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  1. yeah like a professional studio.. Then pay them like that too
  2. I know of a problem with Blush when aroused if you are using it. turn it's arousal connection off so it only has an effect while animating.
  3. Can't give you an answer to that sorry Well 3 would not happen and they won't be invincible, you could pretty much kill them while in a scene but if they stop i don't know.
  4. That's not sex.. That's to chicks kissing while the poor guy wants to sleep, that's Rude! 👀
  5. Quick Nurse! He can't feel his shmeat! He needs mouth to dick! 😂
  6. To save his image, almost everyone of us guys would have a performance prob after this 👀
  7. Yes SexLife would be the mod to use + Privacy so they don't have sex in public where everyone is watching. Interrupting on Hit.. I know Defeat has this feature, not sure if sexlab has it without other mods.
  8. Better.Then.TV. Sorry i find this story legendary level awkward 😂 I hope she believed it.
  9. Believe it or not, with the right kind of mods and after managing her with a Framework she gets better. Her random comments are still Annoying yes but she gets useful enough 🤔 and the dialogue addon is something to play, kinda nice. and if she gets too much to bare, dumb her after the questline in the nearest cave.. She turns into a pile of ash after killing her with the hearth breaker mod that's something to consider too🤣
  10. And, did you get to hide your Cable on time or was it more awkward then i think it was? 🤔 Never forget, this old Pc´s need more time to warm up 😂Brrr the thought... i need an exorcist
  11. Can only help witht he Relax mod, you can drop it. Neithers allowes followers to sandbox, you can even use a hotkey to let them do it on demand. it really is nice 😃 Every time i go to an Inn i hit the key and they go to wherever they find a marker.
  12. Changing to another body who supports that. CBBE 3bb or BHunp. For CBBE 3bbb there are instructions how to set it up. BHunp dunno, never used this one but should also have instructions. Before the questions comes up which of them is better: Don't know, don't care 😂
  13. Get some of the updated animations packs like nibbles or billyy. the work you have to do to adjust them is bare minimum, also Osmelic tweaks has some adjustments to animations in itself. Usually i only have to adjust a bit up, down or schlong position. Also the trick with sexlab is to choose flat grounds for scenes to ensure clipping is down to a minimum and it takes maybe a couple of seconds. Never needed minutes for it. it will never get perfect cause of the body differences. If you want it perfect, maybe sexlab is not the right one for you and you might have more fun with Flower girls or the other one from nexus
  14. If you want it to be on demand i would say mass matchmaker, set in the mcm manuall selection and you can choose the npc´s. if you want it really random and low impact, try scrappies matchmaker Be aware tho that it is more or less a rape mod and femals that engage males will get the aggressor position and do them. Other mods i know of are spectator crowds, set it up right and npc will gather around a scene and start orgys or masturbation anims. You can turn both mods on and off on demand so they don't always run and eat resources.🤔 SexLife is another one that does random sex but i don't use it anymore. Everytime npc run to each other and talk nonesense even if there are enemys nearby or someone got killed..
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