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About this blog

Greetings everyone! This page contains my various Bethesda blogs. At the time of this update, it contains my troubleshooting playthrough series, my Skyrim modding diary, my mod cleanup case study series, and my Shout Like a Virgin beta test blog. You can access all the entries from the sidebar on the right side of your screen.



I've recently exceeded the 1000 mod threshold, and it's time to start periodically doing brief playthroughs to ferret out hidden conflicts and other bugs. In this series, we'll do shorter, more focused adventures where we try to tell an interesting story and also talk about what problems we ran into them and how we addressed them.


  • Charley's Story: Charlotte Ellison survived a nuclear war by spending more than two hundred years in stasis. Now she has to survive in a very new world, facing very new threats. A Fallout 4 playthrough.
  • The Spider's Web: Kirstia's search for answers has taken her to the island of Solstheim. Now she must uncover the secret of The Teacher - also known as Mephala - and continue the journey to master her powerful magical heritage. But can she survive as her enemies, new and old, close in? 
  • The Curious Case of Forrien Hlaalu: A year after she returned to Northpoint, Kirstia is back in Skyrim and looking for answers. The strange events that occured during her search for Sybil Fjotra continue to trouble her, as does the ongoing influence of the strange gods of the Forsworn. After a chance encounter over drinks, a wizard from the College of Winterhold sets her on the trail of a scholar who may have the answers she needs...
  • The Search for the Sybil: Exiled from Skyrim to the remote land of Northpoint, Kirstia Bjissen has fallen on hard times. Just as she hits rock bottom, a voice speaks to her and charges her with a sacred quest that will take her back to her native land - and likely into danger. Can Kirstia find the new Sybil of Dibella before her past catches up with her?
  • Shout Like a Virgin: Miraculously saved from death, Monilee of High Rock finds herself in Skyrim, a land riven by civil war and harboring dark secrets. While she tries to build a new life in this foreign land, she's haunted by half-remembered dreams, and in chasing them she discovers her role in the turning of the ages. However, Monilee has not gone unnoticed by powers outside the mortal realm. Used as a pawn in the struggle between Nocturnal and Dibella, it will take all her wits, endurance, bravery, and stubbornness to reclaim sovereignty over her body and her soul.


Modding Diary

This series tracks my modding projects in-between playthroughs and case studies. The main focus will be on the technical processes of cleaning, editing, and integrating mods into a large load order configuration, including managing emergent multi-mod interactions. 


Modding Case Studies

This blog reviews the tools and techniques that authors and end users can apply to make their mods as stable and compatible as possible, as well as how end users can integrate complicated mods into a large load order setup. In addition to coverage of well known techniques such as automatic mod cleaning, this blog delves into more complicated issues such as navmesh repair. 


Entries in this blog

Skyrim Modding Diary - 25 July 2022

Well, it's Monday again. Temperatures are down a bit compared to last week, but its still unclear if we're getting rain. I certainly hope so... I'm ready for some cool breeze. Today's probably going to be a quick one. I have a bunch of low impact mods to install. I've also got a couple of JK interior mods that I want to integrate, but my it remains to be seen how much of that I'm going to actually get done.    Today's Numbers     Housekeeping   OK, that was

Skyrim Modding Diary - 24 July 2022

Welcome back, everyone! Today might be a quick one, but at a minimum I want to knock out a couple of NPC mods that I've been dragging my feet on and a more recent NPC mod that I want to pluck a specific piece of data out of for my world. I have a lot more on my plate, but its just too hot today for me to really sink a ton of time into modding!   Number Games     Just The One Face, Please   Checking Out That Russian Mod   How'd That Get On My Pho

Bethesda Modding Diary - 20 July 2022

Hi folks, and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed yesterday's dive in to the ships of the 22nd century Deep Space Fleet - I'm looking forward to doing the next volume, though I need to do some research first, especially into Brad Torgerson's studies into the actual size of 23rd century Drells compared to the notoriously flawed FASA art. Even as I wrote the last article, I learned some new things "in progress", such as about the existence of the LD5 in Star Fleet Battles and the specific differences

Bethesda Modding Diary - 15 July 2022

Welcome back, everyone! I was very disappointed to discover that, despite producing enough content to have a new episode every week, Paramount has somehow managed to schedule six weeks with no new Star Trek episodes! Fortunately, The Orville is still airing new episodes on Hulu, but I'd really got used to a steady stream of new Trek. Today is going to be a light modding day, because I've got a lot of conflicting demands on my time, but I do still want to make some progress at least. By the way,

