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[FONV] CBBE - Bodyslide port alpha - UPDATE 18 mar 2018

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5 hours ago, RoboticBoznara said:

I am using a custom race, the Daughters of Ares race mod (makes me look robotic).

Though I've not had this bug previously when using the Daughters of Ares race mod.


I never checked the latest updates of Lucas Jose, but with the original DoA it was not possible to use a body replacer (at least, not properly), because every armor had to be adapted to it. Every time that a cyborg wears a vanilla armor, it's immediately changed with a custom model which is contained on a custom folder. So, a mod like CBBE (but more in general, every body replacer), can't work with it properly because they will never put the assets in that custom folder, first, and then because everytime you have an exposed piece of skin it won't be "robotic". Body replacers are going to change the npcs, but not the DoAs (or in general custom races using custom folders)


To use it for the player, it would require first to make conversions for every vanilla armor for the DoA body, and then put it in that custom folder.

Again, assuming Lucas Jose didn't make some drastic change in some recent update.

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18 hours ago, RoboticBoznara said:

I know. That's what I'm trying to fix. ._.

Did you already convert all the vanilla outfits for the DoA race with Outfit Studio? if so, it's probably just a matter of where BS saves the nifs when you generate them with the batch button. Check the files inside the DoA bsa archive (you can use any software you like, for example B.A.E. from Nexus), you will find a sub folder probably under meshes which contains all the custom nifs for the player >>> you need to tell Bodyslide to save the nifs for your custom character here.


EDIT: wtf I completely misread it... sorry -_-

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17 hours ago, RoboticBoznara said:

I know. That's what I'm trying to fix. ._.

Alright buddy. Open your textures folder, go to your character subfolder and then go to the female folder, take a screenshot and share it. We'll see if it's something that can be easily fixed or if we need to look further.

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