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  1. That's what I'm hoping for. Maybe it will finally leave Early Access I want to do another playthrough... but only when the time is right.
  2. I'm waiting for the free DLC to be released to see if I'm inspired to do another playthrough. I will at some point.
  3. She's my favorite Do you have any more of her?
  4. I started playing Skyrim VR over the weekend. I just wanted to view some locations and creatures at full scale, and that's pretty much it. I didn't expect to enjoy the game so much. A lot of details I take for granted in the standard versions really get my attention in VR. I'm having a blast dungeon crawling, fighting draugr, and exploring the world. Aside from using Bijin Warmaidens Lydia, I'm trying to keep things vanilla-like. But the default body and face textures had to go because NPCs look very sick or like zombies that just escaped from Dead Island. I now have 3 installation
  5. I rediscovered an old follower I'm going to try Skyrim VR tonight. I'm really looking forward to seeing the game world from that perspective.
  6. I stopped procrastinating and finished my RS Children texture upgrade. I've also improved the facial animations. I copied over, renamed, and replaced 6 .tri files from Expressive Facial Animations to RS Children, and it works. Now all expressions look more natural. Expressive Facial Animations with RS Children example: Hroar Runa
  7. Oh, look who brought dinner home tonight! Bethesda AI: It Just Worksโ„ข
  8. OK, I see what you're saying now. I wouldn't have touched it. I don't agree with some of the edits in the unofficial patch either. I scrapped my vampire warrior playthrough. It was great until I started Dawnguard, then my interest fell off a cliff. I might just turn her into a follower instead.
  9. I understand what the writers were doing. But I don't understand why the author of RDO decided to restrict "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!"
  10. I've had SSE installed for over a year, but it was put on the shelf due to a number of mod issues. I've been exploring the possibility of moving over again. SMP is more taxing than I thought. With hair and body physics, the fps dropped to the low 40s in this view: I took Lydia with me to kill some bandits in a cave nearby. The bandit leader was a Redguard. As we were fighting, Lydia said something I haven't heard in a long time: "Skyrim belongs to the Nords!" I missed that line. I don't have Relationship Dialogue Overhaul installed with SSE, does it prevent that
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