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    Temple of Kynareth, Whiterun
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    I am playing Skyrim LE on my low end pc to test out all the mods. And on another hand I play Skyrim SE/FO4/ARK/Assassin Creed Odyssey/GTA V on my high end pc. I didn't filled my Skyrim SE with a lot of mods because of the other games I installed to prevent damaging the pc. XD
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    I'm straight and a little bit fan of les. I don't like too much brutality against men or women that is why although I got all Devious Devices Mods in my MO, they are still unchecked up to this moment. I've been playing TES V Skyrim since 2012, no SE and very few mods at that time. I've heard about Lover's Lab last 2015 but I've never joined at that time yet because I'm playing an Online Game. I also played SIMS 2,3,4 and Fallout 3,4, New Vegas so I got a lot of mods with them. Nowadays I am playing Skyrim LE and SE at the same time. My goal in playing these is to make a story about this game and the character I had. I'm thinking of making a blog or a light novel about it.

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  1. Here the LE version by lausumaton, https://mega.nz/file/lVt12TIQ#jOnCrX5OBoluZS-pSxyI6vb_GToPHQyl78Y0uN9z1nA
  2. Did you check Paragon Fey Set?, it is almost but I still don't know if it will meet the outfit that you are looking for. It looks like this,
  3. Here, Tera Uniforms CBBE & UUNP Bodyslide HDT.rar Tera Uniforms UNPB.rar
  4. I'm just browsing the net and then, this is crazy... Todd Howard is that you?
  5. it is possible but from what i've seen on the converted anime characters on skyrim [especially made by the koreans], they still need or requires the tera elin race for it. here are the examples: actually i got the nanana/anime presets replacements for faces and bodies but it will only work if you install any tera elin race versions.
  6. Here, https://mega.nz/file/N5EjTSDD#qKLoo0m00g8n-4IvZYBhr_gYtVVOFJI-C8Y3zF1X6zk
  7. If you download the whole file, there's a UUNP meshes in it.
  8. no problem, https://mega.nz/file/w1cWGBSZ#By2s7mS8o6m12GgVQrMBzceNOCVC9VcBOEvYW0st6cw
  9. If you are asking for another Modder's Followers, you must not have posted or requested it here because this thread is dedicated for Baidu/9Damao/Korean/Chinese Mods.
  10. 3 for LE, 1 for SE MarieRoseFollowerV1.0Nexus.7z RRC_CustomRaceFollower_MarieRose v1.3.7z RRC_CustomVoiceFollower_MarieRose v1.0.2.7z RRC_MarieRose 7BBCUP SSEv1.0.1.7z
  11. It was using an ECE Preset so it must be placed on /CME_save to use.
  12. I don't know what happen but that file i tested it now, it is alright to me. But if it still doesn't work to you, just disregard it and try the Chinese version. I cannot download it from there because that user is hiding the download links.
  13. I only got the three from the original Authors and not from that user who even hides the download link as if he feels he really owned those followers... Jeanne D'Arc Alt Follower(LE).zip Moolgogi Follower Hyeji V0.9.3 LE 커스텀보이스 작업용.7z SheLob_DivineLensisFollower[le].7z
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