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I like all the mods on Loverslab, but sometimes i have the feeling that something is missing.

If there is a mod that is already like my idea then post a link to it so i can look what is different.

When i come up with more ideas i will write them down.

If you wanna make one of those mods then post a link of your thread. This way the others can see which mod is already in progress and maybe they will help you with it.

Mods that are marked with an ! have an important note.

You don't have to credit me, since different people can have the same idea (there is a word for it but i forgot it), BUT i would really appreciate it!


1. Hair Grow Mod !




! I found a mod like this here by emily1673.

Some mods already have something like that, not like i imagine it. The Hair Grow Mod should be for the normal hair on the head, the pubic hair, beards and maybe for armpits too (for the NMM a little list where you can choose what you want). Over the Option you can set how fast your hair grows. An extra barber where you can cut your hair into a specific stage. A Razor for your armpits, pubic hair and beard. Everything should be in 3D (when possible ofc). I don't know how many stages for each hair region is possible, but for example the mod "Slaverun Reloaded" made a pretty good job for the normal hair on the head. Maybe also a customizable stage process should be also nice. When you get heavy fire damage you get bald (optional). Some drugs/medications are causing that you lose your hair (optional). And many other reasons to lose your hair.
Head Hair ->  The first 4 or 5 stages are from the default Skyrim hairstyles and the last one is the hair you choose when you create your character. Some of us maybe dont wanna use the default hairstyle so a little tutorial how to change the hairstyle of a stage would be great.

Pubic Hair -> A slim landing strip that gets wider and bigger until its a natural look OR like in real life and you have to use a razor if you want different style.

Compatilibity with other Mods:
When a mod shaves your head it should regrow back. When you get punished (by brigant because you lost a fight or you have to go into the prison) your head will be shaved too. Ofc when you find other mods that could cause something like that just add it.


Edit 1: Heavy fire attacks only burn your hair when you dont wear a helm or armor. Maybe you can buy a special hairwax from the barber so you don't have to wear a helm.


2. Chaurusworm




You know this one Worm in some countries that swims in your Urethra? When you swim around (naked or without pants) there is a chance that this worm will infect you (higher aroused will increase the chance). When you pee in a lake there is a very high chance thet you get infected. For males it could cause a permanent and painful erection. Females have it a bit harder. The worm will swim in your vagina and then lay a little cocoon. When the cocoon is placed the worm will swim away to find another host to reproduce. The cocoon is lightly rooted with the uterus. The player must have a very very low aroused level to get it out, BUT when the player reach a very very high arousel level or waits to long to get it out (maybe 1-2 days) the worm is free (a very spiky worm) and keeps the player highly aroused (to survive he has to suck your juicy stuff). Since the worm is spiky the player cant just take him out. He has to creat a posion with red nirnroot, but first the player has to find someone (an alchemist) who could help him. Since red nirnroot only apear in blackreach, the alchemist send him to this place (they know it because there is a little house with an dead alchemist (there where you start the quest to find 30 red nirnroot)) and there is maybe a letter how to heal an chaurus worm infection. Over the time the Worm is getting bigger and bigger and a little worm head come out of the vagina (he suck the juice with his spiks so the head dont need be in there and the head could be a very little Chaurus head). When the posion is used, the worm dies and the player can take him out, after that the vagina bleeds for some hours (maybe even days). When you dont cure that infection, the worm will lay eggs inside the player (estrus+ mod) from this moment the worm will leave the player (the vagina will bleed for hours (maybe days) too). But only when you dont cure it within 10 days or something like that.

SD+ has a little object for the Chaurus egg and the worm that stucks in your vagina could be a plug with a chaurus head on it.
I didnt come up with some negativ side effects, but maybe someone else has some ideas. One positiv effect could be that no one wants to fuck the player while the worm head is out.
Also: If the player gets fucked in the vagina while she has the cocoon the cocoon will absorb all the sperm and skips the 1-2 days.
When its impossible to trigger the effect just by swimming, you could let it trigger when a fish attacks the player, the player gets fucked by a chaurus, after a Falmer took his "turn" on the player and he puts it there with his hands, or when the player is enslaved by a falmer (sd+ i think).

The stages:
Like i said: Infection (cocoon) for 1-2 days (It is not possible to remove the cocoon with the poisen) -> the worm is free (but still in the vagina) for 1-2 days -> the head of the worm comes out -> for the next ~10 days the worm gets bigger and more aggresive for each day.

Bleeding effect:
For each day you wait to remove the worm, the bleeding AFTER this torture is stronger and longer. For 1-3 days you bleed for 12 hours, 4-6 days -> 1 day, 7-10 days -> 2 days. It also hurts when you get fucked while you are bleeding.
The wounds that are caused be the worm are to strong that your body cant ever recover by himself. So the player has to go to a healer that gives him (or maybe he has to find/produce it) a lotion that has to be insert into the vagina. The lotion has to stay there for some hours/days and is sealed with a adhesiv bandage/sticking plaster. Any other physical contact (if you know what i mean) in this time could open the wound again.

When Blackreach is a bit to hard:
When you pick up normal nirnroots there is a chance to find a special nirnroot like a 4-leaf clover (i hope you know what i mean) and you have to find 10 or more. This means that it shouldnt be possible to find ~10 special 4-leaf clover nirnroots to fast (maybe some options/slides in the menu so everyone can set it how he likes).

More ingredients for the poisen:
It should be not to easy to get. Its important that you cant get the poisen in 1-2 days. Only when you farm nothing else and with much luck. The Frostbite venom is a good idea because you have to go out and find some spiders. Also a special toxin that you only get from a Falmer.

3. Experiments means Gold!




This is a new way to earn money. How do you make money for new armor after getting robbed? The alchemists in Skyrim needing help for some experiments.


When you do it you get money, but you get some bad side effects:
- You grow a dick. As a men you get a vagina.
- Different skin, hair, eyes color.
- Your Boobs will shrink until you are just a wooden plank. As a men you get boobs.
- A shorter or bigger body.
- A skinnier or larger body.
- White Eyes. You are blind in first person but you can look around in 3rd person like the blindfold effect.
- Getting pregnant with a experimant creatur thing.

- A third boob?

The possebilities are nearly endless!

How to recover:
Every side effect has a specific timer and will then dissapear.
You have to do some little quest with each of those sideeffects. When you grow a dick you need to have so much sex that your new balls are empty and then the dick will dissapear. With different skincolor you need to creat a potion and so on. Be creativ.


Edit 1: When you are enslaved by a Wizard/Witch they will use magic on you with the same effects, but ofc the won't ask or give you money for it.


4. Amputee Is Dangerous !




! The Amputee Framwork was made by theFirstHeretic !

The title says everything. Thinks that should be removed: hands, arms, legs, feets, eyes, tongue, boobs, dick (ears and nose?). How much for each event is unclear (i mean 1 trap 2 limbs or 1 trap 1 limb), that is up to you.

How to trigger things like that? Animal Traps on the ground will cause that you lose your feet. Explosive runes on the ground are not good for your legs. Axe trapps in in draugr ruins are not good for your arms, boobs (and nose?). Traps where you get impaled are not good for your eyes. Those poisen arrow traps may cause that on of your bodypart/limb will die out. Chest in combination with the cursed loot mod could cost you a hand or an arm. Some bandits are maniacs so there is a chance when you lose a fight that he/she will take on of your bodyspart/limb as a trophy. A wizard or a witch will take something for sure because they need them for magic and stuff like that. Some goes for animals because they are hungry. When your Master is hungry... well then you know what is happening. Each time you go into the prison you will lose something. Low crimes will cost you a hand, tongue, feet, (ear and nose?) and a boob. High crimes will cost you a hole limb, eyes, dick (i don't know how to deal with a mod like Prison Overhault, maybe you lose somehting when the jailor sets you free). Dwarven robots dont like living things, so when one of them is knocking you down they will replace EVERYTHING (eyes, limbs, boobs?, ears?, nose?) with dwarven technologie.

How to recover:

To regrow things a monk will sending you away to get Trollsperm (and to get it you need a troll to ejaculate ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). A Troll because they have a very fast regeneration effect (or to make it harder even a dragon because you are the dragonborn?). 1 Potion doesn't HAVE to mean you regrow 1 limb back, but it can. Also you can kill the person who stole one of your limbs to get it back. A monk can then stitch it back on, but you still need some medicin that you can use your lost bodypart/limb again. Regrowing takes much longer then stitching. An arm needs much longer then a hand. When you lose somehting you have to feel punished, so regrowing a hand could take 5-10 days and a arm 10-15 days. Stitching something will halve the time. When possible regrow things in stages. Example a lost arm: first the upper arm, then the forarm and the hand.

You can also buy some protheses. For example the legs: You can walk again, but with a cheap prothesis you can only walk slowly (easy targed for enemies). With a expensiv one you can run again (but still not so fast like real legs).


Side effects:

A lost arm and leg should be self explaining.

When someone chop of your ears you cant hear anything anymore (or when only one ear is chopped of you only can hear from one side of your headphones or something like that). I think 1 eye doesnt make a big diffrent, but with both eyes out you cant see anything (maybe like the normal blindfold effect where you can look around in 3rd person).
And well with chopped of boobs... i dont know. No more boobjobs.

(Google Fucknugget)


What to do without legs and arms:

The player can cry for help and maybe have to wait 1-2 hours. In the time animals can "use" the character for... things.... Events that could trigger:

The 1. is a normal person who helps the player to get to a town where you could buy protheses (when you dont have money they give you a credit for them and you have to make the money in a specific time) or an adventurer is going to find the potions for you, but in this time the town needs some services from you (or something like that).

The 2. event is where a brigand finds you and using the character as a fucktoy on his adventure. He carries you around like a backpack. I don't know what he could do, maybe you could control the brigand (while you are haning on his back like backpack) and you have to complete his quest. But at this point i don't know what his quest could be or how you are going to get your limbs back.
The 3. event is where a person will take you to his home and he will make you to his fuckslave. He will give you protheses limbs and you have to take care of his home when he is not there. Maybe he has a little farm where you have to work and your limbs are enchants so that you cant just walk away. Maybe its like a little quest where you have to find clues when he is not there, but since you have to work he will notice something when your work is poorly done (or not finished).


Compatilibity with other Mods:

- Deviously Helpless: You are an easy target for enemies.

- Slavery: Like i said, your master is hungry.

- Curesed Loot: Losing limbs when you loot a chest.

- Your master dont have armbinders or a gag? No problem, he will just chop of your arms or your tongue.

- Your master can also sell some of your bodyparts for money.

- When you don't do your job in brothels right, they will chop of your legs and arms because you don't need them anyways (again: Fucknugget). But i don't know how t he get them back.

- A brothel or a slavery mod could augment the victims body because some customers want robo sex (idea from: Deus Ex Human Revolution^^)

- Bodyparts/limb can be replaced with sextoys. Your hands and your tongue for example will be replaced with dildos.


There are just so many things that you could do with this mod but it looks very complex to mod this.


Edit 1:

A little questline where you learn to use spells with your mouth (also a spell to summon weapons and in this time your arms are ghost arms?). Ofc to get this you have to lose both arms and i think there is already a mod that makes you using spells with your mouth.


Edit 2:

Your limbs are replaced with animal limbs. When you get cow or goat limbs you also get another set of tits for a better milk produktion (Milk Economy) and the farmer is holding you like the other normal cows/goats. With dog limbs you are now the pet of a doglover and with horse limbs you are going to be "ridden" alot. Idk how to get out of this situation^^


Ideas from HermausMoron:

- Thooth removal for better blowjobs and penalty to speechcraft.

- Sex pillow (when having no limbs). You earn your limbs somehow back.

- A necromancer has a lab that only contains Heads. After he has done things with your Head you get rescued and you somehow end in another lab where a person tries to regrow your body. In the meantime your head is attached onto a dwemer spiderbody. You can sneak around, shoot lighting bolts out of your mouth and people around you are using you for oral stuff.




5. Bad Body Modification




Just a spontaneously idea as a result of punishment. After losing a fight or your master is not pleased. I can't really descripe it, but just google "body modifications" and look some of the pictures (some people are crazy). I don't really imagine a specific modification from there. Just look around and get inspired.




6. Dead Fucked !




There is a Mod on nexusmods where the player gets into a ghost state and then has to walk back to his body (i don't know the mod and i can't find it (did i just dreamed it? lol)). Its like dying in World of Warcraft. The thing is when you die (no defeat, Daymyol and so on event is trigged) then you get teleported to a graveyard. When you go back to your body you see how your nemesis is fucking you (necrophilia animation)


At this point 2 events can happen:

1. When he finished his work he will loot everything you have and then walks away. Then you can enter your body again.


2. When he finished his work he will take your body to his house/cave/whatever. He takes you on the back and uses a teleport spell. A quest will start where you somehow can track him down. When you enter his place you will see how he is fucking you again. He looted you naked and put everything in a chest. From now on there are again 2 things that can happen. You can try to sneak out or he catches you and from this point your are his slave (SD+ or what ever).


Walking around in a ghostform is boring so i don't know. Maybe you can feel and hear (very quiet) how he is fucking you.


! thelongbanana: "A similar mod was started a while back but was abandoned by its author" - http://www.loverslab...tic-deaths-wip/ !


Edit 1:

The "normal" event is more human oriented so i try to write more for creatures. By writing this i just rememberd that i already wrote about animals in "18 Better Daymoyl Animals". So instead of spawning near the animal "camps" you have to walk as a ghost to them. Someone made an "Amputee resource" mod and when you are back in your body you maybe miss some limbs!




7. The Key Is Inside You




Trouble with getting out of bondage? Or maybe its a special Bondage equipment quest. Some NPC's are helping you to get out of things like that, but from now on they will force you to eat the key. From this moment you have to wait until you poop to get the key. That could take a while so maybe there is a special equipment that can only be unlocked with this key that you eat.




8. Sustainable Food




Food in captivity can be to expensive over time. So you get tubes that are going from your peehole and your anus to your mouth. Side effect is that you get ill over time. I don't know what else you could do with this mod. Maybe the same thing for your boobs to mouth so the milk that you produce is going back so you produce even stronger milk (idk lol).




9. Squeezed Nippel Armor




I posted this idea already for the mod "Aroused Nips", but he told me that this is a bit to much for his mod.


When you wear light and heavy armor you get a debuff when you have aroused nips. Clothes for mages and so on are not affected and the visible effect is 100%. In light armor the aroused nips effect is only 50% visible and for heavy armor 0%. This debuff appears when you are very aroused (70 or something like that), gets stronger when you are more aroused and is 2x stronger when you wear heavy armor. Idk what the debuff is doing, maybe that you get faster aroused and locks your aroused level at 100 when you dont take of your armor, also that your meele attacks are weaker or something like that. That should be the base of this idea.




10. To Much Of That




That is an animation where the player can't walk normaly because you where fucked to much. I can't really describe it. Maybe like when you have to pee really hard and you press your legs together but still have to move on to get to the toilet in time.




11. Swollen Pussy




When you get fucked to much, or you are high aroused, your pussy will swelling (like someone used a pussypump for the last 3 hours). I think that this is something for people who are using a functional vagina (like the mod "Clams of Skyrim"). Also the vagina become reddish.




12. Deviously Stitched!




Its like wearing restrains, but much more painfull and harder to get rid of. Instead of a gag your mouth will be stitched. Who needs a Chastity belt when you could just stitch that pussylips together. And also for the eyes! The visual effect should be like a string, a bloody seam and maybe a little bit of blood that is running down. Removing them by yourself is to dangerous so you have to find a tailor. Also the bloody effect should be stay for some hours.

This could also be extended by stitching both arms or legs together!




13. New Blind Effect




There is a game its called "Slightless" where you play a blind person who can somehow see things in his near. (For people who know "Avatar: The Last Airbender" its like Toph is seeing the world.) I think this effect would be cool in Skyrim.




14. Better Daymoyl Animals




As far as i know when you get defeated by an animal you just spawn somewhere around. So it should be a bit more interesting. When you "die" you lose your weapon where get knocked down and they will destroy your gear that you are using (they just ripping it of so its getting destroyed). All animals are using you for breeding. This means they will frequently fucking you. Also it isn't much but still much better then just spawning in the middle of nowhere.



You spawn where a pack of wolves live (in the middle of a forest or under those half rock things). There is one alpha wolve. You can try to run away but the pack is faster then you and they will bite you in the leggs so you have to restore your energie. Since you are naked you can't really fight them (except you are a mage). The pack gives up when the alpha wolve dies.



They dragging you in a cave (or again under that half rock thing). There are always 2 trolls. I can't really think of anything you can do except running away.



You spawn under that half rock thing again and 1 cat is guarding you. Since he needs you for breeding he won't eat you, but because he is alone you have to go with him to hunt food. When he attacks something its your chance to run away.



Cave/Half-rockt-thing. 2-3 bears are around you. Again just try to run away, but idk :-/



Cave. 1 big spider, 2-3 medium spiders and 4-5 little spiders. This is pretty interesting, because you could use the "Arachnophobia" mod for this (at least for the cocoon and the cave). When a spider defeats you he will turn you in a cocoon. In the cave you get "unwraped", fucked by the big spider (this means he will lay many many eggs in your womb) and then hanged upside down in a big spiderweb. You have to wiggle to get free and then try to run away. Also you are to 100% pregnant (not like for the other animals).



Its a bit harder here because a chaurus is most of the time the pet of a falmer. This means i don't really know where you could spawn, but like the spiders you get to 100% pregnant with eggs.


Ice Wraiths:

Mh... Maybe you spawn on the same place where you "died" but the ice wraiths lives inside you from now on. You have always this "cold effect" (for example when someone hits you with a ice attack). This means everything you do is slower and you are much faster exhausted. To get rid of this effect you need to go a place where its to hot for an ice wraiths. Maybe you have to wait 1 hour in an Inn or something like that.



I know giants are not animals, but to make an extra mod for this would be stupid. After a giant defeats you, you will woke up impaled on an iron pole over a fireplace. You lost all your hair and your skin is a bit more red/brown. After 1 hour of waiting (not to short because how could you watch yourself getting roasted) two events can trigger. In the first one a farmer brings his cow to the giants and will see you impaled making weird noises. He trades you against the cow and you are free to go. In the second event a bandit is going to steal you from the giants. He will keeping you as a slave (SD+) or selling you to Simple Slavery. (To get your hair back there is my other idea "hair grow mod" or use the racemenu. Your skin will automatically get his old color back after 1-2 days.


Those are the most commen animals that you are fighting against. (i like the giants idea the most^^)


Edit 1:

I just got DG and found chaurus cocoons. Which means the player is trapped inside a chauruscocoon and has to wiggle until he is free. Ofc the character is coverd in slime.




15. Big Boobie Shield




You can now use your big boobs as a shield. Light armor is not so strong as heavy armor and you can't use it with something like a magic robe. Instead of using your weapon when you try to block (1-hand and 2-hand) you stick out your chest (like inhale much air) and they jiggle for every attack you block. Maybe there is also an armor scaling, which means when your breast have their normal size (1.0 size) you get the normal armor value, but when they grow/shrink because of another mod the value will be smaller or bigger.




16. Thats ma Booty!




Background story:

A ugly person in Skyrim made a deal with a raven witch (is that the right name?). "Give me a body and i will make you pretty".


When you get defeated by a random person an event can happen where you spawn on a altar from a ravenwitch. Beside you is the person who knocked you down. The Witch makes a ritual and its getting dark again. When you wake up you are now in the body of the other person, who is gone... with your body. The Witch is will use you for some experiments, but somehow you can escape and now you are on the way to get your body back. You have to travel through Skyrim, talk to people from the underground (slavetraders, brothels, drugdealers and so on) to find your body as a slave. The person who stole your body will then apologize and complain how hard it is to live as a sex woman in skyrim. So you stole your body from the slavemaster (or you just kill him, but he should be very powerful!) and now the person who is in your body is your follower. You can take the chance to... fuck yourself... and so on. When you return to the witch who made this ritual you have to fight her/him until he gives up. But still the witch won't made the ritual because he/she gets nothing from it. So you make a new deal: "Give me your body and i will make you pretty". Everything is going dark, again you are on the altar with the other person beside you. Everything is dark again and you woke up in your body. Deal is deal so you are free while the other person gets tortured by the witch.



The person lost some of your stuff and most of your gold. You could be drug addicted, have some new tattoos and be pregnant. And ofc other things that could happen in this time.




17. Show Me Your Pockets !




! The "Stuff things in your Vagina" part was made by IronDusk33 !

There are some new guards for the big towns (Solitude, Windhelm, Whiterun, Markath and Riften). Everytime you want to leave the town a guard will check your pockets for stolen items. This means fasttravel inside a town should be not possible, but you can still just leave the town over a secret exit. There is still a way to smuggle things out of the town: your vagina and your rectum. Small items are easier to steal and larg/heavy items are harder. Lets say you can carry 2-3 (maybe a slider in the menu for own preferences) weight units. You can alway carry this amount in your vagina/rectum without getting caught. Everything over this limit makes you suspicous (face expressions/bodylangue and the fact that you have to lie) and THEN there is a CHANCE they will make a thorough investigation where you have to strip everything that you are wearing.


I come up with this idea because i think its way to easy to steal things and get away with it. Also this way  the mod "Prison Overhaul" is a bit more used^^.




