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What are you doing right now in Skyrim (Screenshot required)

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The Quest said i would have to duel her for 3 Hours.. It didn't said what kind of duell





Well what did she expect..




Can't spell duell without.. you know and 3 Hours? That's ridiculous! How can a normal man distract a veteran like her for 3 hours?




Well in the end, we got both what we came for.. Maybe not both of us.. But we're cool.  Might even meet up for a rematch sometime soon





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Back in Cronvangr Cave after yet another restart, trying to track down a CTD problem.


I don't know about anyone else, but I think I need more colored wizard hats.


Yeah is kinda hard to tell them apart.


Out of interest what kind of CTD?

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Frostmere Crypt. Apparently it's an outside cell, which means (among other things) that the Silver Hand can ambush you after you take out the wispmother.


I feel like I'm trading one Pale Lady for another here :)





Out of interest what kind of CTD?


Intermittent. Sometimes new cell loads, sometimes looting a body. I disabled a couple of mods (Sexlab Werewolves and the XP32 esp file) and so far it seems stable. That said, it always does at the start.


My worry is that I've got something built against the wrong kind of physics that only shows up occasionally. That's going to be a pain to find, if so.





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Messing about in Skyrim due to a game-breaking bug in Pathfinder Kingmaker.


Currently trying out Rudy ENB. Only installed it late last night so early days yet.

Colours (especially wood) seem a bit washed out. Lights have too much glare but not enough spread. Shadows too severe. Any tips gratefully received.

Not had chance to look at things in daylight yet. 5:44 a.m. hours o'clock.



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1 hour ago, woodsman30 said:

I think I'll pass on that ENB

Blimey, give it a chance. 😁 It's not been installed 24 hours yet and I don't know anything about ENBs anyway.

Slightly better but I've just noticed that I've got the jaggies.

I should go to Whiterun or somewhere civilised as Windhelm looks shit at the best of times.


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Rolling back on a complete new Game because i am an Idiot (Never install something bigger mid Game.. Never Add anything Midgame really.. 99 Times it works but the one time it doesn't fucks up your load order and my existing Saves didn't liked that. )



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