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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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My born pure blood Werewolf 'Roáan Kane' (infected on start up) on the great hunt for all the Shouts he can muster before he heads for Solsteim to kick Miraak's ass to the curb.



Cathedral Weather and Seasons

Cathedral Landscapes

Majestic Mountains

Dark Forests of Skyrim

Particle Patch (in the picture with Bow)

MiHail Monster (Howler I think)

Unique Bows Collection

Evil Mastermind Armor

Winter is Coming

Bandolier Bags and Pouches

KD's Circlets Redone

HN66's Earrings

Simpler Leather Backpack


Apachii SkyHair

Better Males Remesh

Fine Face Textures for Men

Kyoe's Bang'n Brows.



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Reunion in Shor's Stone.


Now, if that ain't my favorite pair of ears.



"Olav! It's good to see again."


What happened here? The place ain't quite as I remember it.

"We've got a rough time since the spiders overtook the mine."

Spiders? Here?

"They probably breached through the walls when we were digging deeper into the rock."

Then let's kill these suckers!

"Do you have some armor for me?"


Gets the job done.


"It pinches a bit..."

The previous owner had no boobs.


Damn spider! Almost knocked away my sword.


Hey Filnjar, got some news for you.







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1 hour ago, worik said:

See :classic_biggrin: ? It wasn't THAT hard.

Not if you come out of Duskglow and blunder in the right direction. 🧐

I passed a guard just outside the settlement and then the first NPC I came across was one of the travelling merchants from HSO. 🤷‍♀️

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Gave Aisala new equipment. When we left Dayspring Canyon, we ran into another group of suicide vampires. A very convenient way to see if her new stuff works for her.


And? Like it?




I take it as a "yes".



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Went into Nchuand-Zel which turned into a huge running battle against Forgotten Wenches, and ended up taking to door that let into the Markarth part of Skyrim Sewers, and that dropped me into this Dwemer zigggurat with loads of Judgement Wenches, I got out of that through Left Hand Mine, came back into Markarth, and got called lout by some pissant mages guild Challenger, who promptly hid behind a unbreakable ward and either kicked my ass or killed all my friends, depending on my tactics. Eventually, I loaded an axe with paralysis poison and whacked him before he could get that sodding shield back up.


Now I'm back in Nchuand-Zel trying to gather up the captives and other loot.




Out of curiosity, does anyone know why the Judgement Automata are in Judgement Wenches are essential? I enslaved one by accident, and I'd like to get rid of it but I don't want to break anything in the mod, assuming there's some sort of story waiting to unfold.


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About to give Molag Bal the finger. He wants me to free Logrolf the Willful, who's held captured in Hag's End. Ain't gonna happen.


While listening to his nonsense, Aisala seems quite overwhelmed by the situation and kneels in fear of Molag.


Don't be afraid. As long as I live, no harm will come over you. Come, we've got Forsworn to kill - and Logrolf.


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On 1/8/2021 at 1:06 PM, Speed Metal said:

About to give Molag Bal the finger. He wants me to free Logrolf the Willful, who's held captured in Hag's End. Ain't gonna happen.



Have you used the mod Epic Restoration? Has a spell "Renounce" that can end a daedric quest early.  Gives you a bonus perk if you do it at the right time, which is usually at an altar, in front of a quest giver or "high priest" though that does lead to consequences at times... Boethia, Namira and Malacath have a whole horde of followers present and clearing out an orc camp may... or may not, affect your game further.


<hr />

Do we still have a horizontal line option in formatting?





Sometimes the juxtapositions in the game just write the joke... not quite visible, but this is an Imperial character too.  Not faction wise, haven't done the DB quests at all (or at least not yet at this point in the game) but this standard Stormcloak hold guard line had me hitting the screen cap button fast.


The second one requires some setup...  I modded Revyn Sadri's shop and swapped his single bed for a double, added an NPC wife for him (using Pandorable's Aduri Sarethi) and a daily package for her.  During the part of the day she is in the shop I went in to get the quest to return Viola's ring and was mentally RPing a question of "so why shouldn't I report you to the guard" and used TDF's PP to recruit the "wife" for sex as if she was giving the player a bribe.  Animation is getting setup and this line shows up....






" No Revyn, I think your wife has this handled. "


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22 hours ago, Grey Cloud said:

Can you post a link, I can't find it.




Time out.

Gender Preference.


Fixed settings export and import. 50% done

Gender Preference. You can now disable that, it still can happen. I will rewrite that part.

And my spelling is bad 🤪1850158656_TESV2021-01-1011-16-09-40.jpg.11cb126ce3674df7bced8041da3c6e93.jpg

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So, I'm in Redwater den again, playing my usual game of "Gotta Catch 'Em All".




The lady in the foreground is Salonia Caelia, one of the two vamps who try to murder you on the way out. This is her as made over by Metalsaber's Beautiful Vampires, and I have to say: I love that face. Reminds me of a young Ashley Renee :)


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SPOILER ALERT. This post contains spoiler tags.


Just been attacked by the three little pigs. It was like a fairy-tale come true.



She'll struggle to find an orthopaedist open at this time of night.


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