18. It's Hatched Again! !




Another "what happens when you die" idea. I got this idea when i watched the picture from the "FaceHugger" mod. Everytime you die you will spawn somewhere (idk where) in an egg. You body is coverd in slime and ofc you are naked with nothing in your inventory. When you go back to the place where you died you can find your naked and lifeless body on the ground. Humans stole nearly everything you had and animals just take some bites. Also your dead body is coverd in sperm. Maybe when you are fast enough you can see how your dead body gets raped and looted. So what can you do with your dead body? You could take your turn to fuck your body or resurrect it. After 1-2 days or when you die again the body should disappear (falling to dust). 

Just got an better idea. You have to lay your own eggs! When you drink a special potion (ingreditans are maybe lots of sperm from different animals/humans) your body will produce an egg (takes 1-2 hours). When its finished you can lay it or walk around with an pregnant belly.


! Wyrade: "A base for the "18. It's hatched again!" is already done under the names "Dragon Souls Lite" and "Dragons Souls - Death is Highly Overrated"."




19. Saggy Tits




Everytime your breasts are regrowing to its original size they will hanging a bit lower. You start with the size 1.0, but then they grow (because of a mod) to somewhting else. As soon they grow back to 1.0 they will regrow back to 1.01 or somehting like that (and with growing i mean they will hang a bit lower!). From now on the saggy 1.01 size tits are your new 1.0 (hope you know what i mean). When they grow again and then regrow they will change to 1.02. I don't know which sliders you have to use to create saggy tits.


The menu should have some sliders:

1. One for how much lower they hanging for each regrow

2. How often they will hang lower (they don't have to hang lower everytime they regrow)

3. How deep they will hanging (Some people maybe just want a bit more saggy tits and others want them until they touch the ground)

4. A button to reset the saggy tits to the original size.




20. Something Is Missing




So i have my fun with the mod "Immersive Plugs" and came up with a little sidemod or patch or however you wanna call it. You know the feeling when you go on vacation and you think "did i have everything? did i forgot somehting at home?" and the same feeling get the character after taking out a plug. After the first time the character is pulling out a plug she/he gets an debuff "somehting is weird". I don't really know what it could do. Maybe less experience and less mana/health/stamina (you feel unsure with out a plug). Thats why the character must have always somehting as a plug. There are some items that you can use as a plug but it think there are much more items that you can use for this. So for this mod you need to add more items to the "plug list". Maybe even the possibilitie to use multiple plugs (instead of 1 carrot you can have 3/4 more in your ass).


Edit 1:

Somehow you enjoy the feeling that you can put bugs and little creatures in your ass.




21. Trapped As Werewolf




You can feel how your time as a werewolf is over... but something is not right... why i am still a werewolf? There is a chance that you don't transform back to your human form, but what now? Since you are a werewolf you can't go into a city and ask someone, so you have to get help from a ravenwitch (is that the right name?). The witch will tell you how to get your original form back. The animal in your soul is stronger then your human soul so you have to restore the balance.


How to restore the balance:

1. You can weaken the animal in you by giving birth. This means you have to find a wolf that will fuck you and then wait until you can give birth (this is for people who maybe want to stay in werewolf for a longer time). This will take you maybe 1-3 days (a slider in the menu would be good).


2. You can increas your human souls strength by raping living humans as a wolf. You need 10 humans to transform back (a slider too pls).



As female you have 6 small tits (or 2 tits and 4 more nipples when this is impossible). After the first time you don't have go back to a Witch, because now you know how to fix this problem. Maybe you can add more ways to transform back and maybe the Witch wants somehting before you get the informations you need.




22. Devious Hardcore Devices




Armbinder -> Arms a wrapped up in barbed wires or iron bars that are impaling the arms together.

Cuffs (Arms and Legs) -> Barbed wires or iron tubes that are impaling the bodyparts (yes tubes so you can use a wire to tie them together).

Chastity Belt -> Iron maiden like belt (also some spikes on the outside just for the look). Big/Long spikes for anus and vagina.

Chastity Bra -> Iron maiden like Bra (also some spikes on the outside just for the look). Long spikes that are going into the nippel.

Harness -> Barbed wires

Boots -> The sole is nailed on the feed and you can see some bloody nails coming ot of the feet. Some barbed wires for the ankles.

Gloves -> Barbed wires that wrapped around the hands and fixed with some nails. Some nails are sticking out.

Collar -> Barbed wires or Iron maiden like collar (google torture collar).

Corset -> Iron maiden like corset with some long iron bars impaling the body.

Piercings -> Nails impaling the nipples or a long nail that is impaling both nipples at the same time.

Blindfold -> Barbed wires wrapped around your head or a iron blindfold that is held by an iron bar that is impaling your head.

Gag -> Duckface like mouth and nailed together or barbed wires wrapped around your head.

Plugs -> A plug that looks like a spiky pole (Imagine a baseball bat with nails on it).


All those items should be in "new" and "old/rusty".


HermausMorons idea:

- An actual (miniature) iron maiden. Specifically, it covers everything from the waist up, but allows you to magically see and manipulate items around you, as wells as cast spells.

- Steel plate permabondage gear, possibility for accidental entrapment and release quest.

- The option to nail armors or other gears to your person as a means of avoiding equipment loss/DCL events (or for sheer aesthetic purposes)





23. Pay With Your Body




This mod increase all the prices (a on and off switch for people who are already using such a mod). When you don't have enough money you can pay with your body. Little "service" for small prices and advanced "services" for high prices. But be aware how much you use this, because there is a small chance that you get bad consequences. Sold as a slave, be enslaved, restrains, jail and such things. With each time you use this "payment" you get more fames as a whore. From a unknown person to a famous slut. More people will say something to you when you are famous (like "look a poor slut" or something like that). The small chance for bad consequences will increase with a higher fame.


Every vendor type has a different outcome or a higher chance for another bad consequence event:

1. A smith has a higher chance for restrains.

2. A merchant will try to sell you as a slave.

3. A carriage driver will let his horse (or a 2. horse that is standing near the carriage) rape you. Also a good combination with the "S.L.U.T.S." mod.

4. An innkeeper will enslave you for a day as a maid.

(5. Huntes) are using you as a bait for animals. They will tie you up (naked ofc) and place you somewhere in the woods. Animals are raping you and when they are finished the hunter will kill them (with the words "i enjoyed the show"). (Looks like a nice idea for itself. I write a mod about it but i let it here for the first)

6. Kahjiits and Argnoier are setting you under drugs and selling you to brothels.

7. Alchimits are forcing you to take drugs.

8. A mage will charm you with a spell for more sex? (Idk what else he could do)



- The Prices are high! Which means that you are sometimes forced to use it.

- When you want to buy something a message will pop up and ask you how you want to pay (with gold or your body).

- Like i said the chances for consequences are very low and they increase with more fame.

- When your slutfame is high enough that an event will trigger and you stay close to a vendor they will talk to you (you cant run away).

- Hunters seeing you from far away (because who goes near to hunters to buy somehting lol).

- The smith who puts you in restrains can't free you from it.




24. Hunters Are Hunters




I come up with this idea from the other idea "23. Pay with your Body". How often you saw a Hunter in the woods and you think to yourself "meh". With this mod they are a bit more... idk lol. When you walk around and a hunter is seeing you there is a chance that he will hunt you down. Which means he will use his hunter skills (advanced hunters are using invisbility) to paralyze you. Poison arrows or random animal traps that lying around in the woods. The posion should be able to take you down even when you are a werewolf or a vampire, but you can resist when you are strong. When the hunter captures you he will tie you up (naked and with a blindfold ofc) and will use you as a bite for his hunt. He will set you somewhere in the woods and after a short time an animal will come up and rape you (every animal is possible except mammoth). When the animal is finished with you and ready to kill you the hunter will hunt down his targed. After his hunt he will come back to you and drag you to his camp. Then he will untie your legs so you can walk around (but you should stay near the hunter or else he will hunt you down again). For the next hour he will work and prepare his prey to sell it. In this time he will give you a task (idk you could do but this way you have something to do and dont have to wait wihle doing nothing).

When he is done there are 2 outcomes. He needs you for another hunt because his last animal didn't make enough gold or he will set you free because he has enough to go to a town and sell his things there. In the end he keeps everything you had. Which means you can kill him before he reachs a merchant or you can buy your stuff back from the merchant. The merchant will sell your stuff over some days, so when you wait to long you lose to much.


Your resist value get stronger with every level you make:

Level 1-10: He will oneshot you.

Level 11-20: The posion will slow you down for 100% and he needs a 2. arrow. (he has 15seconds to hit you again)

Level 21-30: The posion will slow you down for 50% and he needs a 2. arrow. (15seconds)

Level 31-40: You are no longer slowed down and he needs a 2. arrow. (15seconds)

Level 41-99: He needs 3 arrows but now all hunters are good enough to use invisibilty.


When random animal traps are possible (openworld and not the one in caves) and you step in one of it you are slowed for 100% and you have time to struggle (10seconds). You can use magicka or stamina but it should be always hard to escape from that. When you somehow escape the trap a hunter will spawn in the near and takes your track from the blood you lose.

The animal value is so high like the loot you get from it when you kill it. A chaurus or a bear should be more worth then a deer or a wild goat.



- Not every hunter will attack you. I don't think they would try to attack you when you run around with legendary gear.




25. The Nordic Queen !




! You can find it now here: SexLab Stories by skyrimll !

This is an alternate start mod with an important playthrough aspect. You start in an old and forgotten draugr tomb. Some random adventurers exploring this place when they suddenly activate your coffin. You look like an draugr coverd in bandages and your first quest is to kill them and to escape your tomb. When you are at the end you found a wounded person that is fears you, but instead of killing him you feel something in your mind or your body and you start to rape him. At the climax you suck a part of his living soul out of him and your old draugr body looks a bit more human again while the victim is turned into a draugr.


There is also a new book that you can find around Skyrim that is about an old dominant Queen that was blessed by a daedric prince. With this power she was immortal, but the thing was she had to absorb sperm to hold her youth and beauty. Somehow she got betrayed and sealed away.

The thing is that you have to drain/absorb sperm from a living creature to hold your human form. This is only possible when you dominate your victim.


This mod contains different draugr and human forms:

Stage 1: The lowest stage of your character. No Tits, no ass, no hair and very thin. You walk much slower and you attacks are weak and you get more dmg from normal attacks, but your resistens against fire, ice and lighting are very high. This form should look more rotten then an normal draugr. While your are in your draugr form you are friendly to other draugr, but humans are aggressiv. When you rape 2 people you get stage 2.


Stage 2: Stronger then stage 1 and resistens buff is weaker. You can now see very small boobs and a small ass and you have short hair. You look like a normal draugr. When you rape 2 people you get stage 3.


Stage 3: From now on you are a human again. No resistens buff but also no debuffs. Still very small boobs, ass and short hair. You are thin like an draugr, very pale and you look ill. When you are rape 1 person you get stage 4.


Stage 4: Your normal body like the one you would create. No debuffs or buffs. When you rape 3 people you get stage 5.


Stage 5: The stage that was feared when you was a queen. Bigger tits, bigger ass, slightly higher then your normal body. You deal more damage and your resistens are slightly higher. Optional: different hairstyle, eyes, lipstick, tattoos.



- you can't absorb when you are the vicitim (prevents conflict with other mods where you are a slave)

- every 12 or 24 hours you lose 1 rapepoint (lol)

- the buff in stage 5 should be strong enough that you want to hold that stage.

- A button in the menu that starts the quest (teleported into the coffin) (when you dont want to start a new game).




26. That Smelly Smell




When you are highly aroused you will stink from your vagina. People around you are looking at you consfused. They will say somehting like "were you fishing?" or something like that. Also a small speech debuff becaus you feel insecure because of it. Maybe its like a miasma that rise the aoursel level of nearby humans/creatures that causing them to rape you. Creatures and tracker? (hunters) are tracking you down from far away and they follow the path you just walked.




27. Impaled!




When you are at low health (like 15% and lower) there is a chance that the enemy will impale you. A mage will cast a frost spear that impales you from the ground and everything else will just throw a spear at you that somehow do the same (lol). When you get impaled you slide slowly down the spear and waving around with your arms and legs and blood will run down your mouth and legs. After 3-4 seconds you stop and it looks like you are unconsious. From this moment you lose 3% of your HP per second.


The important thing about this mod is that it should be compatible with mods like Defeat and Daymoyl! Which means their events are only starting when your HP are dropping to 1 or 0% (to prevent that the impale animation gets interrupted by other animations).


When possible you should change the animation from the mods directly:

Defeat: Instead of falling down your knees you get impaled. The impaled stage will hold until you only have 1% HP left and then you fall to the ground.

Daymoyl: Instead of falling down your knees you get impaled. The message "leave it to fate or use a dragonsoul" should be somehow disabled because you are impaled. Also no healthbuffer, because it could cuse conflict in the animation? I don't know maybe you know a solution.




28. Vagina Dentata




You have little fangs on your pussylips. Everytime someone is fucking your character you can press a button and at the end of the animation the penis will ripped of. Blood should run down legs (and ofc from the victim too) and he will run away while losing 20% HP per second. Should also work with oral sex but not for anal.




29. The Sexrobot




This is a expansion when you get defeated by dwemer robot for Daymoyl (or also a trap for "Cursed Loot"?). Instead of spawning outside the dungeon like nothing happend you also have "Edhildils Dwemer Cyborg" outfit on. Which means there is no way to get rid of it expect with the quest you get. You have to go to Calcemo in Markath and ask him for help. He will say things like "fascinating" and so on and start to experiment with you (including sex). After that he will try to find a solution sends you away.


After a day he sends a mailman to with a letter that you should talk to calcemo again. When you arrived you can already see other females that are turned into cyborgs. Calcemo tells you about Cyborg-Sex-Dolls that they are producing and each one of them has a remote control for their owners. You want to kill him, but then he is using a remote against you and fucks you. After that he puts a special lable on your body (a tattoo) and he tells you that since you are the prototype everyone with a remote control can controll you. Which means when you walk around there are random events where you just stop and walk to the one who is using the remote. You start to cry and run away, but once again he is using the remote. After that he laughs and says "now you are free to go".


Now you have to find a way to get your body back, so you travel around the capital cities and ask their smartest inhabitants for help. Of course they also have one of those remotes. When you where in every captial citie the last one you asked will say somehting like "maybe you should go to the place where it started". So you go back to the dungeon where you lost your body. But since you are a cyborg now the other dwemer robots wont attack you. So you can easily (except when there are falmers) walk to the big treasur chest at the end of every dungeon and find your limbs/bodyparts. Despite your efforts you still need someone who can help you to put the bodyparts back onto your body.


So you decide to go back to Calcemo. Now you can see that there are way more cyborgs and other people who are working on them. As soon Calcemo is seeing you he is using his remote so you automaticly walks to him. After a little conversation he is fucking you again, but then he says thank you for everything he has now (like money and sexdolls and so on) and grants you your wish to get your normal body back. Some hours passing away and you find yourself with your normal body. He says something like it took a bit longer because he and some workers fucked your body while they worked on you and they can't remove the chip that stucks inside your brain.


From now on you can buy a cyborg for yourself or ask Calcemo to make you to a cyborg again. When you lose against a dwemer robot again you are turned into a cyborg again. You have to get your bodyparts back from the treasur chest and talk to Calcemo, but since you have still the old chip inside your head everyone can control you.


Maybe a conection with "Simple Slavery". Someone bought you and turned your body into a cyborg so he can use you whenever he wants. You have to kill him when he is sleeping or somehting like that, but be careful because of guards.



- it is only a outfit, so it could conflict with mods that change that your outfit (expect you somehow manage to solve it)

- you can't wear other things expect jewerly

- you are always naked with that outfit

- maybe you are stronger with that cyborg body (in cost that everyone can control you)




30. Succubus Playthrough




This idea already possible (i think) but its really stupid annoying to get and i also add some new functions with this idea, so it would be great to make into one mod. To start this you can create a new game or getting raped/cursed by a succubus/daedra.


As a succubus you have a human and a succubus form. The succubus form should be fully costumizable which means the player can change things in with the menu. Wings, tails, horns, eyes, colors, hair, skin, tattos, dick, nails, hoofs, piercings. With different hoofs the player has legs like an draenei/succubus from Diablo 3 or WoW. Also sliders for bigger breasts/ass/bodysize. The human form should have some options too (when a human gets cursed maybe his human form is changing a bit).


In the succubus form you gain the ability to see the arousel level of living things and you can see in the dark (an on and off switch for both). You gain a bit more mana, health and stamina (including higher regenerations). Running faster and jumping higher. All of your spells are more effectiv, attacks with weapons are stronger. A ability to seduce everything for 1 quicky (high cooldown). One spell that drains your enemy health, stamina and also rise his arousel (normaly those are seperated spells). Also a miasma that very slowly rises the arousel level of nearby creatures/humans.


In the human form you have no buffs except for a higher speech skill.


You have an extra "healthbar" under your healthbar. Thats the succubus life essence. That controls how strong your buffs in the succubus form are. When this thing goes under 30% you get a debuff for everything that should give you a buff, the thing is that this debuff also appears in the human form. With 0% you wont die, but you are very VERY very weak. Everytime you get fucked this bar is filling itself and you lose a specific % per day. When you are the aggressor you can collect sperm/femalecum to drink it when you need it. Drinking it in human form only gives you your life essence, but drinking it in succubus form you get a little more mana/health/stamina regeneration boost. Different creatures/races giving you more or less essence. Using your succubus form will drain your essence (5 Points per minute or somehting like that).


Every NPC/creature that is running away or falling to the ground is vulnearble to get raped from you. Also when you sneak to a sleeping NPC or from behind. You can rape your followers. Since they are willing to follow you they are standing under your influence. When rape a men you are in a female position and when you rape a female (and you use the dick option) you are in the male position. For creatures you are always in the female postion. You never drain the health of your sexpartner (like in the already existing succubus mods), but when you are the aggressor you can decide to kill them.


When you are the aggressor you also absorb some of their beauty. Which means you get a specifc % of their boobs/ass/dicksize and bodyweight. It should be possible to set a minimum and maximum scale (0% and 100% beauty). More beauty means that your buffs are stronger (just a bit and not to much). There is no debuff for having 0% beauty. When you reach 100% you can have a specific amount of sex before losing your beauty! At this point your current sexpartner (only human!!) is getting all of your beauty!


The succubus form should work like the vampire/werewolf form. When someone is seeing you transforming into a succubus you get a bounty. Guards and citizens are attacking you.


There is also a level system:

Level 1: You can't control your new power. You start with 100 Essence points. You randomly transform into a succubus and the only way to transform back is to bring your arousel level back to 0.Your arousel also increase much faster and at 90 the chance you transform into one is 100%. You only can use Succubusdrain (drain health/stamina rising arousel) and the buffs that you get are not really strong.


Level 2: You stop transforming randomly into a succubus and your arousel dont increase much faster anymore. You can switch betweens between these forms whenever you like, but you can't transform into one when your arousel is 0 and you transform into one when its over 90 (you need a lower value then 90 to transform back). You can now also use the first succubus vision (seeing in the dark). The succubus seducing ability and the miasma are also available. Your buffs are stronger. You have now 150 Essence points.


Level 3: Still no succubus at arousel 0. Automatic transform is now arousel 95. Stronger buffs. 200 Essence points. Cooldown from your seducing spell is lower. Succubus vision 2 (seeing arousel level) added.


Level 4: Still no succubus at arousel 0. Automatic transform is now arousel 100. Stronger buffs. 250 Essence points. Cooldown from your seducing spell is lower. You can fly now in succubusform.


Level 5: You can now fully control your succubus form. Buffs are stronger. 300 Essence Points. Lower cooldown.


Succubusdrain is scaling with your normal Level or with your destruction level idk.



- should be compatible with every devious device!

- when enslaved no one will attack you (SD+ or simple thing like standing in the "Simple Slavery" auctionhouse)

- compatible with beeing a vampire (or replacing the hole vanilla vampire thing!)

- when you wear a collar you can't transform back! no matter which succubus level you have




31. Elemental Body




The idea behind this is to be one with the nature. You are one of those elements that is traveling around Skyrim to do things. (idk what an element creaute is doing lol). But you are not a element creatur nor a human and the element you choose is the how you gonna play the game. But here is the "adult" mod in it? Well to become the nature (or be the nature) you have to do things WITH the nature... if you know what i mean. Every element has 2 forms, one human form and one natur form. In your nature form you are always naked but you get buffs to be stronger then in your human form. Using the nature form can cause problems and thats where the kinky shit is starting. Every element has its own fetish, i don't know what this mod really is going to be. I just write what im thinking at the moment. I also have no idea what the "problem" could be, but maybe you get some nice ideas from it. Mages are trying to tame you idk.


All nature forms are giving you buffs depending on the element itself. You also get a slightly bigger bodysize and your boobs/ass are bigger. Glowing eyes and glowing cracks that symbolize the element. The skin in the human form is like the color from the element, but in the nature form you skin even looks more like the element. The armor you get in the nature form always revealing your tits and vagina so that you are flagged as naked. For other people you are only accepted when you are in your human form, which means nature form is like a werewolf or vampire.


Rock: Fast, wild and aggressiv sex.


