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  1. Thank you for this! I like to play a dunmer or bosmer cannibal dedicated to Namira, and this fits in very well.
  2. Target the terminals, dont actually use the book return terminal, usually focus on just to the right of the screen. When you hover over it it should be by default E to interact with terminal and R for Zodiac, hit R and it will take you to Zodiacs portal interface. The settlement portal you can build isn't set up fully yet. Don't bother building one until after you first visited a portal to enroll. If you have ZAP Undeployed in your inventory, should be under Misc section in pipboy, you can either hit R to drop and it will pop up or in the MCM you can set a hotkey to auto deploy it. All Zodiac Portals are the Book Return Terminals. Hopefully the R option shows up for you. Should try to find all of them. The Tokens are given while interacting with the clients. As far as the bus stops go, you need to deploy the ZAP near it, once it loads up you can hit R and select presets, if your close enough you should get an option of the Bus Stop Preset. There are other ones you can use, like if you deploy ZAP near a dumpster that has loot, as in the lids are shut, you get a preset for Dumpster. Dancing preset is available in almost all locations as long as your not near a bus stop or dumpster. If you have dogmeat or a male companion you can choose the Live Show preset. There were in older versions the Permit system for modded player homes where clients could meet you there and they had certain encounter mechanics that were different then normal stuff out in the world. Author said that was going to come back in future updates but was going to be revamped. Hope this info helps, if you got any issues still let me know, will try to help.
  3. I use both Crafting Framework and Armor and Clothing Overhaul. I prefer those over Armorsmith and awkcr. I had used Awkcr and Armorsmith for a long time, but finally got fed up with them cause they alter things too much to my liking, it felt like they started to go way past just " fixing " the base game gear to world changes. Crafting Framework is more simplistic. I do like the universal workbench, very neat touch. That along side Skk's mobile workshop is great for survival. Armor and Clothing Overhaul is basically what I had wanted Armorsmith to be. It just alters the actual gear in game and THATS IT! I don't use VIS or other sorting mods per say, what I have used for a while now, in which once I used it its my preferred way to sort stuff now is https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/33983
  4. This happens by the author sometimes, usually a bit later their mods are back up but updated. Anyway, what issues where you having with the mod?
  5. I have used this mod for months and have NEVER had this save CTD issue. Perhaps post your load orders and I can make a new profile using some of the mods you got going and see if there is a conflict. These posts about a CTD won't help unless we actually look into whats causing it. Not just pointing finger at said mod. If your able to load a save after removing this mod then there HAS to be a conflict somewhere.
  6. Got a fresh install, will test this version out.
  7. Nice, grats and thanks for this! I have a lot of mods that require XDI so sadly can't try this out until I do a new profile.
  8. Not worth it? Her dialogue alone is worth it, its great. Using the male animations or literally becoming male? If its the later, then its not this mod doing that. It only calls upon AAF to start animations.
  9. First page, Mod topic Pepertje lists the quests in a spoiler. Caits is BBM10. In console you do GetStage BBM10 if it says BBM10 40 and you need to advance it you do SetStage BBM10 50 Thats what I had to do during the later part when she is in the captured animation
  10. I had to use GetStage and SetStage in the console for parts of her quest. But Cait herself tells you for parts of it to " come back in a week ", the jade scene i had to setstage myself
  11. Been trying this mod out and it is pretty fun, thanks. Only issue I have had, which I find funny is that the roving traders if they show up in a settlement that I have an active brothel in and say there are raider/SM clients they aggro to them and wont stop attacking them.
  12. No one was saying they were uploading, merely stating it HAS been done and that a decent search of the creator on other sites can get the items. Get off your high horse, almost everyone knows the " rules " here. And the fact it CAN be found on this site doesn't help your case much. All it takes is some digging into posts a good while ago. And them asking if I have them doesn't mean they are asking for a public upload, perhaps if I did have them, or did the conversions myself I would pm them the link. Back off a bit until you see actual " rule violations " or actually let a moderator do their job.
  13. That has been converted for cbbe bodyslide and UUNP before. It was offered to the author. You can find them on old tumblr archives. They even updated textures.
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