Bethesda Modding Diary - 14 July 2022

Hi folks, welcome back! I can't speak for how in depth today's diary will be, since I'm in the middle of a fairly involved project at work, but I didn't want to completely neglect hobby time either. Fun fact, by the way, Loverslab is really good at caching unfinished posts. I started writing a Charley chapter yesterday, but quickly ran into runner's block and ended up just turning on god mode and doing some free-building instead. However, when I came back today and started this post, Loverslab p

Bethesda Modding Diary - 12 July 2022

Welcome back, folks. I hope you enjoyed our little trip to Qo'noS yesterday - as I mentioned in the comments, one of my key reference books is MIA right now but once I find it I may come back and expand on that some more. In the meanwhile, let's do some Skyrim modding!   Lucky Numbers     The Easy Stuff First   Sprucing Up Blackreach   Choo Choo!   Well, I was expecting Blackreach Railroad to require a lot more work, so this wrapped

Bethesda Modding Diary - 09 July 2022

Happy Saturday everyone, and welcome back. Yesterday, @Talesien posted a question about the Old Kings and how they relate to the Klingon Empire. The Kings are "deep lore" from the Star Fleet Battles materials, and to discuss them properly it's important to understand the geopolitical situation in and around the Klingon Empire. So today we'll start that conversation.   Of course, this is the Bethesda Modding Diary, so we'll also be covering some Bethesda mods. I didn't really see anythi

Bethesda Modding Diary - 08 July 2022

Hi everyone, hope you've been having a good week so far. I've been dragging my feet on updating Fallout 4 and I think that'll be my focus today, though I'll also add in one or two small Skyrim mods.    As an aside, is anyone familiar with the website DDS Workshop? I only learned about the site today, and it seems to have some interesting material - including a complexion mod that includes options for creating characters with vitiligo. Apparently these mods were previously paywalled (bo

Bethesda Modding Diary - 07 July 2022

Welcome back, everyone. Season finale for Strange New Worlds is tonight... that series has really exceeded expectations, hasn't it? To be fair, it's kind of the "real" Discover season 3, and by that metric it's due to grow the beard and get its space legs. Between that and a new Orville, I think I know what my wife and I are going to be doing over dinner     In the meanwhile, as I mentioned yesterday I decided to shelf The Seamstress Guild until I have the time to give it a step-by-ste

Bethesda Modding Diary - 06 July 2022

Happy Wednesday, everyone! I hope you're having a great day so far. I, for one, spent most of my day sitting in the lobby at my IT office because half the staff was on vacation, leading to huge delays on service. Wheeeeeee! But all's well now, so I guess I can't complain too much. Today is going to be a pretty quick session, I basically have a quest mod, a gear mod, and an NPC enemy mod that I want to get installed, but unless I find myself with a lot more free time than I'm anticipating, that'l

Bethesda Modding Diary - 05 July 2022

Welcome back, folks! Yesterday turned into a rather involved exercise, so today I'm going to try and catch up on some lighter-weight mods. Notably, a new statuary mod has come out that's causing me to reconsider an earlier mod that at the time I skipped. We've also got some new Trek lore to delve into.   Fallout counts are unchanged from last time, Skyrim counts are 1745 installed, 1693 plugins, last load order index EC.   Starship Histories   Think Of The Childre

Bethesda Modding Diary - 04 July 2022

Hi everyone, and happy 4th of July to my readers in the USA! Today I'm going to finish up with my Sanguine related modding and maybe some more stuff too, it time permits. We didn't update our Fallout mod count last time but our starting counts for Skyrim are:   Mods installed: 1743 Plugins active: 1692 Final load order index: EC   Nerdy Stuff   Wrapping Up With Sanguine   Unfortunately, that actually required a fair amount of wrestli

Bethesda Modding Diary - 03 July 2022

Welcome back, everyone! Today we're going to customize a mod that normally wouldn't be a great fit so that it meshes better with the game world. We're also going to add some more defensive options to Fallout in anticipation of the next chapter in Charley's story nope, ran out of time  . Fallout 4 already picked up another mod when I installed Guard Posts and Spotlights while I was writing Chapter 42, though it didn't make it into the final cut of the chapter. Here's our starting mod counts:

Bethesda Modding Diary - 01 July 2022

Welcome back, everyone. Today we're going to take on a few different goals - installing a couple new quality of life mods, fixing a few glitched interactions I've discovered over the last couple weeks, and integrating some Khajiit themed mods. I've also got a new Fallout 4 mod to add. Since we haven't reviewed the Fallout 4 mod count for a while, let's look at where both games stand going into today:   Skyrim Mods installed: 1735 Plugins active: 1680

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