Fire: "cold" sex. Without "love" and stuff.


Lighting: Sex with machines?


Ice/Water: "warm" sex. With "love" and stuff.


Air: Full Bondage.


Plant: Sex with animals.




32. Animal Body




There is a curse going around in Skyrim that turns female into animal/human hybrids. When you someone get infected by it you are now such a hybrid. Every transformation contains 1 quest how to controle/cure that curse. At this moment im not sure if you can collect all transformations and use them when ever you like or that this like a disease that you have to cure. Maybe all curses are like "giving and taking", which means someone is giving you the curse (via sex) and you have to give it someone else. I googled some of them and found models/armors that you could use for this mod. As a hybrid you are a monster for villages. You are always naked as hybrid, but you get some defensiv buffs depending on what animal you are.



You do the same things like a Werewolf, but you are just a hybrid which means you can cure it by having sex with humans. You suck a part of their human soul so that the wolf in you is weaker then you. With hybrid i really mean hybrid. You have a female body with fur and stuff. Maybe you are a futa so you can rape females.



Your meele attacks (more like a biting attack) is dealing poison damage and you can slow enemies.. To heal yourself you have to trap a female person into a cocoon. Then you can rape her (normal spider fucking a female animation). You also can cast the little spiders from the Dragonborn DLC (i hope you know what i mean).



You are much faster with much more stamina and you can hold 2 hand weapons as onehand (which means 2hand + shield). You have a dash alike attack that can knockdown npc's. Rape a human (normal horse animations) to heal yourself.



You can jump higher (maybe even flying) and your magic attacks are stronger (especially destruction). Legs like a bird, no arms just wings. Idk how to heal yourself. Maybe talk with Hagraven and they tell you a way to cure yourself.



You can breath under water. You can walk on land by levitating. You swim much faster and you have stronger magic attacks (especially resoration and illusion). You heal yourself by charming males and tempt them to go under water. There you can kiss them until they are drowning.



Some kind of half human half scorpion? You have a meele attack (its like stabbing) and you can spit poisen. Both attacks are penetrating your enemies armor. Cure yourself by rape humans? Drinking falmersperm? Idk.


Echidna (mythology):

Half human half snake. Attacks with daggers dealing poison damage, you are always sneaking and you get a great buff on sneaking. You can bite your enemie when he has low health. Its like a vampire bite but at the same moment you turn them into stone. Do that more offen and you can heal yourself.


HermausMorons suggestions:

When you lose against a creature that is not listed in this mod, then you switch your body with that creatur. You have to live for some days as this creature (and you are not the alpha as a wolf). Try to survive and some days later (2-3) you have the chance to attack a human and switch the body again! Now you have to find your body again and your body probably ended in slavery or drug abused, naked and so on (maybe with some new tattoos and pregnant). In the ende you get the ability to shapeshift into that animal.




33. The Slave Arena




A Place where Slaves are forced to enter a tournament. To enter the tournament you have to be enslaved by another mod or you become the "Tournament Bitch". As the "Bitch" you are enslaved by the company that runs the tournament. To become the "Bitch" the company has to buy you in an auction house or you lose in a normal fight against a random brigant "Daymoyl".

There are 3 ways how a fight will end (winning, dying, unconscious):
1. Unconscious: Slaves are dragged into a cell.
2. Winning: Depends on what kind of enslavement you are in.
3. Dead: Slaves are dragged to a pile of other dead slaves (the player can't die!).

Since there are 2 types of enslavement (normal enslavement and "tournament bitch") there are also 2 ways to play this mod:

Normal Enslavement:
Your owner is saying something and you both get teleported to the tournament. You get a special branding and then a guard will lead you to a cell where you can talk (what you shouldn't because the guards are not very friendly) with the other slaves and wait that the tournament is starting. Meanwhile your owner will search a place to sit down in the tribune. When you win often your owner is very happy with you and is setting you free OR is keeping you for another round (which means after 1-2 days he will come back with you to the tournament). When you get often unconscious he will talk to you in the cell. He can take you back to his home, but he is very mad and will punish you and after a 1 day you have to fight again. He can also decide to let you in the cell, in this case you are now a tournament bitch, but first he will take his last "turn" on you. Your master can also decide to sell you to another slavemaster. Remember there are like 2-4 rounds per day! Since you can't die the actions of your master depends how you are going to make it! Which means between the fights (where you are waiting in the normal slave cell) you can get food when your master is satisfied with you or he will take this breake for a little quicky. When the day ends and all "normal" slaves are in their cell (which goes much faster then for the tournament bitches) your master will then come to you and decide what he is going to do with you.

Tournament Bitch:
As a servant of the company you are forced to fight or to do other things for the guests. Your new home is a cell that you have to share with other bitches (the normal slaves their own cells). Your day starts at 6:00 where you have to wake up and do human things (like pissing) and at 6:30 a guard will throw food in the cells, so better be on time because there is not enough for everyone! At 7:00 you get your task for the day and you have to start with it right away. Remember that slaves can only eat what is in the "Slavefood chest" and raw bodyparts from dead slaves. So slaves can only drink blood, sperm, urin and only eat shit and bodyparts. Puke is like a soup.
As a "maid" you have to cook, clean and do whatever guest and guards wants from you.
Cleaning means you have to wipe up blood (that is lying on the ground in the arena or where a guards punished you), sperm (that is lying on the ground after a guest had his fun with a slave) and drag dead slaves to the slavepile. You also have to clean the slave cells (feces and so on). Everything you clean will be in your inventory, you can put it in the "slavefood chest" right away or wait till the end of the day where you have empty your inventory anyways.
Cooking means a guest will order somehting from you. Now you have to drag a dead slave (from the pile) to the kitchen and chop of the parts that you need for your meal (also some barrels for vegetables and drinks). When you try to eat/drink somehting from the kitchen a guard will send you to "The Punisher" and in the end he will froce you to puke. Then you have to clean it up and put it into the "slavefood chest" (eating from this chest is also stealing!).
The guards and the guests can use you as a toilet (so they don't miss the fight) or sometimes they just want some "fun" with you. Some guests are having special requests for some lesbian fun with other slaves or they have a pet (if you know what i mean).
Between the fights there is a orgy in the arena where guards are raping some slaves OR "The Punisher" will show some extrem bondage torture on you!
When you are not the maid you are a fighter for the day! You will sit in your cell a bit longer (till 7:30) and then a guard will come, gives you everything you need and then he will lead you into the arena (8:00). When you win you get food (in your cell where you have to wait till the next round). When you are unconscious you will wake up in your cell and get nothing. The time where you are in your cell you can again talk with the other slaves, piss, shit and rest. Sometimes the guards are having fun with you and the rest. After the 2 hours break (for being unconscious only 1 hour) you have to fight again.
The day ends when the last fight is over. There are no more fights after 18:00, which means a fight that is going longer will continue until there is a winner. But make it fast because longer fight means less sleep! When the fight ends the maids have 1-2 more hours to clean everything up and putting everything they have into the foodchest for slaves. In this time the fighters are getting an "inspection" from a guard so they don't take any weapons and so on into the cell. Same goes for the maids. When you are unconscious after the last fight you wake up when everyone is going to sleep (a guard made his "inspection" on you in this time you were knocked out). BUT you can still smuggle things into your cell! As a maid you can smuggle food and as a fighter can smuggle weapons (that you can loot from dead slaves). BUT the chance that you are successful with smuggling is low (you smuggle thing with putting it in your vagina or anus)! When they find somehting on you they will send you to "The Punisher"! Which also means much less sleep for you.

Normal slaves are not sleeping there because they go home with their owner, but when a bitch dies she will be replaced after 1 or 2 days. In every cell are 2-4 slaves.


Ways to escape:

As a normal slave you can't really escape from your master, except he is selling you to another person.

As a bitch you can also be sold to another person (when you are winning very often (over some days) or treat your guests (especially a specific guest that is every day there (over some days))).

There is also the way of digging a tunnel. For that you need to smuggle a weapon into your cell and with that you can dig a tiny hole out of the tournament. But digging cost time which you should use for sleeping and it will take more then 1 night to get free. The first stage of the tunnel is going to take 12 hours. For that you get a little room with an old chest that was buried there. Here you can store some food and maybe some more weapons/armor. The 2. stage cost 6 hours, for that you get a little water source where you can drink clean water (optional clean yourself). Another 6 hours for the final exit, which means you need a total of 24 hours of digging to get free. The other slaves don't want to escape. They see no point in escaping because they would have nothing and they don't know how to survive naked/bondaged (that the slaves get for sleeping). Some other slaves are just so broken (from the punisher) that they are not interested. They wont tell the guards what you are doing (except when you like it harder and you have to bring them somehow more food and somehting to drink).


The Punisher:

A "nice" and very "friendly" guy that has his own torture room in the basement. When you do somehting stupid or try to smuggle something you have the "good" opportunity to "talk" with him. In room you find another pile of dead slaves and when your "meeting" is over you have to drag a dead body to the other slave pile. He will torture you really REALLY hard. After that you have heavy wounds, you cry for a little time and you get for the next 12 hours more damage and no health regeneration. I said something about a nice show between a fight and sometimes you are not the victim (which should be happen rarely). In this case he will do somehting with a random slave and she will get so much damage from the bondage torture that she dies (this torture is so extrem that she will also lose some limbs or her head).


There are several "sport"events that are happening every day:
1. Gladiator fight: The slaves are fighting in an arena against each other. Every slave has different "equipment" and a weapon (choosen by the owner).

2. Something like a bondage "russian roulette". The player of course somehow survives, but its also not completely random, so there should be a way that you can win it every time.

3. Animal fight: 1-3 aggresiv animals are attacking the helpless slaves. The bondage that they get is strong enough to get 4-5 hits from a bear. The last standing slave wins and the animals are pushed back in their cages.


Maybe you find some more events.




34. Give Birth To Yourself




Everytime you get pregnant, you are going to give birth to a little version of yourself! You have to care of yourself by breestfeeding and so on. When you die you are going to live as your child... or something like that? The important thing about this is "how" you are going to die and where your baby is. You can go with your baby on adventures or let it in a town. When you get more then one child (for example 2) you can one out of two events (the other will just vanish). This "circle of life" will never end, except you die before you get a baby, then another event (from another mod) will start. Your daughter gets a random name, but as soon you are playing normarly again and talk to someone, he will recognize you (because you look exacly like your mother) and take her name back. You daughter always has the half level when you died (dying with level 30 means your daughter starts with level 15) and you can use your perks again. Events where you don't find your mother are not bringing back your dragensouls (when possible you have to find the dragonwalls again (except for the important shouts, somehow you already know them)). You also have to learn all the spells again and so on.


Where you die:

- Any death to animals (humanoids) or falling to death means your body is somewhere in the wilderness to find. A limb or two is maybe missing.

- Any death in a draugr ruin means that your daughter (you) has to fight a draugr that is walking through Skyrim.

- Bandits are letting your body somewhere in the wilderness. The body is coverd in sperm.

- Necromancer or magic like people are encountering your daughter and summon your mothers body for the fight.



When you die your kid will join the army. You can find yourself as a warrior like class and you are doing army stuff... You get a quest where you have to walk through Skyrim and somehow you find you dead mother (so yourself idk lol). After an short investigation you decide to leave the army to end your mothers quests. Which means you can now continue to play, but all your stuff was stolen and you are a warrior now. Btw the army has made you strong and you like it... hard (if you know what i mean).


Your Husband:

Don't think your husband married you because he loves you. He just wanted someone very hot to fuck and without getting in trouble. So when you die he will rape you and keeps you locked down in a basement. You have to do at least 1 normal day as his slave, which means you have a room with books and stuff. Every 2-3 hour he comes down to rape and torture you. In the time where he is not there you have to find a way to escape. In the end of the day you kill your dad (husband) and now you are free to go. You don't know how to use weapons, magic or somehting like that. You are just a miserable, broken and young teenage girl that is now on its own. Somehow you find your mother again and you can continue playing the game.



Your daughter is now a Healer in a temple. You are a innocent teenage girl with no dirty thoughts and one day a "special" wounded men is coming to your temple. He has a weird disease that can you can't cure with normal magic, but he found a book where you can find a way to cure him. The other healers in the temples are disgusted and so they are throwing him out. You can't sleep because your character just doesn't understand what is wrong with his cure. So you sneek out of the temple and to find him (where only the poor and sick people are). So he is going his thing on you... and he is healed (cure was to drink the blood of an innocent person how just lost her virginity). You are bleeding out of your vagina and its hurting you, but innocent you are, you ask him if he is healed, but he still don't really feel like he is healed so he fucks you over and over again. After the 3. third time you are crying and begging for him to stop because the pain is just to strong. He laughs and fucks you a last time, after that you fall unconscious. In the morning a member of the temple finds you coverd in sperm and blood all over your legs. After a short council meating you are banned from the temple and they put a sack over your head and releasing you somewhere in the wild (naked ofc). After a short walk you find your mother. You can heal very well and you are good in other magic stuff too.



Your child is going to be a thieve. The orphanage don't really care what the kids are doing. So you are pretty much just on your own and you steal to survive. One day you decide to leave the town and travel through Skyrim. You find a little bandit camp and since you can't see someone around you steal some of their goods, but one of them saw you so you run away. Bitches that are running away from 3 strong bandits are always tripping, so they will rape you and leave you there. You don't really cry because you never cared what happens to you when you get caught (the life of a thieve). The character is checking how she tripped and found a clue to your mothers body.



The inn is using you for "special" treatment. You never learned it differently so your character thinks that this is normal and you wear bondage stuff. You even like to get punished. The inn made a special basement for you. But after a while the inn is selling you to a real brothel (the inn gets so much that they don't have to work anymore). They made a little caravan for you (but you see nothing because you are in full bondage and on a leash). Somehow some brave adventurers are rescuing you, but you don't understand what is going on and they are telling you how females are really living in skyrim. They take you with you and teaching you how to fight (the adventurers are 1 warrior, 1 rogue and 1 mage) and you can choose what you want to learn. After 1 day you find your dead mother and your new friends are leaving you. They say you have your own quest now that you have to end. You also have a advanced speech level.


Bandits (also necromancer and so on):

When you carry around your baby and bandits are killing you, your baby becomes a member of the bandits. One day you someone find out that your boss killed your mother, so you decide to kill him when everyone is asleep. But somehow he overwhelms you and starts to rape you. You are starting to cry and he is saying stuff like "like the mother so is the daughter". He throw you out of the camp and everyone is hostil to you. You don't find the body of your mother, but the leader give you a letter that he found after he raped and killed your mother.



You are naked, you don't know how to speak and the animals are rised you as a member. The alpha/leader is fucking you alot, just because he can. You are good in running, fighting without weapons and you can take more damage than a normal person. After a time some hunters are killing your pack and they put you a sleep with a poisen arrow. You wake up in a cage (tied up) and they discuss what they are going to do with you. They decided to pet you. They have a little land (with big walls so you can't escape) and some torture devices (idk why). Everytime you do somehting stupid they torture you and you also have to wear bondage stuff so that you can't attack them. When you learned your lessons they will take of some of those bondage stuff from you. Your goal is it to get your hands free so you can dig a tunnel out. They also have some other things for you to do like learing how to sit right, how to use normal things and how to speak (just normal words that they can command you). So on the first day you should be so far that you startet to dig a little part of the tunnel (your freetime at the end of the day). When they go to sleep they put you on a leash (outside the house). On the next day they will bring you food and water and are also doggystyling you while you are eating (like your old alpha/leader). After that they take you for a hunt. You are allowed to run around and kill what they want dead (remember the words that you learned). After that day you don't have time to dig your tunnel because they are gangbanging. You made such a great job to day (beside from the hunting if you know hat i mean) that they don't put you on the leash again. Now is your time to dig the tunnel and you escape. Naked, alone and without knowing what to do, your instinct is telling you what your mother wanted to do. Over the time you learn how to speak.




35. Vaerminas Debauchery




Everytime you go to sleep you find yourself in a dreamworld. In this world you get fucked and tortured. It also depends how long you are going to sleep, which means you only enter the dreamworld when you sleep more then 3 hours. There are some dreamworlds that you can enter and you leave each dream in an unique way. You also get some debuffs when you wake up, but i think you only enter the dreamworld when you are highly aroused. Ofc you are naked.


The "normal" dream:

This happens when you sleep in a house (for example your home or an inn). You get gangbanged by several npc's until you are full of cum (little bukkake show). After the "show" you are very bad exhaust so you only can crawl around. You are also nearly dead because you almost drown by the mass of sperm you had to swollow. The character really has to suffer for being a sperm swollen whore. The dreamworld for this is the Hall of Valor. To escape you have to find Vaermina who looks like one of other people in your dream (but still different enough that you can see him/her). The character is begging to leave the place, but before that Vaermina is going to take his/her turn on you. At the orgasm you are so full of sperm that you can't breath anymore, so a "drown-like-animation" should play until you die. Then you wake up in your bed totaly exhaust and very breathy. Everything seems normal to you (except the many handprints on your body), but because of the debuff your stamina is reduced and you consume much more (for example when you run around). After some hours the debuff is gone.


The "cave" dream:

When you sleep in a cave alike place you get teleported to a torture chamber (idk which place is good for that). There you can find yourself in a hardcore torture device that is fucking all 3 holes of you (or npc's are raping you while you are in this device). After that you can find several more torture devices and each of them is doing something else with you. To get out of the dreamworld you have to use one of them and hope that the person who is going to torture you is Vaermina (the ground is made of hot coal so don't wait to long). When you finally found Vaermina you get into a special device this a guillotine. So Vaermina is going to torture you a last time and at the clima the guillotine will snap you head off. When you wake up you will found a bloody red line around your neck, your feeds are black (from the coal) and some whipe marks. The debuff is reducing your health and you get more damage.


The "nature" dream:

When you sleep in the nature you can find yourself in the "Bloated Man's Grotto". Its like a "normal dream version just with animals, but you have to crawl all the way through the end of the map. On the your way the animals around you are going to gangbanging you. You will find Vaermina as a dragon and no... you are not riding her/him^^ He/she is going to ride you if you know what i mean. After that you lay on the ground totally exhaust and the animals are going to eat you alive. When you wake up your body has many animals prints/bites and some bloody scratches. The debuff is reducing your mana and rises your manacosts.


The "slave" dream:

This is happening when you sleep as a slave. When you have also Sanguine Debauchery you get teleported in his realm. You don't get his cuffs when you bring your own bondage gear with you into the dream. On your way to Sanguine you will encounter some daedra that are going to rape you. When you reach his throne you find Vaermina (as a female) sucking on Sanguines dick or Sanguine (as a female) sucking on Vaerminas dick. They will gangbang you until you die (you lose 50 or 100hp per orgasm). When you wake up you will notice that you have 1 more bondage device on you, some daedric marks and the debuff is a combination of all the other debuffs.

When you don't have Sanguine Debauchery you are in the Thalmor Embassy as a maid. When you don't have bondage gear on you, you get a special maid outfit. Now you have to talk to some people in this house because they want your service... After some "services" you finally talk to Vaermina. He/she will excite the others for a big gangbang adventure, after that he/she is going to report you because your "services" was not good enough. They bring you into their basement where they are going to roast you over the fire. You can see how your character is losing her hair and getting very brown. When you wake up you notice that you lost your hair and you skin is very dark. After 2-3 days you skin color is normal and after another 2-3 days you have your hair back. The debuff is once again a comination of all the other debuffs.




36. Azuras Debauchery




Some enemies are Hermaphrodites. When you get raped by one of them you feel different. Everytime from now on when the sunset starts (8:00 pm? or somehting like that) you become a hermaphrodite too! For your first time you get unconsious after you realizing it and you wake up in Azuras realm. In her realm (maybe a big bathroom idk lol) are some Futas/Hermaphrodite that are making out togehter. You wake up an Azura (as a futa too) is going to fuck you (maybe even a futa threesome). Azura tells you that you are from now an advanced human (in her eyes), but keeping your futa form is not easy. She explains you how you can hold this form and what buffs you get (but not the debuffs!).

So you fall unconscious again and you wake up in an dirty old basement and in front of you is a women chained and blindfolded on a bed. There is a men beside you and asks "can we start now?". You can say "sure", "no..." and "whats going on again?". When you ask him whats going on he will be confused and asks what it wrong with you, after that he asks again "are you ready to penetrate her?". When you say yes you have a little threesome (in male position) and the women you just fucked will turn into a hermaphrodite too! The men gets very confused and leaves the place so fast as he can. The woman is unconscious and you just leave the place to without knowing what just happend. When you say "no..." he will get angry and fucks you instead and he also turns into a hermaphrodite. After that the men will fall unconscious a and now you can just leave or free the women (she will be thankfull and runs away (naked ofc)). As soon as you leave the place (no matter what you choosed) the time will be the sunrise (6pm? idk) and your body will change in the way what you choosed.

When you fucked the women you lose your dick and become a women again, when you get fucked by the guy you will turn into a higher hermaphrodite form. From now on every sunset and sunrise you will change in that way with what you had sex with. When you pump your sperm as a futa into another person (gaysex or normal sex with a women) you will lose your "menhalf" and when you take sperm (by getting fucked) you gain your "menhalf". Lets say you are a futa and you fucked 3 people and 1 time you was fucked, which means you will lose your "menhalf" at the next sunset or sunrise. Animals are always males, a woman can only affect your form when you fuck her, a men can affect your form by fucking you or you fucking him. So i hope you unterstand what happend when you have sex with another hermaphrodite.


