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  1. For me it's Nini's Dalgaebi and Vindictus Succubus armour.
  2. Sounds a bit overdramatic. But who am I to judge? I lived in an apartment where the previous tenants got murdered. So in the end, it isn't too different I guess. Maybe I should take a look at some player homes. Or build my own Hearthfire home.
  3. Wow. Looking at this scenery almost makes me wanna build my own home. How much would it cost me if I wanted to build one?
  4. I'm sure if @worik didn't want that kind of thing in her thread, she'd said something about it already. Besides, the rules for this thread allow adult stuff.
  5. Siegmeyer made a modular version. It's available in his workshop. I don't know how much work it'd require to port it to CBBE 3BA.
  6. The only one I'm aware of that has this similar style is Edhildils Dawnguard Armor. As far as I know, there has never been an SE version made of.
  7. I had the same problem when I was trying out Snowy AF Windhelm. I couldn't figure out what caused it. I'd recommend you give Icy Windhelm a shot. It provides the same visuals without those weird shading issues.
  8. Some of my personal Nexus favourites are: COCO KDA AO Ahri, Sakura Outfit, DX Commonwealth Shorts, Clothes Pack 4 by DonEb14n and Vtaw Wardrobe 4. Most of the outfits I have are from external sources.
  9. Weird. It should have everything included. Just to make sure, did you download the most recent version here?
  10. Did you build the body, hands and feet meshes in BodySlide first?
  11. BD UUNP Armor and Clothes Replacer Retexture: aMidianBorn Elven Armor
  12. We've just got our first and, probably, only snow for this year's season.
  13. One of .NET Script Framework features is to put out detailed crash logs. It can help you identify the cause of a crash.
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