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  1. Why are you closed ? 🤘😂
  2. i tried this way because i thought the error would not occur then, i don´t have any mod that alters the dead maybe i try the pretty bandits mod but actually i don´t want to change anything, i think i´d rather sell them, to get them back to normal then i found out , it is possible to enslve many other creatures like trolls and giants thats nice and funny, but is it save to do? can i enslave a gargoyle as well? i had a problem with trolls, they cant cross water...giants..well problematic....i prefer puppetmaster for creatures
  3. I can play the Intro onGuitar now,...just want to let somebody know...🙃 now i try this ☺️
  4. THX for the tutorial, sry did not noticed your message, only checked the site when i was logged out.. in the meantime i did the open season quest, maybe i get this auction house mod now, won´t load back again big thanks for your effort ☺️
  5. Hey, bandits become invisible, naked, or t -posing when thy spawn again, is there any way to avoid this issue?
  6. Hello, i want to say this mod is realy good i´m lvl 50 now and did not had any problems... maybe sometimes have to reset a slave, but i think there are vanilla bugs... About the dirt textures...i´m using cbbe reduced, do you know if this method will work as well,? the guy on reddit said we need EVB https://www.reddit.com/r/FalloutMods/comments/a1tl81/fo4_mod_for_clean_npc_bodies/ I also find some VortexBackup in this Texture folder is this any Problem? And do i have to replace the Hands and Headtextures? or only the Body? One more question, i kno
  7. THX FOR THE MOD, I´M ExCIteD for more .. 🤗 What to do with a slave loosing confidence?? edit: i would have some more questions, but i think i have to find out myself... what happens to a slave when i remove her handcuffs?
  8. Open vortex, go to tab OPEN, click on Open Game ApplicationFolder, this opens a new folder where you can find the loadorder,,,, its .txt file I guess you have engine fixes installed ? part 1 and part 2 ? if so, open vortex go to mods, double click on engine fixes part 2 /select modtype select dinput why is that ? look here ! https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/17230?tab=posts install enboost, you dont need an enb preset just enboost this guide https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/15146/?tab=description check if you maybe
  9. I have a simalar problem , i´m new to fo4 modding, maybe i´ts best to uninstall leito, non of the patches fix the problem maybe someone has an idea whats the best combination for animations and patches ? its hard to read all the topics installing and uninstalling.....😪i don´t know but i think my game is already messed up with trsh that doesnt´t work and if u solved one problem will be another, i have also a problem with cumtexturs getting stuck and looksmenu freezes.... i think we have to take time on this and try out different stuff i also dont speak english very well, so
  10. Nice, thank you very much, it works,,,,sometimes it makes a little crushsound, but thats ok i guess, realy nice
  11. Training Banditslave having fun in a cage for legendary but i remember the camera was stuck in scene
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