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  1. Yes, it was part of the package that the "skip initial story" option applied to Monywyr
  2. Chapter 29 is up... Monywyr gets stuck babysitting, meets a pants-challenged adventurer, and gets surprised by a ghost.
  3. It must have been nearly midnight when Monywyr arrived at the old border post that marked Riverwood's southern limit. He wondered if Lucan Valerius would remember him - remember Monilee, that is - but somehow he doubted it. Really, Monywyr was more concerned with just getting in the door. He knew he had the gold to afford a night at the Sleeping Giant, but Rose's urgency pushed him to avoid delay. And yet, delays found him. The gaggle of elves dressed in golden armor was impossible to miss. Thalmor. For all his care in trying to pass the gate inconspicuousl
  4. My "something else" vote should be interpreted as "all of the above," as when I start a new game I frequently change up my race/sex/playstyle and I prefer not losing tons of features based on those decisions. On an unrelated note, the first chapter of Monywyr's story is up. Might get a second one later tonight...
  5. "Approach, my child, and choose how your new life shall begin..." Monywyr felt a presence behind him. Just moments ago, he was sure he was alone in the cell. Now... he was not so certain. Dim memories flitted through his mind, of another life, and of a dream of pine and lavender. He knew that when he turned, he would once again face the idol of Mara. Monywyr considered delay. The transformation Nocturnal had subjected to had been anything but painless, and his whole body ached. Still, he knew there was nothing to be gained by denying the goddess. With a dee
  6. For me, that would be the ideal outcome! But I realize that compacting the form IDs would require people to start new games with whatever version gets that treatment, so I don't mind doing it "self-service" if I have to... just want to confirm it won't break anything!
  7. Hi @Inte, thank you for continuing to maintain the mod and POP. I'm updating all my mods in advance of starting a new game, and I noticed two things: 1) I am getting close to running out of plugin slots... getting up in the the Ex indices. 2) SUM only contains 217 records, so in SSE it's a candidate to have an ESL flag added that will allow it to load in the extended FE form ID space. I glanced through the scripts and didn't notice anything within SUM itself that looks like it would break if I compacted the file myself (though I'd need to regenerate the SEQ file of
  8. Concur. Especially with Skyrim's Shrouded Secret evolving into a full-on DLC, futa support seems like a very relevant feature to include.
  9. Hi folks, it's been a while since I was able to put much time into playing Skyrim, but I've got one last 8.0.3 blog entry before we make the jump to 8.0.4. This one's pretty thoroughly illustrated, so hope you all enjoy!
  10. "I've been meaning to ask you something," Lucien said, "got a moment?" Monilee nodded her assent as she lounged on one of her new home's comfortable chairs. "Look, you know I'm not very good at practical things. You know... combat." Edippa chuckled, "I don't know, there's plenty of... practical things you're good at." The scholar blushed for a moment before driving on. "What I mean is, I rely on you to win our battles and... I shouldn't. So I suppose I was wondering: do you think you could train me?" Now it was Shayna's turn to inter
  11. I believe in the MCM you can find a checkbox to put the mod's functions on hold.
  12. Mod doesn't start populating dialogue options until after a save / load. I'm unsure why this is, I don't remember the SL version working this way so it's probably the fault of my changes. It will be fixed eventually. This sounds like it might be a problem with the SEQ file. You may want to try regenerating the SEQ file in xEdit and see if this fixes the problem.
  13. Yeah, as VM said above, it's a requirement for this mod in particular. In general, you'll get better "fits" with supported outfits if you run bodyslide for them. Even if they ship with default meshes, it's a flip of the coin if they're vanilla body, UNP, CBBE, etc., and there's no guarantee they'll look right on your character. You should be aware too that on the Lab, some mods don't ship with a prebuilt mesh at all, so if you don't run bodyslide you may get invisible parts. TL;DR - Bodyslide is a very useful tool that you should be using
  14. Did you build them in bodyslide, using the same bodyslide settings you used for the character body? Are your body physics mods up to date?
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