The different forms and their buffs/debuffs:


1. The normal women form:

Since you can't lose your "menhalf" as a woman (because no penis and so on) you are in your normal form again. You feel "normal" which gives you more experiance for skills and no debuffs.


2. The hermaphrodite form:

You have a female body with a dick. Since you can still fucked oral or anal by another "male" you can still gain more "menhalf". You slighty more mana/health/stamina, but your dick in your pants is making you faster aroused.


3. The advanced hermaphrodite form:

Your tits, dick and your ass are bigger. You got some body and some facialhair. You have even more (just slighty) more mana/health/stamina and because of your "bigger body" you can a speechskill buff. You get again faster aroused.


4. The supreme hermaphrodite form:

You even more hairy and body looks way more masculine. Tits, ass and dick are a bit bigger again. You have another hairstyle (very long hair). More mana/health/stamina, speechskill and more damage. In this form you have a special spell that can seduce people when they have less then 30% hp (this way you can fuck them). You get even fast aroused and your arousal level can't get lower then 50 (or maybe 30 or 70?).


Each time you reach a higher form for the first time you get teleported to Azuras realm, in your final form she will say something like "now you are complete" and gives you a nice tattoo. Everytime you leave you can make the decision again (maybe different szenario). To enter her realm again you can go to her shrine. Don't forget that you turn everything you fuck (or get fucked by) will turn into a hermaphrodite, but just when you are a hermaphrodite too.




37. Boethiahs Debauchery




Followers are going to make you to be the "follower" if you know what i mean. You get in bondage with a weapon and you have to do everything (EVERYTHING) your master wants. Sometimes your master will betrays you in a fight and he/she is going to rape you.. together with the enemey you just attacked. After some days your master will be bored and is going to sacrifice you to the Boethiah shrine. After that you are in Boethiahs realm where you can find more sacrifice shrines and you can see how other people are backstabbing their victim. There is also a chest with your gear. Now you spawn somewhere chained to such a shrine (a random place), but you can wiggle your free and the shrine disappears. Ofc you are still in your bondage clothes. This will not happen everytime when you hire a follower and don't forget to make tattoo so everyone knows that you where in her realm.




38. Clavicus Viles Debauchery




Ending a quest (fulfill a pact) will sometimes not end like you imagined. Sometimes you get a bit more then just your reward. To get your normal reward you have to do anything he/she wants from you. That includes sex, bondage, raping someone else, go into inn's and say loudly some of your sexual secrets that could trigger other things. When you don't accept your normal reward you will be offered a glas of water or someting to eat, but there is a drug in it that causing you to blackout. When you wake up you are in Clavicus Vile's realm. Idk what for kinky shit could happen there, but he is going to tell you how the world "works" and that you always take your reward. So you get punished from him for not taking your reward, which means you lose some of your stuff and you get a magical tattoo on your face so everyone knows that you can take "any" reward (i hope you know what i mean). After a short time the tattoo disappears. Your stuff that Clavicus is taking from you is in a chest in his realm. To get it back you have to accept the next reward from a quest. As soon you accept you blackout and Clavicus is going to give you his special "reward" (if you know what i mean) and you can take your stuff back. Keep in mind that this questevent shouldn't trigger every quest and how knows... maybe you forget to say no over the time...




39. Hermaeus Moras Debauchery




This mod includes a rework for Estrus for Skyrim. More animations, Hermaeus Moras like tentacles. Enemies from his Realm are roaming through Skyrim, also some NPC's with this one Hermaeus Moras Priestess Armor. The NPC's are using Estrus for Skyrim spells against you. Losing against an enemie means you get rape by some tentacles and then absorbed (Vore style like) from a big tentacle. After that you spawn in Hermaeus realm. But this also can happen when you read books (tentacle rape and vore tentacle). In his realm you can walk around (bounded). Tentacles that are hitting you are resulting in tentacle rape.

There are also some endless tentacle rapes in his realm. You can talk to the victims. 1 NPC is new to this realm and she don't know what is happening, she only knows that the tentacles are raping her since she woke up. Another NPC is a but longer there and she says that she can't even remember how long she is already in this realm. The last NPC's is a older women who looks unconcious, but you can still see some movement in her face. More NPC's are optional. Hermaeus is also in his realm, you can talk to him and he tells you somehting about knowledge is power, but also very dangerous. After that little talk another vore tentacle bring you back to Skyrim.

Your quest is now to find the Hermaus Mora Priestess Armor, for that you have to find books (like the black books from DB) and in each realm you find 1 peace of armor. You also learn a tentacle spell each time you find an armor peace. The books/caves where the books are hidden are protected by his creatures and at least 1 NPC that is infront of the book. They can't bring you back to his realm, but when you lose you get some tentacle rape and spawn somewhere in Skyrim, naked and bounded (maybe some tentacle plugs??). You can't take the Hermaeus armor from a NPC because the armor will stick to your body. So you have to find every peace before you can rid of it.

The armor is pretty strong and you can only use the tentacle spells when you wear his armorset, but with knowledge and power comes some dangerouse side effects.


Spells and abilities:

1. Once per day you can banish 1 NPC to Hermaeus Moras realm where this NPC is raped till the end of her days or until you free her.

2. You gain also the ability to travel to his realm (via vore tentacle).

3. Once per day you can cast a spell where a tentacle is raping his victim from the inside (you see tentacles coming out of his/her nose) and you gain some of their knowledge about alchemy, heave armor, blocking and so on.

4. A spell (i think its from Estrus for Skyrim) that can takes out 1 NPC from the fight, the person finds herself in a rape tube and lose 1% HP per second, but she can free herself and it depends how strong the NPC is.

5. A spell (also from Estrus for Skyrim) that strips your enemy naked.

6. Also some normale damage spells for meele and range.

7. Tentacle trap. When an enemy steps on it they get raped.

8. Once you get the full armor set and you talk to Hermaeus Mora again, the Hermaeus NPC's are no longer hostil to you. Even when you not wearing his armor because you get a nice little tattoo. You can talk to them and they will follow you. They are immune to tentacle spells, so are you (when wearing the armor set).


Side effects:

1. Because of the armor there is a tentacle inside of your body (sometimes you can see it coming out of one of your holes) which makes you aroused.

2. When you read books the tentacles are coming out (100% chance) and they pump the knowledge of the book inside you.

3. Removing the armor is only possible when wearing the hole set. You get also a debuff that makes you weaker. Removing it is a long torture procedure. Other mods can remove you armor (Prison Overhaul or Cursed Loot and so on), but for you its like ripping of your Skin so you get a stronger debuff.

4. When you lose a peace of your set you have to talk to Mora gain, but since you need the hole set to travel to his realm you have to talk to on of those Hermaeus NPC's. They bring you to his realm when you do stuff for her... (rape, slave for a day, torture, bdsm).

5. His creatures (not his NPC's) are seeing you as one of his slaves. So they don't fight you anymore, but they are going to rape you when you get to close/when they see you.




40. Hircines Debauchery




Pretty much like Sanguines Debauchery, but with animals. When you lose against an animal you become their slave. For your first time you get defeated you get teleported to Hircines realm (Bloated Man's Grotto). In his realm are many animals groups with at least 1 women (pregnant or not) that is laying on the ground. In his realm you can only walk on your like an animal. He is in a form of a random ghost animal. Sometimes when you walk around in his realm an animal will smell your pussy and is going then to rape you. In his realm is also a chest with all your stuff in it, but for you first time you don't get it back. After talking to him you get teleported out of his realm and you wake up near the animal that defeated you.

You also have a magical collar so you can't just run away. Your alpha (master) is going to fuck you multiple times per day even when you are pregnant. The magical collar makes you to a better breeder so you give birth already after 2 days. In this 2 days you also grow 4 new tits a tail, animal ears and new teeth, paws and your body gets a little hairy. After those 2 days you give birth and you have to take for your babies at least for 1 day (breastfeeding and so on).

You can end the slavery after you give birth atleast 1 time, the collar will break and you can run away or stay with your new family. Your clan can be killed, but only after you are pregnant. This way the collar will break but you still have to give birth and get some animal perks, but now you are on your own, because your clan is protecting and feeding you. Your daily shedule looks pretty much like the one from Sagnuine Debauchery. It can happen that at the end of your animal slavery that hunters are killing your clan and they take you as a slave (sanguine debauchery), but you keep all your animal features.


Trust Level:

Level 1: You are not alowed to do anything. Every other clan member can rape you and everyone is going to piss on you so you keep their smell.

Level 2: You can crawl a bit further around and do stuff like picking up berries, trying to talk to your new family and pet them. Only the alpha is going to rape and pissing on you.

Level 3: You can walk again, but when your alpha don't want that you still have to crawl. Also he is still doing his buisness with you, but you can go with the other members hunting.


Animal Perks:

4 new breasts: You speech skill is increased but you get faster aroused.

Tail: You can run while crawling.

Ears: You can hear better.

Teeth: Bite attack and stronger shouts. You can eat raw meat easier.

Paws: You have a strong unarmed attack, but you can't hold weapons or magic anymore (you cast magic maybe over your mouth with the new teeth). You are now faster than you would walk or run.

Hairy body: Nature resistance, more stamina and health.


If you don't like your new animal features you have to find Hircines shrine where you can enter his realm (or sleep in the wildniss). You can speak to him he will remove everything that you don't want (because you help some animals reproducing). For more immersiv gameplay you can only remove those features when you give another birth (1 birth = 1 feature). You only get the features back when you get the collar and that you only get when an animal is enslaving you.




41. Malacaths Debauchery




Fighting stuff and so on. You learn how to fight with bondage-weapon gear. It's pretty much like Sanguine Debauchery, but your master puts you on some bondage gear with weapon on it. You wear them all the time and you have to fight against other slave in bondage gear. Your goal is it to become strong enough to kill your master with your gear, but don't get too cocky, because at the beginning you are much weaker against a person who can fight without bondage. Your first enslavement you should take at least 3-5 days. Like i said it's like Sanguine Debauchery, but 2-3 times per day you have to fight.


Winning a fight:

You master is pleased with you. You get a little buff for bondage fighting (more HP, Stamina and Damage) and you can ask for food, water and sleep without making your master angry. After winning one or two more fights your master boughed some upgrades for you (more about that later). But don't forget this is slavery, he is still doing his things with you...


Losing a fight:

You master is very angry at you till the next fight. The chance that you get sleep, food or water is much lower. He will punish you with torture, rape and so on. Losing will give you a bondage fight buff too, but weaker then the winning buff. When you lose to often you get for your last chance some upgrades, but when you lose then your master torture and rape you a last time, before he tries to sell you to someone else or he just leaves you somewhere in the woods (don't forget your fighting buff is not that high so you don't really want that).


Fighting your master: He is going to attack you until you fall down under 10% HP. He will be very angry at you (rape, torture) and he is going to remove your upgrades (so you next fight is harder for you). When you kill your master you are not free from your bondage because you can even loot him, but since you are able to beat him you are strong enough to be on your own.


There is the little chance that when you lose you have to go with the Master of the other slave. He has then 2 slaves and yeah... thigns are happening. The good thing is you can train with the other slave between the fights. This can also happen when you win a fight, in this case your master get the slave you just fought.


Bondage-weapon gear:

Boots: Like staying on sticks but with knifes at the end.

Gloves: You hands are wraped in bondage and you have 1 knife in each hand.

Cuffs: You hands are wraped together with a 2 hand weapon.

Harness: It's a spiky harness where you are still fuckable.

Collar: Collar with spikes.

Nipplepiercing: Looks like a little shield for your nipples. Reducing th damage that you get.

Plugs: Vaginal plug is pushing your HP, while the Anal plug is pushing your damge.

Nosering: A ring like from a bull. You get more stamina.

Gag: Normal ring gag with some spikes.


Once you are on your own you want to go to Malacaths shrine. Since you have to fight against others you really want to get upgrades and buffs. Also the gear has no locks, so no one can remove them. Once you reached his shrine you get teleported into his realm. There you can find other slaves in training and so on. Little conversation with Malacath and you can free yourself from the bondage. He also teaches you how to make them. If you put on this gear by yourself you have to go to his shrine again to get rid of it.




42. Mehrunes Dagons Debauchery




The prince of destruction, but what is going to be "destroyed"? Your and your enemies body. A ticket to hell and back to normal. When you lose random person (this person already has at least 1 destroyed bodypart) you get teleported to Mehrunes Realm. In his realm you can find daedric NPC's that are torturing humans. You can also find Dagon and he talks about things like "nothing is indestructible" and so on. When he teleports you out of his realm you find yourself on his shrine and beside you lies the bodypart you just lost. You quest is now to continue on this part of body destruction. Just to be clear its not like amputee, it's more like wearing bondage just with damaged bodyparts. For most parts you can ask a healer from a temple to give you somehting that covers that "wound" up. But it's not cheap.


Things you can lose:

1. One eye: You lost one of your eyes and you get a big scar. The eyebrow on this eye is also removed. From a healer you can get a eyepatch.

2. Ripped of hair: Most of your hair is removed. You get new hairstyle where you can still see some hair on your head. The healer can shave the rest of your hair off so it looks a bit better.

3. Crushed hand: One of your is crushed and you can't use this hand anymore. ITs like wearing a glove where one of you hand is blody and is not moving. The healer can cover your hand in bondages. Your hand doesn't look cripled again, but still no movement.

4. Broken nose: You nose looks broken and blood is running down. The healer can fix it with bondages.

5. No teeth: All your teeth are removed. You can't eat anymore. The healer can give you a denture, but it should be very expensiv. The denture is just a item, so someone could steal it.

6. Crushed feet: One crushed feed. Same like your hand, but you can't run anymore.

7. Ripped of nipple: One of your nipple is ripped off and blood is running down your breast. The healer can put a plaster on it.

8. Ripped of earhole: Nothing else to say. The healer can put a plaster on it.

9. Circumcised: You vagina is circumcised. Only works for 3D vaginas where the pussylips are removed and everything is very bloody. Sex hurts. The healer can put a big plaster on it or you get some diapers.

10. Stretched breast: One breast is hanging way lower then the other one. The healer gives you a special bra that is very expensiv.


You quest is to find a way to get all these things. Everytime you fall unconscious and you find yourself in his realm again for a new short story from Mehrunes Dagon. Once you destroyed your body you have to stay like this for atleast 1 day. When the time is over you fall again unconscious and Dagon is going to heal you (if you want it ofc). After a small talk you get the ability to do such things to other NPC's! You can talk to them ask somehting like "you want to feel alive?" and then you can do it even without their permission, but they will report you to the guards. You follower will say somehting like "you know what the best for me is.. i think." You can also do this to your enemies that have low HP and falling on the ground. To damage your body again you just have to do the same thing you did when you completed the quest and Dagon is going to heal you once you damaged your hole body again. Don't forget tattoos like the other Debauchery mods.


Slave Mods:

Your master can destroy you body when he feels like to do it (for example Sanguine Debauchery). He keeps your damaged part (teeth, eye and so on) in his pocket.




43. Mephalas Debauchery




Same like the the Night Mother from the Dark Brotherhood, Mephala can be contacted over a ritual to cause anarchy between peacfull people or to trigger the "last" incident between two rivals. Im not sure how, but somehow Mephala comes in contact with the dragonborn who has then join one of the factions. There are Families, Clans and 2 mens in high position.


Family (Families / Farmers / somehting like that):

To join you have to find a way to work for them. For example as a Maid. Well and some people in those families are a bit more "harder" to their maids/workers and they force them to do kinky stuff (rewarded with some extra cash). Neverless you have to sabotage their running buisness and leave a hint that the other family could be responsible for it. Once you are done with one of them you have to take a second job as a maid/worker for the other family and do the same again. But 2 jobs means more "work" (if you know what i mean). Both families are now rivals and way more aggressiv... especially against their maids/workers. Your job is done and Mephala is pleased with you, but now you have to "quit" your job. One of those two family are always letting you away since they can't afford you anymore, but the other family is going to enslave you, because they can always need some free "workers" since they buisness is not running so good anymore. From now on you are a slave. They take all your stuff and you get a new "maid" outfit. Your collar keeps you near the property and maids don't need to talk, so you also get a gag. You can now take carry of the house and work for them for the rest of your life or you find a way to escape. For famers ofc you aditionally the new "cow". To escape you have to steal their keys. One key for your "outfit" and another for the door. The head of the family has always your outfit key, while everyone else has a key for the door. Your stuff is distributed around the house (clothes in their Wardrobe, Gold in a safe and so on), but leaving your stuff is always an option, because you don't want them to catch you stealing their stuff.


Edit 1:

Joining: First day (12 hour shift) for the first family. After that you take a job in the 2. family, so for the next day you have two 12 hour shifts and you need to find an object that could start a conflict. On the third day you ruin the buisness of both families in your shift and on the fourth day the chaos/enslavement beginns.


Clans (Forsworn / Bandits / Sorcerer / something like that):

To join a clan you first have to come in peace (no weapons outside, hands up) and with a gift (at least some of your gold and your armor since you have to wear their armor). You are the newest recruite and you have to rank up to gain they trust and well... you are the kind of person who would do EVERYTHING for a promotion. After a while you become one of them via ritual. As a Forsworn your heart is removed for a Briar Heart, like the some Forsworn NPC's (maybe a bit to difficult to get this on a female character, so you have from now on a big scar between your breasts). As a bandit you get a branding on your ass or breast. I don't know what a sorcerer could do. Now you have to find out what keeps the two clans away from a big war. For example infiltrate the other clan and kill some of them or something like that, but somehow you get caught and chained up and their leader is asking you whats going on. You can refuse and they continue to torture you, but when you choose to say somehting you lie to them with somehting like "my mission was to take you out so my clan can take controle of your land". They are torturing you for another while, until the leader takes you as a slave (because you look sexy and he could use a fucktoy). Now on there is war between the two clans and Mephala is plesead with you. From this point on you are a normal slave (Sanguine Debauchery). Ofc they are going to torture you a bit more to convert you into their clan, but the leave event is the same like the one from Sanguine Debauchery.


2 Powerfull men (mostly politics with much influence):

2 men fighting over the one women of their life and the result is a political chaos in a town or between 2 towns. Your quest is to make them to love you so that they want to marry you. Ofc both of them are having special fetish. It's hard to tell what could happen between at the beginning and the end (at least for me), but in the end the one guy is going to kill the other guy which causing political chaos. Mephala is plesead and you want to end your relationship with the one men, but it's to late for him to let you go... he lost and risked to much so he puts you in full bondage and is ordering a forced marriage. He locks you up in his basement (or just a normal house) where he is forcing you to do "wife" stuff. Over the day he is away to rebuild his political influence and thats the time where you can find a way to escape. He probably also want a child... just so you know. So you can only escape when you are pregnant. All your stuff is lost, no wife needs weapons, an armor or gold.


Idk how Mephalas realm could look like. Maybe to start a quest you have to sleep and there is the chance that you get teleported into her realm where she gives you the quest?




44. Meridias Debauchery




The dragonborn is involved in necromancing and Meridia brings the dragonborn back to the right way. This event is happening when the Dragonborn is losing to Draugr (or somehting undead).

They are putting you in rusty old devices where they are fucking your soul (your life) out of you. You look like a undead women now and they are forcing you to find bandages (like mummification and near the place where they are). After you are fully mummificed they are putting you in a coffin. Everything is dark and you fall unconscious. You wake up in Meridias realm where she is talking about things and that she pulled some strands so that your life is not ending there. You can find yourself as a ghost somewhere summoned by a necromancer and he doing... things with you. It looks like the necromancer killed the draugr and found your life essence. He sealed it in a soulgem and is summoning you in this way. First time you are summoned you are weak and you can't kill the necromancer. When you try it he will banish you again into the soulgem. It's a place where you can rest. When you rest everything is going black and he is going to summon you again and ask somehting like "you are quiet now?" and punishs you by doing stuff to you. So back to your first summoning: He ask things like "where or what am i" and the necromancer is happy that he summoned you and says somehting like "you are mine now". So the first summoning was just to get to know who your master is. The second time he summons you to a fight. When you win he is going to put the soul of the defeated enemie in your soulgem which makes you stronger. When you lose you can find yourself in your gem "home" again. Also when you win a fight you can talk a bit with your master or walk a bit around in the real world and maybe you find a second enemie. When you return then in your gem you can find the absorbed enemie who is not really happy with you, so he/she/it is going to fuck you there. This goes on until you get gangbanged in your gem. This also means that you are now strong enough to kill the necromaner and take the game for you and thats where Meridia steps in. She let your Soul stay in the real world, even when you master is dead. Now you have to find the coffin where you where put it. When you plug the soulgem then in your dead body (vagina) you wake up in your body again. Everything is normal again exceped you forgot to remove the bandages. So you still stuck in mummified and the soulgem is vibrating extremly strong. But since this is just some normal bandage stuff (like they are using for mummification) you can wiggle yourself free (with a minigame or somehting like that). Now you are free and Meridia is talking to you. She gives you the task to go to her shrine with the soulgem that is still in your vagina, because she can transfer the absorbed souls that where trapped in the soulgem permanently to your soul, so you get a little buff (HP, stamina, mana and so son). In her realm you can see how humans are punishing undeads. Also you keep your weapon, but the gear you have when the necromancer is summoning you are just some bandages.


