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  1. Whelp... was about to comment that things didn't work but then after re-installing TTW and my mods... it works. I'll never understand Bethesda's engine. >_>
  2. I am using a custom race, the Daughters of Ares race mod (makes me look robotic). Though I've not had this bug previously when using the Daughters of Ares race mod.
  3. Unless I'm doing something wrong, I'm having a frustrating time trying to fix the bodies of female NPC's. The models are fine but the texture is all gobbledy-goop and I've look around over the several pages and NOTHING is working. At first I thought Skyrim SE or FO4's textures would work: Nope. I've tried using different "Type X" mods. Nope. (interestingly without one of these mods, underwear is forced upon NPC's?) Archive invalidation did nothing. Things look A-OK inside Body side / Outfit Studio. Made sure to follow page 1's instructions at LEST 10 times. And sadly I'm kinda lost... Here's my entire Mod list:
  4. Not sure which SXB mod it is that's causing this error but a "SexBoundItem" seems to be breaking my game and forcing me back to my spaceship over and over. Any ideas? :l
  5. So I've come across 2 weird bugs: So, my barometta lacks the green hat this NPC owns. But I magically get a free one whilst "in the act"? Once I leave it gets removed so it's not duplicating. The other bug I found out is that if you enable lactation, you end up in an infinite sex act where neither bar fills up and the log rapidly fills up with a [23:33:40.683] [Error] [string "/scripts/sexbound/plugins/lactate/lactate.lua..."]:45: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value (field '_burstTimer1')
  6. I'd love it if there's a "wet self" if you hold on for too long. Would add a nice touch to a pretty fun wad. :3
  7. It's official. I'm confused. The mod now works. HOW. O_O My literal only guess is one of my Steam mods was clashing with SxB but then updated and no longer clashed.
  8. That occurs with both the PAK and UNPAK versions of the API.
  9. Not 100% sure if I just caught the bug but this seems to be the issue. I used a fresh, clean API install without editing any of it's internal files.
  10. Well I decided to reduce how many mods I currently used with the API to see if I could find out what it borking my game with the latest builds. So far, I am using the current mods: Attempting to use aphrodites bow (both regular and enchanted) does nothing to NPCs. I CAN access the animation when doing the quest to get access to the bow but after that, bork city. .-. starbound.log
  11. Trying to use the latest build and for some reason, the API borks any attempts to enter the "node" state. Even after updating quite a few mods (including using the latest build of this one) my character simply vanishes and no animation plays. I'm using one of the vanilla races (novakid specifically).
  12. When I use this mod it says I need version 1.932 of Skyrim yet the latest build (at least through Steam) is Any idea what what's causing this message to pop-up?
  13. Noticed a rather humerous bug. Due to some weird hitbox screwery, I was able to hit myself in the air. My player was invisible and a "node" was made on the ground. I was somehow able to move around using ropes to grapple around the place. Once a grapple was used, my player would just hover on the spot. After "interacting" with my node, my player's sprites returned (albeit facing the last direction I faced in) and my node was still there. After that I was able to grapple a good distance away, still hovering.
  14. Is there or will there be a use for the alt-fire liquid? Mostly curious that's all... :3
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