cover something in today's modding diary. If you've been in the hobby for a while, you probably know that for some time there have been suspicions that Racemenu contained a memory leak in its DLL file. This was recently confirmed by the community and it was subsequently fixed in the version of Racemenu for version 1.6. However, the author did not provide an update for the 1.5.97 runtime.    There is now a community developed hotfix you can d

Quick Programming Note

Hi folks, you may have noticed that I never got around to the next volume of my modding diary about Immersive Jewelry compatibility. I've had a little bit of a real life surprise (a moving truck full of furniture is arriving on Wednesday instead of in a few weeks because of a change of plans that wasn't communicated to me earlier  ) and I'm franticly getting ready for this. I don't plan on making any blog posts until Friday, 6/17, as a result.    Just wanted to let everyone know that I

Mini Case Study: ESL Flagging and Legacy of the Dragonborn

Welcome back, and hope you're all having a nice relaxing weekend. Instead of a normal modding diary today, we'll be doing a special mini case study focusing on one objective: cutting down the number of hard load order index reservations in SSE by compacting mods associated with Legacy of the Dragonborn.    So why is this an issue? If you're familiar with ESL flagging, you know that often you have to change the form ID structure of a file to apply the ESL flag. That's because ESL-flagge

Meanwhile, in Skyrim...

Hi folks, I hope you have all been enjoying Charley's adventures. Meanwhile, I'm a little embarrassed to say that I think I've burned out a bit on Kirsti's adventure. I have only myself to blame: I launched into her latest adventure with a less clear idea of what I wanted to do than before, and especially with the more focused Fallout playthrough running in parallel, I'm just not mustering the energy to dive into her game for now. On top of that, I'm fast accumulating a pile of interesting mods

Programming Note - Super-Robot-Wars-induced delay

Hi folks, hope you're enjoying Charley's adventure so far! I'm excited to get rolling with her next chapter, and also with Kirstia's ongoing adventures. However, Super Robot Wars 30 just dropped its expansion pack today, so I anticipate that I won't have much to post here for the next few days as I check out the new 'mech content. Thanks for you patience, and see you all soon!

Programming Note - Site Performance Issues

Hi folks, it's been a little while. I wanted to take a moment to update you all on one of the reasons you haven't seen new entries recently. Basically, and I'm sure you've noticed this also, Loverslab is have pretty serious performance issues. Currently, I experience long latency on almost every website functions and it's very difficult for me to successfully upload images. I soldiered through this for a while, but as performance has continued to degrade it's reached the point where it's not ten

Mini Case Study: Guards Armor Replacer as a Standalone

Hi folks, we'll be back with Kirsti's adventure soon (I'm a little distracted with Star Citizen 3.17's public test right now). But in the meanwhile, a commenter on Reddit asked about turning Guards Armor Replacer into a standalone mod. I actually did just that much earlier in my modding effort, and under normal circumstances I'd just share my converted plugin. However, this mod has somewhat closed permissions that restrict sharing edited versions, so instead I offered to document the steps to do

A Quick Programming Note

Hi folks, you may have noticed that we didn't get a modding diary yesterday and that I haven't posted anything today. I've had an upset stomach all day and as a result I've been taking it easy and not working on any hobby stuff. The next blogs will come out soon - tomorrow or Sunday at the latest. Thanks for your patience, I look forward to sharing more of my modding experiences with you all soon!

Help me plan my next story blog!

Hi folks, I wanted to take a moment to cross-post this poll from the forums. I am looking to start a new narrative blog in January, and I'd love your input on the kind of adventure you want to see. If you're seeing this because you follow my blog posts, I'm especially interested in your input and hope you can take the time to fill out the poll!


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