Random events on summoning:

1. You lost a fight so the necromancer is dead and the last person sold the soulgem. The person who is summoning you now is a enchanter or a merchant. This person is going to fuck you and puts you back in the Soulgem. After that another necromancer summoned you for a fight and everything is going on normaly again.


2. The necromancer somehow lost the gem and over a long period of time (for you nothing because when you rest in your gem the next event is starting) you can find yourself in bondage dungeon. Your gem is now a plug and when the person putted the gem in someones ass/vagina you where summoned. The person locks you also up in some devices and is torturing you. After that he somehow puts you back into the gem and you can hear a women moaning all the time while you are in your gem (your gem is vibrating). When you rest then and the next event is starting you gem is now a "cursed soulgem plug" in an adventurer that had an unlucky meeting with "cursed loot mod". This person is now your follower and when you find a way to remove her plug (findind a key for example) she will then put then the plug into your ass/vagina because it's your gem... now you can find your dead body. This event is happening when you can't defeat the enemie that the necromancer is facing against multiple times in a row.




45. Molag Bals Debauchery




The dragonborn is used by vampires to find more victims. You become the living bloodbottle for vampires. By losing against a vampire he/she will drink all of your blood and you fall unconscious. You wake up in Molag Bals realm. Mostly vampire like rape is going on there. After a little talk he casts a spell on you that you can survive without any blood in your body, but you are also very weak in this state.

Your skin becomes very very pale and you are thin (bodyweight 0, flat chest, no ass and so on). Your eyes are white and also your hair. You get more damage and you deal less damage. You feel so weak that even your arousal level is not growing. The exact opposite is happening when your body is full of blood. Your skin is reddish, red hair, blody eyes. You are a bit fatter (bodyweight 100, bigger breasts, ass and so on). You can take more damage and you deal more damage. Your arousal level is growing faster. With a blood level between 20-80 your body is completely normal.

So after he is done with you, you wake up in a vampire cave (ofc with 0 blood). Your job is it now to roam over the day through Skyrim and feed their vampire followers. I was thinking like they have a big blood bank in this cave and vampires that are weaking can somehow contact that cave so that they order some blood (that you are carrying). There are also vampires with to much blood and they need someone who brings that to the blood bank.

Since you are mostly in vampirelike bondage gear you can't attack them and run away. To fill you with blood they bring you to a machine that wills you completely with blood. Now you can go to the vampire that needs your help. When you found that vampire a vampire/rape animation will play, so he is fucking you while drinking all of your blood. The vampire that wants to fill you with blood is doing pretty much the same i gues. The machine can also suck all the blood out of you.

While you are in the cave you have to do things like taking care of their dogs, cleaning the gargoyles (sometimes they wake up when you clean them on the right spot). Sometimes your job is it to find a person, charm him (kissing him, or offer him more) so you can lead him to the blood bank. Your food before you can go to sleep (you can rest in the night because they are strong enough to take care for themself) are the remains of the victims and blood to drink. You also become the breeding sow and instead of producing milk you produce blood. You also pee blood.

When you are to slow to bring that vampire your blood (because someone raped you on that way) you can prepare yourself for much torture when you come back. You can also get enslaved by someone else (like i said you are in full bondage gear) in this case your delivery quest failed. Sooner or later you have to go back to the blood bank anyways. Why? I tell you why.

That spell that you get from Molag Bal is forever. Getting damage in a fight results in losing blood (you can stop the bleeding by healing yourself), but after a time you are out of blood. Your only chance to refill yourself is going back the the blood bank. When you where enslaved and then free they are going to put you back in your cage and continue the procedure. When you was their blood slave for about 4-5 days in total (when you get enslaved by someone else on day 3 the "timer" stops, so when you go back to the blood bank you don't have to start from day 1) they are going to let you free (they already sold all of your stuff). Now you can continue playing the game, but remember you have to come back so that they can fill you with blood. You can pay them with a victim, but you can also stay for a time to do the "house work" (care of dogs, cleaning gargoyles and so on).

When you bring them a specific amount of victims you can become a vampire yourself (for your time in their slavery you are immun to this vampire disease). Molag Bal himself offers you to make you to a vampire. In this case you become a vampirelord and you also get the ability to call a slave from a blood bank. For tha you need to wait atleast 1-2 hours after the call and the slave will appear. You can suck him dry until you are at 100% blood.

As a vampire from the beginning on you can work also for for blood bank. You have to find the cave and then talk to someone who is working there. You can't get enslaved by them, but you can offer them your follower as a private "bloodbag".


This is pretty much the basic of this mod. Idk what else the player could do while he is in captivity. For a really special touch you can change the word "vampire" with "succubus". In this case its all about sperm. Your blood is sperm. A succubus is calling you for sperm, you have to collect sperm for the sperm bank and so on. Don't forgt a nice Molag Bal tattoo.




46. Namiras Debauchery




Diseases causing mutations that are only healed through cannibalism. When the dragonborn is catching a diseases he/she gets... different.... The main focus of this mod is not about sex, it's more about things you can do with all these sliders in the "Racemenu" mod. Healing a disease without the methode from this mod isn't possible anymore and they are strong enough that you get them even as a werewolf or vampire. The dragonborn has to heal 2 different things. The disease and the mutation.

To remove the mutation you have to eat that specific bodypart from a living person that is defeated (falling to the ground with low hp and so on). As a vampire you can do this with people who are sleeping and as a werewolf you heal yourself by eating their remains. This person will bleed out (unless you make it possible that they can remain without that bodypart), but since you still have the disease the mutation will come back after 12-24 hours.

To remove the disease you need to eat a complete person on Namiras shrine (vore style). Don't forget that they are still alive, even in your belly for some hours. Eating a hole person will also remove the mutation, but don't forget that this is only possible at Namiras shrine.

In every town should be a secret entrance to a secret Namiras shrine where you can see people impaled and roasted (like in some other mods). This means she doesn't have a realm. You can use your charm (like defeated enemies or followers) by kissing them (or even do more things with them). This will result that they go crazy of you and they will follow you to a shrine. When you eat your first person (like i said vore style) Namira will talk to you and gives you another spell. With that spell you can impale your low HP enemies over a fire where they get slowie brown (they are still alive). Now you can eat that bodypart that is deformed on your body. This spell has a cooldown depending how fast a mutation grow back.

But don't think you can easily convince people to follow you when they can see your mutation. Even normal followers are so disgusted that they will leave you until your mutation is gone.



1. Losing Flesh: Head, arms, legs chest. With 1 one disease you lose your flesh on one bodypart. Your head is for example now only a skull. To remove that "mutation" you have to eat (for example the head again) the eyes, lips, nose, ears, hair? and some of his flesh.

2. Growing a penis: As a women you have to eat a vagina to remove the penis.

3. Breasts: Your breast can grow extremly big (very unnatural looking) with very big areolas and nipples. In this case you have to eat a males chest. Your breasts can also shrink until you can even see them anymore. In this case you have to eat breasts (when possible eating 1 breast = regrowing 1 breast).

4. Blood: Your blood is now made of sperm. Drink blood.

5. Mouth: Teeth and tongue are removed. You can't talk. Eat the tongue and the teeth from your victim.

6. Intestines: Your intestines are removed. Your belly is inwarded or somehting like that. Eat the guts.


My second list and im still not very satisfied. Make sure that the diseases are strong enough so you are forced to remove them as soon as possible.




47. Nocturnals Debauchery




The dragonborn is used by thiefs for their "raids". How can Nocturnal help her thiefs? Well she is using you. There are multiple scenarios where your ass is used to help some thiefs.


The fleeing thief:

When you walk around Skyrim there is the chance that a thief will run into you and casts a spell on you where he swaps his/her clothes/armor with you. In this case he/she also damages your legs so that you can't run away. After a very short time some people are coming to you. They will think that you are the thief, so they are going to "punish" you. Guards are sending you to prison (Prison Overhaul). Bandits/Forsworn are dragging you into their camp where you are enslaved (SD+). For Orcs you become the cumpot, since only the leader can have the girls you are for the other orcs.



When you sleep some thiefs are rushing in your house and they taking you behind a house they want to "clean". They put you in a domina outfit and forcing you to seduce the Owner (you get a mask so he can't see your face). You have to ride his dick, torture him and things that a dominatrix does. Your goal is it to tie him somewhere up or to force him to wear a blindfold. At this moment the thiefs are "cleaning" the house. When he is tied up one of the thiefs is raping you as "reward". When he wears a blindfold you have to ride his dick until the thiefs are done. When his house is empty they just leaving you with him and you have to find your own way out and no... you don't have the keys for your "outfit".


The Gift:

Same start like from "Dominatrix". But this time you have a bag on your head and they are putting you tied up in front of someones home. They know that the owner is very rich and that he has a little basement... for things.... He opens the door and drags you into his basement where he is torturing your for a while. He doesn't hear the thiefs in his house because of your screaming. After a time he has to go up because he "forgot" his finale "torture tool" for you. While he is upstairs you can somehow free yourself and you can run out. You can find the owner raging around and he tries to kill you, so just run away. Of course the thiefs also take your stuff.



- When you walk around in a town a thief will come to you and forces you to make out with his victim (kissing or more) so he can steal their pockets.

- Khajiits in front of the towns are stopping you. They force you to carry some bottles of Skoma in your ass/vagina into the town.


You enter her realm when they take you out of your bed. You sleep, you dream, you are in her realm in your "dream", when you wake up you are in "Dominatrix" or in "The Gift". Her realm is pretty broing, but you can hear moanings in the shadows.


Pretty much the basic of this mod,




48. Peryites Debauchery




The dragonborn has to collect all STD's and spread them over Skyrim. As soon the dragonborn gets a disease you fall unconscious and the player is in Peryites realm. The people in there are all very ill and/or getting fucked by skeevers. Some jabbering is going on and peryite is forceing you to infest a camp (bandits, forsworn what ever). If you catch a STD in captivity fall unconscious as soon you are free. So after a little talk you spawn somewhere (idk where) with a special collar (chances to get STD's is 100% bigger). Meanwhile Peryite keeps your armor. Your task is now to collect all STD's and with them you have to go to a special camp. Peryite has only your armor, you keep your weapons and so on, but you can't remove the special collar. Did i mentioned only Peryite can remove your STD's and that there is no other way? So you could ignore Peryites task by continue playing the game with your new collar and without the possibility so get rid of STD's or you continue playing the game and in the meanwhile you convince people (with the help of your outfit) to have much sex as possible with you to collect all STD's. STD's are bad right? Well with each disease you get weaker ofc, but also the collar will expand itself to a slave outfit and with each new peace the collar gets stronger. So after a specific amount of STD's the collar is so strong that you are no longer weakened and with even more you are getting stronger, but remember at this time you are nearly in full bondage gear. When the times come and you have all STD's you have to go to the camp (the outfit is fully developed so you can't fight) and you present yourself to the leader as a slave for everykind of stuff. After 2-3 days everyone fucked with you (and they did even more then just that) and on the next day they are all dead. You also fall unconscious and Peryite is doing the rest for you (removeing the collar and so on). You also receive a tattoo.

But where is the replay value of this mod? Well the tattoo comes with a neat little ability. The tattoo looks like a collar around your neck, and everytime you catch a STD again the collar will apear, but from now on every disease will buff you instead of the other way around. You get stronger with every STD from the beginning on (don't forget you get bondage stuff) and when the time comes that you are fully coverd in bondage you fall unconsious and you meet Peryite again. Since you already did your duty you can ask him to remove everything (except the tattoo ofc) or you can choose to get teleported to the next camp. In this case your STD buffs for the next turn is even stronger! You also get the ability (once per day) to give someone else a disease.

There is should be also a visible change. With each STD you get your body looks maybe more rotten? With 0 STD's your bodyweight is 0 and with all of them your bodyweight is 100? Losing more and more hair? More rotten teeth and ill looking eyes? Somehting like that is a pretty neat addition.


The 2-3 days in slavery:

1. Go in a town to buy some things: They can't go in a town and to buy things anymore, but you can. Someone (or two) brings you near a town where you have to buy things, you can't talk to the guards because of your gag and you have a little list so the merchant knows what you want to buy.

2. Used as breeding sow: A way to spread the STD's around. Prepare yourself to get pregnant.

3. Used as punshingbag: They have to stay fit and a living punshingbag is way better then a lifeless dummy. You don't get any protection. They will shoot arrows at you and you have to dodge. In a swordfight you maybe have to press the right buttons to dodge? Idk. But you get wounds that are important for your quest.

4. Being the toilet: For all kinds of "things".

5. Hunting: They are using you as a meatshield against animals. Your STD buff should be strong enough to take that damage. The wounds that you get are important.

6. Cooking: You have to prepare to food with the other females. They are watching you that you don't put any poisen in the food, but no one will expect somehting when a little bit blood from your wounds comes in contact with the food.

7. Punishment: Doing somehting suspicious (like looking through the stuff of others) results in torture.




49. Sheogoraths Debauchery




Sometimes when you kill somehting (no matter what) there is a chance that... things can happen when you loot it. First the creatur/human has nothing in is inventory. When you close the inventory this thing will transform into a naked chick. She is bald, has lot of piercings, tattoos, bondage gear, cuts, looks durg abused and so on. She has a special collar that falls of and jumps around your neck. The collar of Insanity. An artifact mage by Sheogorath. At first you don't feel different, but after a time, when you are surrounded by many people you start to do things without any reason. For exmaple when you stay in the middle of Whiterun or when you sneak in a base with many enemies. Sometimes you also say what completely different. The outcome you can you think for yourself.


Thinks that can happen:

1. You randomly undress in a town. You start to dance naked or to masturbate. A crowd will form infront of you and everyone is going to laugh at you. The guards may arresting you. After 2-3 times this happend a person will come to you and ask if everything is ok. You follow that persom because he/she said you can be healed. But after a little walk you just get captured and you and in a brothel. They are forcing you to things you never imagined. You get some tattoos/piercings/bondage stuff and after a day you can somehow escape (because Sheogorath wants to see more of your adventure).


2. You shout without any reason things like "anyone here who wants to fuck me", "i want to be a slave", "somehting like that. The people are looking at you confused. When you sneak in a bandit camp for example they are going to see and attacking you. After a time again a person will approach and is enslaving you for a day. Again you get some neat extras and after a day everything is over.


3. When you talk to someone and you choose for example something like "can you learn me this" (whatever lol) your character will say instead "wanna fuck", "tie me up bitch" or to a merchant maybe "i want a nipple/vagina piercing" or "a tattoo on my ass would be great". And well... you get what you said... everything instead of a little quicky cost somehting and you don't have the money you have to pay with your body.


4. Sometimes you feel like you need somehting in your ass/vagina, so you grab random things and stuff it in it (like a flask or a carrot), but this is stealing... rest you can think for yourself.


5. When you are allone running around you transform into a random creature for some hours. Hunters or other creaturs may want to fuck you when they get you.


6. Random actions: Little things, like randomly kissing a person, rip out your hair (because you think you go insane), cutting yourself, losing teeth, giving some of your stuff to a random person without getting them back and so on.


After long time (5-10 days, you are completely going insane) random carzy hobbos are roaming through Skyrim to find you. When someone catches you, they are going to bite you like a vampire and you fall unconscious. You wake up in Sheogoraths realm (where people are doing weird stuff idk lol). He says that you amused him alot and as exchange he takes your collar away (because seeing only 1 women going crazy is to boring over a time). To restart that adventure just loot a random corps if your dare... Remember Sheogorath is the prince of madness.. so even the player has to go insane because of all the things that are happening.




50. Daymoyl Werewolf




Inspired by HermausMorons suggestions. Normaly when you are defeated when you are a Werewolf, you get transformed back into your human form, but now you stay in your werewolf form. You are now the pet of the person who defeated you. You get a nice collar so you can't just transform back and they are holding you like a dog. Over the next 2-3 days you have to listen to your owner (like a normal dog). Did i mentioned that your owners are doglovers and know some people that are doing.... things... with dogs? Maybe you are a hermaphrodite as a werewolf so the females are grinding on your dick. You have a nice little cage where you can sleep over the night with a little bowl for food and water. When you attack someone you get punished, which means it will take longer to escape. One day you owner takes you out for a walk (the time where you can take a piss and shit (for people who are using such mods)), but your owner gets attacked. When you are helping him you stay a bit longer as his pet, but that is also your change to attack him from behind and steal his key. He will take you out 2-3 times per day, but only if you are a good boy and learn his tricks. When the "getting attacked" event is not driggering, you are forced to hunt meat for him or attack other people.




51. Circumcision




A mod that punishs the player when you are caught while having sex. Already included in other mods, but the punishment results in circumcision. Probly works only for people with a 3D vagina and a forskin on the penis. Also to craft a tool to circumcise your slaves or followers. To stop the heavy bleeding the person (or the player) has to wear first aid bandages for atleast 1 day. Without it you are losing % HP per seconds.




52. The Sperm Bank




Pretty spontaniously idea. The player is forced to work at a sperm bank. Every big town has one. Maybe it's just a little job that the dragonborn can take for extra money:



The player gets filled with 2 sperm samples (filled in the vagina and ass). Now you have to bring it to the sperm bank that needs the samples. They give you some devices so you can't lose these samples. The risk is that you can get pregnant.



You have to give birth for another couple. Better be sure that the baby is healthy, because you get no money when the baby is dead or "not healthy".


Sperm collector:

Some men are going to donate, and you "help" them to cum. In addition (for wealthy people) you have to go to their homes. You also have to collect sperm from animals/creatures.


Sperm tester:

You are getting pregnant with sperm from a random person/creature to check if the "results" are good. Some scientists are combine sperm samples for their research. The pregnant progress can be different (much longer/shorter pregnant, much more milk production, much stronger cramps and so on).


When dragonborn is forced to work there, the player gets no money at the end. There are also some other womens that are working for the bank. Ofc you can also just buy some sperm for yourself (or for your follower). Now where i think more about this mod i think there are much more possebilities, but this should be the base of the mod.




53. The Vore Life




There is a pretty awsome "Vore Mod". The next step for this mod is to make it compatible with mods that are affecting death (daymoyl, defeat and so on). But thats not it, there is the chance in slavery mods that you become the food for another slave (because your owner doesn't like you)!!. In this case you become the person who eaten you. You continue playing as the slave (while you are still in her belly) and after 12 hours (this is how long you have time to escape to survive) you are fully digested. There are still interactions with you in her body like little conversations, stimulating her from the inside and so on. Now you are digested so what now? Well everything is explained in this pretty awsome Vore mod (i can't say it often enough). There are just so many mods on Loverslab that would work really good with this Vore mod.




54. The Forgotten Dwarven Cyborg




This mod is about the Cyborg outfit from "Dwarven Bikini Armor".

Some adventurers are in a secret dwemer ruin and they activated the alarm. Because of that the defending system is activating you. The character wakes up in a room that looks like a workshop for cyborgs (the character is the only successfull cyborg).

Your default body is the cyborg outfit without arms and your first quest is to choose your arms. The room has a big machine that will attach them to you and also contains chests with bikinis, thongs and so on. Without a bikini and a thong the player is considered as naked (so you need both). Since they are named with A B C D maybe its better to merg both items into one outfit.

After killing the "intruders" you find a letter about dragons (their missions was to find out what caused dragons to apear) and you make your way out of the ruin, BUT you bound to this area, so your next quest is to find the core of this dwemer ruin and deactivate it (no matter the cost). From this moment your first objectiv is to go to whiterun and to talk with the Jarl. But a dragon is attacking the tower, so he gives you the chance to prove yourself by killing the dragon.

The dragon is dead and you get his soul, but how can it be? You are a cyborg. It turns out that you are a dragonborn from the time where dwarven were still there (idk if this lore correct). Thats why you are their first successfull cyborg, because of your dragonblood. From now on you can do whatever you want.


Your apperance and enhancement:

1. You can turn on nightvision, which means your eyes are starting to glow.

2. You have a sensor to see living things.

3. You can use shouts and you have a fire/frost breath attack.

4. Your blood is still red, because you are build on dragon blood and not oil. This means healing potions are not working, except it contains dragon blood.

5. This outfit mod also contains an outfit that only covers your nipple (i forgot the name). With this you can use spells (nipple magic) even when you have no arms, but you feel naked with them.

6. You only get potion effects (like better armor skill, whatever) when they contain dragonblood, but dwemeroil would also work. Rubbing your body with pure dwemeroil makes you faster and glossie (wet body like).

7. You can't wear any armor from other mods, except they are fitting/supporting your cyborg body. You can find cyborg armor like normal armor, but it's hard to find. Same goes for the arms.

8. The room where you started (the cyborg workshop) is like a home to you. The room even works without that the core from the dwemerruin is working. When you lost your arms you can always go back to this place to get new ones.

9. Can you become a werewolf or a vampire? Idk, i would say no, but everyone should play as they like to play.


Advanced arm feature explained:

Like i said your normal body has no arms. Without arms you can't open your inventory, looking on the map or doing other stuff where you need your arms (activating a button or things like that are still possible). Your arms are like weapons that you have to equip, which means without arms you have to find someone that is helping you to attach atleast one arm. Choosing your arms at the beginning is like you "choose" your class (warrior, assassin or mage).


