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Immersive Plugs



Now with sounds and facial expressions.


In the harsh world of Tamriel, most people don't have time to build a complex plugs to satisfy themselves (or their slaves..). They use what they find around!


What does this do?

This mod finally brings the anal plugs we all want (heh):

  • carrot
  • horker tusk (2 variants - both sides in)
  • ladle (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka lets cook something up]
  • mead bottle (2 variants - both sides in) [aka drink to the bottom]
  • spigot [aka pour a beer..]
  • nord horn [aka fart shout]
  • flute (2 variants - normal and deep) [aka american pie style]
  • hook (3 variants - different angle/twist)
  • skooma (2 variants - both sides in) [aka cos I got high]
  • broom
  • torch (lightsource)
  • fork
  • golden claw
  • bloody bone (2 variants - normal and deep)
  • lantern (lightsource)
  • soulgems (petty, lesser, common)

Scripted transformation from vanilla items to plugs

Best shown on example: If you find a carrot lying on a ground, you'll get a prompt to pick it up, or use it as a plug. If you pick up the carrot from container (box, barrel, etc..), you'll get no prompt. Instead, you can drop the carrot on ground from your inventory and pick it up again, you'll get the prompt then.

For now, this works for:

  • carrot
  • horker tusk
  • ladle
  • mead bottle
  • flute
  • skooma
  • torch
  • bucket
  • soulgems (petty, lesser, common)

Consumption of liquids

If you plug in a bottle of some liquid (skooma, mead..) by the open end in (aka 'top-in'), the content is 'sucked in' by your ass! (LOL)

That means, it's the same as if you drink the bottle the normal way.

PS: Behaviour may depend on 'need mods' (eg. RND) you are using.


Filling soulgems

When picking up an empty soulgem (petty, lesser or common) from ground, you get a standard IP dialogue. Now you can choose to fill the gem up!

"Cause Dragonborn's arse and poopoo are so powerful they can fill a soulgem!" So go and use the force Luke! :D



  • Plugs use slot 48.
  • I've done this by tying the existing vanilla meshes by NiStringExtraData "Prn" to bone NPC Pelvis [Pelv]. I don't know if this is a correct way or not, but it works for me.
  • I use XPMS skeleton, so I suppose that is a requirement.
  • I use customized UNP body, so I am unsure how well will these plugs be aligned with other bodies..
  • the method used for vanilla-item-to-plug transformation is a compromise; originally I wanted simply to activate the item and get the prompt, but for the food mainly, I'm unable to prevent it's consumption and other problems with duplication and so on.. so the drop and pick-or-plug prompt instead..





- most of the plugs now have (female) "scream" sounds and facial expression on equip and unequip


20150402 Beta

- added plugs: lantern, soulgem petty+lesser+common

- new functionality: filling soulgems with your arse

- added item: bucket helm

- fixed: torch light

- fixed: duplication of mead/skooma after unplug

- added: MCM with toggle on/off dialogue when picking up vanilla items


20150312 Beta

- added plugs: torch, bone (2 versions), fork, golden claw, broom

- added functionality: consumption of liquids if bottle is inserted 'top-in' (skooma, mead)


20150310 Alpha

- added vanilla objects to plugs functionality


20150309 Beta

- confirmed working

- added: nord horn, skeleton key, hook, skooma, flute

20150308 Alpha

- initial testing release



What's New in Version 20171120


  • 20171120
  • most of the plugs now have (female) "scream" sounds and facial expression on equip and unequip

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