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  1. @MadMansGun Just so I get it right: Your modified version of SLAL v1.6 was included in MNC SLAL (means MNC should have had overwritten original SLAL) MNC SLAL 12.6D doesn't include a modified SLAL version anymore and can be combined with Swe-DivX's SLAL 1.7.1 version And if I'm on it already: FNIS_&_SL_Spider_Behavior_Patch isn't needed anymore if I use OsmelMC's SLU? hope this doesn't hurt you too much, but at least there are no horse spiders with an armor addon... yet. Before I forget: helpful or recommended: SexLab Tools Creature Fix (20201103) Just one more question: what are the files that define spider size during a sexlab scene? just so I don't overwrite those again and get mini spiders that want to have fun with a grown up Bosmer
  2. Me too, but I don't know if I could just throw them at ppl 😄 I would want to write some story related to the screen action too, but I have the same issue as you. So much writing if there is so much playing to do. I'm not sure if she ever wanted that her story gets told without tweaking 🤭 I heard travel radios where often broken during the medieval times
  3. hehe, yes, but she also never had a chance:
  4. and a good excuse for: (not insufferable but irritating if overdosed) Here is the bad one for the next lemon: The music is a goldie, but...
  5. I listed to Nirvana a lot in my early days. Now I only hear this guy in my head instead:
  6. Interesting. Did you know what made the NPC non aggressive at first? It would be somewhat annoying if you have to do that all the time.
  7. like: 😁 The German counterpart: Classic music for pubs where you try to get drunk as quick as possible to ease the pain: Music like biting into a Lemon
  8. You're just radiating so much lewd it's hard to resist. 🤷‍♂️ Must be the googles 🤔
  9. Is this naughty, a classic or just cringe 😄
  10. Kamasutra level 0 😄 Maybe our CK3 Sex educator can help: @Grey Cloud It is really important that you talk with your girlfriend about this. One failed night doesn't mean the end of the world. Maybe try something less exotic first?
  11. Are you on SE or LE? And how did I end up in the Romance topic 😲
  12. What was it? Don't suffer alone! I fear I overwrote the wrong files with 12.6D un-re-update 😬 Damn horses are so hard to install correctly.
  13. I appears as if you waited for the bad luck 😊
  14. Even worse: They still wait for an answer 😬 I hope someone takes care of them and they don't dehydrate while waiting for a response from the mod author. 🥺
  15. It crashed LE before I even downloaded 12.6D 😧 (maybe missing skeleton files? Or aliens?)
  16. 🚧 LOL - ZAP Framework ⚠️ Serving suggestion (I only list mods I tried and that worked together, experimental mods will be marked) ZAP ZaZ Animation Pack v8.0+ ZAP Alternate Pillories ZAP No Collision Furniture ZAP Whipping Sound Expanded Pama´s Deadly Furniture (scripts) 1.9.0 ZAP connected Pama´s Interactive Beatup Module Pama´s Permanent Crucifixes Pama´s Interactive Gallows Prison Alternative - A modular Prison System Bad Ends Revived: Windhelm Zaz Animation Pack 8.0 Helper Addon 1.0.2 GagSFX 1.04 for DD and ZAP GagSFX Dawnguard 1.04 GagSFX Dragonborn 1.04 GagSFX Hearthfires 1.04 Bad Ends: Executions [11/2/18] Bad Ends 0.3
  17. 🚧 LOL - Toys Framework ⚠️ Serving suggestion (I only list mods I tried and that worked together, experimental mods will be marked) Toys - Basic Toys Framework LE Toys_Bodyslide_LE Classic Toy Box LE HoT & WeT LE Frostfall Toys - Connected Toy Story LE Toyful Temptations SLaVE LE SLaVE Bodyslide LE 🏗️ Toys - Create your own Toys Toys - History
  18. Does that mean you found a solution or are you just trying to be rude?
  19. That looks like a typo or someone is pulling your leg... oh... wait... 😬
  20. You don't need to, just check out the LL main page 🤷‍♂️ Of course the SE section deserves an expanded sub-forum. Now with AE it makes even more sense.
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