1. Normal hand arm: You can do everything like if you had normal hands. Everything is possible. There are "left" and "right", but it is possible for you to wear for example 2 left arms. For that you get a little debuff on everything, but really just a weak debuff. Having one hand will increase your mana and spells, with two it is doubled.


2. Blade arm: A one handed blade (maybe also onehand ax and mace). You can deal weapon damage and also use lighting spells, but you can't look on your map, open your inventory and so on without at least one hand arm. Having one arm as a blade, you get a buff on weapon damage, lighting damage, sneeking and stamina. Having both arms as a blade is going to double this buff.


3. Shield arm: You can block and use defensiv spells. It is also only possible to have 1 shield arm (always left). having one arm as a shield will greatly increase your defense (health, stamina, armor, blocking, heal and defensiv spells). Is the other arm not a hand, then you can't open your inventar and so on.


4. Crossbow arm: Always your right arm. Your body generate the bolts (via magic and stamina), so even when your other arm is not a hand, you can reload. With that you get a great buff on crossbow damage, sneeking and stamina.


5. Dagger arm: Same as blade, but as a dagger.


6. Bow arm: Same as crossbow, but as a left arm.


7. Two-handed arm?: One arm is a big weapon and for that you need a hand arm. Without a hand arm you can't swing it (it's like having no arms at all). Idk if this is possible so thats why there is a "?". You get a great buff on weapon damage, armor, stamina and health.


8. Hand switch Spell: Don't forget the nipple cover thing. As i already said you can use all spells even without arms. This includes a spell that switches your arms with another arm (as long you have it in your inventory).


The machine in your workshop can also reforge a arm into another arm. Thats why it should be possible to use this machine even without any hands. The buff that you get from a weapon arm should be good enough that you don't wanna take 2 hand arms with normal weapons. Without atleast one hand arm, you can't open your inventory, but you still can loot (with at least 1 arm). Since you can open your inventory when looting somehting you loot the enemie/chest without looking in it. As a cyborg the "to many items, too heavy" problem is not a big of a deal because you can carry the double amount of weight from the very beginning.


But where are the kinky things except being naked with the bikini/thon thing. Well when playing with DD items and events like "Cursed Loot" the results are different. Plugs, chastity items, gags, blindfolds are still avaible, but no more cuffs,, boots, armbinders and suits. Cuffs: When you would normaly get cuffs, you lose an arm. Armbinders: You lose both arms. Suits: No more Suits. Having no arms is making you avaible for mods other mods (like Helpless). As a slave you also don't need any arms. Sperm is also like oil for your body. Dragon sperm even makes you stronger.


About the legs:

I don't think it is possible remove the legs without complications. Removing both legs would result in crawling on the ground, but i don't think there are animations for that. Also what happens when you have no lags and no arms? Idk. Should it be possible then DD boots would result in losing both legs.




55. Advanced Birth:




It's a mod that changes a bit the outcome of giving birth. Also thing you can do with your baby/child.


Giving birth on locations:

1. In the wild/outside towns: Animals are following the smell of you giving birth. They gonna eat the baby right away and maybe gonna take you for a "ride". It can also happen that another person is gonna do something. Friendly travelers are helping you with water/food, generally helping you to recover. Unfriendly people are taking the child away from you with comments that are based on the babies gender. There is also the possibility that they gonna take you for their advantage (slavery or just a quicky). Friendly but untrustfull travelers are going to one of those 2 events.


2. In houses: Depending in what for a house you are. In your own home you are save, nothing can happen. Same goes for healing/god/whatever temples. House from a family that is friendly to you: Helping you. House from a family that hates you: Taking the child away and torture. Empty house: Nothing is going to happen or a ghost appears and is having "fun" with you (nothing happens to the baby). An Innkeeper is mostly going to help you, but some innkeepers are not so nice. They take you baby so they have workers and with even more bad luck they are also enslaving you as a "worker". I was thinking like that the screen goes black and a note will appear "some years later" and you are basically working with your daughter as "women for everything". Actually this goes also for farmers and other places like that (alchemist, smith).


3. Caves: Depending in what cave you are. Because of closed doors and so on a NPC is not going to walk to you, the NPC/creature will just spawn some meters away from you. Spiders are eating your kid and trapping you in a cocoon (from there on the same event like in the mod "Arachnaphobia"). Falmers are going to enslave you and your baby. Blackout with "couple years later" and you work beside your daughter on whatever falmers are doing (there are already some falmer mods for this event). Bandit caves are going to enslave you and your baby. Normale enslave event with the chance that you are enslaved together with your daughter or your daughter was sold some times ago.


4. In Towns (outside): Most people are going to help you, BUT in all the chaos that is happening around you someone COULD steal your baby without anyone noticing it.


5. Obscene: A person will block the birth! He will put a chastity like thing on you so you can't give birth. You are in really hard pain for the next hours and when you can't take it of in time the birth is "over" and the baby remains dead in your womb. The only way to remove it then is to get help from a healer who is going to do an operation to help you (but this cost alot of money).



I forgot that your baby is not always a girl. So when you get enslaved and the baby is a boy the screen will go black normally, but your baby was raised to enslave you. Which means you had a gag for couple of years so you can't tell him that you are his mother. The biggest rule that he learned when he growth up was "never ever take off the gag from this women". To escape is the normale "SD+" way, exceped you "was" enslaved for couple of years and only play the last few days as a slave. When your master is your boy you maybe somehow lose your gag and you start to tell him that you are his mother. He lets you go with some supplies but he can never leave the place where he is.


After giving a normal birth:

1. You have now a baby with you. Play like everything is normal and look how he growths up. But keep in mind when your baby/child is with you and you trigger events from "SD+" or "Defeated" you are going to lose her/him. Childhood/teenager: Your daughter can be just taken away by some rich guy or the Jarl. Your boy problably has to join the army.


2. Selling your baby: You are a poore women who can even effort food (or you just don't want any kids). In dark places you can sell your baby. You get a great amount of money and you will never hear anything from it. BUT the dealer knows that you are weak. How can this even happen? So for your last meating he has 2 bodyguards with him to also enslave you. You getting sold in the auctienhouse.


3. Skipping babyphase: In your house is something you can activate to skip the babyphase. The screen will blackout and the note "couple yeas later" will appear. In this event your are mostly become a housewife. You lost your current exp on all of your skills and you armor is in a chest (you have normale clothes on). But where is the kinky shit? Well you raised your child to be a "high class" slave. This idea is from the mod "Cursed Loot" (i hope i make no mistake) and there is a NPC called the Dollmaker and she pretty much did the same. This goes for both genders, but girls are far more worth then the boys. You don't have to sell them, maybe you are using them for your own plessure.


4. Skipping Childhood: Same as "Skipping babyphase", but grown up teens are far more worth then the children. You can sell them, use them for your own plessure, BUT there is also another risk. With bad luck your children will starting to enslave or selling you instead! Your daughter will sell you to whatever for a person. She will then say somehting about being a high class prostitute for rich people (pretty much for what  you raised her, but she is not in enslavement, its her business). Your boy is going to enslave you and becomes a part of a slavetrader company. Some days of enslavement after he decides to let you "free", which means you are getting sold and he will be rememberd as the guy who sold his own mother.




56. The Zipper




I just saw a video with a women who had a zipper on her vagina (google pussy zipper). So why not making it a thing for Skyrim. A zipper for the vagina, one for the mouth and maybe one for the anus and for the eyes. I don't mean a zipper with a suit, she literally had a zipper for her vagina! The zipper for the mouth would be handy for slavemasters. They just close it when they don't want you to speak. You are not allowed to touch yourself? Then close the zipper. You become the "bag" for your slavemaster, they put stuff inside you and to prevent that things are falling out they close the zipper. To prevent the slave from opening you could add a little padlock. Maybe the zipper is one of those "hard punishments" and is not supposed to be removed. I have no idea how long it takes to make the meshes for a zipper, but you would only need "closed zipper" and "open zipper". The padlock is maybe already made by someone else.




57. The Marriage Is Sacred




Forced marriages are very commen and being the dragonborn doesn't make it easier. Every men with strong influence can get any women and it doesn't matter how many he has. He even can find someone for his "special" friends. Also this mod is focused on marriage between men and a women (maybe i come up with a female marriage idea but idk). The rings for this marriage are very special.


Different types of marriages:

1. Marriage someone with the normal skyrim way, but who knows how the personallity of your future husband really is? You as a women can't propose anymore, but after a time with your follower (you could have the abillity to get anyone as follower) he is going to propose to you. When you say yes you become HIS follower. It's ok to refuse some of his wishes, but don't push it to far... When you say no the "timer" is resetted and he will try it again in the future. This marriage is pretty normal, but don't forget that he has the upper hand. When you say "no" to often (to his propose) he will force you to marry him and things are going to be... different.. (forced marriage is descriped in the other types of marriages). Also the men keeps all the gold and when you want to buy somehting you have to ask him.


2. A person who defeated you in a fight decides to marry you. Saying "yes" makes it easier for you. He will be pretty harsh to you and maybe he marries a 2. or a 3. women. He decides what you are wearing and what weapon you can use. You are not allowed to refuse his wishes even once. You always have to be in his near (with near i mean you can run around but not to far). He keeps you stuff (when you fought him) and with every day you get more of it back (except the gold). After a while you can tell him that you had quests to do and he will follow you. When you finished the quest you have to wait some hours before you can to the next quest. Befor you reach that point you have to do his "quests" (mostly killing and stuff). To get out of this marriage you have to kill him, but when you fail again you get the "i said "no" marriage" so better try you luck when he is weak.

With saying "no" you will spitt in his face, but he is still going to marry you. I wouldn't say it's like the SD+ slavery but it is near to it. You are not allowed you wear armor or weapons. He decides what you are wearing (mostly sexy stuff for his eyes). Your inventory was sold and he keeps all the money. You are not allowed to run, you are not allowed to talk to others, you are allowed to eat, drink, clean (bathing and urinating), but better eat it fast because your husband may want a bite and leaves nothing for you. You are allowed to walk around (but not as far like in the "yes marriage"). His words are the law and breaking it will be punished (really hard). You are allowed to talk to him, but sometimes he will say something like "don't talk to me until i give you the rights for it!". Your tasks are to clean the place where is lives and cook for him, when you have the skills he may also want you to forge/enhance things for him. When he sees you getting raped he will punish you. When it's time to sleep you have to sleep with him. Sometimes beside your normal tasks he will take you with him to the town (most likely as a trophy) and then you have to buy some things for him (but keep in mind that he always has somehow an eye on you). Another event is that he leaves his place for a quest, you are not allowed to follow him and you are chained to the place (a long chain so you can still clean, cook and walk around). He will be away for a hole day. To escape this kind of marriage you have different options. When it's time to sleep you can choose to sleep or wake up in the middle of the night. There you have time to find a way to break your "sleep chain" or to unlock the door (depents on the location). When you are to loud he will wake up and punishs you for walking around while he is sleeping same goes when you need to long and he notices that you are not in the bed when he woked up. Another way is to loose him when you are in the town you have to instigate a strike or somehting like that so that there is chaos in the town. When he is on his quest you have to find a way to break the chain or maybe get the trust of one of the npc's in the near. Or you can try to somehow kill him (with that way you get atleast your gold back).

Since the "no" version is much harder then the "yes" version, the person who defeated you will not always gives you the choice to marry him, sometimes he doesn't care what you would say.


3. A men in a higher postion just takes you as his bride. Since you are the dragonborn some men may want you just to get more influnce or to be "stronger" infront of his company what ever. There is the chance that you get a random letter. It contains the place for the marriage. When you don't go to the place he will send his guards to catch you (they are strong). It doesn't matter what you are saying, he will marry you at this specific place and then takes you home. When you decide to show up you can kill them all and to be free or to say "yes". In the end it doesn't matter how you end in this marriage, he treats you the same, except when you decided to fight his guard he will make sure that you don't get another chance to attack. When you are in his house you find servents and 1-2 bodyguards. Every day you get a different "high class" outfit (but still very sexy, because you are your husbands trophy for other people) and the servents are mostly doing what you want. Your inventory is now in the treasur chamber of his mansion. He doesn't really care what you are doing in his house, but when he wants somehting you have to do it. NOTE: The place where you first met him is just a house to talk, the marriage is in the town and a public announcement. You can leave the and walk around in the town, but the guards are going to stop you if you want to leave the town. There is also the chance the he is already married with other womens. But since you are the dragonborn he takes you to his political/company whatever stuff as a trophy. You can escape by talking to the "dark" parts of the town to fake your own kidnap and the outcome depends on how much you are going to pay them. They know that your "husband" is very rich, so better don't ne greedy or they are going to keep you! (slavery, auction house or things like that). To get money you have to seduce your husband so that he gives you money and that money has to be hidden somewhere until you have enough. After the kidnapping you have to stay away from towns for a long time, because then the guards are giving up to find you. Another way is to seduce a person in your town until he loves you so much until he decides to leave the town with a big carriage. You can hide inside a packed while he drives you out of the town, but the twist is that he bought a house somewhere in the woods to live with you there. So you end up in another marriage, but since he thinks that you love him it is going to be a normal marriage and he is easy to kill (you still need a weapon or he will win the fight). Another way is to switch role with one of your servants. You have to earn her trust and buy some stuff to change your apperiance. It's like the one potion from Harry Potter where you can look like another person. Most of the ingredients are from the local alchemy shop, but the other things are 1 hair, the cum and the peroid blood from the other person. The thing is that this potion will last for ever... So you are going to look exactly (bodyshape and so on) like the the other person. After that you have to work as a servent for a day and after that you can leave the house (she fires you but tells the guards to not harm you) or you can work another day (for some money). Most of the time you have to be unsuspicious, so you have to work on your apperiance to stay "high class like" for your husband. Bathing, trying new clothes, getting your nails (hair and whatever) done and so on the servernts are going to be sure that you are clean from the outside and also from the inside (anal fisting with a sponge or things like that (twice a day!)).


4. A rich person bought you as a gift for his lonely friend. In this marriage you are pretty much sold as a sex doll for your husband. The rich guy may also bought more then just you for his friend. The beginning is pretty much like the beginning of marriage number 3. Most of the time you wear devious items and he will do alot of kinky stuff with you. Mh... because i can't really imagine any more to this marriage i would say it's like the normal marriage just like with bondage gear. Your goal is it to get him that he agrees with you to be a domina for 1 night. You can do everything to him (no matter how painfull) and one possibillity could be that you chain him up in his bad and then you leave. The outcome is that you have alot of bondage stuff on you and your only weapon is a whip.

TWIST: The friend was the dog of the rich person! It's nearly like the marriage number 3, but the dog is your husband dand you have to be on your knees all the time (or you get your limbs remove for him (look the Amputee resource mod for that)).


5. Bought in auction house: A random marriage.


The special ring: With the ring you mana is reduced (to prevent mages from just killing their husbands after few minutes). Also maybe some other buffs but idk with ones. The special thing about that ring is, when you are done with a marriage, your finger falls of... As soon as you are out of your marriage the ring will turn into something sharp and will cut of your finger. This goes on until you lost both of your ring and middle fingers. After that something (idk what) is going to happen and mara will give you the chance to get your fingers back (and then everything starts form the beginning).


Be the main women in a marriage with more then just 1 women. Do special things for your husband to get extra attantion from him (escape is faster possible).


Thats pretty much all of it. But i have the feeling that i forgot somehting.




58. The Bondage Coffin




This mod is like an alternate start/alternate death mod. The coffin is more like a capsul that comes out of the ground in a vertical postion (so the character hs to stand in it). It has room for exactly 1 person and i mean it's JUST big enough. The only movement that is possible would be a 360° turn, but even that is "nearly" impossible. The character is in a full bondage outfit (latex suit, armbinders, gag, blindfold and so on). When the character is placed in the coffin it goes down into the ground and stays for that.... for ever... or until someone is activating it again.


Where i imagine this mod or how i came up with the idea for it:

I was thinking about draugrs and their coffins, how they are unable to move (maybe because they are dead i know that), but what if they were still alive? In combination with "kinky" devices and a video how bees (yes bees lol) are born i came up with this. Number 25. The Nordic queen. What happend to her female army and how was she sealed away? But this doesn't mean that cities are not using also this method. Whores that are getting the the death sentence are getting th is treatment and their capsul becomes the a road fragment for the cities, which means nearly all streets are filled with dead whores in the ground. Like i said the capsuls are in a vertical position (maybe just a 1x1 meter square or circle) so you can think for yourself how many whores are already under the ground. Could also be possible that this is a way for husbands or brothels to bury their womens.


End result and consequences:

No matter where you were buried this way, but in the end the coffin gets somehow activated and the character is now a undead trapped inside full bondage devices. When you finally removed all bondages you can continue your adventure, but like i said as an undead. You didn't lost your mind because you are the dragonborn, the others are like draugrs in bondage now (over the years their armbinders rotten away so they can fight). You are the nordic queen, you can be one of her soldiers. Enslaved again by the brothel that buried you. I think there are some nice things to do. This "punishment" can also happen again to you, but since you already died you won't be unconscious and your character goes crazy.




59. The Amputated Cow




This Mod is inspired by Delzarons mod "Rats in the Wall". Thi is a mod should be triggerd through other mods like Simple Slavery or Death Alternativ and so on. The character becomes an amputated "cow". There are different events with different drinks (Milk, Skooma, Honnigbrew mead and wine).



The cow is used to produce milk at a farm. They only get things to eat that a normal cow would eat too. On the first day the character becomes amputated (for the legs to the knees and both hands) and dressed up like a cow with milking devices. Each day another pair of breasts is growing (with Milk economy)!


It is a random farm near a town and there are 4-5 cows (beside the player) on the field. 4-5 other cows are in the basement of the farm where they get milked all the time. More to that later, but in short the cows are like batteries, after some times they lose their milk quality. So when a cows comes to the farm, they wait until she grows mulitple rows of breasts. Then they put her into the basement where she is milked until the milkquality becomes so bad that they have to kill her. Her remains are fed to the other cows (like i said more about that later). At the momemt the player can get 3 more breast rows through Milkmod Economy, so the player is on the farm for 3 days. You can't run away because there is a dog on the farm who has an eye on every cow and sometimes has his "fun" with them. I don't know what the cow could to all the day. They work on the fields (they have tools in replacemenet of their hands). Farmers are known to fuck their animals. The farmer also takes the character as a shopping cart to the near town. They buy thing for their farm and you follow him and be his cart. After the character grows his last row of breasts the character stays on the field for one more day. On the next day the character would normaly be locked away in the basement, but they decided to paint character so she can be sacrificed to the giants. The other escape chance is that they forget to locked you away correctly so you can escape, but other people are going to treat you like a cow until you find help.


Honnigbrew mead:

The "cow" is used to produce Honnigbrew mead. The production of honnigbrew mead looks like this: The cow gets only mead and honey to eat. The cow has also always a mead bottle in her ass (with the mod immersive plugs) to maximise the amount of mead in the cow. Then the cow gets "shaked" multiple times per day, this helps to increase the quality of the honnigbrew mead. The final ingrediant is the milk of the cow, but the important thing is that everything has to be mixed inside the cow. So you can't produce honey mead by mixing mead, honey and milk in a bottle.


Beside the Honnigbrew Meadery is also an Inn from now on. Pretty much like a normal inn but the cows are also the maids for the guests. It is pretty much like other mods where the player has to work as a maid in other Inns. But every few hours the player is send to the basement to "refill" her mead in her body (new bottle in her ass and the shaking process). The costumer is not always pleased with your work, even when you do it perfectly. This costumer will complain about it and the punishment is losing one arm part and this is going to happen (with the progress of the quest). When the character has no hands anymore she can't serve the costumers correctly. So instead of drinking honey mead out of the bottle, the costumer can drink his mead directly out of the maids tits (like i said only when she doesn't have her hands anymore). Each day the character loses one arm part (day 1 = one of the hands, day 2 the other hand or the next part of the arm with the already lost hand). There is no escape. Over the time the cows milk quality will descrease, which means they get normaly killed and fed to the other cows (more about that later). Instead of getting killed, a costumer is going to buy the player. To have a bit of dramatic closecall effect the player is only 2-3 second away from getting executed, the costumer will stumble inside the room and convince the owner to buy you. The Honnigbrew Inn is a big inn, so there are like 3-4 maids (one of them is the player) and there are 20 more in the basement. The 20 NPCs are mostly idle in the basement getting milked all the time. With losing 1 arm part per day the player is there for 6 days. On the 7th day a costumer will buy the player. From this point the character is the slave of this costumer (a slave mod like sd+) or the costumer is going to do other things with you (other mods idk).



The cow is used to produce a special sort of Skooma. For that you need normal skooma, moon sugar and milk. Everything has to me "mixed" inside the cow. So the character gets only skooma, moon sugar and also sperm to eat. The sperm comes from a horse that is fed with moon sugar. The sugar will end up in the horses sperm and this sperm is pumped inside the cow to increase the amount of moonsugar inside the cow. Again also a skooma bottle in her ass (immersive puttplugs). They use horses because they produce the most amount of sperm. For each hole there is one horse and they have to "pump" it multiple times per day into the cow.


