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  1. i like to let ya know that the main menu screen options of your xenophilia mod doesnt seem to be showing with the new 2.6 version of stellaris. the alien race are still showing but just not the main menu.

  2. i know i'm asking too much(which thank you for mentioning me, though i feel like i'm just so unfamiliar with how their mod data is properly read by their client, which i got the targeted result through a couple of method, but for the fact is annoying as hell to do one of these methods just to get a mod to be read), but was wondering if you can add anymore H-game female characters either using live 2D or just adding more regular 2D H-Game.

    1. zzzzzzzzz


      Live 2d animation is way too complicated for me. The hardest part of adding more characters is just finding big collections of images with transparent backgrounds.

    2. JerichoAzariah


      ah, sorry for asking then; either way thanks for ya answer and thanks for the good female characters for this game

  3. i have a question: Will you add new civic, building, traits, or character portraits with the upcoming origin patch?

    i have seen the SSX mod update a little more recently and it has added some new features like a new civic and building for machine race.

    if not, then:

    Is there also a way to get your lustful void mod to work with some of the assets that SSX has?


    just a query i like to know if its alright.

  4. just found a solution, basically i had to "create" the mod, even though im not taking credit nor did i upload it to any sites i was able to get passed the very restrictive format that this new patch for stellaris seem to have. if anyone is having problem getting the portrait mod to work, let em know they need to use the clients mod tool to create a ned mod folder for it once they set up a new folder, have the files within the portrait folder moved into the new mod folder they created using the clients mod tool (the mod folder should already recognize this new folder since it was something created using it). once the file from the original folder been moved into the new folder, start the game and check your species/races to see if the group called "ONNA" is there, if its there then you successfully got the mod from the old setup be recognize.

  5. is there by chance a video to how to properly perform the body modification using the cheat engine?
  6. I already tried doing some other things on my end to see if it would work for the current stellaris update, but so far nothing. As i comment before hand, the mod that contains the room is working and is showing, but anytime i go back to the launcher to see if the character portrait mod was in the mod enabler section, it is still missing when every time i look and even put the name of the file in to find it faster. Any idea why this mod is not showing itself within the 2.4.* and the 2.5.*?


    2.4 and 2.5




  7. is there a way to get this mod updated to 2.5.0, i dont know why it only shows for 2.3.3 but it doesnt show for the more recent update to stellaris, i mean the mod that contains the rooms is showing but the mod that has the portrait of the female characters arent even visible within the the mod selection menu for the 2.5.0 update

  8. another question, i have is if you plan to add new character, ship, city, and background portraits from other resources to keep things fresh

  9. are you able to add more assets that were from SSX, mssa, and almost all the other sex mods into your lustful void mod, some aren't updated to the current stellaris patch, so was wondering if you could do that without getting into trouble with the others modders of course

  10. i was wondering if you could apply the stellaris mod called "hentai game portrait mod" into ur already massive mod "lustful void", the creator of the mod is no longer working on it and seems willing to let anyone add to it, though i dont know the full detail of that, when i tried to get his mod installed on to the 2.4 update of stellaris, i couldn't find it which i thought was weird, but i couldnt figure out why it wasnt showing in the mod menu when i looked for answer online about mods not showing even though it is inside the mod folder for stellaris.

  11. i mean we had that team from "project brazil" that made the new california mod, but when i was trying it out, every now and then i kept coming to a halt do to the game crashing; and the main answer that they provided for this problems was to save often, which i felt like this was to lazy, i mean its a very great mod but because of so many areas crashing do to unstable condition it is in, it gives a impression of dissatisfaction. There are few mods i like cause they look like a lot of work has been put into them, but as you said; as time pass the less likely chance for further work
  12. ty for da info; fallout 3 and new vegas feel so much harder to set things right. Compared to fallout 4 or skyrim which feels like alot of modders during this time are actually doing extensive work to get things compatible for the game plus the games being a little bit more friendly to modding(my opinion); some of the more popular mods as well, the lay out of fallout 3 and new vegas feel a bit unstable for some parts and a good portion of the mods that are currently available to fallout 3 and new vegas feel like they have been un-kept or un-maintained for so long that most were classed as aband
  13. OK, i took a look at where the moonshadow is archived and a look inside, but it seems it only uses just meshes for the head and no files that is related to changing the body for this race, so i would need to use xedit to link the the moonshadow esp to a certain race type, right? Edit: aaaracetest.esp, what exactly is that, how is this supposed to be manually installed for the bodyslide? what is "the skeleton beta" is it the same as the apple jam's skeleton file?
  14. Srry if this is annoying question to reply to, but how do i apply the cbbe body to like different races, i have a race called moon shadow race which is just a conversion of the oblivion race for new vegas and i have the daughters of ares race how do i change their body shapes using the cbbe bodyslide; another thing i like to ask for help is getting certain armor style using cbbe for T6M, T3, and Bouncing/BNB armor.
  15. srry didnt realize it caused a issue, thought it was just going to input what i typed only
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