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  1. Don't stop me now~ Traditions.. You have to polish them. Life is good
  2. .. Yes as we all did. 500 + Npc´s one by one. Even the chickens have big titts now... No you do not. Read a guide on bodyslide and you will find it is quite easy.
  3. Try this and its instructions https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/57618
  4. Yes, course many mods still won't work with it and if so, i read some still have problems. Not really following the development right now, still yes. To complete the npc overhaul stuff i combine Bijiin with: Everything pandorable be it male or female, except the standalone replacers since Bijin got them covert anyway. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/users/41216925?tab=user+files And https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30247 for most of the Rest. Every old person in the game is still old so you won't have suddenly extrem sexy looking grandmas around you, every middle aged women still looks mostly marture and not overly young and every lorewise young women looks younger compared to the others. (Mostly, i am not making promises that there aren't one or two overly sexy gradnmas i have yet to encounter.) With this combination you will have to look out for the correct load order. My order is: Bijin AIO Everything Pandorable Kaliles Have yet to see a blackface. Something i can't live without
  5. Do you use the gigantic Hairpack of KS? I always CTD with that installed when changing either race or gender. Hair and Eye mods are the first things i would suspect and try without
  6. playing skyirm on two different computers is possible, steam lets you log in on it after asking permission as it should (otherwise we would get hacked in regular basis.) But playing the same Save with a different mod setup is not. While playing the same "clean" save is possible, the moment you have Sexlab and other scripted and complicated mods on your Save and load it on a computer who does not have access to them would be just like uninstalling them mid game and make it unplayable.
  7. Its Part of that mod here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/30831 You need the merchant tho, the other version doesn't has the textures. But it blocks body armor which is sad 🤔
  8. I am pretty sure my crash was just a coincidence. I just spawned him again in Markaths Inn and everything was fine. Can't say anything about it'snatural spawn tho and Jack4123 did a more thoughtful test then me. Yes i am using it together with 3BA and CBPC. SMP Handles my physics, Cbpc my collision in anims so the former is more relevant right now. As Zarantha linked, if it got fixed then i would just add the Ice Golem and keep the older version without him up for people who still use the older Skeleton. That way everyone wins 🤔 (and every new Mihail Monster with a Dick is a Win in my book 🤣)
  9. So checked it 2 Times. The First Time it CTD´s the moment it attacked with it's claws but that seems to just be my skyrim being unstable. Was in a city The second time i started a very early save in the Alternate Start Cell and here it attacked me without ctd just fine. Claw Attack, Stomp Attack and it's range Attack with tentacles. Just to be sure i also spawned Lydia (my one and only Testing Slave for everything. Poor women..) And let her be it's punching ball since lydia actually has a 3bbb body and uses the meshes. Nothing wrong here. The First CTD concerns me a bit but i think it's just my game.
  10. But... I consider her fully dressed She even can mop the floor.. Barehanded..
  11. I Agree, the "You... you forced me into ^becoming a lesbian. You monster" sentence is kinda. I don't play a female pc and will most likely never read it but it sounds weird. Maybe something more of a "normal" Rape response would be more appropriate? "You forced yourself on me, disgusting pig!" or "You turned me into a fucktoy, i will never forgive you.".. I am not really good at this am I? xD You don't become another sexuality, you either are gay or you a not 🤔 or is there a psychological way to force turn someone into it? Psychology i not really my expertise..
  12. Does this CTD happens only with none vanilla lurker race creatures or does it happen also with the vanilla ones? The reason i am asking is that i already fought some vanilla lurker and never had a crash. If it only happens with none vanilla i can see later if i can spawn a creature from your mod to check.. If you can name one to make it easy for me😅
  13. I stopped wondering about that.. You could write Push in the big fat red letters over a door and people would still try to pull it.
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