Since skooma is illegal in Skyrim, the kahjits have to produce it in caves. On the first day the player gets everything amputated except the right arm (to take care of the horses) and the legs are amputated to the knees. The quality of the skooma is messured by the times how often it was processed by a cow. So the cow is producing weak "milkskooma", that weak milkskooma is then filled back inside the cow and it comes out in a better quality. I don't know what the player could to all day long. But since they have to hide in caves there are only 2-3 other cows and after 3 days they search for a new cave (so the guards can't track them down). When they have to move to the next cave they kill every cow (it is easier to find new ones and also not to suspicious). The take the guts and the meat of the dead cows for their journey to the new cave and to feed it to the new cows (more about that later). But to your "luck" they are in hurry, so they kill the other cows and not you (you lucky one). The outcome is that you are amputated and naked in a cave.



The cow is used to produce high quality wine for only very rich and famouse people. To produce such wine the cow is only fed with berries and wine. To increase the amount of wine the player has always a winebottle (immersive plugs) in her ass. Everything is happening in the Thalmor Embassy. To create good "milkwine" the milk has to stay in the cow for few days (for the first milking). So the lets say they are mixing everything inside the cow for 2-3 days and then they can milk the cow for 2-3 days. In the meanwhile the cow is already filled with new berries and whine so from this point they don't have to wait 2-3 days to milk her again.


The character is at the beginning a normal Maid (for everything if you know what i mean). In this time the milk is getting ready. As a normal maid you have to do what the costumer is requesting from you (you have to do everything for him). Instead of serving them bottles with wine you have to serve them the cow itself. That is another reason why the wine is so special. The cow is the bottle, they drink it directly from the cow (atleast when they visit the embassy!). So there are 3-4 maids (one of them is the player) and when a costumer requests something to drink you have to go to the kitchen and talk with an already "ready" bottle and tell her that she is needed. Even when it is best for the wine to be drinked directly out of the cow, the embassy has a prison/cell whatever where cows are constantly milked to fill it in bottles. After 2-3 days the character is ready to become a bottle. The bring you into the basement where they chop of your arms (to the elbows) and your legs (to the knees). You are not a maid anymore, from now on you are a bottle. You wait in the kitchen until a new maid is going to tell you to which costumer you have to "crawl" so that he can drink you. Sometimes the costumer wants more then just drinking you. You are doing that for 1 day (because i think its going to be boring very fast). On the next day a costumer is so pleased with your wine quality that he is going to buy you as a bottle. He lives in a big mansion in solitude. From this point another slave mod (sd+ for example) is doing the rest.



The milk production is a bit different. To produce milk the character becomes always pregnant at the beginning. To enhance the milk production the cow is also fed (beside the normal diet that i wrote) with executed cows (the mod Namiras Goat for the bodyparts). A cow is like a battery, after some time the cow is losing her milk quality, so they kill that cow and the corpse is force fed to the other cows. Because of all the forced milking and so on the meat of the cow is like lactacide to other cows and also their urin. In every event the player and the other cows are pissing (also pooping idk) in a special tub. Beside the normal diat they also have to drink/eat out of the tub.



How to recive your limbs back. I wrote some possiblitis in the other mod "4. Amputee is Dangerous". But visiting a healer and giving her a favor would be enough.




60. Advanced Slavery




This mod expands the idea of the mod "Simple Slavery". Instead of just getting sold the character gets the full experiance. The mod is triggered just like Simple Slavery, but the character is now deep down the auctionhouse in a dungeon.


The Dungeon:

In the dungeon are serveral rooms for the hole procedure.

In the room where the character wakes up are 4 big cells. In those cells is some straw for the slaves to sleep. Also two buckets for them to pee and poop. In each cell are 1-4 slaves. The cell where the player wakes up already contains 1 slave. New slaves are spawning in this cell while the character gets his slave exam. When a cell is full they are lead up for their fate.

Another room contains alot of torture devices to see how experianced a slave is. 2 NPC's are leading the character around each device, sometimes they feel they have to "use" you for more "in deep" research. BUT when the player is still a virgin they are going to do nothing with you. Virgins are 5 times more worth then other slaves, so they lock you up in full bondage gear so there is no way that you can lose it while you are there.

Also some beds for the guards and slavemasters. For example when slave is done with her exam but the cell is still not full a guard will come to have some fun with her.

The rooms are connected with corridors and in them are also some small rooms (like the corridors in helgen when you have to escape fom there). In each small room is a slave that is in "idle torture". It's like a bank for slavemasters, they leave their slaves there because i don't know. For example is there a slave that is hanging upside down until her master decides to get her back. Another slave could be a milk slave.

In the cells you can talk with other slaves to hear some stories.


The Auction House:

Here are also some new rooms. One is the typical "selling room". The character is lead in there, can then talk to the guard to get sold.

There is also an additional operation/styling room. A costumer can decide to leave your look like you are at the moment or let it changed! Tattoo, branding, hairstyle, haircolor, eyecolor but also breast and ass size! Maybe also amputation?

Also a special room for the "it gets even worse" event.


The "it gets even worse" event:

Names are usually not important, but they need your name when they lead you out of the cell. Your new master gives you probably a new name, but lets say a normal costumer is searching for a specific slave, this way they can tell him to whom she was sold and what her new name is. Since you probably talked to the other slaves in your cell and said who you are, a slave that is infront of you in line is going to tell the guard that she is you. She knows why she is there, her master sold her to the auctionhouse so she gets executed there! So now you are the person who gets the death penalty. The character is lead to the other room in the auction house and then gets prepared for the event. A costumer can now pay to see that event and when the room is full enough you get hanged, beheaded, deapthroated to death by a big animal dick or shot to death by arrows. A person who paid the auction house very much is allowed to do it (normaly a guard is doing it). The character dies and the player is now playing as the slave that said that she was you. Well you don't acutally die (to prevent problems with other mods). A copie is made from the character while the real character is invisible in the middle of the room. After that you blackout, the characters model is changed to the other slave and you slowly fade back into the other scene.

I said you probably talked to the other slaves, but this event can also happen if you don't do that. Maybe that slave already knew your name.




61. The Animal Collar




This idea is a bit inspired from the "Immersive Pet Girl" mod. It's a cursed collar which changes the behavior of a human to an animal. Currently i would say it makes for 2 animals sense (so you have some good gameplay).


How to get the collar:

Normal events where the player gets a collar from other mods. This mod should provide an event that fits better for this mod. There is a reason why they call it the "cursed collar", because when another animal is fucking you (the animal is dominant) the curse will go down from that animal and you get the collar instead. The animal was another human all the time, but transformed because of the collar. Since the character is the dragonborn, the curse will not transform the character into an animal. The "free" person that just fucked you will scream "I'M FREE" and runs away. To remove the collar you have to do a special quest that evolvs around your animal-curse.


Animal Behavior:

You can't talk anymore, you always walk on your knees, you can't sit on chairs, you don't like it to wear clothes, you get dirty, you can only eat food that is on the ground, you can't fight and your inventory is hidden. When possible the character gets bondage gear that will fit with the animal (for a horse some hoofs and a tail). Since you didn't transformed into an animal, because you are the dragonborn, the animal-behavior will stay for some hours after you got rid of the collar (maybe 2-3 hours).


Dog Collar:

With that collar you behave like a dog. You bark to people, you piss like a dog and other dogs may want a "turn" on you. You are a stray dog that needs to find a master. The guards infront of big towns won't let a stray dog in, so you have to try your luck somewhere else. The guards will throw you out of the big town, when needed by force. Once you found your master you have to be very kindly to him so he is going to fuck you and that is your goal. By getting fucked by a human the collar will jump on the person and you will be free from it. But there are 2 kinds of people out there, the one who are very friendly to dogs and the other one that are very aggressive to dogs, but still keeping them. The chance is 50/50. So being very kindly to a master that is aggressive could be a problem. After every 12 hours you see how much your owner likes you (or he is going to tell you "who a good girl was"). Maybe your owner already has another dog, in this case prepare yourself (if you know what i mean).


Horse Collar:

You can't enter big towns. You make horse noices. Again you have to find a master, but that one is going to sell you to a barn infront of a big city. They only feed you the same things that a horse would eat and other horses are also very horny towards you. I don't know if it is possible for a NPC to ride on the characters back, but if this is not the case you only carry the stuff of other people. The barn will give you to a costumer that wants to go to another town. To get free of the curse you have to continue your work as a horse until a costumer is going to fuck you OR the guy who runs the barn wants a piece of your horse ass. The barnowner wants some offsprings, so he is going to take care that the other horses have a good access to you.



62. Dragonborn Reborn




So there is like this crazy scientist, a very strong dragonpriest/dragoncultist (whatever), that wants to create an Dragenborn army. For that he wants to use the Dragonborn as a birth-slave. But how i understand the lore behind that correctly, is that the Dragonborn has the soul of a dragon, which can't be passed on his/her children. He knows that, but he also believes that he can somehow make it work.


How to get cought by him:

Since there are so many mods that provide some outcomes here the short version: sold by master (or whatever), prisoned, defeated, trap, captured.

He will also send you a letter where he asks you politely to help him with his work. If you accept to help him (through the letter or after you end up by him somehow) you will be able to be HIS follower. But if you decide not to help him, he will make you his slave.


The Questline/Gameplay:

He will show you his place, where he already started to experiment long time ago. But never achieved something, until the time the dragons came back. You will find some other birth slaves around this place (dead, mutilated or just bound). He is not dump, he knows when the dragons came back, that there will also be a dragonborn and he also knows that about the dragonsoul within the dragonborn and not about genetics. He will indroduce you to a special soulgem he create over decades to capture dragonsouls. But he never tested it (how could he without dragons?). So at first he wants to see for himself how the dragonsoul is transported into the dragonborn. Since he is very strong, he will go out with you to hunt a dragon and to kill it. Back in the laboratory, he will adjust his soulgem. That will take some hours or a day, meanwhile the dragonborn can have fun around his laboratory, speak with slaves, or do other stuff with them, or in case that the dragonborn is the slave, he will cage you up (maybe he has pets?). He will come back with his ready-to-use soulgem. Again you go for dragonhunting, but this time with you having the soulgem inside you (you know how). Back in his home, he realised that the gem absorb just a fraction of the complete soul (the dragonborn herself absorbed to much). So you have to wait again until the next dragonhunt, where plugged you with 2 bigger gems! This time it worked better, but the soul is splitted up in 2 gems. He puts them away and goes back to work. On the next try, he has like a 9 meter long soulgemchain. This is the distance between mouth and anus, so he plugs it in you anus and it comes out of you mouth! Then again dragonhunting and this time it worked completely. He wants at least 2 more of them, so you know what to do. So know he has 3 soulgemchains with dragonsouls. When you are his follower, you are dismissed for around a week. Because he will put them into his other slaves. When you are his slave, you will get one too. He makes his slaves pregnant and waits a week, but why a week? Because in his decades of experiments, he need to find a way that the slaves give birth way faster (maybe in the options is a slidebar so you can decide how long it should take).  It is a special drug that he gives them when they are pregnant, but it has his downside, the birth is skipped from 9 month to a week, but the lifetime from that slave too! Since the slaves can't go without food and water, he sometimes removes them to feed his slaves. After a week, he found out that the babies have dragonblood in their veins, but no dragonsoul. That is because he has to remove the gemchain from time to time. So at first he wants a better way to harvest dragonsouls. He creates an device (fuck machine) where the dragonborn is tide up. He then inserts the gemchain into the dragonborn and lets the device do the rest. The device will fuck the dragonborn to the edge of what is possible. He had the theory, that when the dragonborn is having his biggest climax possible (which results in nearly dying), the dragonsouls will be transferd into the gemchain... And it worked! When you have no dragonsouls inside you, he will just go dragonhunt with you again. After 3 gemchains, he will will then at first feed his slave so much that they get very very fat. This way he doesn't need to remove the gemchain. After another time period, he realises that it didn't worked again and because of that he goes mad. Now he enslaves the dragonborn (when you aren't his slave yet). At first he makes you pregnant again and decides to edge you everyday at least 3 times (in hope that a dragonsoul will be transferd into the baby, just like the gemchain method). But it didn't worked again. He doesn't know what to do... He becomes more insane. For his last try, he comes up we the idea to let a dragon fuck the dragonborn! He creates a perfume to make a dragon very horney. He goes out with you to hunt a dragon again. Near a world wall (that are mostly protected by a dragon) he tieds you up that you move like a dog (so that you can't harm the dragon). Now you have walk up to the dragon while the he is hiding and watching the show. The dragonborn gets pregnant. With no dragnsouls in you, he will feed you and gives you another gemchain, when you have dragonsouls, he will edge you again. After another time period, the dragonborn gives birth to another dragonborn! The birth and the hole pregnant thing makes you fade out. The dragonborn wakes up after some days without any arms or legs (when you don't like it just tide-up like a dog). He will explain to you that he captured a dragon, so that the dragonborn becomes a birth slave (thats way no need for arms and legs). He will proceed with his method, but to accelerate the process, he will give you a drug where you give birth every 2 days (or just 1 day)! After some more pregnancys, the quest will end.


Possible Endings:

1. Because the drugs that makes ageing faster, the dragonborn become her menopause. Which means that he will no longer have any use with you, so he lets you free to go (with nothing) or other outcomes in combination with other mods (like selling to another master or something like that). The player can't get pregnant again (maybe a healer can reverse the effect from the drug again, so you can get pregnant again).


2. One day, where it is time to get fucked again, he gets careless with the dragon and gets eaten (the dragon is chained, but he comes to close to his mouth). Which results that the dragonborn is free, but in a helpless situation.


3. Somehow the greybeards getting wind of that. They will kill him. Why helping? Because they know that the dragonborn has to fullfill her destiny to kill Alduin. But maybe they have a bit fun with the dragonborn so helpless, before letting her free to go (enslaved in High Hrothgar for a time).


4. When the dragonborn is strong enough, she can fight with him where he goes mad and wants to enslave the dragonborn. Only possible when the dragonborn is a follower at first.


Other Stuff:

1. The babies are getting sold by him. He has no use for him.


2. Shouldn't the slaves suffocate with that chaingem? Yes, but maybe the gem is so designed that they can breath with it (Air goes threw the gem).


3. The dragonborn-babies are getting killed by the greybeards (because for them they shouldn't exist or you are keeping them somehow.


4. You have now access to a laboratoy with a dragon. The are slaves are sold or killed, because he had no use for them anymore. You also keep the chaingem and the perfume, so now you can store dragonsouls in gems or getting fucked by dragons.



63. The LongDong




From the idea of Dragonborn Reborn:

A dildo that goes from the anus to the mouth. Which means you have a anal- and mouthplug. Because of suffocate, the player can somehow breath through it. Maybe with it is even so long that is goes from the Vagina, to the anus and then to the mouth. Maybe you can see course from the dildo from the outside, because the dildo pushing the inside abit out (hope i wrote it right). It can vibrate and shakes the hole body. Maybe its made from different materials. Gemchain (like in dragonborn), normal dildo material, or living things like a very long worm?



64. The Human Toilet




This idea is based on the Pee and Shit Mods. Peeing or shitting is now a normal thing for the player and maybe some NPCs. The thing is, doing it on properties is forbidden. But this would cost a lot of money for the people to build public toilets... So why not having a slave that would be your own moveable toilet!



1. In big towns are now some "public toilet slaves".

2. Some NPCs have personal toilets.

4. The player can use a public toilet, have an own personal toilet, become a public toilet or become a personal toilet.

The slaves are naked and in bondage. They have a chastity belt with plugs, a plugable gag and the arms are tied up. When someone wants to use a toilet, they remove the plug, make their things and then putting the plug back in. They are also coverd in tattoos so everyone can clearly see who toilet is and who just a normal slave is. The player can turn his/her slave into a personal toilet. You can also just buy one from the town.


How to end up as a toilet:

1. When the player commits a crime he becomes a public toilet.

2. Peeing or shitting in a town and not using a toilet is a crime.

3. Peeing or shitting on someones property makes you a toilet to the owner.

4. Other mods.

5. As a public toilet, the player can be bought by some random rich NPC (a poor person maybe saved alot of money to buy himself a toilet so the NPC doesn't have to be rich).

6. Taking it as a normal job (in big towns) to earn some money! But it is a dirty business where you could end up sold as a personal toilet!

7. Taking it as a normal job for someone who is rich and can affort a personal toilet.



1. As a public toilet, you are not allowed to leave! When you try to escape you get a high bounty. Maybe there are different work shifts. Which means you work like 8 hours per day and then you can do something else, but you have to be back at your boss before your shift starts again. I think maybe it could be boring to walk around for 8 hours just to be used as a toilet, so maybe additionally you have to do town business like cleaning the streets, working as supplier for food or letters (or things like that), helping town visitors where they can find things, feeding the animals and so on. At the end of your shift you have to empty your body. In every town is a place where the toilets can empty their body.


2. A toilet can be "full". Which means they body is full of pee and shit (like yellow and brown spots on the body) and their bellys are big. I don't know if NPCs can get "full" because it would cause alot of scripting i guess, but atleast they have the visuel effects. The player on the other hand has to go to the "toilet room". This is a small room in every town where the player can empy this body and clean himself. In this room is also the boss that takes of your bondage gear for that. When you take this as a normal job you also get paid from him. When you are a personal toilet, the master will tell you to go to the toilet room or bring it out to the woods. A person with a house maybe has his own toilet room.


3. As a personal toilet you have to follow your master everywhere he/she goes. Maybe you have to buy things, cook something, clean his/her house, taking care of his/her pets. When the master has a family you are then a family toilet (maybe also for their pets?).


4. Wanderes don't need a toilet because they can do it in the woods, but what when they visit a town and they don't want to use the public toilet? Maybe they can buy at the entrance a personal toilet for a day or so.


5. With other Mods: When the player becomes slave to a faction (like the forsworn or bandits) they become automatically the faction toilet.


6. When walking around with a follower, you are able to use the follower as a toilet and the follwer is able to use you as a toilet.


65. Deviously Senses



I think this is more like a mod for a bit more immersive gameplay. It is about the 5 sensen (or maybe more because you are the dragonborn?). I don't know were this is going im just writing spontaneously what im thinking. The player can somehow lose one or more of his senses and need a special potion or a special healer to fix it.


1. Hearing:

The player can't hear anything anymore. Or maybe this is more like of a staged progress.


25%: You hear less, but there are no sideffects

50%: Sounds are more muffled and a random dialog can appear where you have to ask what the other person if he/she can repeat the sentence again.

75%: You only hear muffled Sounds. You have to ask more often and your character speaks louder or quieter (the other person will just say after your first dialog that you have to speak a bit louder or quieter).

100%: You can't read or hear what the other person is saying (maybe just extrem muffled noices and still the background music). You can only say "I don't know what you are saying", "Yes" or "No".


I don't know what you are saying im deaf: The other person will just walk away. The other person will help you with little sings because they are compassion. And some other people want a deaf slave maybe? What kind of event can happen is up to you.

Yes: You don't know what the other person just said. Maybe he asked if you want a gift or he asked if you need help? Maybe he asked if he can take some money or supplies from you? Or maybe he was drunk and just wanted a little fist fight? Or he asked you about deviously stuff...

No: The opposit event for the "yes" answer.


It is more like a little gamble. Saying "No" is maybe the safest thing, but you don't get any help. Saying yes could bring you a gift, but also ending up losing something or even losing your "purity". Saying that you are deaf could give you a person who is willing to speak for you (or help with something else idk), but you coult also end up as a usless bondage fucktoy slave.

To heal yourself you have to visit the alchemist or the town healer. The alchemist gives you a list that you could do alone, but it takes longer. The Healer gives you a list with less thigns needed, but you need to talk with other people for that.


2. Smell:

I really don't know what to do with smelling. I mean you don't need smell to know if maybe something is rotten, you can see that. I know you can't taste everything without your Nose, but it is not really a gamechanging mechanic, I think in combination with other senses this could be very important.

How to heal it: You have to collect "smell" from things that i don't know and inhale it. (maybe "cum" from some princeses?)


3. Sight:

Not seeing things is already a thing in Skyrim. Like hearing it could be in stages. But what about your inventory? First of everyone can see that you are blind because of your eyes. This is important for other mods that trigger on blindless. The change here is about your inventory and other things. You don't know what you are taking out of your inventory. Instead of opening you inventory a new window will appear with your inventory sections.


Food: You can select between dry or wet food. Then the character will just eat randomly something without knowing what it was (Smell: you avoid rotten food).

Drinking: You just take a bottle of something and drink it (Smell: you avoid alcohol unless you really wanna drink it).

Potion: You drink a potion (Smell: you can smell the difference between health, mana or endurance, but you can't smell the difference between potions with other effects).

Books/Scrolls: You can't open books. You can't use Scrolls because you don't see what is writin on it and what casting position you have to take.

Ingrediance: You can smell the difference, IF you can smell of course.

Keys: You can see how many keys you have, but you don't know what they do. The door keys are used normally, but when it comes to bondage stuff, you have to try every single key.

Weapons: You feel what weapontype you want to take, but you don't know how good this weapon is. (without feeling: you take a random weapon).

Armor: Same as weapons, but a bit more tricky. Because if you don't have a feeling sense, it could be that you take a bondage item and it accidentally locks itself...

