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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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3 hours ago, Leytra said:

Kuchi sabishii. Eating because your mouth is lonely.

Or as it roughly translates to in english, eating out of boredom, because you just want to do something with your mouth.

Don't see why that wouldn't apply to vampires too, they still get bored.

True to that.


Testing some stuff out... He is SO adorable! I wanna keep him!



If Dragon Anims weren't such a pain in my ass xD

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16 hours ago, Swe-DivX said:

Sexlife API 3, Can a menu be sexy, so many choices 😁


Nice. Looking forward to the gangbanger part. (so i can maybe finally ditch matchmaker.)


3 hours ago, Jeff_9 said:


Bethesda AI: It Just Works™

.. Maybe keep it in Tupperware? 🤣



A Man and his Dogs. Starting the game in Soltsheim isn't so bad.. But i should probably go to skyrim soon.




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14 minutes ago, Grey Cloud said:

That may be the first time Tupperware has ever been mentioned on this site. 🤔 Hopefully it will be the last. 🤣

I will try to restrain myself from mentioning it again  😓😂

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Stopped outside Dimhollow Crypt to remind an uppity Rift guard of the importance of showing proper respect at all times.





I'm not in any particular hurry.




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Started a new, proper playthrough in an ice-cold and unforgiving Skyrim. And for this I've grabbed my most powerful and capable companion I have.



Ain't quite nothing like a psychopathic Nord and a short-tempered Orc unleashing chaos and destruction upon their enemies.


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Just in the middle of raiding a small tomb.



The fuck is this?



Asking myself if my followers would know..



By the looks of it i think.. Not.


Back in the Inn:


I miss my Dogs..



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Just suffered a major heart attack in the Temple of the Divines. I turned around to find myself face to face with this thing which I'd never set eyes on before. Turns out he was added by the latest update of Enemy Plus.

Holy change of underwear, Batman.




To make it worse he doesn't sell drugs. Poisons yes, drugs no.



She'll get nosebleeds being that high up.





I was trying to catch her iddy-biddy butt but (see what I did there?) she wouldn't stand still. She'll be using that sword as a crutch before the week's out.

I'm not convinced with my Elrindir makeover in the corner there. 🤔


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Dealing with Arch-Curate Vyrthur.


Nice story you've got to tell there.


Too bad none of us care about it.



Now you've made her angry. You know what that means, right?



Are you happy now? You've messed up all these shiny tiles with your filthy vampire blood.


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When i uploaded "TrainMe" Mod i was not thinking that sm1 may think about "TrainMe" as some kind of Slave Mod or something...

To me it was cool name but after thinking and some ppl messages i realise that... yee Train Me might sound little like Fuck Mod :x...


But then some ppl write to me messages and wanted some Sex Mods... tbh i was never doing that... i was only having some fun with SL Scripts

but never was using SL in real Mod :x...




Mod Name: [Tobi] Revenge 


Do You know Night of Revenge The Game?...

If You don't just Search it on XVideos or RedTube 

Here You can see Night of Revenge on XVideos: https://www.xvideos.com/video37435667/night_of_r._demo_version_0.15_-_animation_gallery_uncensored_


in Shordt: NoR is game similar to Dark Souls, You run and kill monster and bosses, You find better gear and level up to kill even stronger bosses

If Monster knock You down they will come near You and fuck You, if You lose ( all your HP ) You can play "Game Over" scene - those are rly nice

( ps. if u want to download i can share it on Google Docs - Game is free You can download for free from other websites but 90% of them with limited speed )


My Revenge Mod will be pretty similar but with some differences ❤️

1) You can explore old abandoned underground city 

2) You can be defeated and taken as Slave

3) You can take Slaves ( You have 2 Prison cells in ur Hideout )

4) You can defeat bosses and build ur Revenge Guild ( You just hire other girls and fight together ( also fuck together ❤️ ) )

5) You can repair and build ur Hideout 

6) You can find and craft new powerful items ( that are sex related too )


What You can see on ScreenShot is Player Hideout :x...


I don't know when i will finish it because i have other projects too :x...

But well... its "What are you doing right now" ... so ye... thats what im doing atm...



Btw. im planning to add some new things like for example Wall Breaking or fire that burn only when have oil and then go out




Yes i know that Fires that go out after time is already for all dungeons so its nothing new

but mine gonna work little different

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16 minutes ago, God of Chaos said:


Uii sounds very interesting 😃


Just checking out new hairstyles. (i hate hair clipping and this was the endgame gear i hoped to get him in the middle of Dawnguard.)








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Completing the Dawnguard squad by rescuing Florentius from the Ruunvald Excavation.


"Is this the place?"

It matches the description Isran gave me.


"Well then, let's go inside."


These weak Vigilants are so easily manipulated.


No match at all.


So you were the one behind all this? Better luck next time.

"I knew you had in you!"


Yeah yeah, see you at Fort Dawnguard.


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Admiring the work of Hydragorgon. His(?) NPCs, male and female, all look amazing and there are hundreds of them.

Sticc to Thicc preset, FSC (I think) and @Corsec's trusty Luxury Collection patch. The variety of heights, weights and skin colours is top-notch and the make up always looks as if I have some sort of hi-res jobby on the go. Even the vanilla hair looks great.




Come back Hydragorgon, Skyrim needs you.

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