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  1. you could try succubus hearth which gives you exp for having sex. You would then exchange it in the mcm for skill levels. It is not really OP and it won't be an alternative to level up quickly but at least she would get something out of it.. I think there was something like this in Sexlab Trigger too where you could get a random skill level
  2. With what mod exactly do you try to trigger the animations? And: did you register the animations with Slal?
  3. Weird, sounds like the meshes get confused.. As i said i never had a problem with aroused meshes, only thing i ever had seen was the Pc Werewolf who bugs a little bit sometimes but normal Creatures and Werwolfs never had this kind of problem.. but if immersive creature is the culprit for you too as it was for NoxWolf i would really like to know why the fuck.. You said it yourself they have their own meshes, so with my understanding, they shouldn't even be able to interfere with each other.. i will not be able to figure it out, that's for sure
  4. I hope not 🤣 Strange is, i never had a problem with the meshes after getting it schlonged and the crashes just started maybe the third new game since i had it. My best guess is either i forgot a setting or a new addition to the list was the culprit. But i don't really care anymore, maybe just some meshes got fucked up. More interesting for me is the Sos thing you both had/have with it.
  5. Yeah i loved IC too but had to disable it after i got random crashes in Caves quite too often. Thought i figured the settings out i had to disable but after all that disabling, there was no point for it anymore. It's a real shame. Now even on level 20 i feel too op for most vanilla content again
  6. Need more info here. Have they genitals in animations? If so its normal as long as you don't use allways erect. If not check if said creatures really are male. If that's also true, would be either your settings or your load order might be wrong. Was misreading some parts. Your load order would be a good idea to start. Might want to post it in a spoiler. Maybe there lays the fault.. Other then that.. Dunno never heard of this kind of problem
  7. True to that. After i played X and got my own room and bro gifted me is old playstation i bought 8 and i liked the more draconic look of him better. On the other Hand the other 2 they use almost everytime, Ifrit and Shiva, looked better in X 😃 And one of these days i am going to play the original 7.. Maybe. I know the story already.
  8. Nice idea 😃 2001.. Little old me was not even old enough to have played much games and tbh. Didn't have much possibilitys got to play with my older Brothers Ps2 a while. Almost everybody knows the Final Fantasy Series but X was the first one i ever played. It was a nice story, at the time Anime started to become a Thing in Europe and i loved it as a Kid and early teen, so this Game was perfect for me at the time. Not good in storytelling but when i came across THIS freaking Scene i lost it xD Wide open mouth, the entire time the Scene played..
  9. Yep, as Wolfpack said, take your time. We can play with what we already have and every once in a while, when you have the time and the burst to work and update it, it will be a pleasant surprise, no rush ^^
  10. Did you already try letting steam diagnose the game Data? I know it may sound weird but that's how i fixed such an issue. It will install missing files you may have lost, after that you would have to launch the game with steam again to do your settings again. Worth a try
  11. I never played nor wanted to play a Slave. Not yet at least but on my search for possible mods i found Devious Follower, joyfull Follower and Submessive Lola. All 3 doe basically the same thing. Making your appointed follower your Dom (not sure anymore about joyfull tho. might be wrong here.) So what you could do is, take on of these mods and turn your gameplay into an Fighting Slave kinda thing where you would protect your Master. Combined with mods like Succubus heart or the like would open a whole new way to play the game for you, succubus heath lets you rape with spells and even kill
  12. First of all you really need to read the requierments of the mods you want to use. Skeleton is essential for everything that works with sexlab and co.. I will link you 2 guides for SSE. I would start from that. I don't know what mods work in VR and what not tho, this guide are for Special Edition you would have to search for yourself what works and what not^^
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