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Amputator Framework Beta v0.7

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About This File

Amputator Framework


This is a framework mod that tries to cover everything related to the removement of bodyparts. It can be used without other mods but is designed so other mods can use it easily.
I used Node scaling to remove the bodyparts by scaling them to zero, this has several advantages.
It is compatible with all bodytypes and clothes, it's easy to manage , and it can be easily done for all scaleable bodyparts on both sides seperatly.
The downside is, the end where the node is scaled to zero looks a bit weird on some bodyparts. This can be covered up with slavetats, the included prosthetics or normal clothes.


Currently it is in beta state and some features are missing or are getting improved, so please feel free to share problems you encountered or make suggestions.


How does it work

For Users

Press the Editor Key (Default F1) while facing the actor you want to edit. Alternatively press the Editor Key while facing no actor to edit the player.
Choose which bodyparts you want to remove and which side.
To use the included Items add them via console or use this mod: http://www.nexusmods...im/mods/64905/?

For Modders

Add the Amputator script as a property to you script like this:
AmputatorMainScript Property AMS Auto


Call this Function to edit an actor:
AMS.ApplyAmputator(Actor akActor, int morphType ,int bothLeftRight)


morphType determines which bodypart to remove, the codes are:
0 = Heal all Amputations
1 = Feet
2 = Lower Legs
3 = Upper Legs
4 = Hands
5 = Forearms
6 = UpperArms


bothLeftRight determines which side to remove
0 = Both sides
1 = Left
2 = Right



Currently Included


Options are included to slow the actors down, use new animations , disable player controls and adjust jumping height.
You can use the editor menu to remove actors and see which actors are affected.


3 alternate animation sets for 3 different circumstances are included.
When the actor has no lower legs it moves on all fours using the existing animationset from DarkAngel1265
When the actor has no lower legs and forearms it uses a new animation set done by Zaz. (not completely finished)
When the actor has no limbs it currently uses the first animationset as a placeholder. I am hoping to get a new movement animation set for this circumstance too but this might take some time.


There are also a couple of prosthetics included most of them use textures from the Zaz Animation Pack and come in 2 variants (MetalRedRust & MetalBlackRust)
I am planning to add more over time.




Zaz AnimationPack and all its requirements.


Racemenu or NIOverride


To use all of the included alternate animations you have to use the new fnis v6.3 xxl version. Fore included the npc_turn animations in this version, if you use another version the npc will stand up while turning. The mod will work without it but it is recommended to use it.




Zaz for making the new animation set and beeing so helpfull.
Fore for making the new fnis version.
DarkAngel1265 for the crawling on all fours animationset, and Cocein for making a version with fixed camera height.

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