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    FPS (BF, CoD, CS, TTT); Used to play various MMOs but gave up on 'em. Mainly 'cause most MMOs get very repetitive and boring after a certain point.
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    The text beneath this box tells me to add some short details about me. Well, I'm only 5.1 ft short...

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  1. I can recommend the one I'm using myself, Re-Engaged ENB . That is, if you haven't already taken a look at it.
  2. And what's the point? Where's the challenge when you simply make yourself immortal?
  3. I know it's not the one you're looking for, but did yo take a look at Remodeled Armor? It has a similar style as the spice gear collection.
  4. Not sure if I got you right, but there's this mod here that changes the default female head to one with elf ears.
  5. I think you're just above Evergreen Grove.
  6. Is there an actual mod allowing NPCs to sit on beds, or just some weird behaviour?
  7. That's the Light Sorceress outfit from Kirax's Project Vindictus Volume 2. A CBBE 3BA version of it can be found on Schaken-Mods.
  8. You need to create a new Armor Addon for the horns. Add this addon to the NPC's naked body armour under Armature.
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