Miscellaneous: To much random things to pick something from here.


The player can't also do: Lockpicking, Alchemy, Forge, things i forgot.

Barter: You can't barter, unless you have someone who helps you (in this case you can see what you are buying). Maybe the dealer is helping too (you can see what you are buying, but maybe the dealer lied and you end up buying something worthless.

Picking up Stuff: It is shown what you find, but you don't know what it was (for example you pick up a key, but you don't know what for a key, our your picked up some armor, but you don't know what armor.

Healing: You have to find magical eyes. But they don't work well for the first time, which means you need some days until they work perfectly.


4. Taste:

Same as Smell. I don't know.


5. Feeling:

I think the most funny part about this mod because Feeling is more then just touching things. Im gonna expand it on other stuff.

You don't see how much life, mana or endurance you have. No screen effect either. You don't feel sickness, i mean it is there but you just don't feel it. You don't know when youi have to go to toilett, so it could be that you piss or shit yourself. You don't know how much you have to eat or drink, you get a big belly when you eat or drink to much. You don't know what you are wearing (only when you are blind). You don't get an orgasm anymore, but you also don't feel any horny. You don't feel sleepy (but you get the sideffects) => Generally you don't see your buffs or debuffs, but when i think about it, you get buffs, but they don't work at all, only debuffs. You are neutral to other people, you don't love or hate. I don't know what more you get do with that but i have the "feeling" that there is much more potential.

Healing: You have to get the most intens feeling possible. Walking around with plugs for a week so they can charge themself up, getting fucked by a troll or dragon, gang-banged by a horde of bandits or wolves. I don't know.


 66. The Soulgem



When i was writing this mod, i had the feeling i already wrote something like that. So currently im playing World of Warcraft. The warlock can summon a succubus with a soulstone. So somehow the players soul ends up in one of those soulsgems in Skyrim. It doesnt matter if the player is a succubus or maybe just a slave. Maybe its a curse where the players soul is trapped in there and the person who owns this gem can summon the player. The player himself can have this soulgem in his pocket, but like i said, when someone else gets it the player will me enslaved. The soulgem is also a ranged based item, so when the player is to far away from the soulgem, the player will me teleportet into the soulgem. The player himself CAN´T leave the gem, there must always be a person who summons the player, but the player himself can go into the gem when he/she has the gem in his/her pockets. The inside of the soulgem is like a little house for the player, but the interrior depends on the current master of the soulgem. Like i said, when the gem is lost or the player jumps into that thing without a owner, someone will find the gem, but there is also the option to give that soulgem a follower. When the player dies, the soul will return into the gem. So there are different gameplay elements: 


1. Player owns the soulgem:

Like i said the player can go into the gem by his own, but can`t leave it on his own. You can enhance this gem to get stronger (more mana/health/stamina), by using other soulgems on it, but in that case the soulgem must be... equiped.... You can give that soulgem to a follower, sell it or lose it. A slavemaster will take that soulgem from you without asking.


2. Follower owns the soulgem:

The Soulgem is in the followers pockets. He can whatever he wants with that gem, but he always do what the player commands... IF the follower is very friendly! Giving the soulgem to a friendly follower would mean that you are always save when you die. The follower will just somehow escape the danger OR he will be enslaved, which means that the slavemaster will take the gem and also enslave you. You can also tell you follower, that he has to unsummon or summon you. The interrior stays the same as when the player owns the gem. An not so friendly follower will maybe enslave you, sell the gem, or wants some... rewards... for carrying the gem.


3. Slavemaster owns the soulgem:

Pretty much enslavement. Except there is no way to "run away", because of the soulgem range. The interrior will also swap to a sex dungeon like place. The master can deside when to summon and unsummon you. He also can deside with what items you leave the gem (stuff is always placed in a chest inside of the gem, no matter what interrior currently is). He will summon you for his fun, or for fights. Maybe he also sells the gem.


4. A warlock owns the soulgem:

Pretty much like a slavemaster, but since he is a master of soulgems, he can change your appearance! No hair, long, different color, different... body sizes..., maybe even without limbs? He also can summon other souls into your soulgem to... entertain you.. while you are in the gem. For a succubus gameplay: The warlock will turn the player in a succubus.



To become free, well you have to somehow kill the current owner of the gem and take it back. There chance, that a warlock gets his hands on that gem is always the highest, since he is the one who collects and studys them. A normal person will maybe find that gem, but maybe doesn´t even know what to do with that and sells it to a warlock. 



67. A Warlocks Slave



Its more like another gameplay idea from "66. The Soulgem". The player is succubus that is always in that gem and only can be summon by a warlock who owns that gem. The player can´t talk to others then a warlock and also doesn´t own anything. The interrior of the soulgem is always a sex dungeon. The player can´t kill the warlock by himself, but maybe the warlock gets killed and another warlock takes his place. You are his pet and his weapon, so with other soulgems he will try to buff you up. Just like in the other soulgem version, he can deside how you look.

To do progress, the player controls also the warlock, buts its a bit hard for me to describe it. When the player is in the soulgem, he can use a thing to switch to the warlock and walk around to do quests, but only for a limited ammount of time! Maybe the time extends with every use and the succubus will enslave the warlock? But as soon as a fight starts, the player will lose the control and will be summoned to fight. As soon as the fight ends, the warlock will unsummon you, or will allow you to follow him for a while. When the player cant control the warlock and is in the gem, the warlock will travel to shady places, but you won´t notice a thing since you are in the stone, so maybe after some hours in the gem, an event will start.


Is the warlock friendly to others? I don´t know. Maybe he is a friendly warlock that travels around the world. Maybe the player is the dragonborn and everyone will think that the warlock is the dragonborn. Maybe he IS the dragonborn and the player is just a succubus bitch that he summons. Maybe the player is allowed to follow im in cities to buy stuff, but the warlock always speaks for you, because don´t forget, you are his slave.


68. Baby Breeder




So this is gonna be a mod about pregnancy in slavery. Whenever i had a playthrough with such a mod, i just didn't care about getting pregnant and most other mods didn't either. So i had a couple ideas about that and a "main part" for this mod.


Main part:

So the player gets enslaved (there are like 100 possibilities through other mods). Your new master can be a woman or a man and he/she wants a baby. The master lives on a small farm, far away from other people. The start depends on what gender your master has, but both share the same thing: The player becomes pregnant and HAS to give birth!



He only found one girl in his life, who wants so live with him, but she can't get pregnant. His desperation turned the marriage into a violent one. The player starts in a cage (or when you already bin in bondage infront of his home). Some talk about his life so far and then the player is introduced to his wife. Well she is dead, brutally murded. Maybe he had serveral other womens, but no one was able to give birth (all dead in his home). Option: The player is not alone. He got another breeding slave. The player becomes always pregnant, but there is a chance the the other slave doesn't, so when he sees that the player is pregnant, he just kills her infront of you.



She has a husband, but she can't pregnant. Over the time she became desperate and enslaved her husband because he didn't cared about getting a baby anymore and just wanted to live his life. After trying is with a couple of other mens she realised that she is the problem. The player introduced just like with a man as master. There, his wife was killed by him. Here, the husband is still alive and used to get the player pregnant. He gets killed after she sees that the player is pregnant. Maybe the other mens that she tried are dead in her basement. Option: She has multiple mens that are chained up in her basement and she wants to use them for the player. They are all getting executed when the player is pregnant.



Im gonna refer the master as "he" because less writing and stuff. The player remains chained up all the time and you can't escape! He will fuck the player multiple times per day until he sees that the player is pregnant (like 4 month? idk). Before he sees that, he will be always angry and brutal to you. After that he will be more friendly and happy, BUT in this case he will even do even more things that the player doesn't escape (he becomes like a helicopter parent). Since he doesn't care about keeping a slave (you are just there for giving him a baby) he will milk you as often as possible ( for his milk storage) and even gives the player food that increases the milkproduction. He forces the player to eat a big amount of food (he wants that the baby gets all what he needs). He will not chain you up in his basement. He knows that exercise is healty. So when he works on the farm, you have to help him. When he goes into the woods, well to dangerous, he will lock you up for a long milking session. Maybe he goes to town with you, but since he doesn't want that the other people know that you are his slave. So he somehow makes you silence and unable to run away (no bdsm stuff, just normal clothing). Btw the player has in her pregnancy phase always a chastity belt, because he doesn't want anything enter the players body that could damage the baby.



The player gives birth and your master is happy. But what now? Well he has no use for you anymore, so these things can happen:

1. The player can just... leave.

2. He gives you to his friend who is a slavemaster.

3. He sells you on the auctionhouse.

4. He executes you.

5. Another round: He wants another baby!

6. Well maybe he wants a slave. He enslaves you (if you escape by killing him, you can keep the baby).

7. He marries you (well like enslavement i guess?)


Further options:

Amputee: You can't hurt yourself without hands or/and legs!

Cannibalism: He only feeds you with the flesh from the old breeding slaves.

Vore: The player has to digest the other slaves for nutritions. The other breeding slave gets pregnant and the player not. The other slave will digest the player (body change and so one).

Bodychange: Your master goes to a witchdoctor that swaps your soul with your masters soul (player can become a men).


For other slavemods: The player has to give birth, but for other mods its more like a light version from this mod.

Prisonmods: The city needs new guards!

Factionslave: The faction needs new members!



69. Two Souls



This mod is triggered by defeat or stuff like that (e.g. auction house). There are few men in Skyrim who lost their wife to our good old friend Death. Well they want them back, just like the one quest in Windhelm. But this time they already have the dead body, they just need a soul to fill it.

So the player wakes up (bound) on some altar in a dark cave or whatever beside the dead body and a witch is doing some sort of ritual to take the players soul and transfer it (maybe with the normal absorb dragonsoul animation) into the dead body. The player falls unconscious and the guy leaves the places happy with his wife. But what now?

Well since the player is part dragon, the Witch only took the "human" side of the players soul. I don't know if this makes sense (lore stuff and so on) but what ever. The player wakes up on a pile of corpses near the witch. He thought that the player is dead and he is not hostile but also not friendly. He doesn't really care and tells the player what actually happend. The witch took all your stuff (well he thougth your were dead) and won't give it back to you unless you do some favor for him (or you can try to kill him). Your stuff is locked in a chest near him and you need his key. The favor could be some kinky soulstone thing (like walking around with a puttplug for few days), a big amount of gold, a slave or something that shouldn't be to easy. After that he gives you your stuff back AND a clue where the person who stole your soule is. The hint could something be like "he lives in Reach in a cave" or "he has a small house outside the city in eastmarch". For an extra favor (whatever you think) he gives the player some kind of compass to pinpoint the location even better (but not exactly).

Well but where is  the kinky part in it? The player feels EVERYTHING that the resurrected wife feels! The wife gets fucked? The player will feel it. The wife gets beatin? The player will feel it. The wife becomes a milkslave? Well the player will feel it. The wife becomes pregnant? Well you know.

To end this the player has to find the wife and kill her again. Of course the husband will not allow it. The wife is not hostile. She is just a normal person and tries to flee from the person who just killed her husband. When the player catches her she becomes submissiv. Of course the wife is MAYBE just locked away in a cage or what ever. To get your soul back you have to kill her. A naked "ghost" with a collar (your soul (a copy of your character)) will spawn on the dead body and the player can now choose some outcomes:

1. Remove collar and equip it: The soul gets absorbed (dragonsoul animation) and the player gets a few non-combat experiences (like enchantment or alchemie). Why? Because just like kinky things, everything that the wife "learned" is now saved in your soul. When removing the collar, the ghost will disappear and you find it in your inventory.

2. Don't remove collar: You enslave your own soul. Well "it" becomes your follower. It can't use shouts and can't wear armor (except the collar) but it is a powerfull companion (ghost weapons). You can of course just treat it like a slave but remember you feel everything it feels. Since your soul is a npc you can just sell it, like a normal slave. But why would you do that if you just can absorb your soul? Well your soul can't die and a follower that can't die is a strong thing. Only you (the person who owns the soul) can remove the collar.

3. Remove collar and not equipping it: You can equip this collar to another npc. The collar will then disappear and your soul is trapped inside the npc. Again, everything the npc feels, you feel too. But everything the npc "learns" you will too. To spawn your soul again, you have to kill the person, so choose wisely!

Drawbacks: Without a soul, you are weak. With that i mean really weak. Also the husband is not strong (he is like a normal farmer oder a warrior in retierment) he will be a challenge when you attack him without a plan.

So why someone not equipping the collar? Well you learn skills actively (as follower) or passiv (with another host). For the passiv way you have to kill the host! Just like the wife. Which means you level up much faster and you don't really die if you are carefull enough.

Further possible outcome (just another thougth from me): What if your soul is stronger then your body? I mean when you are willing to enslave your soul, why shouldn't the soul just act like you? When the player has 0 dragonsouls the Soul will enslave you instead! The Soul is getting her "rush" by pleasuring the players body. Since the Soul can't really get fucked by material things (the reason why the Soul can't get damage)(also magic) the Soul is going to force the player to do it for her. To escape, the player must interact with the Soul, but the Soul will take actions that you can't "touch" her with your hands.


70. Cursed Arrows



Have you ever felt that the enemies arrows are to weak? It is not hard to avoid them, but i personally don't care if multiple arrows are hitting me. This mod is there to change that. There is a smal chance that the enemy has a cursed arrow. Well basically each time the player gets hit, there is a chance that the effect will trigger. It doesn't even have to be a bad effect.

Bondage arrow: Getting hit means getting in bondage. For example heels, handcuffs, blindfold and so on.
Lactide arrow: The players boobs will be filled with milk to its limits, causing some debuffs.
Stimulus arrow: The player will cum which is cause a "stun" like effect.
Drug arrow: The player will get addicted to a drug.
Tranquilizer: The player will fade away after few seconds (screen is flickering black and becomes blurry). Any event of any other mod can start. Since this is too punishing, the player can drink a healing potion (that one for diseases) to negate this effect.
Unzip arrow: The player will lose a non bondage armor piece. It will just fall to the ground, but i think is wouldn't hurt if the armor gets deleted.
Hormone arrow: The player will change sex (or just become a trans).
Hairgrow arrow: The player becomes hairy. Maybe the exact opposite.
Piss'n Shit arrow: Name explains itself.
Semen arrow: Its like someone came inside the player. So there is a chance that the player becomes pregnant.


Basically any effect from any mod can trigger from an arrow.


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There is a bloat fly larva that could maybe be used for it. You would have to port it from fallout or make a new mesh for it.





Like i said i have no idea about things like that^^ but wouldn't it be easier to remove the legs from a chaurus and shrink it to a size of a dildo? its a spiky worm so removing the the legs is maybe not even necassary.


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If the Chaurus is shrunk down and does nothing it would probably be fine if it's going to have animations then you run the chance of fighting the nasty animation bug where it tends to not want to stay the size that it was set at and can have resizing issues many animators have fought this problem with the chaurus. Might depend on what animations are used not sure though.  

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It surprises me that there are no mods for Skyrim allowing the player to aquire any Fallout items. I tried to search for maybe at least a Vault Suit for in Skyrim, but I couldn't find one. I truly wish someone could make this idea of mine a reality. Also, don't try to download a mod if it isn't for the game you're wanting to get it for. I learned thst the hard way, lol! :D

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For the " too much of that "  part, the updated versions of Fill Her Up/ Fill Them Up has a MCM option to encumber actors as they get " inflated with cum ".  Combine that with DDExpansions DD boots effect and you got one heck of a slow bloated npc/pc.

It surprises me that there are no mods for Skyrim allowing the player to aquire any Fallout items. I tried to search for maybe at least a Vault Suit for in Skyrim, but I couldn't find one. I truly wish someone could make this idea of mine a reality. Also, don't try to download a mod if it isn't for the game you're wanting to get it for. I learned thst the hard way, lol! :D


Fallout for skyrim stuff, just some I have saved and use.







Vault Dweller mashup has a few conversions for other body types here on LL.  The power armor should be usable for any body type.

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For the " too much of that "  part, the updated versions of Fill Her Up/ Fill Them Up has a MCM option to encumber actors as they get " inflated with cum ".  Combine that with DDExpansions DD boots effect and you got one heck of a slow bloated npc/pc.


Its not about the slow effect. Its about the animation.


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They are talking to Nickolos1818 the one who talking about DDExpansions DD boots effect.


Ah ok. But i have a question for you. Did you read all my ideas? I added like 10 mods in the last 24 hours, but i don't know if people just see my post and say "mh.. k. nothing interesting so i don't have to click on this thread anymore" or if they open every idea and "overfly" each mod-idea that i write. How could i make it a bit more interesting to read them.


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I read a couple that looked interesting. The Chaurus worm one and the Better Daymoyl Animals. Isn't there a defeat one for creatures? I thought there was one for creatures to where when they defeated you or got you to a certain health level you would fall to your knees and after that would sex the player up.

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I read a couple that looked interesting. The Chaurus worm one and the Better Daymoyl Animals. Isn't there a defeat one for creatures? I thought there was one for creatures to where when they defeated you or got you to a certain health level you would fall to your knees and after that would sex the player up.


Thats the normal "Defeat" outcome. They knock you down, rip of you clothes and then they will rape you. When they are finished you lay on the ground and they walk away.


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For the " too much of that "  part, the updated versions of Fill Her Up/ Fill Them Up has a MCM option to encumber actors as they get " inflated with cum ".  Combine that with DDExpansions DD boots effect and you got one heck of a slow bloated npc/pc.

It surprises me that there are no mods for Skyrim allowing the player to aquire any Fallout items. I tried to search for maybe at least a Vault Suit for in Skyrim, but I couldn't find one. I truly wish someone could make this idea of mine a reality. Also, don't try to download a mod if it isn't for the game you're wanting to get it for. I learned thst the hard way, lol! :D


Fallout for skyrim stuff, just some I have saved and use.







Vault Dweller mashup has a few conversions for other body types here on LL.  The power armor should be usable for any body type.


omg thank you are a hero!

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The only thing that is missing is a person who will make these mods^^ I try to come up with new ideas but can't find anything. For the next days i don't have internet and maybe i can think about something new.


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The only thing that is missing is a person who will make these mods^^ I try to come up with new ideas but can't find anything. For the next days i don't have internet and maybe i can think about something new.




That's a problem : most of the modders moved on Fallout 4 or on the Witcher 3 (I will move on that game soon).


And other modders have their own project to develop and maintain. So, the best way is you make the stuff yourself... make it simple for the beginning.


For example, NPCS amputated could be made by using the Deadly mutilation meshes.


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Know two fashion where the character can become a Ghost, + to see the character's body. The race of the Nephilim and the Alternative actors:




The bodyswitch mod looks nice^^, but im pretty sure there was already a mod where you have to go back as a ghost... except for the raping part and so on^^








The only thing that is missing is a person who will make these mods^^ I try to come up with new ideas but can't find anything. For the next days i don't have internet and maybe i can think about something new.




That's a problem : most of the modders moved on Fallout 4 or on the Witcher 3 (I will move on that game soon).


And other modders have their own project to develop and maintain. So, the best way is you make the stuff yourself... make it simple for the beginning.


For example, NPCS amputated could be made by using the Deadly mutilation meshes.



But Skyrim is love... Skyrim is life...

But im corious, how long does it take to make a mod? Something like idk... 15. Big Booby Shield, 29. The Sexrobot or 22. Devious Hardcore Devices. I mean there is the rumor that the next Elders Scrolls wont come out until 2019 and i think it could take a while for Fallout 4 to be on the same "kinky shit" level as Skyrim.

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Know two fashion where the character can become a Ghost, + to see the character's body. The race of the Nephilim and the Alternative actors:




The bodyswitch mod looks nice^^, but im pretty sure there was already a mod where you have to go back as a ghost... except for the raping part and so on^^








The only thing that is missing is a person who will make these mods^^ I try to come up with new ideas but can't find anything. For the next days i don't have internet and maybe i can think about something new.




That's a problem : most of the modders moved on Fallout 4 or on the Witcher 3 (I will move on that game soon).


And other modders have their own project to develop and maintain. So, the best way is you make the stuff yourself... make it simple for the beginning.


For example, NPCS amputated could be made by using the Deadly mutilation meshes.



But Skyrim is love... Skyrim is life...

But im corious, how long does it take to make a mod? Something like idk... 15. Big Booby Shield, 29. The Sexrobot or 22. Devious Hardcore Devices. I mean there is the rumor that the next Elders Scrolls wont come out until 2019 and i think it could take a while for Fallout 4 to be on the same "kinky shit" level as Skyrim.



Depend of the mod and your skills.


For FTD for example, it took me 6 months (but I made other mods in the same time) to get the version 2.2.


A quest which can be done in 5 minutes (just find a amulet for a merchant, bring it to him, take gold), take between an half hour or 2 hours to build.


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Depend of the mod and your skills.

For FTD for example, it took me 6 months (but I made other mods in the same time) to get the version 2.2.

A quest which can be done in 5 minutes (just find a amulet for a merchant, bring it to him, take gold), take between an half hour or 2 hours to build.



Woah. Well idk how good i am or how fast i could learn to do such things, but i think im more like the brain behind the hands that are writing such mods (writing scripts in the school was already annoying enough). I still have some hope that someone with those hands is making one of these mods.

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